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8 types of eyelash extensions that are most popular today

Eyelash extensions are a method chosen by many women to make their eyes more beautiful and attractive. Below is a summary of the most popular eyelash extension styles today that you should try.

Along with other beauty trends, eyelash extensions are increasingly popular. Choosing the right eyelash extensions will help make your eyes more sharp and attractive as well as overcome many other defects. If you are planning to get eyelash extensions but don’t know which model to choose, please refer to the most popular eyelash extension models shared by BeDental below.

Learn about eyelash extensions methods

As one of the popular beauty methods today, what is eyelash extension? Eyelash extensions are using tweezers to take false eyelashes and attach them to real eyelashes with glue so that they are natural and do not damage hair follicles.

Eyelash extensions are the “lifesaver” to help women overcome defects such as short and thin eyelashes. With properly applied false eyelashes, the eyes will become more attractive and impressive.


Nối mi là phương pháp làm đẹp phổ biến hiện nay

There are many different beautiful eyelash styles such as classic eyelash extension, volume eyelash extension, katun eyelash extension,… Each style is suitable for each individual eye shape.

Should I get eyelash extensions? Are eyelash extensions harmful?

Are eyelash extensions harmful? Eyelash extensions are a great solution to get naturally thick and curled eyelashes. You will feel more confident when appearing in front of a crowd without having to worry about your appearance.

However, eyelash extensions do not always ensure safety for your health. If you do not choose the right eyelash extension facility or the person performing the eyelash extension is not experienced, you may face serious consequences such as keratitis, red eyes or eye swelling.

Therefore, you need to find a reputable and highly specialized eyelash extension facility to ensure the safety of your eyes. Never choose unreliable places just to save costs. Otherwise, the potential harm can affect not only your eye health but also your psychology and self-confidence. Always choose the right address and team of highly qualified eyelash extension specialists to get the best and safest results for your eyes.

On the contrary, with highly reputable eyelash extension locations, customers will be protected and limit risks during and after use. So the problem here is how to choose addresses with reputable eyelash extension services? To answer the above question, you should pay attention to the following when choosing an eyelash extension address:

Chọn địa chỉ nối mi chất lượng

  • Read previous customer feedback through review groups on Facebook or on other websites.
  • Search for customer images after performing eyelash extension at the salon
  • How long has the store been in operation?
  • Skill level and experience of the team of workers
  • Are the products used for eyelash extensions of guaranteed quality?

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Thus, it cannot be confirmed that eyelash extension will have harmful effects on the eyes. However, you should carefully ask about where to get eyelash extension before choosing to get it done. In addition, if you have other eye diseases such as pink eye or conjunctivitis, do not get eyelash extensions to limit the more serious situation.

Collection of the most popular beautiful eyelash extension styles today

There are many beautiful eyelash extension designs on the market. Women can freely choose from natural styles to attractive, unique styles. Below is a summary of the most popular beautiful eyelash extension styles today:

  • Classic eyelash 
  • Volume eyelash 
  • Baby doll eyelash 
  • Katun eyelash
  • Angel eyelash (fairy wings)
  • Black rose eyelash (camellia)
  • Fishtail eyelash 
  • Wet eyelash 

Then BeDental would like to introduce to you the most popular eyelash extension styles today

Eyelash extension model: Classic eyelash 

Mi classic là kiểu nối mi truyền thống, cổ điển

Classic eyelash is a classic eyelash extension model and are chosen by many people because they are very natural. This eyelash extension technique is the first eyelash extension technique to appear in the world. By applying each false eyelash to the real eyelashes, it is also called one by one eyelashes.

This natural eyelash extension style will help curl and thicken your eyelashes in the gentlest way. Brings gentle, elegant, feminine beauty to your girlfriend. Makes eyes more sparkling and attractive without weighing them down. Fixes sparse, slightly thin eyelashes extremely well.

Eyelash extension model: Volume eyelash 

Volume eyelash is a type of eyelash extension improved from the traditional one by one technique. Instead of attaching each strand one at a time, the technician will attach many false eyelashes of equal length to one real eyelash. You can attach 2 – 8 false eyelashes on top of 1 real eyelash.

Depending on the number of eyelashes, there will be a corresponding name. For example, 2D volume lashes means connecting 2 false eyelashes at the same time, 3D volume means connecting 3 false eyelashes… These types of eyelash extensions can be chosen and changed depending on each person’s preferences. However, the thicker the extensions, the more weight the real eyelashes have to bear, so the eyelashes must be healthy.

The advantage of these eyelash extensions is that the eyelashes also become much thicker and more beautiful. Corrects the defect of thin and sparse eyelashes quite well. And it doesn’t take as much time to apply eyelashes as with the classic method.

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Eyelash extension model: Baby doll eyelash

If you are looking for natural eyelash extension, you cannot ignore doll eyelash extension. This is an eyelash shape inspired by the lovely baby doll (barbie doll). A toy that both children and girls love. Connected in an arch shape, it will make your eyes big, round, and lovely.

The longest false eyelashes will be attached in the middle of the eye. And the closer you get to the two sides, the length of the false eyelashes will gradually decrease. Curved eyelashes in an arch shape will help give your eyes more depth.

Mi búp bê giúp đôi mắt thêm to tròn, đáng yêu

Besides, the eyelash shape can be made thin or thick depending on your wishes. In fact, thin eyelashes will make your eyes sparkling and perfectly beautiful. Thick eyelashes will effectively hide blemishes and create an extremely attractive appearance.

Eyelash extension model: Katun eyelash

Katun eyelash style is inspired by a classic movie “Land of Golden Temples”. The name of this eyelash shape is named after the female protagonist in the movie, demonstrating the uniqueness and impressiveness of this eyelash style.

Mi katun là một trong các kiểu mi thời thượng, cá tính nhất hiện nay

Eyelashes of different lengths are arranged alternately to create a modern look while still maintaining a unique classic look. Katun eyelash extension not only help you become attractive, sophisticated and individual, but also show your flexibility and creativity. Whether you have round or long, triangular or oval eyes, this eyelash style will still suit and bring you confidence.

Eyelash extension model: Angel eyelash (fairy wings)

Angel eyelash is a way to use 2 V-shaped fan eyelashes and attach 1 real eyelash on each real eyelash. The false eyelashes will spread out to the sides like angel wings. Fix sparse, thin eyelashes, making them thicker but not heavy on the eyes.

Creates beautiful big eyes that are both innocent and equally seductive. If you have not very healthy eyelashes and are wondering which type of natural eyelash extension to choose. Don’t miss this lovely angel eyelash style that is suitable for even weak eyelashes!

Eyelash extension model: Black rose eyelash (camellia)

Which type of eyelash extension is most beautiful and suitable for Asian eye shape and beauty? The answer is black rose eyelashes (also known as camellia eyelashes). Re-created from the Taiwanese eyelash style by the hands of skilled Vietnamese technicians. To create eyelash extension styles that better suit the beauty of our country’s women.

Mi hoa hồng đen là kiểu nối mi được cải tiến để phù hợp với vẻ đẹp phụ nữ Việt

Instead of using eyelashes of uniform size, the technician will create eyelashes of different lengths and lengths. Apply alternately to real eyelashes to create unique, charming eyes. Overcome defects such as small eyes and sparse eyelashes. Helps you look much more attractive while still being natural and not too heavy on your eyes. This is one of the natural eyelash extension styles and is not too heavy on the eyes.

Eyelash extension model: Fishtail eyelash

Among beautiful eyelash extension styles, fishtail eyelashes are the shape that can create the most seductive beauty for her. Short eyelashes will be attached at the top and gradually lengthen towards the end of the eye. Creates an attractive, flared fishtail shape.

Fishtail eyelashes are one of the types of eyelash that suit eyes in different shapes. The highlight of this eyelash style is the long, curved lashes at the end of the eye. It helps the eyes look long and sexy, much more attractive.

Nối mi đuôi cá phù hợp với nhiều dáng mắt khác nhau

Eyelash extension model: Wet eyelash

This is a rather strange eyelash style that is different from regular eyelash extension. It gives girls pure, gentle, gentle and graceful beauty. The number of eyelashes on each strand will be uneven and arranged in a separate order. Some artificial lashes will have more fan connection than false lashes.

The distance of the eyelashes is also different, they are no longer spread out but gathered together. Creates tiny patches that look like mascara that are gradually fading due to tears. That’s why they have the nickname “wet eyelids” full of meaning.

Nối mi mắt ướt giúp đôi mắt xinh xắn, ngây thơ, mong manh, nữ tính

How to choose eyelash extension styles that suit your eye shape

Each eyelash style will suit different eye shapes. Based on your unique characteristics, you can choose eyelash extension styles that suit your eye shape. Let’s learn about the popular eye shapes of Vietnamese women and the appropriate eyelash extension styles below.

Mỗi người cần chọn các kiểu nối mi phù hợp với mắt của riêng mình

  • Types of eyelash extensions for lined eyelids and drooping eyelids
  • Eyelash extensions for single eyelids
  • Types of eyelash extensions for almond eyes
  • Eyelash extensions for round eyes
  • Eyelash extensions for deep eyes
  • Eyelash extensions for triangle eyes

Types of eyelash extensions for lined eyelids and drooping eyelids

Eyelid and drooping eyelid shapes are characterized by an unclear upper eyelid. Eyes are not too big, look dull and lifeless. Therefore, it is necessary to find eyelash extensions that can help overcome these shortcomings.

So what type of eyelash extensions should I use? It’s best to choose an arch-shaped eyelash extension style. The eyelashes are curled to help make the eyes look deeper, bigger, rounder and more sparkling. You should get eyelash extensions like:

  • Volume eyelashes (choose quantity according to desire).
  • Katun eyelashes.
  • Angel eyelashes.
  • Doll eyelashes (thickness or thinness depending on the degree of eyelid drooping).
  • Wet eyelids.
  • Black roses.
  • Fishtail eyelashes.

Nối mi cho mắt mí lót, mí sụp nên chọn các dáng mi nối theo hình vòm

Eyelash extensions for single eyelids

Single eyelids are the most common eyes in Vietnamese people. This eye shape has the shortest height of all, making the eyes look very small. Besides, the length of the eye is also often quite short. Loss of balance, so the overall face will not be beautiful and harmonious.

Mắt một mí là dáng mắt dễ gặp ở phụ nữ châu Á

Therefore, among eyelash extension styles, you should choose eyelash extension styles that can help your eyes become bigger, rounder, longer, and have more depth such as:

  • Thick volume eyelashes (3D, 4D, 5D, 6D…).
  • Fairy wings.
  • Katun eyelash style.
  • Black copper flower eyelashes.
  • Wet eyelids.
  • Doll eyelashes.
  • Fishtail eyelashes.

Types of eyelash extensions for almond eyes

Almond eyes are a beautiful, symmetrical eye shape that overall resembles an almond. Eye height is a little shorter than length, long but not narrow. When looking directly, the edge of the iris will just touch the lower eyelid edge of the eye.

These are extremely ideal eyes, all different types of eyelash extensions can be applied. Girls can choose the type of extension depending on their preferences and the health of their real eyelashes.

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Mắt hạnh nhân là đôi mắt cân đối, phù hợp với tất cả các kiểu nối mi

Eyelash extensions for round eyes

The eye shape is round, the iris just barely touches the lower eyelid edge or the surrounding white can be clearly seen. Girls with these eyes often have a pure, childlike beauty.

What eyelash extension styles are suitable for round eyes? With this advantageous eye shape, you need to choose a moderate eyelash extension style that doesn’t stand out too much. If you pay too much attention to your eyelashes, it will make your face look quite fierce. Makes the eyes bigger, causing imbalance to the entire face. Don’t know which type of eyelash extensions to use, choose one of the following styles:

  • Classic eyelashes.
  • Katun eyelashes.
  • Wet eyelid style.
  • Fishtail eyelashes.
  • Natural thin doll eyelashes (if you like cute makeup style).

Fishtail eyelashes will help your eyes look longer and more attractive. Change your appearance and makeup style, gain more maturity. And it’s best to choose short, thin and gently curved eyelashes.

Nối mi đuôi cá giúp đôi mắt tròn có thêm chiều dài và quyến rũ
How to choose eyelash extension styles that suit your eye shape? Which type of eyelash extensions is the most beautiful? Are eyelash extensions harmful?

Eyelash extensions for deep eyes

The eyes are hidden deep in the eye sockets, creating depth for the face, making the whole look very attractive. So, what type of eyelash extensions is best for this eye shape? Choose long eyelashes with moderate curl to create the effect of eyes being pushed out. To make the overall face more balanced such as:

  • Classic eyelashes.
  • Volume eyelashes.
  • Angel eyelashes.
  • Katun eyelashes (use long and not too curled eyelashes).
  • Camellia lashes.
  • Fishtail style.
Mắt sâu cần chọn các kiểu nối mi có sợi mảnh, nhẹ, dài nhưng không quá cong
How to choose eyelash extension styles that suit your eye shape? Which type of eyelash extensions is the most beautiful? Are eyelash extensions harmful?

Eyelash extensions for triangle eyes

Triangular eyes (also known as cone eyes) are shaped like a hat when viewed head-on. The lower eye rim is almost a straight line while the upper eye rim curves upward. In addition, the eyelids are often located close to the eyebrows.

Eyelash extensions suitable for triangle eyes need to be done on both top and bottom. To create balance for the eyes, making the eyes bigger and rounder and the overall face more harmonious such as:

  • Thick volume lashes (3D, 4D, 5D, 6D,…).
  • You angel.
  • Katun style.
  • Fishtail eyelashes.
Mắt tam giác có hình như một chiếc nón khi nhìn trực diện
How to choose eyelash extension styles that suit your eye shape? Which type of eyelash extensions is the most beautiful? Are eyelash extensions harmful?

So which type of eyelash extensions is the most beautiful?

Which type of eyelash extensions is suitable? Based on eye shape and eyelash condition to determine the right eyelash extension type for each person. For beautiful and natural eyelashes, it is best to choose false eyelashes that are curly, thick and moderately long. Eyelashes numbered 9, 10, 11, 12 are false eyelashes of moderate length, most similar to real eyelashes.

How to choose eyelash extensions styles that suit your eye shape
How to choose eyelash extension styles that suit your eye shape? Which type of eyelash extensions is the most beautiful? Are eyelash extensions harmful?

Among the types of eyelash extensions, you should choose silk eyelashes with a thickness of about 0.07mm to ensure slenderness. When mounted, it is not rough or hard, looks natural and does not cause heaviness or irritation to the eyes. This is the answer to the question of what type of eyelash extensions are beautiful that women should pay attention to.


Eyelash extensions are increasingly popular today. To own beautiful and attractive eyelashes, girls need to consider choosing eyelash extension styles that suit their eye shape. Hopefully through the above article, you will find a reputable, quality eyelash extension address at an affordable price.

Hopefully the above article has helped you know how to choose beautiful and suitable eyelash extension styles for yourself. If in doubt, go to reputable beauty facilities for technical advice. You can refer to Sorella Beauty & Spa

In 2016, the Sorella Beauty & Spa brand was officially born in the context of the extremely chaotic spa & skin care market in Vietnam. I see an obvious truth right before my eyes, which is that too many Vietnamese consumers are not equipped with basic knowledge about skin, health, and beauty technology products.

The beauty market is too thirsty, leading to a rush of beauty establishments and cosmetic brands born “following the trend”, creating a clear contrast in quantity and quality, creating a clear contrast in quantity and quality. As a result, the consumer confidence index dropped seriously!

And the name Sorella Beauty & Spa was born – “Sorella” is an Italian word meaning “sister” – Our business philosophy is “Customers are sisters, we are family” – that is the core value culture that we aim for. Our mission is to help millions of Vietnamese women understand, appreciate and care for their skin in a truly smart and scientific way.

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