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Tea and Coffee: 4 Effects of Tea and Coffee on Dental Health

What is the certain effects of tea and coffee on dental health? Is it serious? Let’s find out through this article!

Most people throughout the world drink tea and coffee, which are two of the most common options. Most individuals wait till they drink their first cup of coffee in the morning to start their day. Tea and coffee can stain the surface of teeth, but when drunk in moderation, they have no harmful impact on health.

Many people have serious concerns about tooth discolouration, which makes them self-conscious about their smiles and entire look.

Why Does Drinking Tea And Coffee Stain Teeth?

cn bedantal 12 1 DUE TO TANNINS

Red wine, chocolate, tea, and coffee all include tannins, a substance that stains food. The leather industry also uses tannins to color leather goods. Thus, you can envision the impact it may have on your teeth. Your coffee mug’s interior may have darkened with time, as you may have observed. Tea and coffee both contain natural stains that can give teeth a yellowish-brown tint.


Coffee is especially acidic, and if you add sugar or sweetened syrup, your tongue may become even more acidic. Acidity can lead to tooth decay, increased sensitivity in the mouth, and dental erosion. Enamel demineralization and cavity development are more prevalent in environments with higher levels of acidity. It is crucial to remember to fully rinse your mouth out after drinking tea or coffee because of this.


Due to a reduction in salivary flow, drinking tea or coffee might make you feel like you have a dry mouth. When the mouth is dry, there are more cavities and acids present.


In example, consuming tea or coffee on an empty stomach might contribute to halitosis, or foul breath. So, it’s imperative to refrain from consuming tea or coffee on an empty stomach.

How To Treat The Effects Of Tea And Coffee On Teeth

Tea and coffee stains on the teeth eventually turn reddish brown. A professional dental cleaning and teeth whitening process can be used to get rid of these stains.



An ultrasonic scaler is used in dental cleaning and polishing to help dissolve plaque buildup that collects at the base of the teeth. It vibrates quickly and emits a spray of water and air. These are food particles that have been dried out and become yellow. When they land on the gum line, they might irritate the gingiva. Plaque removal and gum health maintenance require routine dental cleanings every six months.

The teeth are then given a technique to eliminate any exterior stains brought on by sweet meals after washing and polishing.


Only people who are unhappy with the color of their teeth should consider teeth whitening, a non-invasive cosmetic surgery. It makes use of a bleaching chemical and either UV or laser light to activate the bleach solution. As a result, the teeth’s color is lighter and closer to the desired hue. It is crucial to make sure that the teeth are correctly segregated throughout this process and that no soft tissues come into touch with the bleach solution. The solution can be washed and dried after use. Reapplying the solution and performing a second session may be necessary if the patient is dissatisfied with the outcomes.

Teeth whitening or bleaching is a temporary fix; after a year, stains will return to the teeth. Teeth stain more quickly in those who consume sodas, sugary meals, smoke, chew tobacco, and drink a lot of tea and coffee. So, you should strive to adjust your eating and leisure habits after getting a teeth whitening process.

How Can You Prevent Tea And Coffee From Staining Your Teeth

Effects Of Tea And Coffee

  • Drink these things with a straw to keep your teeth from coming into touch with each other.
  • Try to avoid adding sugar to your coffee or tea.
  • After ingesting tea or coffee, properly rinse your mouth.
  • Try to take numerous sips of water to keep your mouth hydrated.
  • Gum without sugar helps to enhance saliva production and prevents mouth dryness.
  • Try to minimize how many cups of tea or coffee you consume each day.
  • Consuming nutritious meals, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, may keep your mouth healthy and clean and has a cleaning effect on your teeth.
  • Two times a day, after breakfast and before bed, you should brush your teeth. To prevent tooth stains and other dental health problems, practice proper oral hygiene.
  • See your dentist for a regular dental cleaning and checkup every six months to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Visit BeDental or contact online for an appointment. Their expert dentists can recommend the best treatment options for your discolored teeth.


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