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Trần Thế Anh “exposes” BeDental Dental Clinic after 7 years of getting porcelain veneers

 Let’s see how BeDental’s customers “expose” after getting porcelain veneers here:


Hello everyone, I am Tran The Anh and I have been a familiar customer of BeDental Dental Clinic until today. The fate that brought me to BeDental was 7 years ago when I had porcelain veneers done. And now, after 7 years of getting veneers here, I would like to truly “expose” the truth about getting veneers at BeDental, so that everyone can have a fresh perspective!

Since I replaced my teeth when I was young until now, my teeth have not been as even as others’. They are slightly crooked, but not to the extent of needing excessive insertion or removal. Along with that, my teeth are somewhat small, so when I smile, a portion of the gum is exposed. This greatly affects the aesthetics of my teeth.

As a result, I feel somewhat self-conscious and insecure, and it’s a bit unnatural for me every time I communicate with others, especially strangers. It feels like when I’m talking, everyone only notices that weakness on my face. Therefore, I become quite shy and find it difficult to establish relationships with others and people around me.

I remember there was a time when I was in middle school and high school, some classmates laughed and mocked me because of that, which caused quite a significant emotional impact on me that I still haven’t forgotten until now.

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getting porcelain veneers

In addition to having crooked teeth, my life seems to be crooked as well! Every task is more difficult and challenging for me than for others, and many people distance themselves from me whenever I try to start a conversation with them. Financial matters also seem to be stagnant and not progressing.

I am also someone who believes in spirituality and feng shui a lot, and according to face reading, having crooked teeth is not considered auspicious. It often brings ups and downs in life. Hearing this makes me very sad, so sometimes I think about getting my teeth done, hoping to change my appearance and feng shui as well.

However, I am afraid of many things related to dental procedures. What if it is very painful, dangerous, or if there are any complications later that I will regret? So, sometimes I dare not even think about going to the dental clinic to get braces, teeth cleaning, or anything at all.

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But I completely changed my mind when I saw one of my friends get porcelain veneers. Oh my, previously he had a normal appearance, but his teeth were even more crooked than mine. But after getting his teeth done, his face transformed dramatically.

From the alignment of his teeth to his face, everything looked harmonious and natural. I was curious and asked him about the process, whether it was painful, and how much it cost. He patiently advised me from A to Z, and from there, he introduced me to BeDental Dental Clinic. At that moment, I also visited the dental clinic’s website to learn more about their services, and with the encouragement from my friend, I felt motivated to get my teeth done right away.

Bọc răng sứ cho răng khấp khểnh

I remember that at that time, I made an appointment to get my teeth done at BeDental. After confirming the appointment, the next day, my friend and I went to the dental clinic. When we entered the clinic, I was a bit unsure about what to do and the procedures involved. But thanks to my friend who had been here before, I had some guidance on the procedures.

However, the procedures were not complicated. The staff checked and confirmed our information, and then took us to the dentist’s room for consultation.

The dentist seemed mature and calm, but also friendly. He greeted us and asked about our health conditions. I didn’t hesitate to share all my dental issues with the dentist so that he could understand them better. In addition, considering my condition, I asked the dentist how to achieve even and beautiful teeth.

Based on an overall assessment, the dentist provided me with two solutions. Since my teeth were not severely crooked, they could be resolved with porcelain veneers if I wanted to have even teeth in a quick and less labor-intensive way. However, the extent of tooth grinding required depends on the type of porcelain veneers and the current condition of my teeth. At BeDental, the porcelain veneer procedure can be completed in just 2 days.

Alternatively, crooked teeth can also be corrected with braces. However, this method may take more time and effort, ranging from 12-24 months depending on each specific case. Braces do not require tooth grinding, but regular adjustments and check-ups are necessary on a quarterly or monthly basis.

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Tự tin hơn sau khi bọc răng sứ

After receiving those consultations, my friend and I leaned towards getting more porcelain veneers, so we decided to learn more about getting porcelain veneers at BeDental. Additionally, I asked the dentist about some types of porcelain veneers that would be suitable for my dental condition.

The dentist enthusiastically introduced me to popular types of veneers at that time, which had many advantages and satisfied many customers. Among them, I was quite impressed with Lisi Press veneers because they had multiple color options to match different shades of teeth and achieved a perfect level of translucency. These veneers also had a high biocompatibility and could withstand the oral environment without erosion. They were highly sensitive and could sense food just like real teeth.

Furthermore, these veneers had a high resistance to pressure, up to 1400 MPa, which is 6-7 times higher than natural teeth. Especially, this type of veneers required minimal tooth grinding and was suitable for various dental cases to meet customers’ aesthetic needs. They had a high durability and could last up to 15 years or longer with proper dental care and oral hygiene.

Moreover, the dental clinic currently used the Ultra Bio Tech 5K veneer technology. With this technology, it required minimal tooth grinding, only a slight reduction on the surface, and then the thin layer of veneers would be applied to the teeth without affecting the other teeth in the same jaw. Besides the mentioned advantages, with modern technology used in the clinic, the veneer procedure would not cause any pain or discomfort.

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These veneers also did not cause bad breath or gum discoloration after long-term use, and most importantly, they did not require root canal treatment, thus preserving the optimal condition of my natural teeth.

Because of these outstanding advantages, coupled with the quick veneer procedure at the dental clinic, I decided to go for this type of veneers right away. I made the payment to proceed with the treatment afterwards. Each Lisi Press veneer cost 11,000,000 VND per tooth and came with a 15-year warranty. I had a total of 14 veneers done. I don’t remember the exact total cost at that time, but I do remember receiving many complimentary services afterwards.

Bọc răng sứ cho răng khấp khểnh

After that, I was taken for a general check-up and had dental X-rays as well as general dental photographs taken. Next was the process of determining the treatment plan and timeline for getting porcelain veneers, and I was quite surprised that with my dental condition, it would only take 2 days to complete the veneer process.

I remember feeling quite scared at that time, fearing that it would be painful and uncomfortable because of the tooth grinding. However, that worry disappeared when the dentist started administering local anesthesia and then proceeded to grind my teeth. The tooth grinding process took quite a long time, as even minimal grinding required the dentist to be cautious and precise.

But that process quickly passed after more than 2 hours of tooth grinding. Personally, I felt completely normal at that time, without any pain as I had previously imagined, just a slight discomfort from the unfamiliar sensation of having freshly ground teeth.

After that, the dentist took an impression of my teeth and placed temporary veneers on them to allow time for the fabrication of the permanent veneers. I was scheduled to come back the next day to have the previously chosen veneers attached. Overall, even though they were temporary veneers, I felt that my dental arch was already complete and looked much more even and beautiful.

Furthermore, I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort at all with these temporary veneers. The next day, I went to the dental clinic for my appointment, this time going alone without my friend. I felt a bit nervous but also excited to see my new appearance.

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After checking my teeth and ensuring that my oral hygiene was clean, the dentist began the process of attaching the permanent veneers. The dentist was gentle and meticulous to the extent that I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort at all.

The veneer attachment process ended after nearly 3 hours. I was lying on the chair, sometimes closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep without even realizing it. But in the end, the results exceeded my expectations. My teeth looked very even and natural, and the longer length of the veneers also partially corrected my gum recession. I felt much more confident and refreshed than before.

After that, the dentist performed a series of check-ups for my teeth and gave me instructions on how to maintain and care for my veneers. The dentist was happy and asked for my feedback, to which I replied that it was completely painless and discomfort-free. At that moment, I could see the dentist smiling with happiness, knowing that they had brought a new, complete smile to their customers.

Rủ bạn bè cùng bọc răng sứ
The most sincere feedback is shown not through words but through actions. Bringing my close friend along for the beauty treatment is the clearest proof. – Tran The Anh

In the days that followed, I received countless compliments from my family and friends. They said they didn’t even realize that I had gotten porcelain veneers because my teeth looked so natural and the color made my face bright and radiant. Until now, I still remember this memorable experience at BeDental.

And after 7 years, when I look back, my smile is still as beautiful as ever, and my porcelain veneers are still shining white without any discoloration.

The only thing is that I need to take care of my oral hygiene a bit more to keep my teeth strong and healthy in the long run. Besides that, my eating and drinking habits have returned to normal. I can chew both soft and hard foods without any discomfort. Even when it’s hot or cold outside, I can drink hot or cold water without any sensitivity or discomfort. Sometimes, I even forget that I have veneers and think that they are my natural teeth.

Since getting my veneers, I have felt more confident and open with people. My relationships have improved, and my work has become much smoother. I am truly grateful for the decision to get veneers back then.

That’s why I say, if you have crooked teeth or feel insecure about your smile, don’t hesitate to make a change. With modern technology, dental procedures are no longer painful like before, and dental clinics are constantly improving their techniques to provide the best experience for their customers.

So, don’t hesitate to visit a reputable dental clinic to get your teeth done. Just remember to choose a trustworthy dental clinic with certified qualifications, good facilities, and experienced dental professionals to do the job!

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