Do you have monolids and are worried about your physiognomy? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Single eyelids are a common feature among Asians and it is often linked to a person’s personality and career. However, not everyone likes this look and some people want to remedy the situation.

In this article, we will introduce ways to fix single eyelids, including cosmetic methods and minor double eyelid surgery. Find out with BeDental to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

I – What is monolids? Single eyelids are beautiful or ugly?

According to the survey, most Asian people such as: Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc… all have monolids (English one – lidded eyes). In particular, in Korea, the number of people with single eyelids accounts for 80% of the population.

What is monolids? Normally when we look at the eyes, we will see that there will be one or more folds in the skin of the upper eyelid.

However, there are also some people who do not have wrinkles or have wrinkles in their eyes when they wake up, but when they blink, they are no longer visible. So which category do single eyelids belong to?

Hình ảnh so sánh mắt 1 mí và 2 mí
What is monolids? What kind of hair cut should I have for single eyelids? How to turn single eyelids into naturally beautiful double eyelids

“Double eyelids are eyes that have a small fold in the skin of the upper eyelid, extending from the tip of the eyelid to the bottom of the eye and is not lost. As for single eyelids, the skin of the upper eyelid is smooth and flat from the eyebrows to the eyelashes. “

Thus, people who own this eye type do not have obvious eyelid folds or eyelid margins in the upper eyelid skin area. This is also what makes monolids look smaller and smaller than normal eyes.

Although it does not affect the eye’s visual function, monolids can affect the fashion taste and perception of celebrities. Many people think that between single eyelids and double eyelids, double eyelids are more beautiful.

In fact, there are many people with beautiful single eyelids who look harmonious and charming in both men and women. This is easy to see in Kpop idols and celebrities in Korea.

Eyes are one of the most important highlights on the human face. For Asian people, single eyelids are a characteristic that many people recognize. However, it makes the face look quite scary and is difficult to combine with other elements of beauty.

On the contrary, double eyelids look very lovely and cute, which is the standard of natural beauty. Therefore, many people with single eyelids want to improve this condition with cosmetic surgery or minor surgery to have larger, rounder and more evenly colored eyes.

With just a little change, your eyes can become more attractive and increase your attractiveness. Therefore, people with single eyelids are always looking for ways to improve their double eyelids to make them bigger, rounder and more evenly colored.

II – Why do we have monolids?

According to ophthalmologists, the cause of single eyelid formation is mainly due to genes, congenital and hereditary. If the parents have monolids, there is a possibility that the baby will also have monolids when born.

In addition, there are many cases where parents have two eyelids and one eye, this is also influenced by genetic and congenital factors. Because relatives in the family have such eyes, subsequent generations also have the ability to inherit it.

In addition, there are objective factors that affect the appearance of single eyelids such as:

  • Due to accident or wrong eye cosmetic surgery: Impact on the function of the eyelid lift muscle, causing drooping eyelids
  • Due to diet: Lack of food or sleeping too late can cause temporary swelling of the eyes and drooping eyelids
  • Newborn baby with single eyelids: In this case, when they grow up, their eyes will be round and their eyelids will be clear…

Many people think that monolids mean both eyelids are smooth and have no eyelid creases. However, many people have uneven monolids, one eyelid has two eyelids and the other has one eyelid.

In addition, some cases may also occur such as:

  • One and a half eyelids
  • Eyes without eyelashes
  • Eyes with single eyelids
  • Drooping eyelid on one side
  • Eyes with large, round, uneven eyelids

III – Single eyelid appearance for both men and women

Is monolids beautiful? What do they mean? Currently causing a lot of controversy. Because in reality, there is no evidence to clearly confirm this.

Below, readers can refer to the assessments of single eyelid physiognomy for both men and women by horoscope experts.

Men with single eyelids

Hình ảnh nam giới sở hữu đôi mắt 1 mí
What is monolids? What kind of hair cut should I have for single eyelids? How to turn single eyelids into naturally beautiful double eyelids

Through eye shape, many things can be said about the personality and fortune of any guy. What happens to boys with monolids?

Men with single eyelids are said to be quite reserved and introverted and do not interact with many women. Boys with single eyelids often hide and avoid contact with friends.

However, it is not uncommon for people to reveal strong inner strength from within and resolutely pursue their dreams. Sometimes they are also very stubborn and stubborn.

  • About money – fame

Due to living a simple and persistent life, most men with monolids are financially stable. However, because of their simple life, without hustle and bustle, their career is not outstanding but only at a relative level.

In addition, a few individual cases, although they have will, energy, and talent, are also selfish, calculating, and cunning. Therefore, it is more difficult for them to get along and affect their future lives.

  • About marriage – family

Many people believe that men with monolids are affectionate. However, horologists say this is not accurate.

In fact, men with single eyelids are not highly appreciated in love affairs. Most people have difficulty choosing the ideal husband for themselves.

Along with that, when choosing a lover, conflicts can easily arise, or the family does not support.

See the physiognomy of women with single eyelids

Đôi mắt 1 mí của nữ giới có đẹp không phụ thuộc vào tổng thể gương mặt
What is monolids? What kind of hair cut should I have for single eyelids? How to turn single eyelids into naturally beautiful double eyelids

Women with double eyelids are highly appreciated for their fortune, everything is always “smooth sailing”. Will women with single eyelids learn anything from horoscopes?

  • About thinking

Women with single eyelids have a discreet personality but are very ambitious, self-interested and often unreliable.

  • About money – fame

The careers of women with monolids are not good and are prone to failure. However, idealistic views in China also believe that people with beautiful eyes, round eyes, long eye ends, etc. .. are the eyes of noble and wealthy people.

  • About love – marriage

Women with monolids often have an unfavorable love life. Sometimes they have beautiful relationships, but their marriage is often not favorable.

In particular, they are often sad about family matters and easily live a lonely life.

It can be seen that most ancient people’s views on single eyelids were not good. However, whether single eyelids are good or bad depends on the specific case, not all people with single eyelids are beautiful and vice versa.

IV – What kind of hair cut should I have for single eyelids?

What kind of hair cut should I have with one eyelid? If you have Korean monolids but don’t know what hairstyle you should cut to suit your face, you shouldn’t miss the hairstyle suggestions below.

Hairstyles for women with single eyelids

Compared to men, women have more choices when it comes to hairstyles. Below are some hair color suggestions for cute girls with single eyelids.

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  • Cross curled bob hair

This hairstyle is suitable for almost all faces, including girls with single eyelids. Thin bangs will help the other person pay attention to the eyes more easily, so the defect of single eyelids will stand out in the eyes of many people.

Tóc ngắn mái chéo hoặc tóc mái thưa đều phù hợp với người mắt 1 mí
What is monolids? What kind of hair cut should I have for single eyelids? How to turn single eyelids into naturally beautiful double eyelids
  • Sparse bangs

Thick, soft, slightly wavy bangs with natural volume will help you hide your single eyelids. In particular, this hairstyle will help women improve the height of their nose and make the low bridge of their nose more elegant than ever.

If any woman is still wondering whether monolids need thicker bangs, don’t worry.

  • Hair parted in the middle

Although double eyelids are the standard of beauty, not everyone with single eyelids is beautiful.

In fact, if you improve your appearance through fashion and hairstyle, single eyelids are no less beautiful than double eyelids.

Besides straight or curly hair, middle-parted bangs are also a way to conceal single eyelids. At this time, other people’s eyes tend to focus more on your hair and forget your own single eyelids.

Hairstyle for men with monolids

Korea and Japan are the countries with the highest percentage of men with single eyelids today. However, thanks to appropriate hair care, eyes contribute to creating a unique and attractive feature.

Below are some hairstyles for men that you can refer to.

  • Undercut hairstyle with flat bangs

Changing the outdated traditional bangs and replacing them with the Undercut style with flat bangs is the choice of many men.

In particular, for people with monolids, wearing flat bangs will create harmony for the overall face. At the same time, creating a very unique charm.

  • Lightly tousled bangs

This is a popular hairstyle and is always attractive to men. Sweetness and warmth are the things he gets after changing his appearance with this messy style.

  • Men’s bangs are parted and swept back

In fact, this hairstyle is just a slight variation of the traditional side parting. Just by turning the part and gently swiping upwards, you will immediately have a masculine appearance with a bit of youthfulness.

V – How to turn single eyelids into naturally beautiful double eyelids

Not everyone with monolids is ugly, however, what should you do if your monolids are not pretty?

Don’t worry too much, below are ways to correct single eyelids for big, round, natural eyes that you should apply.

How to make single eyelids look like double eyelids

Take advantage of eyelid stickers and natural makeup tips to turn small monolid eyes into larger ones.

  • Korean style single eyelid makeup

Step 1: Use eyelid tape to apply to the upper eyelid area

Step 2: Apply eye shadow in a fading effect from the inside out. You can use a dark tone close to the eyelashes or a lighter tone in the second layer and finish with the lightest tone near the eye area.

Step 3: Apply eyeliner to single eyelids, paying attention to only lining the upper eyelid and not the lower eyelid. At the same time, apply a little thin eyeshadow at the corners of the eyelids for a more natural look

Step 4: Apply Mascara and curl your eyelashes to clear your eyes and make your eyelashes thicker and longer.

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Cách trang điểm cho đôi mắt một mí trở nên sắc nét hơn
What is monolids? What kind of hair cut should I have for single eyelids? How to turn single eyelids into naturally beautiful double eyelids

In addition, girls also wonder if monolids can wear lenses or not? This is very normal.

Using lenses will help your eyes look more sparkling and natural. However, you should use it before makeup so that powder and mascara do not stick to the lens.

  • Notes when applying makeup to correct single eyelids

Although it is a way to fix single eyelids with makeup that many women trust. However, this is only a temporary measure and cannot completely solve the condition of single eyelids.

In addition, this beauty method also has potential risks such as:

  • Accelerates skin aging process
  • Eyes are at risk of drooping eyelids because of thick makeup, making the muscle that lifts the eyelids stiffer
  • Causes inflammation and itching of eyelashes due to inappropriate cosmetics
  • Risk of harm to the eyes due to the use of contact lenses
  • Not suitable when the weather is too sunny, rainy or for outdoor activities, swimming, etc…

How to turn single eyelids into double eyelids with laser

Eye experts believe that to completely overcome single eyelids, the safest and most effective solution is to use single eyelid surgery and cosmetic technology.

Currently, eyelid surgery and eyelid surgery are the two methods of correcting single eyelids that are most highly appreciated by experts.

  • Single eyelid aesthetic with eyelid surgery technique

Eyelid surgery (eyelid surgery) is a single or double eyelid cosmetic method that does not require surgery. With just gentle movements and quick execution time, customers will have big, round, sharp double eyelids.

What is monolids? What kind of hair cut should I have for single eyelids? How to turn single eyelids into naturally beautiful double eyelids
What is monolids? What kind of hair cut should I have for single eyelids? How to turn single eyelids into naturally beautiful double eyelids

This is a suitable solution for customers under 30 years old with single eyelids without excess fat or sagging skin or signs of aging.

Thanks to the thread implantation technique that connects the eyelid skin with the eyelid cartilage or eyelid lift muscle, you will have new, more beautiful eyelid folds.

In particular, this method is non-surgical, non-invasive. .. thus minimizing intervention, ensuring customer safety.

After recovery, her single eyelids were replaced by large, round, attractive double eyelids.

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  • Solve all single eyelid defects with eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is the most popular double eyelid surgery method in Asia, especially in Korea and Vietnam. This solution will give you double eyelids thanks to minor surgery and keep the new eyelid folds for a long time (7 – over 10 years).

In particular, eyelid surgery will help completely eliminate the defects of single eyelids, drooping eyelids, etc… has loose skin, excess fat, signs of aging. This is an outstanding advantage that eyelid surgery does not have.

Through a microscopic incision in the eyelid fold, loose skin and excess fat in the eyelids will be removed.

Then the new eyelid fold is reshaped on the basis of the old eyelid fold. Finally, close the cut tightly with surgical sutures.

All eyelid surgery will ensure aesthetics and minimize pain and infection. This will help the eyelid folds recover without scars or cosmetic marks.

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