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Cost of Zirconia crowns/veneers: Ranging between $800 and $1,500.

What are Zirconia crowns/veneers? What is the cost of Zirconia crowns/veneers?

Zirconia Crowns/Veneers may be the best option for you if you want to improve your smile and boost your confidence.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns, sometimes referred to as porcelain crowns, are a covering for the tooth’s visible portion. Each crown’s shape is dictated by its originating tooth. As the replacement resembles the original, porcelain crowns have a cosmetic advantage over metal-based ones. This is important if you have a crown for your front teeth.

Why are dental crowns needed?

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You may want to consider a porcelain crown if you:

  • Have you recently had a dental injury? Would you want to prevent a weak tooth from fracture or fix a cracked, worn-out tooth?
  • An anchor is required for a dental bridge to keep it in place.
  • Want to reshape a crooked tooth, to enhance your smile
  • To cover and support the teeth by replacing a filling that has gone loose or dropped out.
  • Have been treated with a root canal treatment.

The function of porcelain crowns is to strengthen and lengthen the life of an existing tooth while also providing protection for the tooth.

What are dental veneers?

Cost of zirconia crowns/veneers
Cost of zirconia crowns/veneers

Dental veneers, which are tiny caps that are attached to the front of the teeth, can improve the appearance of your natural teeth. See them as fake nails or clip-ons that are particular to teeth. Dental veneers are frequently created from porcelain or a composite bonding substance. Dental veneers are a technique you may use to improve the look of your teeth.

Why are dental veneers needed?

Dental veneers can address a number of cosmetic issues in a single operation. Damaged teeth, spaces between teeth, crooked or unevenly spaced teeth, discolorations, and uneven tooth shapes or sizes can all be corrected with veneers. By doing this, you not only prevent the discomfort of several dental procedures, but you also save a ton of time and money.

What is Zirconia?

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Zirconia, a white solid ceramic glaze, is one of a number of more contemporary materials that combines the toughness of metal with the aesthetically attractive, tooth-like appeal of porcelain. One of your best alternatives if you want a veneer procedure that will last for a long time is zirconia veneers.

Advantages of Zirconia crowns

Zirconia is a white solid ceramic glaze with the visual, tooth-like appeal of porcelain and the strength of metal. Moreover, zirconia crowns are being updated regularly to increase their effectiveness.

  • They’re durable: Two of zirconia’s most significant benefits are its strength and durability. Consider the amount of force that your back teeth are putting on the food you are chewing. Zirconia is a durable material that can make a good choice for crowns in the back of your mouth. Also, because zirconia is so resilient, your dentist won’t need to prepare your tooth as well.
  • Zirconia is biocompatible: Zirconia is preferred by many dentists due to its biocompatibility, which makes it less likely to produce an immunological or inflammatory reaction in the body. An in vitro study from 2016 that similarly revealed a low level of cytotoxicity lends support to this.
  • You could get fitted for your crown and have it put all in one visit since they can be molded in the dentist office and need less preparation than other materials.
  • Porcelain and zirconia can be layered for an appearance even more similar to genuine teeth.
  • Since they can be made in the dentist’s office and require less preparation than other materials, you may get fitted and have your crown placed in the same appointment.

Disadvantages of Zirconia crowns

A zirconia crown has several drawbacks, much like many other dental procedures.

  • Can be hard to match: The disadvantage of an opaque zirconia crown is that it could not seem as natural. For front teeth, this might not be as much of an issue, but it is particularly true for monolithic zirconia crowns, which are entirely made of zirconia.
  • Inadequate preparation might cause zirconia crowns to crack. Not many dentists have had the specialized training needed to prepare zirconia crowns. Additionally, not every zirconia is manufactured the same. Some zirconia’s compositions could not be as potent as they ought to be.
  • Zirconia is strong, which is one of its many advantages, but occasionally a tooth could be a little too strong, which could result in wear on neighboring teeth. When your dentist needs to file the crown to protect a natural tooth from injury or change the crown to correct your bite, for example, the strength of zirconia might be seen as a disadvantage.

Advantages of Zirconia veneers

  • Resistance to fatigue: They are challenging to harm. Zirconia veneers are created using zirconia oxide, a ceramic material recognized for its tenacity and hardness. It has a high hardness and density, strong wear resistance, and a very high fracture toughness.
  • Withstand chewing: It can withstand forceful chewing and grinding, therefore it may be used for your back teeth as well. Our teeth regularly sustain damage from discolouration, eating challenging foods, and other issues. They should thus be durable enough to withstand scratches, cracks, and other types of harm. The good news is that Zirconia veneers are a strong material that can withstand damage that will inevitably happen with repeated use.
  • They seem very natural and blend in with the rest of your teeth. Zirconia veneers are also popular among certain people because of its longevity and similarity to real teeth in appearance. The veneers can be as thin and translucent as real teeth and come in a broad range of colors. You may show off your gorgeous whites or pick a more natural style.
  • Zirconia veneers are less heavy than typical veneers supported by metal.
  • Coffee, tea, and even cigarette stains can be tolerated by fabrics with increased stain resistance.
  • They don’t leave you with that strange metallic aftertaste, therefore there is no metal flavor. The biocompatibility of zirconia is one of its advantages. This particular veneer is devoid of any metal components. As a result, there will be more body compatibility and less allergic reactions. Moreover, it is less likely to result in responses like bleeding, edema, inflammation, etc. and the like. Zirconia won’t react to the chemicals in your mouth and doesn’t produce a metallic aftertaste.
  • There will be minimal to no abrasion to the gums and teeth close by due to the exterior’s smoothness.
  • Unmatched comfort: You won’t even notice they are there since they are so comfy.
  • Even though there are other procedures available to help you improve your smile, zirconia veneers are a popular choice among patients since they provide immediate results. After seven to fourteen days, the lab should be able to complete your veneers. In the interim, your dentist will place temporary veneers on your teeth. You will be asked to return to the office for the final fitting and inspection when the final veneers are made.

Disadvantages of Zirconia veneers

  • Zirconia veneers can fail if not prepared correctly. Not all dentists are trained properly in preparing the tooth for a zirconia veneer. And not all zirconia is created equal. The formulation of some zirconia may not be as strong as it should be.
  • Potential wear on other teeth: Although one of the many advantages of zirconia is its strength, there are times when a tooth can be a little too strong. For example, if your dentist needs to adjust your veneers to even out your bite, it can cause damage to a real tooth, the strength of zirconia could be considered a disadvantage.
  • Pricey: Since the procedure requires high precision and expertise, zirconia veneers are pricier than other types of veneers.

Does It Hurt to Get Zirconia crowns/veneers?

Getting a dental crown or veneer can enhance your smile. Yet you might be wondering if obtaining one would hurt. The explanation is that patients occasionally experience some level of discomfort. The good news is that any soreness is reduced owing to contemporary dentistry advancements.

Vietnam’s Best Dental Clinic for Zirconia crowns/veneers

BeDental will be the best choice for those who want to experience the top-notch facilities and qualified dentist. 

After a short period of operation, the center quickly established itself as a popular destination for dental treatments and a leader in the area of dentistry. BeDental is set to become the top dentistry facility in Vietnam, thanks to highly qualified dental specialists, cutting-edge technology, and cutting-edge equipment such as a 3D Scan CT scanner, Panorama and Cephalo X-ray machines, a laser teeth whitening system, and so on. BeDental was established with the mission “Sow smile, spread success”, and believe that everyone deserves to have a charming and confident smile. That’s why Be tried their best to solve the dental problems or obstacles that hide your stunning smile. 

In reality, expenses are variable and rely on a variety of factors in a dental office, such as region, facilities, staff, service quality, brand awareness, technology, and so on. BeDental has revised their price list as our facilities and technologies have improved over the last ten years of growth and development. They make certain that their fees are affordable and flexible to a variety of financial conditions.

Dental services Price list at Bedental

Here is dental services price list at BeDental

Over 10,000 patients from overseas chose Bedental last year because we provide premium quality dental care at affordable fees and prices.

We do not provide the cheapest dental works in Vietnam as premium dental works cannot be offered at cheap price.

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However, compared to the prices of dentists in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand….. you can expect to save up to 70% of the cost of dental treatments while getting the same level of quality. All products, materials and equipment are manufactured in the US, Japan or Europe. All of them are FDA and CE safety regulation compliant.

Cost of zirconia crowns/veneers

Non-removable denture :
Porcelain teeth backed with metal (See more..)
PH08 Porcelain teeth backed with metal (Ni,Cr) 1.000.000
PH09 Porcelain teeth backed with metal Vivadent France (Cr,Co) 1.200.000
PH10 Porcelain teeth backed with metal Jelenko USD (Cr,Co) 1.500.000
PH11 Porcelain teeth backed with titanium 2.500.000
Non-metal Teeth: (See more)
PH20 Porcelain Veneer Katana from Japan (7-year warranty) 2.900.000
PH19 Porcelain Veneer Venus from Germany (7-year warranty) (See more..) 3.500.000
PH12 Porcelain Veneer Roland from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 4.500.000
PH13 Porcelain Veneer Roland HD from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 5.500.000
PH14 Porcelain Veneer Ceramil from Germany (10-year warranty) (See more…) 6.000.000
PH15 Porcelain Veneer Emax from Germany (15-year warranty) 7.000.000
PH13-1 Porcelain Veneer Htsmile from Germany (15-year warranty) (See more…) 7.000.000
PH15-1 Porcelain Veneer Emax press from Germany (15-year warranty)  (See more…) 8.000.000
PH15-2 Porcelain Veneer Cercon from Germany (15-year warranty) (See more…) 7.000.000
PH16 Porcelain Veneer Nacera from Germany (10-year warranty) 7.000.000
PH17 Porcelain Veneer Lava 3M Plus from USA (15-year warranty) (See more…) 8.000.000
PH21 Porcelain Veneer 3M Lava Esthetic from USA ( 15-year warranty) 11.000.000
PH22 Porcelain Veneer Lisi from Japan ( 15-year warranty) (See more…) 11.000.000
PH18 Porcelain Veneer Diamond from USA ( Lifetime guarantee) 16.000.000

*Each tooth


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