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The Journey to Rescue from the Trap of Dental fraud – Pham Hong Thai – Techcombank Employee

Journey to Rescue from the Trap of Dental Fraud – Pham Hong Thai – Techcombank Employee

They say that teeth and hair are the roots of a person. It is true, I myself also desire to have a set of bright, beautiful teeth to communicate with customers, friends, and colleagues with more confidence. Due to the nature of my job, I have to interact with many people, and I always wish to have a confident smile when standing in front of others.

In the past, my teeth had many flaws, such as yellowing, chipping, and protruding fillings. After researching a lot of information online, I felt that dental veneers were the most suitable method for me. The biggest regret at that time was not thoroughly researching the quality of some low-quality dental clinics, also known as “dental fraud”.

Initially, I joined various Facebook groups hoping to find a high-quality dental clinic with skilled dentists, but unfortunately, I was deceived by the seeding tricks of a certain dental clinic.

They pretended to be customers of that dental clinic and praised the skills of the dentist to the fullest, providing all kinds of evidence to convince me. Each post of that dental clinic also received a lot of interaction, but later I found out that those interactions were only from collaborators or hired people to praise the posts.

Journey to Rescue from the Trap of Dental fraud
The Journey to Rescue from the Trap of Dental fraud – Pham Hong Thai – Techcombank Employee

Before knowing the truth, I trusted and went to that dental clinic. When I entered the clinic, the atmosphere made me quite uncomfortable as the clinic was small, not well-ventilated, and the furniture in the waiting room was quite old. When it was my turn, the dentist also advised me on some issues and gave me golden promises of fixing my teeth to be white, even, and beautiful… and then came the exorbitant price for my dental veneers.

But after the procedure was done, I started to feel uneasy about my teeth. When I received my dental molds, I felt that they protruded more than I desired. I mentioned it to the dentist, but he just kept telling me that it was because I was not used to the feeling of having dental veneers and that I would get used to it after a while. After about a week, I still clearly noticed that my dental molds were protruding, the color of the veneers was too white, my gum showed signs of darkening, and I experienced tooth sensitivity and gum swelling.

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I contacted the dental clinic, and they gave me some medication. The medication only helped to alleviate the tooth sensitivity, but the darkened tooth and the pus inside the tooth didn’t show any signs of improvement. I mentioned my warranty rights to them, but they continuously claimed that it was a normal issue. After I asked and researched, and read some articles on social media, I realized that I had fallen into the trap of “dental Fraud”.

While researching, I also found out that many others had fallen into the same trap at that dental clinic, just like me. At that time, I wondered why I didn’t come across those articles earlier.

Hành trình giải cứu sập bẫy nha tặc
The condition of the teeth after falling into the trap of dental frauds. – The Journey to Rescue from the Trap of Dental fraud – Pham Hong Thai – Techcombank Employee

Fortunately, afterwards I was fortunate enough to be introduced to BeDental by some kind-hearted people. When I arrived at BeDental, it seemed like I had found a savior for the condition of my teeth. I received very detailed consultations, and since my teeth were not severely damaged, they could still be treated to some extent to achieve the smile I desired.

Having fallen into the trap of dental Fraud before, I thoroughly researched before proceeding with dental veneers. I asked the dentist for detailed information about the warranty policy, customer care before and after the veneering process, certification documents, and the origin of the dental materials used. After receiving detailed advice, I scheduled an appointment for the dentist to specifically examine the condition of my teeth at that time.

After the general examination, the dentist informed me that I had been deceived into getting cheap dental veneers made by an inexperienced dentist, resulting in protruding teeth, darkening of the gum line, bad breath due to inadequate cleaning of the gumline, and the failure to perform root canal treatment, causing me pain and pus swelling.

Upon hearing this, I truly regretted spending a considerable amount of money on dental veneers, only to have my teeth not only look unattractive but also suffer from severe inflammation. Without hesitation, I agreed to let the dentist at BeDental treat me immediately, as I was afraid that delaying treatment would make it impossible to fix the issues.

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Hành Trình Giải Cứu Sập Bẫy Nha Tặc - Phạm Hồng Thái - Nhân Viên Techcombank
The Journey to Rescue from the Trap of Dental fraud – Pham Hong Thai – Techcombank Employee

After receiving the results, the dentist helped me remove the old dental veneers, prescribed medication, and instructed me on oral hygiene to reduce the pain and pus swelling. After finishing the medication, the condition of my teeth improved significantly, with no more pain or pus swelling. Then came the appointment with the dentist to clean the gumline and perform root canal treatment.

Entering the dental room, I was greeted with a bright, clean, and well-ventilated atmosphere. The dentist cleaned my mouth, administered anesthesia, and started the process of removing the old dental veneers, performing root canal treatment, shaping the teeth, and advising me on choosing the appropriate tooth color. I was instructed to avoid eating hard foods and follow a specific diet. Due to the damage caused by the “Fraud,” the structure of my teeth couldn’t be fully restored, and dental impressions couldn’t be taken.

The dentist at BeDental meticulously designed my smile and chose the appropriate tooth shape for my face. Because of the previous experience with fake dental materials used by Fraud, which caused severe complications, this time I decided to invest more to ensure the health of my oral hygiene. I chose Lava 3M dental veneers, which have a durability of up to 15 years, high compatibility, and provide up to 99% natural appearance, originating from the United States.

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Hành trình giải cứu sập bẫy nha tặc
Quy trình điều trị răng tại nha khoa BeDental

On the scheduled appointment day after the dental crowns were completed, the dentist will proceed with shaping and fitting to adjust the tightness and compatibility of the dental crowns before fixing them permanently.

Once the process of fitting the dental crowns is completed, the dentist always asks for my feedback to make necessary adjustments, such as checking if the upper and lower jaws align properly when I bite, if there is any discomfort when closing my mouth, if the teeth feel misaligned, etc. At that moment, I realized the difference between BeDental and the “dental Fraud.” From customer care services to the skills of the dentist at BeDental, there was nothing that made me complain or argue.

Hành trình giải cứu sập bẫy nha tặc
Results after dental treatment at BeDental

I was truly moved when I saw my smile in the mirror. I can’t even imagine how it would have been if I had continued to encounter dental fraud. But luckily, BeDental did not disappoint me.

Hành trình giải cứu sập bẫy nha tặc

Results after dental treatment at BeDental

I was truly moved when I saw my smile in the mirror. I can’t even imagine how it would have been if I had continued to encounter Dental fraud. But luckily, BeDental did not disappoint me.

Process of dental restoration after treatment

Due to the unique condition of my oral health, which was inflamed and infected before coming to BeDental, the dentist gave me detailed instructions on how to care for my teeth. I was advised to avoid eating hard and chewy foods like ice and chewing gum in the days following the placement of the dental crowns to prevent them from falling off.

Regular and proper oral hygiene is essential to prolong the durability of the dental crowns. It is important to monitor the oral health condition and schedule regular check-ups. Since I chose dental crowns with a 15-year warranty, I can contact BeDental for any dental issues during that period. Honestly, I feel very satisfied with the service at BeDental.

Choosing a reputable dental clinic is crucial as it determines 70% of the results of your dental crowns. Therefore, be cautious of the deceptive tricks of Dental fraud. You can identify Dental fraud through the following characteristics:

  • Dental fraud offer prices that are significantly lower than the market value.
  • Dental fraud cannot provide genuine certificates or warranty cards, claiming that their products are from a certain brand imported from another country. You should request dental clinics to provide evidence proving the origin of the dental crowns.
  • High-quality dental crowns usually have even color, transparency, and shine. When examined by a dental laboratory, the dental crowns should display exquisite craftsmanship and precision.

If you encounter these signs at a dental clinic, I advise you to seek another clinic and not fall for the deceitful promises of Dental fraud. There are many tricks that can trap you into the hands of Dental fraud. If you are looking for a reputable dental clinic, it is important to thoroughly research or visit dental clinics recommended by trusted friends.

When reading reviews about dental clinics, it is necessary to consider their authenticity, as sometimes Dental fraud may be promoting their own clinics. Improper placement of dental crowns can damage your teeth, and entrusting your teeth to Dental fraud is self-harm.

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Hành Trình Giải Cứu Sập Bẫy Nha Tặc - Phạm Hồng Thái - Nhân Viên Techcombank
The Journey to Rescue from the Trap of Dental fraud – Pham Hong Thai – Techcombank Employee

In conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to BeDental dental clinic. I highly appreciate their working attitude and professionalism. In the future, if I encounter any dental issues, BeDental will always be my top choice.

I hope that BeDental will continue to grow and become well-known, helping people avoid falling into the trap of dental fraud and suffering financial loss. I wish BeDental will have more branches nationwide so that everyone can know about BeDental. I also hope that everyone can find a trustworthy dental clinic, and if you are considering getting dental crowns, you should consider visiting BeDental.

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