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Top 6 Wolfcut hairstyles hot trend 2023

Wolf Cut or layered wolfcut hairstyle has become one of the popular hairstyles for many women. This is a rather unique hairstyle with a natural beauty and personality. If you love doing your hair, of course you cannot miss this unique Wolf cut hairstyle.

What is Wolf cut?

What is Wolf Cut? Wolf Cut is a popular hairstyle in modern fashion. Wolf Cut has a similar cut and style to “The Shag” of the 1970s, with the top and sides of the hair slightly longer than the back.

The hair on top is made up of multiple layers and cut in an inverted triangle shape. The hair on the sides and back is trimmed shorter, creating a contrast in length between the top and bottom of the hair.

Woof Cuts are often created using a layering technique with a combination of different hair layers and lengths to create a soft transition between the top and bottom hair. This creates a strong, natural and seductive look for the hair.

Wolf Cut can be created with many different hairstyles, from short hair to long hair, suitable for many different face types and styles. With the popularity of the Wolf Cut, many modern hair stylists have created many versions of this hairstyle, providing many options to create your own style.

Latest wolfcut hairstyle trend

Although it appeared not long ago, Wolf Cut hair immediately “made waves” at beauty forums. It can be said that this is the most typical hairstyle of Gen Z, possessing a wild beauty full of generosity and personality.

Tóc wolfcut đã trở thành xu hướng được giới trẻ ủng hộ

Wolf Cut is represented by many layers of hair and cut in different directions. Thanks to that, we have more ruffled hair that is soft but also quite personal. It can be said that Wolf Cut is a hairstyle that is both conventional and still unconventional.

Another special thing is that Wolf Cut is never picky about faces. Even if you have a chubby, V-line or round face, you can wear this hairstyle. Wolf Cut hair will bring you a sophisticated beauty and personality.

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Bold layered wolfcut hairstyles

Wolf-cut is a hairstyle that has been established with countless variations. In the photo, the bold Wolf Cut hairstyles that many people choose are:

Women’s wolfcut hairstyle: Wolf Cut lob hair

Tóc lob wolfcut đầy sang trọng

Phong cách lob Wolfcut được yêu thích bởi các bạn trẻ hiện đại

With the above hairstyle, we will quickly change the appearance by adjusting the height of the hair. For example, when the tail extends to the nape of the neck, we immediately have an extremely impressive Wolf Cut lob hairstyle.

Women’s wolfcut hairstyle: Shaggy Wolf Cut hair

Kiểu tóc shaggy wolf cut được “lăng xê” mạnh mẽ bởi Billie Eilish

Mái tóc mang đến cho chủ nhân một ngoại hình mềm mạiThis is a practice hairstyle used mainly on the front bangs. After being “promoted” by Billie Eilish, this hairstyle has become more known and popular. With a slightly curly, face-framing hairstyle, anyone will be confident with their own appearance.

Women’s wolfcut hairstyle: Curly Wolf Cut hair

Có thể uốn tóc wolfcut để tạo điểm nhấn

Kiểu tóc tạo ấn tượng về một ngoại hình mạnh mẽ

Another way to change the traditional Wolf Cut style is to curl part of the curl. When finished, we immediately have short, bouncy hair that is extremely suitable for the dressing style of girls with outstanding personalities.

Long wolfcut hairstyle

Long Wolf Cut style is the number one choice for active girls. This hairstyle is characterized by gentle curls that hug the entire face, making the face slimmer than ever.

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Kiểu tóc wolf cut dài được yêu thích bởi giới trẻ

Women’s wolfcut hairstyle: Shoulder-length Wolf Cut hair

Tóc wolfcut ngang vai được nhiều người yêu thích

Mái tóc wolf cut khiến gương mặt nàng trở nên thu hút hơn

Wolf-cut hair has relatively high flexibility. You just need to adjust the height of your hair and you will immediately have a new hairstyle. The same goes for Wolf Cut hair on the shoulders, which is a beautiful, highly versatile hairstyle with the function of making a person stand out more than ever. Besides, a bob hairstyle is also highly appreciated because it is quite easy to do.

Women’s wolfcut hairstyle: Short Wolf Cut hair

Tóc wolf cut ngắn tạo sự gọn gàng cho gương mặt

Tóc wolfcut ngắn là một trong những lựa chọn dành cho người có tóc mỏng

This is one of the most popular hairstyles today. When cut again, wolf hair will become even shorter. However, this cut also helps it become smoother and softer than ever. This is also a suitable solution for those with thin hair.

Colors that match wolfcut hairstyle

Wolf Cut hair can be combined with many different dye colors. Among them, suitable Wolf Cut hair dye colors include:

Colors that match Wolf Cut hair: Wolf Cut hair dyed red

Những màu nhuộm hợp tóc wolfcut

Những màu nhuộm hợp tóc wolfcut

Your red color is suitable for Wolf Cut hair. However, it should be noted that red dye will be suitable for those with light or white skin. When you dye your hair red, your hair will help push the color and make your skin brighter and more attractive than ever.


Colors that match Wolf Cut hair: Wolf Cut hair dyed orange

Những màu nhuộm hợp tóc wolfcut

Bright, vibrant orange will also be used when dyeing Wolf Cut hair. With this Wolf Cut hairstyle, you will spread your positivity and joy to many people. Not only that, orange hair color also makes your appearance perfect no matter where you are.

Những màu nhuộm hợp tóc wolfcut

Colors that match Wolf Cut hair: Wolf Cut hair dyed blonde

Những màu nhuộm hợp tóc wolfcut

Những màu nhuộm hợp tóc wolfcut

Wolf Cut hair dyed blonde gives the owner a gentler, fresher and more luxurious appearance. This is truly a hairstyle that cannot be missed for those looking for a dynamic fashion style.

Colors that match Wolf Cut hair: Wolf Cut hair dyed purple

Mái tóc wolf-cut tím mang đến cho chủ nhân một vẻ đẹp huyền bí

Symbolizing strength and beauty, smoky purple is a very suitable choice for Wolf Cut hair. If you want your appearance to become even more perfect, this is definitely a hair color not to be missed.

Colors that match Wolf Cut hair: Wolf Cut hair dyed pink

Tóc wolfcut nhuộm hồng là lựa chọn dành cho những ai yêu thích sự lãng mạn

Mái tóc wolfcut nhuộm hồng cho thấy một con người cởi mở

If you are a romantic person, choose pink when adorning your wolf-cut hair. Pink hair also shows that you are an open person and often brings joy to many people around you.

Colors that match Wolf Cut hair: Wolf Cut hair dyed dark color

Wolfcut hairstyle
Who should cut Wolf Cut hair?

Neutral tones such as jet black, deep brown or chocolate brown will be the number one priority for girls if they don’t like being noticed too much. These dark colors and tones will help your hair become more personal but also possess a gentle, natural beauty.

Frequently asked questions about Wolfcut hairstyle

Besides the above stories, there are also many truths that make those who want to cut their hair Wolf Cut wonder. Below is the answer from an expert for you.

What is the difference between Wolf Cut hair, Wolf Cut mullet and mullet hair?

In terms of form, Wolf Cut and mullet Wolf Cut hair were born based on the “traditional” mullet hairstyle. However, when cutting hair like this, the technician will also focus on trimming the hair on the top of the head more often. Besides, each layer of hair is also flexibly trimmed in different directions to create a beautiful and impressive hairstyle. Mullet Wolf Cut has become more popular among young people recently.

Who should cut Wolf Cut hair?

You can get a Wolf Cut if:

  • Want to have a perfect outstanding appearance.
  • Want to change your hairstyle to match your dark dyed hair color.
  • If you have thin hair, you want your hair to look thicker and more impressive.
  • Have long hair and want to change to a more interesting hairstyle.

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Which face shape is Wolf Cut suitable for?

Which face shape is Wolf Cut suitable for? The good news is that Wolf Cut hair is highly flexible. Therefore, you can comfortably combine this hairstyle with almost any face type. In fact, this hairstyle suits the face very well.

Should thick hair be Wolf Cut?

Wolf Cut hair is quite suitable for thick hair. Just cleverly modify this hairstyle, you will have impressive bouncy hair.

Should straight hair have a Wolf Cut?

Straight hair should also be cut like this. Similar to mullet hair, you will need to pay attention to many different cuts to create more beautiful hair.

Is Wolf Cut hair suitable for round faces?

As mentioned, Wolf Cut hair will be changed to suit each face. If you have a long face, you don’t need to worry too much because the barber will shape your hair to make it perfect.

Does Wolf Cut hair last long?

If you’ve ever had a Wolf Cut, you probably already know that the above hairstyle requires careful care. Under normal conditions, hair can keep its style for about 3 weeks before being shaped. To have the above time, you need to keep your hair in shape every day

Is Wolf Cut hair still a trend?

The answer is yes”. Even this hairstyle is being admired not only by young people, but also by many big stars in the world.

Overall, Wolf Cut is a hairstyle that anyone who loves should not miss. If you have the above hairstyle, the most effective way is to find a reputable salon. Let Bedental help you become impressive with a unique Wolf Cut hairstyle.

Below is the article that Bedental shared. If you have any questions that need answering or advice about your current condition, you can contact the team of doctors for the most detailed and dedicated answers.



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