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Teeth Whitening and 6 Noticeable Questions Should Know

What you should know about teeth whitening? Does advantages of teeth whitening outweigh the disadvantages? Let’s find out in this article.

Advantages of in-office teeth whitening 

Disadvantages of in-office teeth whitening

  • More expensive than at-home procedures.
  • The results can vary according to the following factors: age, genetics, daily oral routine, diet, and the level of the stains.
  • Even after the operation, the stains and plaque will continue to accumulate on your teeth. To keep your teeth’s bright white color, monitoring is essential in addition to a home teeth-whitening treatment with a reduced chemical concentration.

Who is the candidate for in-office teeth whitening?

If the following are the primary factors causing your teeth to become discolored, you should see a dental office to resolve them:

  • Smoking
  • Regular consumption of foods and beverages with a dark tint, such as wine, coffee, and soft drinks
  • Aging. Over time, your teeth will get darker, staining yellow, brown, and blue-gray (due to genetics or eating habits). The most likely teeth to benefit from whitening therapy are those that are stained.

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Who cannot get their teeth whitened in-office?

Despite its benefits, you might not be a good candidate for this dental surgery if you:

  • under the age of 18
  • have synthetic crowns and visible dental fillings
  • are breastfeeding or pregnant
  • have sensitive teeth and gums. our doctor may suggest at-home teeth whitening using modest concentrations of carbamide peroxide to remove
  • persistent stains. Strong whiteners used in dental offices may not be effective on all stains. In these circumstances, you could require a rigorous at-home teeth-whitening regimen or an alternative to hydrogen peroxide such dental veneers, crowns, and fillings.
  • possess translucent teeth as a result of aging, particularly the front tooth’s weaker state.

What is suggested before a teeth whitening procedure?

The following actions will be taken by your dentist in order to get ready for the procedure:

  • To get rid of all the plaque, food fragments on the surface, and spaces between the teeth, your teeth are cleaned.
  • The next step is a more thorough examination by your dentist to look for hidden problems such as gum disease and serious tooth decay.
  • Additionally, pictures of the form and color of your teeth are taken to compare with the color scale, providing your dentist a clearer view of the changes that have occurred.

What is the price for teeth whitening?

CATEGORY                                                                         PRICE (VND)

TT01 Giá Tẩy trắng răng nhanh BEYOND, USA

In-Office Whitening                                                               3.000.000

TT02 Giá Tẩy trắng chậm BEYOND, USA

Take-home Whitening kit with tray                                        2.000.000

Where to go for teeth whitening in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city?

A complete dental examination will be carried out by the dentist initially. Before the whitening procedure starts, it will identify any issues, such as cavities, and make arrangements to have them fixed. They can decide how to effectively treat the stains once they are visible. They can talk about bonding or veneers, which cover the teeth with synthetic material, if the stains are not recoverable. You can visit BeDental in HCM or Hanoi to experience exactly the same services.

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Where to go for teeth whitening in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city?

Having access to stronger chemicals that can remove stains more effectively and quickly since they are specialists, dentists can help patients. Some of the most effective products on the market are Zoom! and laser tooth whitening. 

Dentists take steps throughout the whitening process to keep the peroxide away from the gums. Additionally, the amount of time the chemicals stay on the teeth is precisely scheduled. Through the use of these precautions, teeth whitening is made as safe as possible.

The gums must be cleaned and ready before the chemicals are applied twice, rinsed off, and repeated. In contrast to when a patient whitens their own teeth, it will be visible under the dentist’s supervision how many further sessions may be required to get the desired results.

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Where to go for teeth whitening in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city?

Should you do teeth whitening at a Salon or Spa?

Teeth whitening services are beginning to be offered in salons, day spas, even small kiosks and tanning beauty salons. It does appear to fit well with other services in this retail area, such as hair styling, brow waxing, and other cosmetic offerings. Although the individuals dispensing teeth-whitening solutions may be certified estheticians, they are not dentists. Customers should use caution when it comes to the procedure’s performer.

There is no assurance that the individual doing teeth whitening at a salon or spa has undergone the necessary training. They are neither dentists or dental hygienists, even if they have some training to use the method. There is no dental exam performed beforehand, unlike in the dentist’s office, therefore there is a risk of using powerful chemicals on teeth or gums that are already damaged. 

Anyone who is not a dental practitioner cannot whiten teeth in various areas. Non-dentists can avoid the legislation in several areas by not touching the client. The buyer applies the whitening trays himself after receiving them from the seller. After that, the salon employee must discreetly pass the light over their mouths without making direct contact.


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