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How long does dental filling last? Important considerations after dental filling

Does dental filling take a long time? Tooth decay can be said to be a common disease for all ages. Depending on the condition of tooth decay, doctors will have different treatment options. Among them, dental filling is one of the most commonly applied measures.

So how long does it take to get dental fillings, and are dental fillings durable? Why should you get dental fillings when you have tooth decay? Why should you get dental fillings when you have tooth decay? How long do dental fillings last? Let’s find out with BeDental through the article below!

Why should you get dental fillings when you have tooth decay?

Why should you get dental fillings when you have tooth decay? Tooth decay is a common oral disease today, the most obvious symptom of which is the accumulation of bacteria in the oral cavity, with tiny black dots appearing on the tooth surface. Over time, the disease can develop into deep pits and cause pain and discomfort for the patient.

Firstly, when tooth decay becomes more serious, it will not only cause long-term pain but also destroy tooth enamel, and even more seriously, the pulp will become inflamed and eventually lead to tooth decay. permanent tooth loss.

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Hàn răng có lâu không?

Therefore, according to dentists, cavities must be performed as soon as possible. This is also the most effective and fastest method to help prevent the appearance of tooth decay.

Along with that, deep dental filling also brings the following advantages:

– Effectively overcomes tooth decay, making teeth brighter and stronger

– Improve chewing function efficiency

– Does not cause irritation or side effects for sensitive teeth

– Ensure safety, efficiency, and optimal cost savings

– Lower cost than other tooth restoration methods, maximum preservation of damaged teeth

Cases requiring tooth filling

Does dental filling take a long time? Dental fillings are a dental treatment process that causes damaged or damaged teeth to be replaced by covering them with a layer of resin or ceramic material. Below are cases where tooth filling is required:

  • Porcelain teeth: Porcelain tooth filling is a dental process to replace teeth that are cracked, chipped, broken or have lost enamel. Porcelain fillings help improve the shape, color and function of teeth effectively.
  • Cracked or broken tooth: If your tooth is cracked or broken, a dental filling helps make the tooth stronger and prevents the crack from developing.
  • Tooth has been damaged: If your tooth is worn and damaged, a dental filling can be used to restore the tooth and prevent it from infection and tooth damage.
  • Swollen teeth, damage to the gum area around the teeth: Swollen teeth, damage to the area around the tooth root or gums can be filled with porcelain or mineral materials to preserve the teeth and restore function.
  • Tarnished teeth: Teeth that are discolored by agents from foods, colored drinks, or the aging process can be filled with porcelain to restore their natural color.
  • Distorted or misaligned teeth: Dental bonding can also be used to restore and improve the condition of crooked or misaligned teeth, replacing the use of dental techniques.

Does dental filling take a long time?

Does dental filling take a long time? With the question of whether tooth decay takes a long time, usually, the time to perform tooth filling takes place relatively quickly. On average, tooth filling will take at least 15 to 20 minutes to complete. However, there are also many cases that last up to 45 or more than 60 minutes.

Dental filling time will depend on a number of factors below:

Degree of tooth damage

How long does dental filling last? Depending on the level of damage to the tooth, the filling time will also vary. For example, in the case of newly damaged teeth such as cavities, chipped teeth or decayed teeth, the process lasts about 15 to 20 minutes for 1 tooth.

In some other cases, when the tooth has been more seriously damaged, tooth decay penetrates into the pulp and damages the pulp, the dentist will perform a root canal filling method. Does dental filling take a long time? With this method, it usually lasts about 40 to 60 minutes, and may take about 2 to 3-4 appointments.

In addition, the time it takes to fill a cavity also depends on the tooth you want to fill as well as the size of the tooth you want to fill.

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Dental filling method

Currently, there are two main methods of tooth filling: direct tooth filling and indirect tooth filling.

– Direct tooth welding

This method uses materials available at the dentist and is usually completed in just 1 appointment.

– Indirect tooth welding

Does the indirect tooth filling method take a long time? This is a method that uses a filling made in a dental technician’s office, and it takes you 2 appointments with the dentist to complete.

During the first appointment, the dentist will remove all tooth tissue and create a suitable filling cavity. After that, the dentist continues to take tooth impressions and then moves on to tooth restoration methods.

During your next appointment, the dentist will try the filling on your tooth and evaluate whether it fits your tooth or not, then attach the filling directly to the tooth.

Indirect tooth filling is only used in cases when the tooth structure does not ensure the ability to support the filling. This method is highly appreciated for its safety and effectiveness compared to the direct tooth filling method.

Hàn răng có lâu không?
Are dental fillings durable? Tooth filling process

Tooth filling process

The dental filling process will basically include the following steps:

– Local anesthesia: To avoid pain and discomfort for the patient, doctors will first perform local anesthesia.

– Clean the surface of the tooth to be welded along with the adjacent teeth to ensure the weld is always of good quality and integrity

– Clean the cavities, the doctor will use tweezers to remove food stuck in the cavities, remove the deep dentin layer to avoid maximum after tooth filling.

– Shape cavities to ensure the filling adheres firmly to the tooth surface

– Place the tool below to protect the tooth root and avoid making the tooth feel sensitive after filling

– Continue to perform the tooth filling steps, filling material will be inserted inside the cavity to fill the cavity.

– Repair the entire weld, remove the excess weld layer to shape and size the tooth, ensuring the aesthetics of the tooth

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Are dental fillings durable?

Are dental fillings durable? If everyone is wondering if dental fillings last long, surely everyone is wondering if dental fillings are durable? Dental fillings can be very durable if done properly and according to standard dental procedures. The durability of welded teeth depends on the following factors:

  • Welding process and technique: The tooth filling process needs to be performed by a skilled and experienced dentist. The dentist needs to carefully prepare the tooth and the filling surface, choose high-quality glass or ceramic materials, and follow each step of the procedure properly.
  • Materials used: Porcelain and ceramic materials must have high adhesion and durability. Choosing the right material for the patient’s tooth condition and goals is decisive for the durability of the tooth.
  • Post-operative care: Daily mouth cleaning and regular dental check-ups are necessary to help keep your teeth in the best condition. Avoiding proper care can lead to damage and loss of solder teeth.
  • Current condition of teeth: Tooth filling also depends on the current condition of the tooth before filling. If the original tooth is weakened or has other dental problems, the filling may not last long.
  • Follow your dentist’s instructions: Your dentist will provide instructions on how to clean and care for your fillings. Following these instructions will help protect your dental fillings and increase their durability.

How long do dental fillings last?

How long do dental fillings last? The lifespan of each dental filling is not fixed. It depends on many factors such as: quality of welding materials, correct welding techniques, oral hygiene care, annual check-ups, etc…

The most important thing is how to take care of your oral hygiene. If you do not take care of your teeth properly, the filling will peel off, be damaged and wear down the surrounding teeth. The dentist will always recommend that you have a regular check-up every 6 months to promptly detect and treat abnormalities in the mouth.

Necessary notes after filling deep teeth

After filling deep teeth, to maintain long-term effectiveness, you need to follow a few necessary notes below:

– After tooth filling, you may experience some unpleasant phenomena such as: Facial swelling, numbness, feeling of drooping lips and cheeks.

– Avoid eating foods that are too hot, too cold or spicy in the first days after tooth filling to help prevent tooth damage.

How long do dental fillings last?
How long do dental fillings last? Are dental fillings durable? Tooth filling process

– Use a toothpick or sharp object to floss your teeth in areas with interdental fillings to limit peeling and breaking of the fillings. In addition, you should use dental floss to follow your dentist’s instructions

– Limit the use of colored foods such as coffee and milk tea. .. then the solder piece will not fade

Hopefully the above article has helped you answer the question “Does tooth filling last long?”. In general, the time it takes to seal a deep tooth depends on many factors. To ensure the best protection of your oral health, you should choose reputable and professional dental clinics.

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