WHAT ARE THIN LIPS LIKE? HOW TO SHAPE THIN LIPS will be shared by BeDental through the article below, let’s find out!

“Thin lips are often sloppy” This is a saying of our ancestors in the past to say that people often skimp but speak very charmingly. The smiles of people with thin lips create a very petite and lovely feeling. Along with BeDental to learn about thin lips and methods to help thin lips without surgery.

What are thin lips? 

Thin lips are thin lips with equal upper and lower lip sizes, with a width of just under 0.5 cm from the middle of the lip.

Most of this is the gene of Asian people, of which Vietnam accounts for the majority of people. People who own thin lips all have small, charming smiling mouths that create a lovely feeling when smiling. So is it true that the lips are thin or receding? Let’s understand together

Are thin lips or thick lips beautiful?

Many people wonder whether thick lips or thin lips are more beautiful. In fact, this depends on each person’s face, body structure, preferences and perspective.

various types of woman
What are thin lips? What kind of person is a person with thin lips? Factors related to thin lip shaping. How to shape thin lips without surgery?

Depending on each concept, a person with thin lips will be beautiful to one person but not beautiful in the eyes of another.

There are also people who are complimented on their beautiful thin lips, but they choose to get filler injections to make their lips look thicker. Therefore, it is difficult to determine which type of lips are beautiful.

What is the best age to read lip physiognomy?

Lip physiognomy is a traditional feng shui activity in which the viewer relies on the shape and size of the lips to predict that person’s health and future.

The best age to see lip physiognomy is between 56 – 65 years old, or some beliefs say that the ideal age is 50 – 60 years old. The reason is because by middle age, facial features are fully developed, making lip and mouth shape analysis more accurate.

Besides, observing and evaluating a person’s lips requires experience and knowledge in feng shui. Therefore, if you are concerned about lip reading, it is best to seek help from a feng shui practitioner or someone with expertise in the science of feng shui.

They can provide you with detailed knowledge and guidance in identifying and interpreting lip facies features.

Remember that physiognomy is purely a form of entertainment and should never be considered an official method of determining a person’s age or future.

What kind of person is a person with thin lips?

Each part of the face shows a person’s fate and destiny. According to physiognomy, whether a person has thin or thick lips is also a way to determine and evaluate what kind of personality and destiny that person has.

What are thin lips? What kind of person is a person with thin lips? Factors related to thin lip shaping. How to shape thin lips without surgery?
What are thin lips? What kind of person is a person with thin lips? Factors related to thin lip shaping. How to shape thin lips without surgery?

Fate and physiognomy of men with thin lips

These men always know how to shine in the crowd, often saying the words “sweet honey kills flies” that make many girls flutter.

Môi mỏng
What are thin lips? What kind of person is a person with thin lips? Factors related to thin lip shaping. How to shape thin lips without surgery?

Men with thin lips and small mouths often have a handsome appearance and speaking talent suitable for professions such as actors, singers, MCs, etc. They always know how to seize opportunities for promotion and even achieve success. purposes for which tricks can be used.

Most men with thin lips are very good at speaking and easy to please others, so they are often misunderstood as being right, fake, etc.

They like to conquer beautiful girls, but that’s just lip service. If you want to be loyal to these men, you must be truly mysterious and interesting to satisfy the conquering nature of these men.

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The feng shui fate of a woman with thin lips

Women with thin lips are also good at speaking, sociable and easy to make friends like men with thin lips.

However, their nature is to pry and pry into other people’s affairs. They are people who cannot keep a secret, and can even “add salt” to the story.

These people often get into trouble and are the center of trouble. Easily makes friends but doesn’t have very close friends, often has conflicts and is not often liked by many people.

They have smart and quick minds so they can always solve everything easily. They have creative brains, are ahead of their time and can work alone in high positions, with little help from others.

Regarding love, a woman with thin lips has her own charm and evokes the man’s ability to conquer. On the outside, they are quick and have a strong love life, but in reality they are always lonely and just want to be cared for by many people.

How to shape thin lips without surgery?

In addition to the trend of making lips fuller and plumper, many people with excessively thick lips also want to thin their lips to harmonize with their face. Below are tips to help shrink your lips naturally.

How to apply makeup to make thin lips attractive

If you like to use dark lipstick colors to create the feeling of thicker lips, you can also choose gentle lipsticks to create attractive thin lips. To make your lips naturally thin, you should choose cosmetics with color tones such as nude, light brown, or light pink. …

With this method, you should only apply on the center of your lips and then combine it with concealer to help the thin lips effect get the most effective result.

Yogurt and oats help thin lips

The combination of yogurt and oats is an extremely perfect mixture that helps exfoliate dead skin very effectively – the main cause of lips becoming thicker. Oats contain a lot of vitamin D and minerals. When combined with unsweetened yogurt, which contains many substances that keep moisture on the lips, it will make the lips more plump.

You need to mix yogurt and oats in a 2:1 ratio. Then, you can soak the oats in warm water to let the oats expand on their own. Next, mix the oats with 1 tablespoon of unsweetened yogurt to create a thick consistency.

You use the above mixture to apply to your lips after washing your lips with warm water. Keeping the mixture for about 10 – 15 minutes will peel off all the dry skin, help expel all the residue, bacteria and stimulate the lips to absorb all the nutrients in the mixture.

This is an effective method to nourish thin lips and treat dark spots. You can apply it 2-3 times a week to get maximum results.

Make lips thin with toothpaste

Dead cells that accumulate over time are also the reason why lips look thicker and heavier. This is also the basis for thinning lips with toothpaste because toothpaste has the effect of exfoliating and killing bacteria on the lips. Therefore, using toothpaste to remove dead cuticles will help your lips become thinner and slimmer.

Môi mỏng
What are thin lips? What kind of person is a person with thin lips? Factors related to thin lip shaping. How to shape thin lips without surgery?


  • Remove makeup and lipstick from lips
  • Apply toothpaste and massage lips vertically from top to bottom for 3 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.
  • In addition to toothpaste, every other type of makeup remover product also has the effect of exfoliating dead cells.
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Make lips thin with honey

This method also relies on removing dead skin cells to help lips become thinner like the toothpaste method.

Môi mỏng
What are thin lips? What kind of person is a person with thin lips? Factors related to thin lip shaping. How to shape thin lips without surgery?


  • Prepare sliced lemon and honey
  • Apply honey on lips and keep for 5 minutes.
  • Take a honey wipe and use lemon to rub your lips in a circular motion to remove dead skin.

Use concealer

This is the savior for women who have too full lips. To make your lips look slimmer, don’t forget to prepare concealer in your personal makeup collection.

Môi mỏng
What are thin lips? What kind of person is a person with thin lips? Factors related to thin lip shaping. How to shape thin lips without surgery?

Concealer products can be easily purchased at local cosmetic stores or supermarkets. To create the effect of thinner lips, glitter, brown, bronze,… are colors you can consider using on the skin around the lips.

You can use a makeup brush to apply these colors to the area just above your upper lip or just below your lower lip so they blend in with your natural skin tone. This method will partly help disguise the lips to look slimmer.

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Use coconut oil to shape thin lips

Simple ingredients needed to prepare include 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

You need to clean your lips with warm water or use an exfoliating product.

Next, apply a thin layer of coconut oil to your lips, then gently rub gently and evenly around your lips. Helps the nutrients in coconut oil penetrate deep into the skin, done in 5-7 minutes.

Môi mỏng
What are thin lips? What kind of person is a person with thin lips? Factors related to thin lip shaping. How to shape thin lips without surgery?

After finishing, you should use clean water to wash away all the coconut oil on your lips.


In addition to the above ways to help your lips become thinner, you can use the method to naturally thin your lips with your lips. This is considered a simple way to thin lips. Not only that, this method also helps lips become smoother, moisturizes and prevents dryness. Supports lips to improve problems such as chapped and peeling lips on cold, dry winter days.

What you need to prepare is a jar of lip moisturizer. Buy genuine lip moisturizer at major stores, avoid buying fake products, which will not bring results when used.

  • Use clean water to clean your lips before applying lip moisturizer, use a dry cotton towel to absorb all the water on your lips. So, this helps the lips remove dirt, sebum as well as bacteria accumulated on the skin, making the skin cleaner.
  • Then, use clean hands to apply a thin layer of lip moisturizer on your lips. Use your fingertips to gently rub around your lips, helping the nutrients in the lip balm penetrate deep into your lips.
  • You keep them like that on your lips for 15 – 20 minutes, then use water to clean them again.

What is the method of shaping thin lips?

According to the beauty concept of Asian women, a beautiful lip is one that is not too thin or too thick, has a balanced lip line, and the corners of the mouth are facing up. Besides, pink lips indicate a smart person.

Shaping thin lips helps the owner overcome the disadvantages of thick and uneven lips and helps create a balanced line that harmonizes with the face.

audit pic 1
What are thin lips? What kind of person is a person with thin lips? Factors related to thin lip shaping. How to shape thin lips without surgery?

The thin lip shaping method is a non-invasive and scar-free method that will help the owner soon have naturally beautiful lips.

In addition, a pair of thin lips from an anthropological perspective will help the owner eat well, speak well and be compatible with many people.


Subjects needing lip aesthetics

+ People with thick lips and thin lips

+ People who want to change and shape their lips and heart to be more beautiful

+ People who have had an accident causing their lips to change shape (doctor will consider depending on the case)

The goal of lip cosmetic surgery is to create thin lips, which can turn thick lips into thin lips. In some cases, people with thin lip lines who want to beautify their lips just need to use fillers and inject them into their lips without having to have surgery.

Factors related to thin lip shaping

Cosmetic clinic

If you unfortunately perform cosmetic surgery at unreliable locations or non-closed facilities, you will easily encounter unwanted consequences, especially with invasive cosmetic surgery and cutting to shape the lips. .

Những yếu tố liên quan đến tạo hình môi mỏng
What are thin lips? What kind of person is a person with thin lips? Factors related to thin lip shaping. How to shape thin lips without surgery?

Therefore, you should choose a large address with equipment and techniques as well as high skills to be able to have the thin lips you want.

Doctor’s level of plastic surgery

Qualification and technique are very important factors that help the doctor measure and perform accurately to help the lips have the standard shape you want, naturally and in harmony with the face. Avoid complications that can be caused by unskilled doctors such as facial paralysis, headaches and vision effects.

Each part of the face (eyes, nose, lips, etc.) can tell the destiny of each person’s life. Instead of being negative because of characteristics that do not have a good physiognomy, many people have used surgical intervention methods to change their lives.

With just a few minor surgeries such as: eyelid surgery, gum surgery, nose job, lip surgery, etc., my beauty has improved many levels, my destiny has been better, I’ve had a lot of luck, I’ve attracted fortune, etc.

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Proper care after thin lip cosmetic surgery

According to reputable cosmetic doctors, post-operative care determines about 80% of cosmetic results. Therefore, customers need to take proper care after having thick lips to have a beautiful and attractive duo.

  • After 5-7 days, the lips are no longer swollen and return to their original state, but customers need to avoid direct contact with air and eat soft foods that are easy to chew.
  • During the first two days after lip reduction surgery, you need to cool it by pouring ice water into a plastic bag and applying it for about 15 minutes.
  • Do not come close to, touch or massage your lips to avoid causing infection.
  • Thin-walled thick lip aesthetics is an unscientific method that affects lip tissue. Therefore, customers should not use foods that cause scarring such as fish, water spinach, beef, and industrial chicken eggs. .. Instead, you should use foods rich in Vitamins to help the recovery process go faster.
  • Avoid exposing your lips and rubbing too hard for long periods of time. Clean your hands thoroughly to help the incision heal quickly.
  • Take medication as directed by your doctor.
  • Re-suture and remove sutures according to your doctor’s instructions.
  • Clean your lips and mouth according to your doctor’s instructions to avoid negative effects on the lip area.
  • There may be some swelling and discomfort after surgery, this is completely normal and there is no need to worry.
  • Apply medication according to instructions, do not use external medications. If you see any abnormalities, contact your surgeon immediately.

If you still have many questions related to beauty, appearance changes and dental – jaw – facial costs such as “Are braces painful?”, “Is dental implant method painful?”, “Is eyelid surgery painful?”,…

Don’t hesitate to contact BeDental, we have a team of experienced staff who will advise you on any questions you have.



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