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What is Vecni Flour? How to use it? How old can children use it and some notes.

What is Vecni Flour? Vecni Flour is a product designed to prevent tooth decay in young children. This product contains Sodium fluoride with a concentration of 5% – a mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel.

To ensure safety, parents should research carefully before using it for their children. So, what is Vecni Flour? What are the benefits of Vecni Flour? Which type of Vecni Flour is good? How much does it cost? Let’s find out through the article below with Bedental!

What is Vecni Flour?

What is Vecni Flour? Vecni Flour or Fluor Varnish is an oral care product that contains Sodium fluoride with a concentration of 5%. This product is applied by rubbing it onto the tooth surface to prevent tooth decay and minimize enamel erosion.

Vecni Flour is mainly used with children who have just had their teeth extracted, as baby teeth have a delicate enamel layer and children at this age also need knowledge about oral care.

What is Vecni Flour

Fluoride is an important mineral for teeth and oral health. After coming into contact with tooth enamel, fluoride combines with hydroxyapatite in the enamel to form fluorapatite, which helps keep the teeth strong and protected against acid produced by bacteria. Using fluoride can slow down the process of calcium loss and effectively prevent tooth decay.

In reality, fluoride is present in more water sources than other substances. However, some children may have a deficiency in fluoride due to changes in their diet or because their mothers had a calcium deficiency during pregnancy. That’s why Vecni Flour is used to strengthen the health of tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay in children.

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The benefits of Vecni Flour:

The benefits of Vecni Flour are to create a protective layer on the teeth against bacterial invasion and to make the teeth stronger. With its enamel protection mechanism through “remineralization” and acid resistance, Vecni Flour helps to strengthen the teeth and prevent toothaches caused by acids.

As a result, it significantly reduces the occurrence of baby tooth decay and prevents the recurrence of tooth decay.

  • Effectively prevents tooth decay.
  • Helps reduce the development of tooth decay.
  • Improves the condition of reduced tooth demineralization.
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity and discomfort.
  • Increases the strength of the teeth, allowing children to eat and drink normally without feeling pain or numbness.

At what age can Vecni Flour be used for children?

Vecni Flour products are recommended for children aged 1 and older. By this age, children have some baby teeth, and using the product can prevent tooth decay and enhance the strength of their teeth. Vecni Flour is highly regarded for its safety and has even been tested by the FDA before use.

To ensure safety, it is advisable to consult with a specialized dentist before using it for children. Overdosing can lead to fluoride poisoning and have negative effects on oral health.

How to use Vecni Flour at home for your child:

Parents should clean their child’s mouth and teeth thoroughly (if at the dentist, the teeth will be cleaned more thoroughly and professionally). Then, open the tube of Vecni Flour and squeeze a small amount of the gel onto a clean surface.

A tip is to wait for the solution to thicken a bit before applying it to the child’s teeth. This way, when applied to the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth, it will dry quickly, making it easier for the child to breathe without having to keep their mouth open for too long. If the solution is still too thin, it will be difficult to apply.

Use a toothbrush along with the Vecni Flour to gently brush the child’s teeth, making sure to cover all the teeth surfaces. The Vecni Flour will stick to the teeth and will not be easily ingested, so there is no need to worry about the child swallowing it.

vecni flour
benefits of Vecni Flour

After applying Vecni Flour to all of the teeth, you don’t need to force the child to eat or drink anything for the next hour. There is no need to clean or have the child rinse their mouth after applying it.

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vecni flour
vecni flour

Advantages of using Vecni Flour for young children

Children under 3 years old often cannot brush their teeth, so they are prone to tooth decay and other oral problems. Therefore, Vecni Flour is considered an optimal solution for preventing tooth decay and some common oral issues in young children.

Prominent advantages of using Vecni Flour to prevent tooth decay in young children:

  • High safety and mildness for young children
  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective in preventing tooth decay, fighting against dental erosion, etc.
  • Natural fragrance without causing discomfort for infants, etc.

Cases of excess fluoride causing tooth damage

Excessive absorption of fluoride can cause poisoning and have negative effects on both health and normal tooth development. Specifically:

  • If patients regularly consume water with a fluoride concentration: Above 4ppm can lead to fluoride poisoning, 5-8ppm can cause bone damage (with 10% bone hardness)
  • More than 50ppm can cause thyroid damage
  • Above 100ppm can hinder growth in children
  • Above 125ppm can cause kidney damage and a daily intake of 10-80mg can lead to stomach pain.
  • Excess fluoride on teeth can result in white, opaque deposits on the tooth surface

Some notes when using Vecni Flour for young children

Using Vecni Flour helps effectively prevent tooth decay, reduce dental erosion, enamel erosion, and strengthen oral health. However, before using it, please take note of the following issues:

  • Vecni Flour will dry after a few minutes. Therefore, the child should rinse their mouth for about 5-10 minutes after applying the product.
  • The product will dry and not dissolve in the mouth. However, it is recommended to limit brushing and dental flossing in the first 24 hours to allow the product to be absorbed quickly.
  • Rinsing the child’s mouth with filtered water can help remove excess food and plaque. After 24 hours, brushing can be resumed as usual.
  • After using the product, let the child use a straw and avoid consuming hard, soft, or chewy foods.
  • Note that excessive use of Vecni Flour should be avoided. Using the product less than every 3 months can result in excess fluoride, which can have negative effects on the body.
  • Adults with dental erosion can also use this product for treatment. The usage and dosage are similar to those for infants.

Vecni Flour is an oral care product with 5% Sodium Fluoride used for preventing tooth decay and enhancing the strength of tooth enamel, etc. Hopefully, through this article, parents have a clearer understanding of the product and how to use it properly for their children.

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Which type of Vecni Flour is good? How much does it cost?

Which type of Vecni Flour is good? How much does it cost? There are many different types of Vecni Flour products available on the market, mostly imported from the US and Europe. Here are some popular products that parents can consider when choosing for their child:

  • Fluor Protector Gel Vivadent: 20g, priced at 405,000 Vietnamese Dong, originating from Switzerland, suitable for both children and adults.
  • Vecni Flour Enamelast: The most popular product, originating from the US. Available in various tube sizes, priced at 70,000 – 135,000 Vietnamese Dong.
  • Cervitec Gel Vivadent: Contains chlorhexidine, with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Priced at 270,000 – 350,000 Vietnamese Dong per tube of 20g or 50g.
  • Tepe Gingival Gel: A product from the US, in a gel form that is easy to use, priced at 250,000 Vietnamese Dong per 15ml bottle.
  • Vecni Flour Clinpro 3M: Priced at 89,000 Vietnamese Dong for a pack of 0.5mg to 3,300,000 Vietnamese Dong for a box of 50 packs.

These products can be purchased at dental clinics, oral and maxillofacial hospitals, pharmacies, and retail stores. However, buying from a dental clinic will provide specific advice from the dentist regarding usage and frequency, as well as important notes.

Vecni Flour is an oral care product containing 5% Sodium Fluoride used for preventing tooth decay and strengthening tooth enamel. It is hoped that through this article, parents have a better understanding of the product and how to safely use it for their child.

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