Dimpled cheeks are a type of congenital defect that appears on the face because the cheek grooves adhere to the cheek flesh, causing small indentations when eating or talking. According to physiognomy, the dimple on the right side holds the meaning of a rich and powerful life, while on the left it represents talent, wisdom, and love.

What are dimpled cheeks?

What are dimpled cheeks? What is a copper pipe? A dimple is a small mark on the cheek near the corner of the mouth. The skin is attached to the muscles below, causing a small indentation on each cheek when smiling and talking. The dimples are usually smaller than the dimples and are located close to the corners of the mouth.

Bronze is also suitable for all faces, especially round and kind faces. Using copper also helps the face become more delicate and harmonious. In addition, girls with round, plump faces who use bronze coins are said to bring fortune and luck to their owners.

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What are dimpled cheeks? How to identify different types of dimples? How to create dimples on the face? 

How to identify different types of dimples

Dimples are also quite easy to recognize because they tend to be located right at the corner of the mouth. Dimples are located on both sides or one left or right side of the face. Additionally, in some cases the cheeks are located below the eyes. Dimples are considered a lucky charm and they also bring special meaning to others.

  • Dimples are a type of congenital defect that exists on the face. There are cheek grooves attached to the cheek muscle area, causing a small indentation when smiling or talking.
  • This is a special highlight on the face to attract attention to others. Dimples are very rare because they are a congenital feature. If parents have dimples, their child has a 30-50% chance of inheriting them.
  • Dimples also carry secret charm and a radiant smile
  • Dimples are also easy to recognize, because their location is right at the corner of the mouth, can be on the right or left side of the face, sometimes both sides.
  • In some cases, there is a dimple under the chin, which is also called a receding chin.
  • Dimples as well as dimples are both special hidden charms given by nature. At the same time, it also contains surprising and interesting things for its users.

Causes of formation of dimples

Dimples are an abnormal condition in the development of muscle and bone tissue of the face. Its cause is often related to the uneven development of the facial structure and is accompanied by changes in the jawbone and internal muscles.

Specifically, dimples are created by the imbalance in the development of muscles and bones in the face. Other factors that contribute to this uneven development include age, aging, trauma, infection and malnutrition.

If there is someone in your family who is born with dimples, there is a 30-50% chance that you will also inherit this trait. However, this genetic factor has only been confirmed in people who are closely related to their grandparents and parents. In physiognomy, dimples are also a feature that brings wealth and luck to women. Symbolizes the success and prosperity that will come to you in the very near future.

Additionally, certain causes can also contribute to the development of uniform dimples, as other risk factors include diabetes, unbalanced diet, and vitamin or mineral deficiencies. .

Distinguish between dimples and no dimples

The same point 

Dimples and no dimples are formed from birth defects in the area around the cheeks. This not only does not cause any pain but also brings the owner other miracles. Dimples not only create lovely beauty but also create strong feelings and impressions on those around them.

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What are dimpled cheeks? How to identify different types of dimples? How to create dimples on the face? 

In physiognomy, dimples are a feature that brings sudden success to Sunday in all aspects of life.

People who own dimples will have an open educational and career path. If they choose to trade, they will advance quickly, buying cheap and selling high. The predestined destiny of people with dimples is a life of wealth and prosperity. Even though they are admired by everyone, they are a loyal person with a happy and fulfilling life.

In general, the common characteristics of people with dimples and no dimples are a lucky, happy and successful life from quite early on. Therefore, if you possess one of the above two characteristics, this is a sign of a life that is not simple.

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According to practical observations, dimples and no dimples are different because of the three most basic characteristics: shape, size and width of the dimple. This difference is clearly expressed as follows:

  • Dimples only appear on one or both sides in the center of the cheek, whether we have facial muscle movements or not. Meanwhile, dimples are located below the corners of the lips, and are difficult to detect when facial muscles move.
  • Dimples are much smaller in size unless the dimples grow larger and when facial muscles move, they pull the neighboring muscles to sag and cause prominence on the face.
  • Dimples have a wider width than dimples. Although large in size and prominent, the concave area of the dimple is very small.
  • Each type of dimple is suitable for different face types to create outstanding facial features. For example, dimples are suitable for women with round, plump and kind face shapes. Meanwhile, dimples are also a rare beauty that is difficult to find for women with round, oblong faces.

Possessing dimples is a very beautiful facial feature that makes you stand out and brings good luck. Therefore, if you have been given such beauty by nature, you should love and respect your own personality!

The meaning of dimples in feng shui and physiognomy

Dimples are one of the characteristics of a woman’s face and are also used to study physiognomy and feng shui.

According to physiognomy, dimples can indicate a person’s personality and abilities. People with dimples are also considered to be lively, active, like to express themselves and have good memory.

In feng shui, dimples are considered a symbol of money and prosperity. According to this concept, if you have clear dimples on your face, you will have more opportunities to succeed in career and life, as well as attract money and prosperity.

However, as with any combination of physiognomy and feng shui, one should not base any decision on a single characteristic. You should consider the whole and combine many other factors to have a more comprehensive and accurate view of a certain person or space.

  1. Rare dimple on the right cheek

The rare dimple on the right cheek contains the meaning of a rich and prosperous life. Those who use it will receive help from noble people on their career path, becoming a person with position and power that everyone admires.

In particular, many people who possess a rare dimple on the right cheek always have a rich and prosperous life. They are considered sincere, likable, kind and dedicated people who often help many people.

  1. Dimple on the left cheek

The dimple on the left cheek represents intelligence, wisdom and emotions.

People with the left eye in addition to being beautiful and attractive in appearance, they are also extremely delicate in their behavior and often impress people around them.

In love, they are a sweetheart who always attracts a lot of curiosity and attention from the opposite sex. In particular, they have good fortune in business, so they achieve a lot of career success.

  1. Dimples on both sides

Those who have two dimples are lucky. Because this is a symbol of a peaceful and happy life.

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What are dimpled cheeks? How to identify different types of dimples? How to create dimples on the face? 

Throughout the personal and professional lives of people with similar partners on both sides, things go quite smoothly, without difficulties or obstacles.

They have a happy married life and a developing career. Because they have foresight and know how to handle problems in each situation, they are loved by many people.

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How to create dimples on the face

Create dimples with makeup right at home

One of the most basic ways to create dimples that anyone can do at home is dimple-shaping makeup. This helps deceive the viewer’s eyes with basic steps such as:

Step 1: Following the makeup steps, you can choose a position to have dimples on your face by using two index fingers to put them on your cheeks and then apply oil to the position while looking in front of the mirror.

Step 2: Use eyeliner to draw a small line where you intend to create dimples. Note that you should draw with a brown pen.

Step 3: Use a small brush to dab on the eye color area to create dimples. If you can’t see clearly, you should use your hand to dab a little white powder on the dimple area to highlight it more.

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What are dimpled cheeks? How to identify different types of dimples? How to create dimples on the face?

Perform cheek muscle exercises to create dimples

One of the ways to create natural dimples at home is to apply massage exercises to the cheek muscles. The method is quite simple and you can do it regularly with steps like:

Step 1: Use 2 chopsticks or 2 small balls to squeeze the cheek area under the mouth groove you want, to create a deep depression in the cheek. You use your lip muscles to squeeze your cheeks, pucker your mouth and push the air out. Repeat the movement 3-4 times.

Step 2: Take down the ice cube or chopsticks and use 2 index fingers to press and rotate so that the painful area lies deep inside for about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Use your fingers to press and rotate in a circle in the concave area for 15 minutes to gradually reduce the pain, then let go. Be persistent in doing the exercises every day and you will soon get the desired results.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have dimples. Many people always desire to have dimples to change their personality, destiny and become more beautiful and attractive. With today’s advanced cosmetic technology, makeup can also be applied. In particular, it must be said that Cutie dimple technology is a trend favored by young people and comes from Korea.

In fact, this is a small procedure, not surgery. Based on this mechanism of dimple formation, doctors perform specialized procedures to create a hollow point near the corner of the mouth. When talking or smiling, it will create extremely attractive dimples.

Create dimples with cosmetic intervention

Dimples appear due to the combination of a location on the skin and the zygomatic muscle. From a medical perspective, this is simply a natural growth of the cheek muscles and is not affected by any serious disease and therefore does not have much impact on work and life. Therefore, if you want to have natural dimples, you can still do better with advanced beauty techniques.

What are dimpled cheeks? How to identify different types of dimples? How to create dimples on the face? 
What are dimpled cheeks? How to identify different types of dimples? How to create dimples on the face? 

Creating dimples is the process of creating a connection between the skin and muscles through medical techniques. The muscle connection will bring the skin inwards, using self-absorbing cosmetic thread. After plastic surgery, the muscles will have the effect of pulling the muscles in the cheek skin, causing dimples to appear. From there, the dimples we often see today form.

Creating dimples is actually quite easy and fast. Although this is only a minor surgery, consultation and guidance from reputable experts is needed to eliminate any unnecessary complications in the future.

Creating dimples using Cutie technology is the most effective natural smile making process today. Guaranteed safe and non-invasive, certified by the Ministry of Health for aesthetics and quality.

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Does creating dimples take a long time?

With advanced and modern techniques, creating smiley cheeks has been done by many people. This is a way to create a connection between the skin and facial muscles through cosmetic threads with small seams. From there, when the customer talks or smiles, the muscle contractions will pull the skin inward and create a very beautiful, natural smile.

How to create dimples is also quite simple and safe. This is a simple surgery and causes little pain to the customer, so the procedure time is quite quick. Usually the implementation time is about 30 – 45 minutes.

Do artificial dimples bring fortune?

This is a problem based on the aspects of physiognomy and feng shui, so it is not difficult to determine the correctness of the problem. Currently, this is causing a multi-dimensional debate in the horoscope world. If dimple shaping is intended to change and improve your destiny, this is a must-do. In case you want to change your fate and increase your luck through beauty treatments, you need to consult a numerologist.

How much does it cost to create dimples?

The cost of cosmetic surgery to create dimples as desired depends on the knowledge of cosmetic surgery of the person performing it and the reputation of the company performing it. In general, the cost to successfully perform dimple aesthetics will range from 5 to 10 million VND. This is the average price of the best cosmetic clinics.

Even though this is just a simple surgical process, that does not give us the right to be subjective and use cheap services at less reputable facilities, because the consequences later will be unpredictable consequences. 

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What are dimpled cheeks? How to identify different types of dimples? How to create dimples on the face? 

Note after dimple surgery

After copper cheek and mouth surgery, there are a few basic principles that you need to follow:

  • Wound treatment: You need to follow your doctor’s instructions to properly treat and care for your wound. You should be asked to change the bandage and clean the wound every day to ensure the wound does not become infected.
  • Check your overall health: You need to check your overall health, including pain, swelling, inflammation or fever, and notify your doctor if you have any unusual signs. usually.
  • Eating and living: You will need to exercise a lot for a short time after surgery and eating a nutritious diet and plenty of water will help you recover quickly. Eat liquid, thin foods that should be cooled, avoid chewing vigorously in the first week, you can use foods such as: porridge, soup. ..
  • Pain treatment: You may need to take pain medication to reduce pain and discomfort after surgery. You should follow your doctor’s instructions on how to use pain relievers.
  • Monitor your results: After surgery, you will need to return to your doctor to monitor your condition and make sure your wound has fully healed.
  • Note that the above notes are for reference only. Always follow your doctor’s detailed instructions on care and recovery after cheekbone surgery.

Below is the article that BeDental shared. If you have any questions that need answering or advice about your current condition, you can contact the team of doctors for the most detailed and dedicated answers.

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