10 meanings of chin characteristics that everyone should know will be shared by Bedental through the article below, let’s find out!

Looking at chin shape can predict a person’s life, career and future destiny. Which chin type has fortune, wealth, and prosperity? Which chin shape is bad and not good? … Details about all chin types will be shared right in this article.

See overall chin physiognomy

See the overall chin physiognomy: eyes, nose bridge, eyebrows, chin shape,… they will partly show the future destiny of that person. Although it has not been scientifically proven, we cannot deny that through chin shape characteristics we can predict personality and destiny.

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Through some characteristics of the chin area, we will be able to identify some of your personality: confident, active, ambitious, social relationships, path of love, etc…

In this respect, in general, plump, symmetrical chins are characterized by extroverted, open, and generous personalities, while chins are short, small, rounded, or withdrawn and shy.


The chin is not in the list of five senses, but in the physiognomy book, the appearance of the chin knows the destiny of a person’s entire life such as career, adulthood, and old age.

Normally, if the chin is wide and symmetrical, it shows good fortune in old age, many children and grandchildren, wealth and prosperity, a round body and a kind face. On the contrary, a chin that is too small or split in half will lead to a difficult and strenuous old life.

Chin shape is also divided into different types, so you need to observe and recognize your chin shape to be able to accurately predict the significance of your fate.

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Chin types correspond to destiny in both men and women

Same chin shape but for each gender: men and women will have different physiognomy. See details of men’s chin appearance and women’s chin appearance in the section below.

Meanings of chin characteristics: Plump chin

  • Man

Men with this chin shape are usually gentle people who always take care of their wives and children. In social communication, always be skillful so you can win the hearts of those around you.

As a person with the will to strive, when encountering obstacles, he does not give up on good friendships, so in the end he achieves many successes in life.

A round chin represents a person’s destiny to be rich, happy, comfortable and not have to worry about money when they get older.

  • Women

Women with round chins are family models: wise, always thinking ahead for the family and children. Their health is also very good and is the foundation for their children to develop later. A person with a full chin and cheeks is also a number for career development for her husband.

Con gái tướng cằm đầy thích hợp với các công việc về buôn bán kinh doanh
How to fix a receding chin to improve your luck. Chin augmentation surgery improves the appearance of the chin

With an honest personality and good fortune, you will live happily and happily in the future, enjoying your old age with your family and children.

Meanings of chin characteristics: Split chin

A cleft chin is a chin shape characterized by a small depression in the middle of the chin that divides the chin into two parts.

  • Man

The strong, decisive and intelligent personality of men with double chins can be clearly seen. With the ability to communicate well and attract many people, in every situation they always find the support of others.

The horoscope of a man with a cleft chin brings a good future, so in work or life, there are people who support and help to make everything more convenient.

  • Women

Women with pointed chins are not physically beautiful, but they also have a lucky destiny in their career: favorable and successful.

They have strong, dynamic and confident personalities, so they quickly become the center of admiration and love for many people. Furthermore, being diligent, hard-working, and not afraid of hard work receives good feelings from colleagues and superiors.

In cases of cleft chin, if there is a characteristic that the chin bone is slightly downward, it will signal a good, happy and fulfilling future.

Meanings of chin characteristics: Long chin

In general, a long chin is very favorable in love, but the career does not have many achievements, not rich, just enough to eat and live.

  • Man

The personality of men with good long chins is to be respectful and willing to sacrifice their own interests for nobler purposes. As long as someone asks for help, they will not hesitate to help wholeheartedly without thinking about the benefits.

Đàn ông tướng cằm dài không phải lo lắng về chuyện tiền bạc
How to fix a receding chin to improve your luck. Chin augmentation surgery improves the appearance of the chin

Knowing how to balance family and work and having the help of others leads to good karma and a happy married life until old age.

  • Women

Being good at calculating and managing, they have high responsibility in everything they do. Women with long chins often complete their work with requests from others.

However, the tendency to be dominated by excessive emotions is not a good personality either. Sacrificing a lot in love, there were times when I was under a lot of pressure but in the end I achieved success.

Women with round, balanced chins are often affectionate and happily married, but a pointed chin that tilts to one side indicates a lonely and unlucky life in the last years of life.

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Meanings of chin characteristics: Pointed chin

According to physiognomy, a pointed chin indicates that people have an extroverted personality, are always looking for new things, have weak health, and suffer from many diseases in old age.

  • Man

Men with round chins are talented in sports, but due to their “lust for money” and excessive ambition, they choose the path of getting rich. Selfish and ambitious personalities are not suitable for this type of person.

Men with pointed chins have good fortune, even though they have to go through many difficulties and hardships in their youth, but by the age of 30, their career “takes off like a meteorite”. But their intelligent, calculating and scheming nature makes them not loved by many people.

  • Women

Personality of a girl with a pointed chin: smart, hardworking and responsible for the family. Most of them have successful careers, happy lives, wealth, and peaceful families.

Phụ nữ cằm nhọn rất thông minh và tài giỏi
How to fix a receding chin to improve your luck. Chin augmentation surgery improves the appearance of the chin

Career development and reaching high positions at work are horoscope predictions for people with pointed chins. Only through U30, they have a full and prosperous life without worrying about money.

In particular, a woman with a square chin tends to lean forward, showing that she is rich in money, has a successful career, but her health is not guaranteed, and has even experienced “life and death” as a child.

Meanings of chin characteristics: General short, receding chin

Short chin and receding chin are one of the typical chin styles of Asian people. Not only is it aesthetically bad, but the appearance of a short, receding chin is also not very good or lucky.

  • Man

Men with short chin faces have impulsive personalities, handle problems based on emotions and are conservative in their own opinions, so everything is not okay.

When encountering failure or difficulty, they easily become discouraged, give up, and have many immature and negative thinking actions. This is also a shortcoming of men with short chins.

He is a person who has the ability to do business, but with the nature of “new and old” and only thinking about his own benefits, without patience, he has not been able to reach the pinnacle of success.

  • Women

When divining a receding chin, we see that women with round chins are introverted and often let their emotions control them, so they often do things impulsively and without thinking.

Their career path is also not smooth. Although there was some success in the end, it had to go through many ups and downs and difficulties. Moreover, at the end of life, one person is destined to be alone.

The love life of a person with a short or receding chin is interrupted, the family often has arguments, the children do not listen, and the marriage easily falls apart.

Meanings of chin characteristics: Double chin

People with double chins mostly have good fortune because a round and fleshy chin indicates generosity and wealth.

  • Man

The personality of double-chinned men is always loved by those around them: friendly, open and willing to help people without personal gain.

Their work relationships and social interactions are very good, their non-calculating nature and comparison with others become their advantages, so they are always loved by those around them.

In feng shui, this is the chin of wealth and prosperity. After the age of 40 is considered the peak period of one’s career, with a large amount of assets in hand, one can enjoy peace of mind until old age.

  • Women

A woman with a slightly round face and double chin is a person who lives for her family and always sacrifices herself for the happiness of her family and children. Therefore, whoever marries them will have a happy family life.

Besides, the husband’s career is favorable and he is lucky to have a wife with a double chin. They have a happy, comfortable, peaceful life without having to worry about financial problems.

Meanings of chin characteristics: Chin protrudes forward

The chin tilted forward makes the face asymmetrical, reflecting a life full of difficulties, challenges, and great pressure both at work and at home.

  • Man

Not a wealthy chin, a protruding chin bone reflects many disadvantages in an individual’s life.

Although he is talented and has the will to strive in life, his stubborn, conservative and somewhat domineering nature makes things not go smoothly and is unpopular with others.

  • Women

From career, reputation to love, people with protruding chins are not favorable. Psychologically always sad, depressed, health is not good, fate is resigned, patient.

The attitude of always wanting to control and control others, forcing everyone to do what they want makes life more difficult for people with protruding chins, making them envious of their colleagues.

Meanings of chin characteristics: Chin retracted inwards

The retracted chin shape is also easy to recognize, but the tip of the chin gradually recedes inward and is not symmetrical and there are 3 points: the tip of the nose, the lips and the tip of the chin are not on the same straight line.

  • Man

A retracted chin is often accompanied by shortness, which is an introverted personality trait, a closed life, and limited social communication ability. This makes work and daily life difficult.

In general, a retracted chin represents a bad future and a difficult and difficult life later on. Moreover, in old age, one still has to be alone, has no one to rely on, and does not benefit from children.

  • Women

People with receding chins are very cheerful, friendly and always help those around them. Because of this nature, when outsiders slander or insult them, they often withdraw into themselves and do not trust people.

Career is okay with support and creating good opportunities for others. Good relationships will be the foundation for people with retracted chins to “shine” and succeed.

Meanings of chin characteristics: General square chin

  • Man

A person with a square chin is also a person who has a free and independent mindset, values his abilities and has a sense of responsibility for everything he does.

Although they are not highly appreciated for their appearance, their square chin also reflects their good personality. By middle age, they will create their own and successful careers.

The love path is not favorable, if you get married late, you will definitely have peace and happiness.

  • Women

Women with pointed chins have a tough, decisive personality and are the type of people who are skillful and capable. In terms of health, it is stable, usually does not get sick often, and rarely gets sick in old age.

Luôn quan tâm, lo lắng vun vén hạnh phúc gia đình là ưu điểm của phụ nữ cằm vuông
How to fix a receding chin to improve your luck. Chin augmentation surgery improves the appearance of the chin

Her career is relatively stable, she only has enough for basic family expenses, but her future depends on her husband and children to live well.

Meanings of chin characteristics: General round chin

  • Man

Being kind, working with high responsibility, and having good leadership and management abilities are the personality traits of the round chin physiognomy.

They are very responsible, always trying their best to build a career and take care of their families and children. If you can overcome challenges and difficulties, you will be very successful in the future and money will flow in “like water”.

  • Women

A plump, round chin reflects a person who is intellectual, talented, has a pure disposition, always knows how to help others, does not indulge in material things, and values gratitude.

Xem bói tướng cằm tròn có phải tướng cằm giàu không?
How to fix a receding chin to improve your luck. Chin augmentation surgery improves the appearance of the chin

Point chin horoscope reading helps women have a beautiful life horoscope. If they find a suitable husband, their future after the age of 40 will be peaceful, have good health, and live happily with their children and grandchildren.

How to fix a receding chin to improve your luck

In fact, a good chin shape is often not aesthetically beautiful. A chin shape is harmonious and balances the face, but it brings a difficult and difficult future. Thus, naturally, very few people are naturally born with a perfectly beautiful chin in both aesthetics and appearance. That’s why people seek cosmetic surgery to remove their chin in the hope of creating a slim chin and a beautiful V-line face to improve their destiny and change their fortunes. Here are some chin correction methods you can refer to:

Braces method

Braces are the least invasive treatment for a receding chin. Accordingly, depending on your preferences and economic conditions, you should choose the economical traditional braces method, or the modern Invisalign clear braces.

However, braces should be done at a young age. At this stage, the teeth are developing well so braces will be highly effective. For older people, braces will be less effective and slower. However, this is also considered the best method.

BeDental recommends that a receding chin needs to be treated as early as when the child is about 6-7 years old. Treatment should take place after 2 – 3 years and can start when the child is still at the dental age of 6 – 12 years old and as early as 6 – 7 years old.

In particular, when done early and at the right time, it makes treatment easier and does not require complicated surgery as an adult.

Practice mewing for receding chin

Practicing mewing at the right time is also extremely important, because if you practice wrongly, your face will become distorted and have a protruding jaw, and the receding chin will get worse every day. Below are the instructions, you need to read carefully before starting to practice:

  • Step 1: Close your mouth and relax your tongue.
  • Step 2: Bring the entire tongue close to the tongue (both tongue body and tongue tip). Note, you need to position your tongue 1cm away from the back of your front teeth. You should absolutely not touch your tongue to your front teeth to avoid overbite.
  • Step 3: Hold this tongue position for about 20 – 30 minutes, then gradually increase the duration of the practice until Mewing is a habit and even when unconsciously you are practicing.

Filler injection for a round chin

Correcting a receding chin with filler injection is a non-surgical chin augmentation method that has many advantages such as being quick and easy to perform, painless, not requiring much rest time, and leaving no residue. symptoms.

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How to fix a receding chin to improve your luck. Chin augmentation surgery improves the appearance of the chin

Therefore, more and more people choose the above method to improve the disadvantages of a receding chin.

Filler injections will be suitable for people with a receding and moderately crooked chin, not too heavy, or people who do not have problems with cardiovascular disease and are not allergic to fillers.

On the contrary, people with a receding or misaligned chin or a history of allergic or cardiovascular diseases should not choose filler injection to avoid adverse reactions and complications. desire.

Chin reconstruction surgery with autologous bone

This technique to correct a receding chin is quite difficult and complicated, so you need to research very carefully and choose reputable medical facilities with qualified and experienced doctors who can perform the surgery.

The entire surgical process takes 120-160 minutes. 10 days after surgery, you need to go to the doctor to monitor the healing process and remove stitches. You can also return to life and work 10 days after surgery but be careful not to move around much. The new chin shape will be straight and elongated about 1-3 months after surgery.


Chin augmentation surgery improves the appearance of the chin

A receding chin makes the face unbalanced and reduces aesthetics. To eliminate a receding chin, one of the most popular methods today is chin augmentation and jaw shaping. The receding chin surgery process will include trimming and reshaping the lower jaw and takes 6 weeks to fully recover.

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How to fix a receding chin to improve your luck. Chin augmentation surgery improves the appearance of the chin

Chin augmentation or chin contouring is a suitable choice for cases where the chin area lacks soft tissue. In this new procedure, the doctor will make an incision along the crease of the chin.

This is usually where the inside of the chin meets the lip line, then the implant is placed in the mouth and the incision is closed. Receding chin surgery can only be performed with local or general anesthesia.

This surgical method is most suitable for patients whose chin recedes from low to medium, meaning the chin is smaller compared to the overall face. However, this method does not cause scarring or the risk of infection and allergy to the implant. It is necessary to rely on the consent of a specialist before performing surgery.

Facial massage at home improves chin appearance

Facial massage at a spa can also help quickly overcome receding chin. Because of its effectiveness, many people have widely shared this method. You can use some suitable cream or oil products.

meanings of chin characteristics
How to fix a receding chin to improve your luck. Chin augmentation surgery improves the appearance of the chin

When performing massage, you need to be patient and do it for a long time. This implementation requires perseverance to get the desired effect. To overcome the above situation, every day you can take time to exercise your facial muscles. Facial muscles can easily stretch so that the chin becomes softer and slimmer.

The time to perform each facial exercise movement is about 5-7 minutes. After doing facial exercises, you will feel your face become more harmonious and brighter than ever. There are many facial exercises to help improve a receding chin. Please choose the movements that best suit you!



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