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5 causes of porcelain tooth sensitivity?

There are some cases where porcelain tooth sensitivity occurs after braces and porcelain crowns, although porcelain dental crowns are a beauty solution chosen by many people with the desire to overcome tooth defects and at the same time bring a brighter smile. 

This condition can be caused by many reasons, you need to go to a dentist for timely advice and treatment. So what causes the sensitivity of porcelain crowns? How long will the pain after porcelain crowns last? What should I do after getting a porcelain tooth crown? Where to get porcelain crowns? Let’s find out with BeDental through the article below!

Causes of porcelain tooth sensitivity?

Causes of porcelain tooth sensitivity? Porcelain tooth sensitivity and pain after being coated may appear for the first 1-2 weeks, this is completely normal so you don’t have to worry too much. However, if you feel pain and sensitivity continuously, lasting for many days, you should immediately contact your dentist for examination and treatment immediately!

Here are a few reasons why porcelain teeth are sensitive after being coated:

The first reason porcelain crowns are sensitive is that the gums have not yet adapted

After being covered with porcelain, the gums have not yet had time to adapt to the new material, so sometimes it will cause slight sensitivity. However, this will end after a few weeks when the gums have completely adapted to the porcelain teeth.

Tooth pulp needs to be treated completely

When you have pulpitis, it is imperative that your dentist treat you before placing porcelain. However, if treatment is not completed but porcelain teeth are installed on top, it will not be possible to avoid the phenomenon of sensitivity after grinding porcelain teeth.

Nguyên nhân bọc răng sứ bị ê buốt?
How to overcome tooth sensitivity after porcelain crowns? How long will the pain after porcelain crowns last? What should I do after getting a porcelain tooth crown?

The porcelain tooth installation is misaligned and does not align with the bite

Porcelain crowns are installed incorrectly compared to the bite, causing chewing force to be applied to the porcelain tooth surface, creating pressure on the porcelain tooth roots, causing pain.

Dental glue is chipped

The porcelain crown and real teeth will be bonded together with a specialized dental glue. But if there is a mistake, the glue will quickly loosen and spill out, causing sensitive teeth.

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The final cause of porcelain tooth sensitivity is poor quality porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth of poor quality, of unknown origin, and not guaranteed heat resistance will have a negative impact on real tooth pulp when eating hot or cold foods.

How long will the pain after porcelain crowns last?

How long will the pain after porcelain crowns last? Patients will experience different side effects at different times after getting porcelain crowns. Some patients do not experience sensitivity after porcelain crowns. In general, the cause of porcelain crown sensitivity is the use of hot or cold foods and drinks or sensitivity when chewing in the first week or two after the crown.

Nguyên nhân bọc răng sứ bị ê buốt?
How to overcome tooth sensitivity after porcelain crowns? How long will the pain after porcelain crowns last? What should I do after getting a porcelain tooth crown?

There may also be a slight feeling of sensitivity after dental crowns. The pain will also gradually decrease over time. The level of pain or sensitivity after porcelain crowns will be proportional to the state of tooth decay or tooth enamel that was destroyed before your crown. The closer the dentist drills to the nerve, the more likely you are to experience post-operative sensitivity

What is the cause of porcelain teeth being sensitive when drinking cold drinks?

It is completely normal for porcelain crowns to feel sore when drinking ice water after 2 to 3 days. If you just got porcelain crowns and your teeth are sore, don’t worry too much. However, if this condition persists and shows no signs of improvement, you need to go to a dental facility for examination.

Nguyên nhân bọc răng sứ bị ê buốt?
How to overcome tooth sensitivity after porcelain crowns? How long will the pain after porcelain crowns last? What should I do after getting a porcelain tooth crown?

Causes of porcelain teeth being sore when drinking a lot of ice water:

  • Root canal treatment is not good before porcelain crowns
  • Tooth grinding too deep, not using proper technique
  • Porcelain crown technique is not suitable
  • Teeth are too sensitive

What should I do after getting a porcelain tooth crown?

What should I do after getting a porcelain tooth crown? When you experience tooth sensitivity after dental work, the thing to do is go to the dentist immediately to see a doctor. The doctor will examine you to find the cause and completely fix it. In addition, you should follow some of the following ways to overcome the above situation:

  • Healthy oral hygiene: To avoid tooth decay or infection, it is important to maintain healthy oral hygiene habits. This means brushing your teeth effectively twice a day, using dental floss appropriately, and staying away from foods, drinks, and liquids that contain sugar.
  • Specialized toothpaste: Your dentist may recommend using a specialized toothpaste if your teeth are sensitive. These products are also available commercially and have been shown to be effective in reducing discomfort and pain levels.
  • Use a soft toothbrush: A toothbrush designed with soft bristles will also minimize pressure on the gums and may help reduce sensitivity.
  • Chew thoroughly: Avoid chewing on hard surfaces, such as hard candy, and be aware of teeth grinding, nail chewing, and other unhealthy oral hygiene habits.
  • Avoid irritants: Ensuring that you do not eat foods or drinks that are too hard, frozen or too dry will help prevent the development of post-ceramic sensitivity.

Take pain relievers

Nguyên nhân bọc răng sứ bị ê buốt?
How to overcome tooth sensitivity after porcelain crowns? How long will the pain after porcelain crowns last? What should I do after getting a porcelain tooth crown?

If you can’t go to the dentist right away, you can use pain relievers at home. However, prescription and guidance from pharmacists is required before use.

Gargle with salt water

Salt water helps eliminate bacteria and reduce pain caused by tooth inflammation. Mix 2 teaspoons of salt into hot water and stir well until the salt dissolves and you can use it to gargle.

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Apply ice

porcelain tooth
How to overcome tooth sensitivity after porcelain crowns? How long will the pain after porcelain crowns last? What should I do after getting a porcelain tooth crown?

Ice is effective in temporarily relieving pain. You should use a little ice to apply to the area around the porcelain tooth. Absolutely do not apply ice directly to the porcelain tooth surface because it will make the condition worse.

How to overcome tooth sensitivity after porcelain crowns?

The best way to handle the above situation is to visit a reputable dental facility to have a qualified doctor examine the condition of your teeth and find out the cause of the sensitive porcelain teeth.

If it is due to dental diseases that cannot be completely treated, the doctors will remove all the porcelain teeth to treat all your dental diseases and then cover the teeth with porcelain again.

If the tooth is sensitive after the porcelain crown is rough or warped, the doctors will perform surgery to take the tooth impression and reinstall the new porcelain tooth on your tooth, so that the porcelain crown can fit tightly onto the tooth. 

You cannot choose to have fake fillings like real teeth, because the porcelain will not be guaranteed in quality and you will have to bear the costs for any future risks.

Don’t worry about whether removing porcelain teeth is difficult or not, at reputable dentists, a team of highly skilled doctors will help you remove porcelain teeth quickly and gently without pain.

You should examine and treat tooth sensitivity early, because the longer you have porcelain crowns, the longer it can lead to more serious dental diseases.

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How to effectively care for porcelain teeth after being coated?

Just follow the steps below, porcelain teeth will maintain their original bright white color and strength:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day, twice in the morning and evening and 30 minutes after each meal. Avoid brushing your teeth vertically, but brush your teeth from top to bottom, from the inside out.
  • You should brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush instead of using a water flosser to avoid wearing away tooth enamel, including porcelain teeth.
  • Use dental floss combined with mouthwash to remove all excess food in the oral cavity. Do not use a toothbrush because your gums and teeth will easily cause irritation.
  • Limit alcohol use to the lowest level possible because it will cause porcelain teeth to become dull and yellow, which is very unsightly.
  • When eating, you should divide the chewing force equally in both jaws so that porcelain teeth do not have to endure too much chewing force.
  • If you often grind your teeth, you should wear an anti-grinding mouthguard when eating or consult a dentist to overcome the above situation. Avoid affecting the longevity of porcelain teeth.

You should have regular dental check-ups twice a year to promptly detect signs of dental abnormalities, thereby providing timely treatment. In particular, the doctor will check the adhesion of the porcelain teeth and whether the porcelain tooth edges fit the gums. .. to accurately evaluate whether porcelain teeth can be used for a long time or not.

Where to get porcelain crowns?

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