Due to poor living habits and poor lip care, many women suffer from dark, dark, and dry lips. Therefore, lip darkening technology at spas is the most commonly used and effective method today. To learn more about the above method, please read the article below!

What is the method of lip darkening?

What is the method of lip darkening? Lip darkening is a way for you to overcome the problem of dark lips. By using these needles combined with natural ink colors, it will create beautiful lip colors.

khử thâm môi
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips

Lip darkening is a very effective method. This method will eliminate the problems that cause dark, dull lips and help you find rosy, natural, fresh lips.

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So why is it necessary to remove dark lips?

Cosmetic experts recommend lip removal because this is an effective cosmetic technique, suitable for both men and women who want to have rosy, natural lips. More confident in communication and life.

Because of some ineffective lip care methods below, many women have to treat dark lips with:

Using poor quality lipstick: Lipstick is always an indispensable item for most women. However, if you regularly use low-quality lipstick containing high levels of lead, your lips will become dark, dull or peel.

What if my lips are not well moisturized?

Not only is wearing poor quality lipstick, but not moisturizing your skin, it can also make your lips dry and dark. Lack of water and inadequate skin hydration will quickly cause your lips to become chapped and flaky.

From there, you must use measures to treat dark lips. Lips are chapped and dark due to not being properly moisturized

In addition, many women do not provide vitamins for their skin. These are the substances that help protect the skin against these dark pigmentation conditions. Therefore, effects such as late drinking and smoking will cause lip color to quickly become dull and dark.

Are dark lips hereditary?

In some cases, dark lips may come from genetic factors. If your family members, parents or siblings have dark lips, your dark lips are caused by genes.

môi thâm
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips

In addition, frequent licking of lips, kissing of lips or inappropriate skin care habits are also factors that make your lips less sharp and rough. Therefore, it can be seen that lip darkening technology is a method to help you quickly find perfect lips.

Dark lips due to the influence of makeup

However, many women wonder what the difference is between removing dark lips and removing lip tattooing. Therefore, the content below will deeply answer the above questions for you.

What is the difference between lip removal and lip spraying?

Many women today are confused between these two technologies. This will also lead to customers choosing the wrong method to treat dark lips because it takes a long time but has very low effectiveness.

The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal

Treatment performed

Normally, the lip removal process at spas will be very quick and shorter. This will help customers’ skin recover better.

Lip darkening is also different from dehydration

However, the lip augmentation process will take much longer. Customers need to take care of and protect their skin during this time so that their lips do not peel off and get the most accurate color tone.

Time efficiency

When you choose lip darkening technology because this method is effective for a long time. The time to achieve results of the method will last about 1 – 2 years.

khử phun môi
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips

However, when spraying your lips, you need to strongly impact the inner layer of skin, so the effective time will not be longer than the method of removing dark lips. For people with good conditions, when spraying to remove lips, you will get results in about 3 – 4 years.

Uses of each method

The difference between lip exfoliation and lip augmentation depends on each person’s requirements and goals. Specifically:

  • Remove dark lips: For cases of dark skin, pigmented skin and unable to improve lip color, this method will change the lip color many times. From there, it will bring new beauty to your lips even more.
  • Lip spray: With lip spray, it will create color for the lips and adjust the lip color according to your wishes. At the same time, lip spray also makes your lips softer and more sexy.

This is something that lip darkening is difficult to do. And usually, when the lips are dark and dull, specialists will perform lip de-darkening first and then lip augmentation.

This will help give your lips a more beautiful standard color. The difference between lip exfoliation and lip augmentation depends on each person’s requirements and goals.

Specifically, lip spray removal helps increase lip color for women. After you understand the difference between dark lip treatment and lip injection, here you can refer to some ways to overcome the problems of dark lips and dry wax below.

How to remove dark lips?

Currently, there are many safe and effective methods to treat dark lips that many people use and achieve certain improvements. Below are some of the most popular methods of treating dark lips today.

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Remove dark lips with natural ingredients

Taking advantage of natural ingredients available at home is a simple, safe, easy-to-implement method to treat dark lips and significantly reduces costs. Some ingredients you should use to treat dark lips include: Lemon, honey, coconut oil, olive oil, baking soda…

chống thâm môi bằng nguyên liệu tự nhiên
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips

Even though it is safe and cost-effective, solutions to treat dark lips from natural ingredients are only suitable for dry, less smooth lips and only act as a method to prevent dark lips. 

Taking advantage of natural ingredients is a method of treating dark spots that helps save costs but does not bring high results

For cases of dark, long-term, unaesthetic lips, using natural ingredients does not bring the desired effect but is also very time consuming, so for those of you who have time, If this method is limited, this method of treating dark spots is not the optimal choice.

Use lip darkening medication

In addition to taking advantage of natural ingredients, using anti-dark lip cream is also a way to reduce dark lips that many people choose. The cream products are made from natural ingredients, ensuring to provide essential nutrients for lips that are soft, smooth and full of vitality.

Using specialized creams/medications is the dark treatment method that many people choose

However, using darkening medication to be highly effective cannot happen overnight. To get the desired results, you need to use dark spots treatment as directed for a certain period of time and be persistent in doing it regularly.

And this method is only suitable for those with mildly dark lips. In case the lips have been severely darkened for a long time, using dark creams or medications will not bring the desired results.

Applying modern technology to remove dark lips

Other at-home dark spots treatment methods are safe, easy to perform and significantly reduce costs. However, most of these methods do not bring about a clear improvement in dark spots on the lips and do not have the desired treatment effect.

Lip darkening with laser technology is a simple, safe and highly effective dark treatment method

To save time and get the effect of reducing dark spots faster than expected, modern dark lip treatment technology was born. The most effective method often chosen to treat dark lips is using laser light.

With the mechanism of high-intensity light impacting deep into the cell layers to break melanin structure into tiny particles and then excreting them outside.

Besides, laser technology in lip darkening also inhibits melanin production to keep lips rosy. Lip cells will slowly be stimulated to produce collagen and elastin, helping lips become smoother, rosier and fresher than before.

Laser dark lip removal technology has been certified by the US FDA for its safety and effectiveness in treatment, so it is loved by many people.

However, you should still choose to treat dark spots at reputable facilities with a team of good experts and modern beauty equipment systems to achieve safe dark lip removal results.


How much does lip removal cost?

The price of lip darkening depends on many factors, including location, difficulty of the method, time and technology used.

However, the price of lip darkening usually ranges from about 500,000 VND to 2,000,000 VND at beauty centers, dermatology clinics or professional skin care facilities in Vietnam.

If you want to remove dark lips at a lower cost, you can try natural methods at home such as applying masks from natural ingredients or exfoliating your lips with sugar and honey.

However, you should remember that these methods may not guarantee the desired effect and can cause skin irritation if not done properly.

Before deciding to remove dark lips, you should consult a dermatologist or beautician for advice on the appropriate method and answers to questions related to the treatment process.

Besides, you should choose reputable beauty facilities and have a team of professionally trained specialists to ensure safety and effectiveness during the treatment process.

Lip darkening process using modern technology

In fact, different spas and beauty salons will use different dark lip removal treatments. However, almost all spas today are applying the following darkening process including:

Step 1: Examine and decide on a treatment for dark spots

This is an extremely important step to help experts accurately assess the condition of your dark lips.

From there, doctors will choose appropriate treatment measures. More specifically, with this step, customers can also choose the lip color that suits their needs. Doctors will examine you carefully before performing lip removal

thử thâm
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips

Step 2: Disinfect your lips

Customers will be thoroughly disinfected by specialists before disinfection. Disinfection will help your lips avoid infection during the treatment process.

Step 3: De-darkening

For each different skin condition, doctors will choose a different type of darkening treatment technology. However, no matter which technology you choose, the results after treating your dark lips will be very high.

Step 4: Spray new lip color

After removing all lip color, the technician team will spray a new color according to each person’s request. Remove and spray new lip color

Step 5: Check and instructions on how to care for your skin after tattooing

phun môi
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips

Doctors will check whether this method of darkening has achieved the desired results or not. At the same time, customers are also advised by experts on how to care for their skin at home after removing dark spots safely and effectively. So after removing dark spots, do you need to abstain or supplement any foods for your body? Read the next action.

What foods are restricted from use after lip removal?

Foods to limit use after lip removal:


On the list of foods you cannot eat after lip bleaching is beef. Although beef has very good nutrients for the skin, it is also an ingredient that easily leads to bruising on the face.

Chicken, duck meat

Similar to beef, chicken and duck are foods that can cause keloid scars and irritation. In order for your skin to recover quickly after applying the above method, you should completely abstain from chicken and duck meat for the first week. Avoid using chicken or duck meat after lip removal

thực phẩm cần kiêng
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips

More specifically, for women with sensitive and irritated skin, you should abstain from chicken for about 2 weeks.

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Avoid using water spinach

According to scientists, it has been analyzed that water spinach contains Folate – which reduces the regeneration and recovery of lip skin. Therefore, customers after treating dark lips should limit the use of water spinach to avoid experiencing keloid scars and dark eyes.

rau muống
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips


Seafood is also a food that many women should avoid after removing dark lips. Shrimp and fish all contain high amounts of histamine. This is a substance that can cause ulcers, skin irritation and infection after lip exfoliation. Absolutely do not eat seafood immediately after treating dark lips

In addition to the above foods, you need to avoid using preservatives, carbonated soft drinks, spicy foods, and lots of sugar.

hải sản
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips

Foods that should be used after removing dark lips

Fresh milk

After removing dark lips, customers should drink fresh milk which is good for the skin. Because the proteins, vitamins and minerals in milk will help your skin recover quickly. However, you should use milk through a straw to help limit contact between skin and water. Supplement enough fresh milk for the body

sữa tươi
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips


Pineapple is also a food with a large amount of vitamin C and E, making lip color rosier and brighter than ever. Not stopping there, pineapple also helps you restore dead cells, making your skin naturally bright and smooth.

How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips


One of the other ingredients that women can add after removing dark lips is carrots. Carrots contain up to 95% water along with carbohydrates. From there, it will help women strengthen the immune system functions in the skin.

lip darkening
How to remove dark lips? The difference between lip spray and lip spray removal. Foods that should be used after removing dark lips

At the same time, it also produces red blood cells to give your lips an even more wonderful color. After removing dark spots, you should use more fruit juice

In addition, after removing dark spots, you should not let food or drinks stick to your lips. While using this product, customers should use a straw as well as liquid dishes such as broth or soup. You should also wipe your lips with a towel instead of rinsing with clean water.

Answers to some common concerns when removing dark lips

In addition to the issues of what lip darkening is and how to use it, there are still many interesting issues related to lip darkening treatment. Refer to the detailed answer below to know more about the above issue.

Does de-darkening lips change color?

Lip darkening depends on the service user’s choice. If they simply use the lip removal method to change many lipstick colors, then after cosmetic surgery, the lips will have the same color as natural lips, not too rosy but not dark either.

For those who want to remove dark spots combined with lip color spraying, after darkening, lip tattooing techniques will be applied to give their lips the color they desire.

Does de-darkening lips darken them again?

Many people worry that after a period of time after removing dark spots, their lips will darken again. However, after de-darkening your lips will have a natural light pink color and you will no longer be afraid of further darkening if you take care of them properly and give up bad habits such as: Using toxic substances and drinking coffee. ..

Therefore, to ensure long-term and sustainable dark treatment effects, you need to pay attention to abstinence and take care of your lips properly after darkening.

Should I spray my lips or remove dark spots?

Whether you should pump your lips or use a darkening agent depends on each person’s aesthetic needs. If the lips are too dark or there are many melanocytes in the lip skin, the dark lips will be unaesthetic. In these cases, you should use a lip de-darkening agent to improve the color of your lips and regain the natural beauty of your lips.

On the contrary, for those who need to change lip color or edit lip color according to their preferences and wishes, as well as harmonize the contours of the lips and overcome most of the disadvantages of the lips such as: Uneven lips. If your lips are evenly colored and your lips are slightly dark, you should use lip augmentation to find the beauty you desire.

How long does it take to remove dark lips before spraying color?

There are women who choose to combine darkening and lip spraying to find the bright, vibrant lips they desire. At this time, women are also concerned about wondering how long it will take to color their lips after removing dark lips.

Experts say that depending on each person’s constitution, how long it takes for the color to appear after darkening. In case the lips are slightly darkened, immediately after being de-darkened with high technology, lip augmentation can be performed with the customer’s desired color immediately.

However, in the case of more dark lips, after the dark spots are gone, you need to wait at least 3 more weeks before you can color your lips.

To know how long it takes for your lips to be darkened, it’s best to go to a reputable cosmetic clinic to get advice from experienced technicians on an appropriate timeline.

Is removing dark lips painful?

Lip de-darkening is not as dangerous as people think, the process is only a little burning while anesthetized because the needle tip of this ultra-small de-darkening machine only helps remove dead cells on the surface of the lips without affecting the lips. deeply into the affected areas so it does not cause any pain or damage to the lip skin tissue.

How long does it take to remove dark lips?

Removing dark spots is also a way to improve lip pigmentation, making lips softer and brighter. The procedure will be gentle and safe.

The de-darkening process still has an impact on the skin of the lips, so after a while, a thin layer of scales will appear on the lips. This layer of scales plays a role in protecting the lips from the influence of external factors and creating a new layer of lip skin. Brighter, smoother.

With advanced methods of treating dark lips, after about 1 – 10 days the scales on the lips will begin to peel off. After the flakes dry, you will feel the lip color is quite pink. However, this lip color is still not the standard color and you need to wait about 15 – 20 days for the natural pink lip color.

During the peeling process after de-darkening, you must ensure that they occur naturally. Depending on each person’s constitution, the peeling process will take place quickly or slowly. However, you must absolutely not pick off the scales with your hands to avoid damaging the skin of your lips.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, you have grasped how to exfoliate your lips as well as know the difference between the technology for treating dark lips and lip augmentation. It can be affirmed that eliminating dark lips is an extremely effective method for you to regain whiter, pinker and smoother lips.

However, you should also find out about beauty locations that apply the most reputable and quality dark spot treatment technology!



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