“Dumpling cheeks” is a phrase often used to describe cheeks that are round and plump in shape, like dumplings. For many people, having dumpling cheeks is considered a beautiful and attractive feature, enhancing the cuteness and sweetness of the face.

To make dumpling cheeks at home, there are several methods and practices that you can experiment with. Foods like aloe vera, bananas, peanut butter, and fresh milk can help provide nutrients and elasticity to the skin. At the same time, performing facial yoga movements, applying cheek massage, and changing hairstyles can also assist in the facial shaping process.

This article on Bedental will guide you in detail on how to get dumpling cheeks at home and provide useful information about skin care and beauty. Read now to get more knowledge and techniques to make your face more attractive and adorable.

I- What is dumpling cheeks?

What is dumpling cheeks? Dumpling cheeks, also known as dumpling faces, are simply understood as two sides of the face with a layer of fat forming a circle. When talking or eating, the cheeks will swell like two dumplings. Most of the round cheeks appear on newborn children, some babies have chubby faces like ovals, which will increase the cuteness and fun of the users.

To say whether a dumpling-shaped face is beautiful or uneven depends on each child’s ability to observe and feel. In fact, women with round faces and high cheekbones look more pretty, lovely and a bit youthful before their age.

In the past, beauties often chose V-line faces with round faces with chin and compact cheekbones. However, beauty standards have changed, high cheekbones like dumplings are increasingly taking the throne and create a unique appeal when they are both pretty and make the face look a bit youthful.

What is dumpling cheeks? How to get dumpling-shaped cheeks quickly and safely?
What is dumpling cheeks? How to get dumpling-shaped cheeks quickly and safely?

Therefore, women with thin faces or those who like to follow beauty trends have used surgical methods to have two more round cheekbones. Some famous artists have dumpling faces that everyone loves such as: Jennie (BlackPink), Lia (ITZY), …

She is also one of the few stars with strong influence and has caused the trend of loving dumpling-shaped cheekbones to attract attention recently.

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II- Instructions on how to make dumpling cheeks at home

What is the way to get dumplings? If you really want chubby cheeks but because you don’t have the financial ability or are ‘afraid’ of advanced beauty technologies, the 5 secrets below will help you have fuller cheeks right away. home.

How to get dumpling cheeks: What to do to get pink dumpling cheeks?

You probably wouldn’t know that the above tips can help you plump your cheekbones and maintain naturally smooth skin:

-Aloe vera: besides antioxidant compounds and vitamins E and C, aloe vera also contains vitamin B12, which contributes to promoting collagen production in the body. Thanks to that, eating aloe vera helps prevent crow’s feet on the face and helps you get higher cheekbones.

tong hop nhung cach bao quan nha dam tuoi duoc lau don gian avt 1200x676 1
What is dumpling cheeks? How to get dumpling-shaped cheeks quickly and safely?

-Apples: contain antioxidant compounds such as vitamins B, E and K, so they are especially beneficial for the skin. Eating them also helps prevent cell destruction. Collagen and elastin found in honey will make your skin softer, smoother and more rosy, giving you high cheekbones like donuts.

-Honey: using honey every day will add many nutritional values for health and anti-oxidant ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. However, because honey has a high concentration of sugar, it is best to use it in limited amounts.

-Drink milk: nutrients found in milk include amino acids, calcium, fiber, vitamin A, etc. .. will make the skin smooth and highly elastic, making the cheekbones plump.

How to get dumpling cheeks the fastest with cheek exercises

The fastest way to get dumpling cheeks is to practice facial yoga to help increase circulation in the cheeks, making your skin brighter and more elastic. You should practice every morning or for short periods of time to get great results.

Má bánh bao là gì? Cách để có má hình bánh bao
What is dumpling cheeks? How to get dumpling-shaped cheeks quickly and safely?
  • Open your mouth wide and fold your upper mouth with the lower jaw in the middle to hide your front teeth.
  • Gently move your body upwards and hold your legs for about 30 seconds.
  • Finally, return to the original position. Note that when exercising, you should keep your back light, raise your head and lower your shoulders to relieve pressure on the spine.

How to have dumpling cheeks: Use cheek massage method

Massaging the face also helps shape dumpling cheeks quickly, because when massaged, the muscles in the cheek area will naturally push up and brighten the eyes. Pay attention to doing the right movements and you will soon get results.

Má bánh bao là gì? Cách để có má hình bánh bao
What is dumpling cheeks? How to get dumpling-shaped cheeks quickly and safely?
  • Use your fingertips to gently massage around the cheekbones in a circular motion.
  • Bring the entire face up and forward to limit the downward massage, which will easily cause the skin to sag.
  • Concentrate on the area below the cheekbones, between the cheeks and under the nose.

How to have dumpling cheeks: Choose the right hairstyle to have a chubby face

Hair style has a great influence on face shape, so if you do not have a round appearance, you should use shoulder-length hairstyles or medium-length curls and bold colors.

The above hairstyles will make your face look naturally elegant, giving the effect of slightly plump and chubby cheekbones. Besides, you should combine it with gentle contouring makeup to have naturally plump cheekbones if needed.

How to have dumpling cheeks: Need to eliminate habits that are harmful to the body

Some habits such as drinking coffee, wine, tea, coffee, fast food, etc. .. will have a negative impact on the cheeks, making them loose, sagging and gradually reducing their natural softness. At that time, the cheekbones will not be as large and full as before.

In addition, you need to limit stimulation to your facial muscles such as: clapping your hands too hard, massaging in the wrong position or putting your head under the bed when lying down will also cause the cheeks to melt.

III- How to get dumpling-shaped cheeks quickly and safely

How to have dumpling-shaped cheeks? There are a number of natural ways to help you create the round, full cheekbones you want, but they are not scientifically confirmed methods and are just secrets drawn from the experiences of many people. You can also use these methods to make round cheekbones at home because they are simpler but not as effective.

Instead, if you want to quickly have rounder and fuller cheekbones than others, you should try facial liposuction with Nano Fat at Bedental Cosmetic Hospital. This is a technique of transplanting stem cells extracted from the entire body including excess fat such as buttocks, thighs, waist, arms, etc. .. then through the peeling and centrifuging process, there will be healthy layers of fat injected into the cheekbones.

Nano Fat is suitable for groups of patients with round faces, small eyes or facial muscles that are aging and regularly sagging. Fat grafting will help you have more beautiful, plump cheeks and completely beautify your face. It lasts about 1 to 2 years or more, because stem cell treatment has Highly compatible.

Furthermore, even at BeDental, the team of surgeons are also highly qualified and skilled, so they will always bring maximum accuracy in the procedure.

If you need another invasive reduction method, cheek filler implants are a great alternative to help make your cheeks even fuller and rounder. In addition, filler implants in bedental will help you fight signs of aging and increase collagen production to help your body have good elasticity. However, filler injections will not retain the same long-term effects as skin grafts, so you need to carefully consider your options while using them.


IV- What hairstyle should dumpling cheeks have?

What hairstyle should dumpling cheeks have? For those who own round cheeks, choosing a suitable hairstyle will also help you increase your loveliness and femininity.

1- Cut Side Bangs for dumpling cheeks

Side bangs, also known as diagonal bangs, have bangs of moderate thickness, gently swept to the right or left depending on each person’s preferences and habits. Cross bangs help increase charm for those with full cheekbones.

Má bánh bao là gì? Cách để có má hình bánh bao
What is dumpling cheeks? How to get dumpling-shaped cheeks quickly and safely?

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2- Square Bob hairstyle for dumpling cheeks

Long bob hair is short hair above the shoulders. When curled inward, it will partially cover the cheekbones and leave only the chubby lower cheeks. For women with long faces, they should add a bit of femininity by keeping thick bangs with sideburns, helping the face become more elegant and gentle.

3- Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle

A straight bob with high sides and low sides can also help faces with dumpling cheeks become more balanced. Usually the lower side will be draped over the head, leaving only the remaining long hair, creating a sexy look and strong personality for those who still love the traditional cuteness but need the dynamism of the girl. modern.

4- Pixie haircut

Pixie hair is a beautiful hairstyle that has been around for a long time, shorter than bob hair and cut naturally to hug the face. Pixie hair combined with thick bangs will highlight and help the cheekbones become plump and more adorable than ever.

To add more prominence and personality, some people have curled their pixie hair or styled it with glue or a dryer. This is a hairstyle that helps you have many styles, from cute and cute to sexy and personality.

V- Things to note after making dumpling cheeks

When performing round cheek shaping with facial fat grafting, there are the following things you should pay attention to:

  • Sleep on your back to keep your face from being pressed into the pillow.
  • Do not move or massage your face for a few days after fat grafting.
  • Do not use stimulants such as drugs, alcohol, coffee, etc. .. helps fat grafted skin recover quickly.
  • Avoid strenuous activities until your doctor says such activities are necessary.
  • Keeping weight stable, people who lose weight can control the amount of fat on their face.
  • Add more healthy fats to your diet such as olives, avocados, cheese and vegetable oils.
  • Keep your face hydrated by drinking enough water every day.

To get dumpling cheeks is not too difficult, the important thing is that you have chosen the right place to have cheek fat grafting done safely and effectively. Besides, gentle massage movements at home combined with some healthy foods also help you get firmer, smoother and rounder facial skin.

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