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Can a broken tooth take the pilot test – Memories of the broken tooth before the pilot test by Vo Anh Duy

Let Unveiling story: Can a broken tooth take the pilot test – Memories of the broken tooth before the pilot test by Vo Anh Duy with BeDental!

Memories of Vo Anh Duy’s Broken Tooth Before His Pilot Exam Day

Piloting is considered one of the hot professions at the present time, because the trend of integration in the world is increasing, flights are also increasing to meet the demand for domestic and foreign travel. In particular, today there are many young people who want to become pilots because they bring attractive salaries as well as being able to control flights in the sky.

Vỡ răng có thi phi công được không là câu hỏi được nhiều người quan tâm
Can a broken tooth take the pilot test? Ceramill Zi porcelain teeth

However, becoming a pilot is not simple because this job requires very high standards of not only skills but also appearance standards. Especially considering the problem of molars and many cases always wonder about ‘Can I take the pilot exam if I have a broken tooth?’

Since childhood, I have wished that I could become a pilot so that I could master the iron bird in the sky. So I have cherished this dream for a long time. Ever since I was in school, I have learned about what standards this profession will require as well as what skills I can practice and develop. accumulate from now on.

Accordingly, I see that for the non-air profession, the standards are quite high, not only for technique and appearance. Therefore, in the future, in addition to the necessary soft skills, I always work hard to exercise to improve my health and improve my appearance to meet the standards set by the pilot profession.

Can a broken tooth take the pilot test?

Until today, after becoming a pilot for nearly 6 years, I still have an unforgettable memory when I started my pilot career. Regarding knowledge and skills, I can confidently prepare enough to be ready for everything. However, during a party with my friends, I unfortunately broke my front tooth. A question in my mind at that time was “Can a broken tooth take the pilot test??”

It was truly a bad thing for me because I was only a few months away from being approved to become an airline pilot. You must meet many criteria not only in terms of expertise but also appearance when wanting to enter the pilot industry

Bị vỡ răng và sau khi làm răng sứ tại BeDental
Can a broken tooth take the pilot test? Ceramill Zi porcelain teeth

Regarding oral health, it must ensure the functions of eating, chewing, swallowing, pronunciation and long-term aesthetics of the teeth. Not only that, the teeth and mouth must be healthy, free from maxillofacial diseases, and must not have any injuries or deformities in the dental area that affect the function of eating, chewing, pronunciation, and aesthetics. This problem can make it difficult to use the device while flying.

Therefore, when teeth are lost or a part of a tooth is broken, it is also a condition that does not meet the standards to become a pilot because they are not related to the aesthetics of appearance, causing a loss of a beautiful image in life. but it is also related to problems affecting the sense of smell, taste as well as resistance in the body. Therefore, rebuilding teeth to meet the above criteria is important.

lam rang su do bi vo rang
Can a broken tooth take the pilot test? Ceramill Zi porcelain teeth

That’s why this broken tooth is a disability that will probably disqualify me from being allowed to become a pilot. This has caused me to lose sleep and eat for days trying to find a way to resolve it. In the end, I chose the best solution which was to get porcelain teeth and thanks to the fate of being introduced by friends.

I’m new to BeDental and I had a great dental experience here. From consulting services, customer care as well as to machinery, equipment, facilities and medical team, all are very good and professional, but the price of porcelain teeth is very reasonable, so I seem to have become a professional. loyal dental customers to perform their future dental services.

I still remember that time, I went to the dentist after making an appointment on the dentist’s website. As soon as I walked to the door, a warm employee came to open the door, greeted me and guided me to the counter. My first impression was the cleanliness, airiness as well as the very modern and brand new interior layout. The staff were also warm and friendly, asking me some information about making an appointment and arranging for me to see my consulting doctor.

Here, the consulting rooms are divided individually so that both the doctor and I can discuss our condition more easily and naturally without affecting others.

As soon as I entered the doctor’s room, he was very warm and open to ask about my health status as well as the problems I was having. Accordingly, in the process of not chewing carefully, I broke a part of my front tooth and a small corner of the adjacent front tooth. At the same time, I also asked how this broken tooth could be resolved. effective because in the near future I have to participate in general aviation tests to be able to become a pilot.

With this problem, the doctor gave me a solution: porcelain teeth because my tooth was broken quite large and right at the front tooth position so it could not be restored with regular fillings or tooth paste. 

Tự tin hơn sau khi làm răng sứ Ceramill Zi
Can a broken tooth take the pilot test? Ceramill Zi porcelain teeth

The doctor added that although porcelain teeth are false teeth that will be attached to real teeth, you can feel completely secure because they are as strong as real teeth as well as new technological techniques at the dentist. can meet the standards for using porcelain teeth without affecting the approval with the health and disability standards set by the aviation institute.

In addition, after about 24-48 hours after making porcelain teeth, you can eat and chew again as normal and will completely recover in about 1-2 hours, while the time for the selection process is at the hospital. no will start after more than 1 month. Therefore, I feel somewhat reassured and less worried.

broken tooth take the pilot test
Can a broken tooth take the pilot test? Ceramill Zi porcelain teeth

In addition, I also asked the doctor to introduce some types of porcelain teeth that are suitable for me, have the right durability and safety for me in the future. The doctor also offered many options for porcelain teeth for me to choose from. The type of tooth that I feel most comfortable with and most suitable to meet my needs is Ceramill porcelain teeth, and Ceramill porcelain teeth also include two types: Ceramill Zi and Ceramill Zolid.

Accordingly, Ceramill Zi porcelain teeth have a very stable structure because the frame is made of Y-TZP ZrO2 which contains Yttrium components to help bond with Zirconia heated at a temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius to help ensure the frame. Porcelain tooth ribs meet the highest standards.

This is also a type of porcelain tooth that meets European quality requirements. Not only for its quality, this type of porcelain teeth is also known for its high aesthetics as it has a natural color with many types of file colors in many different tooth color cases, the ability to shine and be nearly as clear. perfect.

In addition, this type of porcelain tooth also has a very long lifespan of up to 15 years or more if you know how to take care of your teeth properly. Another special feature of this type of tooth is that they are strong and unaffected. during long-term use when exposed to strong light emitted such as from optical devices.

As for Ceramill Zolid porcelain teeth, they are sturdy and can withstand extremely high pressure because they are made of Zirconia Oxide material. And according to research by experts, this type of tooth can exist stably in the oral cavity for up to 15 years without causing any corrosion and limiting yellow plaque on teeth. .

I’m also someone who doesn’t care much about cost, because for me quality and safety come first. After wondering for a while about these two types of porcelain teeth, I finally decided to choose Ceramill Zi porcelain teeth to restore my two front teeth.

After finishing the consultation process, I went to the payment counter so that I could start the dental restoration process starting today, because there was not much time left to prepare for the selection.

I had 2 porcelain teeth made at the position of my 2 front teeth at a price of 6 million VND for each tooth. Also this time, the staff paying me at the dental clinic is having a promotion program for payment by bank card with an additional discount of up to 5% as well as complimentary tooth scaling and whitening services within 6 months of working. ceramic tooth. Indeed, with this price, working at a dentist will also enjoy many incentives.

After completing the payment process, the staff guided me to a specialized dental room so the doctor could check my oral health as well as my general health to recommend a course of dental restoration. the most reasonable way.

Accordingly, my porcelain tooth was broken quite a bit on the right tooth as well as a small piece on the upper part, so to make it even, the doctor will grind both root teeth to be equal and then attach porcelain teeth of the appropriate color. blend with the remaining original teeth so they become as natural as possible.

And the grinding of the original tooth until the placement of porcelain teeth can be 2 days apart so that my teeth can gradually begin to get used to it and during those 2 days I will have another temporary porcelain tooth attached. Once porcelain teeth are installed, you can eat and chew like normal teeth, but you will need to check again after 3 months of porcelain teeth.

After having a clear route, I will have to grind my teeth that day, so I am both nervous and worried, wondering if there will be any problems? I was directed to another specialized dental room where there were enough tools to serve in the process of grinding and attaching porcelain teeth. It must be said that the equipment here is very clean and clear as new, the lights are bright and the space is extremely clean and absolutely sterile. During my session, there will be a main doctor and an assistant doctor during the tooth grinding process.

Dental bonding 6
Can a broken tooth take the pilot test? Ceramill Zi porcelain teeth

I lay down on the dental chair and the doctor cleaned my teeth again, then I was injected with anesthetic to avoid pain during the tooth grinding process. I must say that the process of grinding my teeth was quite long. Lying in the dental chair, I always felt nervous but did not feel any pain. The process of grinding my teeth took place within about an hour, then the doctor would take tooth impressions to make temporary porcelain teeth for me and in about 2 days I will have Ceramill Zi porcelain teeth fitted.

At the end of the temporary porcelain tooth placement process, the doctor examined me and asked if I felt any pain or discomfort? For me at that time, it was completely normal, just a bit unfamiliar with this new porcelain tooth.

The doctor also advised me on a few things such as how to take care of my teeth and what to eat during this process. In addition, if you feel anything unusual, you can go to the dentist to discuss with your doctor to find a solution to the problem. However, after having temporary porcelain teeth installed, I had absolutely no unusual symptoms. My normal chewing routine was just not being able to chew hard foods.

After 2 days of installing temporary porcelain teeth, I was reminded by the dentist to make an appointment to have the porcelain teeth reattached. Here, the doctors will check and restore the porcelain teeth as well as clean the teeth to reattach the porcelain teeth of your choice. This process also happened quite quickly and did not take too much time. However, the process when the doctor checked again was very thorough. The doctor asked me a lot how I felt when the tooth was attached. Any discomfort or discomfort?

And my answer is absolutely not, besides they don’t cause me any pain anymore, I can open my mouth to talk and do a few normal chewing movements without any problems. chief. After that, the doctor checked my teeth again as well as gave advice on what to do and what not to do during this time, in addition to instructing me on how to properly care for my teeth so that I can take care of my teeth properly. prolongs the life of porcelain teeth.

e max coatings glass ceramic coating
Can a broken tooth take the pilot test? Ceramill Zi porcelain teeth

Indeed, the moment I looked at my teeth in the mirror, I felt completely confident and did not regret deciding to choose BeDental to restore my porcelain teeth. Because even though there are only 2 teeth attached and the remaining teeth are all natural, in general they are all the same color and it is difficult to recognize that they are porcelain teeth, combined with the doctor’s technical skills, I completely feel It didn’t hurt at all and I felt secure because the doctor was very thorough and checked me many times before letting me go home.

When I got home and interacted with friends, they complimented me a lot because my teeth were very natural, like I had never had porcelain teeth done, and my smile was also much more beautiful and brighter. If any of my friends ask me where I work, I can gladly introduce them to BeDental.

Once again thank BeDental for my extremely memorable experiences here, which are also an unforgettable memory for my pilot career. Not only will you have a good experience, but you will also be able to enjoy many incentives and bonus services and have highly skilled and experienced doctors working for you. Everything is perfect and deserves 100 points.



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