If you are a person with beautiful heart lips, congratulations because you are leading the aesthetic trend. And if not, what to do? Let’s join Bedental to learn about the fate of these lips and how to have extremely simple attractive lips at home in the article below.

1/ What are heart lips?

What are heart lips? Heart lips (mazda lips) are a type of lip with two wings of the upper lip measuring from the nose line up evenly and curving softly like the top of a heart shape. This type of lip is very round and soft, expressing a woman’s unique charm and attractiveness.

Đôi môi hình tim căng mọng ai cũng mong muốn sở hữu.
What are heart lips? What does the lips of a woman’s heart say? How to have natural heart lips without surgery?

People with perfect heart lips have an upper lip that is 1/2 or 2/3 of the lower lip. When wearing heavy makeup, lip gloss will highlight full lips and balance them harmoniously with the overall face.

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2/ What does the heart’s lips say about men & women?

Scientists and psychologists consider lips to be one of the most basic factors that help shape an individual’s personality. So what role do male heart lips and female heart lips play in personality?

2.1/ What does a man’s heart lips mean?

What does the male heart lips mean? According to popular belief, men with heart-shaped lips are extroverts with a cheerful and sociable personality. This person is often loved by everyone and has many friends.

Men with thick lips and hearts are good at talking, so they are quite popular with people around them. They are lively, active, agile and have natural intelligence.

When doing business or collaborating with others, they will be energetic and dedicated to their work. At the same time, the personality of boys with heart-shaped lips is confident and active, so they always have advantages at work, so they are trusted by their superiors and respected by their subordinates.

Men who own this pair are suitable for consulting, customer care, MC, assistant, etc. jobs. .. professions that require a lot of communication. The career path is a bit bumpy at first but will quickly go up at this age.

Nam giới sở hữu đôi môi này vô cùng thu hút.
What are heart lips? What does the lips of a woman’s heart say? How to have natural heart lips without surgery?

That’s someone who values friends and family. In love, a guy with this type of lips loves very passionately, has high needs and is usually a passionate and loyal person. This is the type of person who loves from the heart more than the mind. Usually they will have a possessive personality and love intensely to create trust with their other half.

2.2/ What does the lips of a woman’s heart say?

What does the lips of a woman’s heart say? Women with heart-shaped lips have a rather gentle and fragile appearance. However, their personality is strong and independent. They are considered to have irresistible charm thanks to their sense of humor and emitting good energy.

Women with these lips indicate sophistication and artistry in life. She is not someone who always pours sweet words into your ear or constantly comforts you. She will show your affection naturally and enjoys the sweet things in life.

Phụ nữ sở hữu đôi môi hình trái tim rất độc lập và quyết đoán.
What are heart lips? What does the lips of a woman’s heart say? How to have natural heart lips without surgery?

To choose this type of woman, you must be a loyal man, and will never betray her because everything is “held in the palm of her hand”.

Girls with heart-shaped lips have a gentle, gentle personality… They are also the flirty type and receive more attention from the opposite sex.

In life, women with heart-shaped lips are often intelligent and flexibly handle all problems. Therefore, they are often used in career and social relationships. People with heart-shaped lips are also blessed with wealth and prosperity because they receive help from noble people.

In family life, girls with heart-shaped lips are often introverted, skillful and do everything. They always know how to balance emotions and work to make the family convenient and happy.


3/ How to have natural heart lips without surgery

People who own natural heart-shaped lips not only bring their own charm and appeal but also have feng shui benefits. That is also the reason why the trend of cutting lips to create heart shapes is difficult to “cool down”.

You don’t need to spend too much money on heart lip surgery and can still easily have trendy, plump natural heart lips thanks to the following tips:

3.1/ Draw heart lips

Makeup is the “weapon” to change natural beauty that girls need to know. To draw eyeliner into a heart shape, you need to follow these steps:

Lipsliner in a circle: You should use a lipstick pencil whose color matches the lipstick color you want to apply. Start outlining your upper lip with small, consecutive pencil lines. Identify the two peaks of the upper lip and then press on the middle of the philtrum to form an X shape.

Cách vẽ môi hình trái tim tự nhiên tại nhà.
What are heart lips? What does the lips of a woman’s heart say? How to have natural heart lips without surgery?

Next, curl your lower lip to form the desired heart shape. Remember, the upper lip is thickest in the middle and then gradually fades to the bottom of the lip.

Continue to line your lower lip with colored pencil. This operation is not too complicated and anyone can do it.

Apply lipstick: Use a liquid lip balm with the same color as the lip liner and apply it to the inner lip area. You can use a little lip gloss in the center of the lips to create a plump and sexy look.

It can be said that heart lips not only bring the golden ratio to the face and have many feng shui meanings. If you don’t have the upper lip type, you can completely improve and shape them to bring aesthetic beauty.

3.2/ Aesthetic heart lip shaping

The cosmetic hospital is the place that has performed heart lip shaping for more than 2,000 customers with the highest success rate of 99%. You will immediately own lovely and perfect lips after just 30 minutes of surgery.

Technically, the doctor applies 6D heart lip shaping technology, allowing soft tissue intervention without damaging the skin, limiting side effects and ensuring “invisible” scars.

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How to have natural heart lips without surgery
What are heart lips? What does the lips of a woman’s heart say? How to have natural heart lips without surgery?

Simple techniques include:

  • Upper lip: trim and shrink in a soft curve around the lip for appropriate thickness.
  • Lower lip: depending on your original lip size, the doctor will shrink it and create a gentle line here to form a heart shape below.

Advantages of heart-shaped lip surgery:

  • Immediately possess a beautiful, balanced and harmonious lip shape with the overall face.
  • Aesthetic safety, ensuring no complications or pain during and after surgery.
  • It does not take much recovery time and customers can leave the hospital immediately after surgery.
  • Lip contouring results are maintained permanently.
  • Ensuring the ability to eat, drink and talk after lip plastic surgery.


Creating heart-shaped lips has become a beauty trend favored and loved by many customers, especially for women. Therefore, experiences and notes when performing heart lip surgery are also hot topics shared a lot on social networks.

Recovery time:

According to Kangnam experts’ assessment, whether or not the lips are successful after cosmetic surgery depends largely on each customer’s home care process.

About 10 days after lip augmentation, you will see a clear improvement in results compared to before, the skin tissue heals quite well.

After lip plastic surgery, customers will go through recovery stages, specifically as follows:

  • First 1 – 3 days: lips slightly swollen, feeling a bit painful. This is a completely normal phenomenon, you don’t need to worry much.
  • During this time, you should thoroughly clean the stitches with warm water and then apply antiseptic cream to help your lips recover quickly and reduce swelling.
  • At the same time, you should apply ice regularly for 15 – 20 minutes at a time about 3 – 4 hours apart. Remember to make sure the compress is clean to prevent bacteria from entering and causing the wound to fester.
  • 4 – 7 days later: lips stabilize and shape more beautifully, swelling is reduced. After you remove the stitches (on day 5), the lip border will appear a light purple border, not clearly visible.
  • To get the heart-shaped lips you want, you should abstain from foods that can cause dark scars: water spinach, eggs, sticky rice, seafood, stimulants, etc. .
  • In addition, you should fully follow your doctor’s treatment instructions and take medication as prescribed until the illness is gone.
  • Day 10 onwards: lips are stable and completely healed, with a soft, natural heart shape. You should clean your lips and face with warm water and do not use foods that cause dark scars for at least 1 month.

3.3/ Injecting fillers to create heart-shaped lips

A method of using fillers injected directly into the lips to help shape round, plump lips as desired. The molecules contained in the filler, when injected into the lips, will be easily distributed evenly under the oral mucosa and help increase the volume of the lips.

Combine and create a small ridge in the middle of the lower lip area, and this part will expand correspondingly like the top of the heart to create a sexy lip.

The filler used to make heart lips is gold nanoparticles whose main ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a substance with a structure similar to an acid in the human body, so its compatibility is almost perfect. opposite to. Therefore, creating heart lips is considered a safe and effective solution today.

3.4/ Using app

There are quite a few apps on mobile phones that allow you to do professional lip makeup without having to rely on Photoshop, for example: Photo makeover, Modiface Photo Editor, or Meitu.

It’s not too difficult for you to apply Mazda lip makeup to keep up with youth trends by using apps available on mobile phones.

Click on the photo editing frame, select the photo you want to edit, then use your index finger to hold until it becomes your dream lip shape.

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