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LOOK AT THE SHAPE OF FENG SHUI TEETH TO GUESS YOUR FATE. Changing teeth and changing fortunes is something that many young people, especially businessmen, tell each other. So is there a feng shui tooth shape or not? Do feng shui teeth affect people’s destiny? Join us to find out right here!

Overview of feng shui teeth

Let’s not talk about dental feng shui, let’s talk about having beautiful teeth first. Teeth and hair are human corners. Beautiful teeth will increase the beauty of your face up to eight points. But “beauty is also a form of talent”. Being beautiful and pleasing to the eye will help you make life much easier.

Overview of feng shui teeth
Overview of feng shui teeth: Popular feng shui teeth shapes. How to fix bad feng shui teeth shapes?

Let’s talk about the feng shui tooth shape story. Since ancient times, the elderly have told each other that the number of teeth will show some part of destiny. The number of teeth depends on the size and shape of the teeth. So let’s take a look at the connection between teeth and destiny right here!

Our grandparents believe that: People with few teeth (26-31 teeth) are lazy and greedy people, so their fortune will be difficult, people with average teeth (32-36 teeth) are people with fame and fortune; People with 37 teeth or more are members of the upper class, rich, and successful.

In addition, tooth shape also affects life’s destiny. In physiognomy, it is said that people with beautiful teeth are people who have a peaceful life, always have luck and success. People with gap teeth are often exposed to gossip, wasting money, and spending wastefully. People with crooked teeth are often people who are greedy and quickly bored, and have difficult relationships. People with buck teeth often fail.

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The story of fortune-telling

The story of fortune telling by teeth – People always believe in stories about feng shui teeth. A typical case is the famous actress Truong Man Ngoc. She possesses charming feng shui crooked teeth, but both her career and love life are in trouble.

Overview of feng shui teeth: Popular feng shui teeth shapes. How to fix bad feng shui teeth shapes?

By the time she decided to say goodbye to her feng shui crooked teeth, her career was skyrocketing. That same year, she took home the Oscar for best actress in the movie Clean directed by Olivier Assayas. Her story makes more people believe in the “feng shui” theory.

Popular feng shui teeth shapes

Currently, there are many popular feng shui tooth shapes and they believe that tooth shape will reveal each person’s personality. Specifically:

  • Feng shui teeth are like corn: These are the best people. They are careful, cheerful, optimistic, and enthusiastic. Besides, they also possess intelligence and ingenuity. That’s why they are always successful people in society.
  • Crooked teeth: Many people think that you have to be very virtuous to have crooked teeth to bring fortune. People with crooked teeth are charming and skillful people. However, their love life was difficult and it was not until they got married that their lives were complete.
  • Bucked teeth: This is an unhealthy shape of teeth that tend to overlap and protrude outward. People with this type of teeth are shallow-minded, argumentative, hot-tempered and not good-tempered. Because of their incompatible personalities, the fate of these people is often difficult. Women with buck teeth often have two husbands.
  • Inward-curved tooth shape: This is the feng shui tooth shape of people who are careful, detailed and progressive. They love to explore and with a lean, excellent mindset. They are always respected by their superiors. This is the type of person who talks less and does more.
  • Teeth that grow in disarray: Teeth that grow in disarray, high and low, top and bottom, are bad feng shui. It represents stubbornness, personal gain and anger. People with this tooth shape easily fall into debt and poverty because of poor money management skills, making it difficult to succeed in life.

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Look at your front teeth to welcome your destiny

Our grandparents always believed that front teeth are feng shui teeth that represent human destiny. You can refer to the feng shui of front teeth as follows:

– Sparse, crooked, chipped front teeth: many problems in life, loss of fortune.

chipped tooth
Overview of feng shui teeth: Popular feng shui teeth shapes. How to fix bad feng shui teeth shapes?

– Large front teeth: person is honest, straightforward, and has sharp intuition.

– Front teeth are even and neat: the person has good intelligence and physical strength

– Small front teeth: People are careful, affectionate, thoughtful, and care about others. But physical strength is weak.

watch your teeth 06
Overview of feng shui teeth: Popular feng shui teeth shapes. How to fix bad feng shui teeth shapes?

– Large square front teeth: People are careful, communicate well, and are likely to succeed.

watch your teeth 01
Overview of feng shui teeth: Popular feng shui teeth shapes. How to fix bad feng shui teeth shapes?

– Incisors close together: people are smart, have good physical strength, are agile, and are successful in their educational path.

Feng shui tooth shape according to ancient concepts

Teeth shape has good feng shui

  • Pomegranate teeth

People with pomegranate teeth are often considered the standard of the most beautiful and beautiful teeth. It is a tooth shaped similar to pomegranate seeds, short, square and close together. In addition, the standard for beautiful pomegranate teeth must also be white and strong. Most people with this feng shui tooth shape are very intelligent and talented.

Men with this shape of teeth are said to be blessed with wealth and prosperity. Women are usually dignified and gentle, and are lucky to marry a rich husband, living in comfort and contentment.

  • Dragon teeth

Men with dragon teeth are considered the most beautiful. This tooth shape is often characterized by two long and white front teeth and a full set of strong teeth of more than 32 teeth. In addition, people with tall figures and long five senses including face, nose and ears are also called “dragon figures”, people who are considered to be people of great fortune, great wealth and prosperity.

  • Buffalo teeth

Like dragon teeth, buffalo teeth must also have strong teeth with more than 32 teeth. People with this feng shui tooth shape can be identified through their white, long, large and even front teeth. People with this shape of teeth often have great luck, especially in the future when their children are talented, successful, and blessed thanks to their children.

  • Tiger teeth

The characteristic of this feng shui tooth shape is that the canine teeth in the upper jaw grow out completely compared to the whole jaw. In the case of a beautiful mouth plus long, white canine teeth, people with this tooth shape are said to be successful and talented, especially those who choose the path of art and cinema.

Bad feng shui tooth shapes

  • Dog teeth: Dog teeth are teeth with uneven incisors and long and pointed canine teeth on both sides. People believe that this is a bad feng shui tooth because people with this tooth shape often have a strange personality, talk wildly and brag, and often have their minds floating in the clouds. So basically always fail in life.
  • Sparse teeth: “Excess spare teeth” often spend wastefully, talk nonsense, easily cause scandal and easily cause trouble or misfortune.
  • Protruding teeth: Teeth tend to protrude outward. People with this tooth shape often have many turbulent lives in their youth. They were hard and miserable in their youth, and their future fortunes are better but they are still struggling and uncertain.
  • Devil’s teeth: Devil’s teeth are teeth with incisors and canine teeth that are crooked and bucked, leaving the teeth completely exposed outside the lips. According to physiognomy, this is the feng shui tooth shape of people who are deceitful, dishonest, and cunning. Because of this quality, they always fail in life.

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How to fix bad feng shui teeth shapes?

If teeth had grown like that before, we would have had to endure it. But today, with the development of cosmetic dentistry technology, you can completely have your own feng shui dental aesthetics. Specifically, with bad feng shui teeth, you can choose braces or cosmetic porcelain crowns to improve.

  • Cosmetic braces method: Dental braces are one of the most chosen methods to improve bad feng shui teeth shape today. Because the effectiveness it brings can be maintained forever, the cost is also quite reasonable. Braces will help you have beautiful, stable teeth without worrying about them shifting. But it will take a long time. Lasts 1-2 years depending on tooth condition.
  • Aesthetic porcelain crowns: Porcelain crowns are the most optimal solution currently loved by many people. Because of its high aesthetics and ability to hide defects such as cavities, yellowing, chipped teeth, etc., the usage time can be up to 15-20 years. You only need to go to the dentist twice to have beautiful feng shui teeth.
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Overview of feng shui teeth: Popular feng shui teeth shapes. How to fix bad feng shui teeth shapes?

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Porcelain crowns are a solution to overcome bad teeth conditions such as gaps, misalignments, small teeth, etc., and are most popular and chosen by people because of its speed. Because it not only improves bad teeth but also hides other defects in your teeth such as chips, antibiotic-stained teeth, cavities, yellow teeth, etc.

The above is an overview of the concepts of feng shui. Hopefully this article will help you somewhat in guessing another person’s personality through the shape of their teeth. In addition, to have beautiful feng shui teeth, please contact BeDental for advice.



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