The smiley face emoji used to be a friendly, cheerful symbol, but is being transformed into a fake, sarcastic, and dissatisfied smiley emoji. That is the main reason why this smiling emoji is gradually being hated on social networks. The information in the following article will help you understand the deep meaning behind these popular emojis and how to create them on Facebook in a simple way.

I- Why is the “smiley face” emoji hated by many people?

Smiley emojis represent friendliness, joy and humor, but today, smiley emoji images are ‘hated’ by everyone because their intended use is different from their true meaning on social networks. In conversations, the smiley face Emoji represents a false, contemptuous attitude and becomes a sign to end the conversation with a not very positive meaning.

Explaining in more detail about the smiley face being boycotted by everyone, An Young – a Korean netizen shared that the reason this smiley emoji does not win the love of users is because of the way it is expressed. creators, so they are not really suitable.

Because a natural smile will have the elasticity of the facial and jaw muscles plus the mouth muscles. However, the smiley face Emoji does not show all of the above characteristics, it is simply a smirking emoji, does not show happiness, causing a forced, uncomfortable and uncomfortable feeling.

That’s why people on social networks today often avoid using smiley faces to avoid being misunderstood when communicating. Instead, many people tend to use the emoji of laughter, laughter, tears of laughter, etc… to express joy, joy and satisfaction.

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Emoji hình cười bị ghét do tác giả thể hiện chưa đúng ý đồ

In fact, not only the smiley face has its meaning misunderstood, but there are also similar examples such as the ‘high five’ emoji representing the image of two hands touching each other which is also misunderstood as clasped hands in prayer, or The ‘peach’ emoji was mistaken for ‘butt’.

Therefore, while using smiley Emoji on social networks, people should consider and consider carefully so as not to be misunderstood in the conversation, creating inexplicable disagreements or awkward situations. funny later.

II- Decoding the meaning of smiley face emoji

To help users avoid harm caused by misunderstanding the meanings of many emojis on social networks, here are the true meanings of a few popular emojis you should know.

1- Smiley face emoji

Emoji cười hé răng mang đến năng lượng tích cực

This is an emoji expressing optimistic, joyful emotions similar to a smiley face but combined with this action symbolizing big and good things, increasing excitement in the conversation.

2- Smiley face icon: Smile and sweat

The laughing and sweating emoji also brings the same effect as happiness when expressing happiness with a certain story or event. Sometimes, this is also an emoji that shows forced laughter, not really satisfied with a problem posed by the other person.

In general, smiling and sweating is a very smart emoji, you should apply it in any real situation you find reasonable.

3- Smiley face icon with tears in eyes

Cười chảy nước mắt thể hiện cảm xúc vui vẻ đến tột độ

Laughing to the point of tears is a feeling of extreme excitement over a certain problem or story. Laughing so loud that tears flow is also often used by people when talking with friends and family about funny stories.

4- Rolling smiley face emoji

This is the same emoji as laughing with tears, but to a greater degree and more interesting. Show a feeling of enjoyment and complete excitement about each other’s actions, increasing the fun and comfort in the conversation.

5- Inverted smiley face emoji

The reverse smile emoji is shaped exactly like the smiley emoji, but stands up to appear serious in the conversation. In some situations, this is an emoji that indicates boredom or indifference to the conversation.

6- Stupid smiley face emoji

Emoji mang nét đáng yêu, gần gũi

This emoji will look very funny, but it brings loveliness, cuteness and friendliness more than ever, giving a happy feeling like when talking.

7- Smiley face emoji wearing dark glasses laughing

Emoji mang đậm nét cá tính

With dark glasses and a ‘classic’ smile, this is an emoji that gives a feeling of confidence or challenge to the opponent. Sometimes it also shows the super cool personality of the person who owns the glasses.

8- Smiley face emoji sticking out tongue

This is one of the emojis that express comfort, happiness and increase the excitement of the conversation. In many cases, the laughing emoji is used to express fun and comfortable joking with each other.

Emoji thể hiện sự hài hước, tinh nghịch
Smiley face icons using basic characters on Facebook. Why is the “smiley face” emoji hated by many people? How to use smiley emoji appropriately?

9- Bookworms smile with bunny teeth

A smiling face showing off bunny teeth combined with black glasses shows imagination and passion in a particular field. However, sometimes it represents doubts about an issue or a story.

Emoji thể hiện sự thông minh và niềm đam mê về một lĩnh vực cụ thể nào đó
Smiley face icons using basic characters on Facebook. Why is the “smiley face” emoji hated by many people? How to use smiley emoji appropriately?

10- “Star shining” smiley face emoji

This is an emoji that gives you a feeling of high excitement similar to being about to become famous. For example, you are meeting the person of your dreams or something will appear that makes you excited.

11- Smirking face emoji

dụng mặt cười nhếch mép cho thấy sự khinh bỉ và thách thức
Smiley face icons using basic characters on Facebook. Why is the “smiley face” emoji hated by many people? How to use smiley emoji appropriately?

Use a smirking face to express disdain and annoyance with a certain event. Sometimes, smirking also reveals the user’s very ‘cool’ personality.

12- Relieved smiley face emoji

True to its name, the gentle smile emoji shows innocence, often used when reacting to a confession of love. Sometimes it also shows an indifferent or indifferent attitude toward each other.

13- Smiley face emoji with angel ring on head

This is one of the positive or even happy faces, for example people you want to share with them about wanting to go home for a leisurely weekend.

Đây là một trong những khuôn mặt mang ý nghĩa nghiêm túc hoặc có thể là hài hước
Smiley face icons using basic characters on Facebook. Why is the “smiley face” emoji hated by many people? How to use smiley emoji appropriately?

14- Smiley face emoji

Purple devil face emoji shows strength, personality and sometimes a fun combination, making the story less boring and more attractive than ever.

15- “Heart-warming” smiley face emoji

Smile with hearts to express your admiration, respect or even affection for the other person. This is an emoji used in all situations to increase comfort and closeness with the person talking.

Đây là emoji tạo cảm giác gần gũi
Smiley face icons using basic characters on Facebook. Why is the “smiley face” emoji hated by many people? How to use smiley emoji appropriately?

16- Smiley face emoji wants to hug

This is an emoji that represents closeness, warmth and intimacy, indicating that you are trying to hug the other person to express your affection.

Emoji vui vẻ, thân thiện
Smiley face icons using basic characters on Facebook. Why is the “smiley face” emoji hated by many people? How to use smiley emoji appropriately?

17- Emoji with a forced smile

The smiley face shows surprise, embarrassment or wanting to laugh at some boring story. Normally, many people will use the wry smile emoji when they don’t understand what they’re saying.

smiley face emoji
Smiley face icons using basic characters on Facebook. Why is the “smiley face” emoji hated by many people? How to use smiley emoji appropriately?

With the above meanings, you probably have a brief understanding of the meanings of popular smiley face Emoji. Use it accurately to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, and express frankly what you want to achieve in order to achieve the purpose of the conversation.

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III- Smiley face icons using basic characters on Facebook

The social network Facebook is becoming more and more popular as the main application for many mobile phone users today, used to communicate, connect and be a working tool for some people.

When using Facebook, there are funny icons that people use more:

Colonthree icon :3

This is a fun icon that everyone likes and each person will have many different expressions. However, in general, this is an icon expressing imagination, sarcasm or asking for opinions about something very cute.

Icon :v

Another icon that is used by quite a few people because it is suitable in many situations. It’s both an innocent smile and a laugh or laugh loudly at something.

Common icon ^^ 

This is a character used at the end of a sentence to express joy, happiness or sympathy. Because the character ^ ^ looks like a smiling or happy smile symbol.

Icon =))

The plus symbol along the two parentheses must represent happy laughter or laughing loudly at a certain event.

In general, each smiley face has its own unique meaning. If you clearly understand the meaning behind the emoji and use them properly, it will create an attractive part of the story. Sometimes, emojis also function as a way to end a short conversation, or to replace sentences that cannot be said.

IV- How to use smiley emoji appropriately

Smiley emojis are an indispensable part of conveying emotions on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or in text conversations. However, to use smiley emoji appropriately and not cause misunderstanding, you need to pay attention to how to use smiley emoji appropriately:

  • Understand the meaning of emoji: Before using an emoji, make sure you understand its meaning. Some emojis have different meanings depending on the context of use, so you need to know how to use them to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Use emoji appropriate to the situation: Smiley emoji can help you convey your emotions such as joy, sadness, disappointment, satisfaction, surprise… However, choose an emoji that suits the situation and person. accept to avoid causing misunderstandings.
  • Don’t overuse emojis: Emojis are a fun way to convey emotions, but using them too much will make your message unprofessional and difficult to read.
  • Customize the size of the emoji: If you want to respect the recipient and avoid annoying them, you should customize the size of the emoji to match the content of the message.
  • Avoid using emojis when you need to exchange serious information: Smiley emojis are often used in informal conversations, however, when you need to exchange serious information, you should use professional language and avoid Using too many emojis.

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