What are thick lips?

What are thick lips? Thick lips are lips with the length of the upper and lower lips disproportionate to the face, larger than the size. To identify how thick or thin your lips are, you can press your fingers close to the lip walls.

If the distance between the two lips is equal to the width of a finger, then the lips are normal, larger lips are thick lips and vice versa are thin lips. So are thick lips a bad lip shape? Let’s find out in this article below!

Causes of thick lips

Thick lips are when the teeth are large and the lip line is also long and wide both top and bottom.

The above condition often occurs due to different factors such as genetics and bad habits, but most often it is related to protruding or protruding lips.

People with protrusion often have thick lips because when their teeth or jaw protrude too high, it will cause the upper lip to become stretched, causing the lips to feel thicker than normal.

Thick lips due to protruding teeth: During the process of replacing baby teeth, if the main teeth grow unevenly, not straight but pointing forward, it will cause the upper teeth to protrude too much and cover the lower teeth too much. From there, the lips protrude, making them feel thicker than usual.

Thick lips due to protruding teeth: Children in this stage tend to develop a stronger upper jaw than normal people. It can happen that the upper jaw protrudes more than the lower jaw or both protrude more, thus causing a protruding jaw and the feeling of thick lips.

Thick lips due to protrusion due to teeth and bones: This is the most complicated case, when the teeth and jawbone move forward, causing the mouth to expand outwardly too much, thus making the lips even bigger. you become thicker.

Are thick lips beautiful?

According to cosmetic experts, whether or not lips are beautiful will be judged based on certain criteria. In particular, beautiful thick lips need to meet the following factors:

  • Thickness: The standard lower lip will have an average width of 2.5 – 3.5 cm, the upper lip will be 1.5 – 1.7 cm.
  • Appearance: Lip lines when closed are not balanced and consistent with each other. Some unbalanced lip shapes include triangle, heart, and bow lips…
  • Upper and lower correlation: The lower lip is thicker than the upper lip at a ratio of about 0.7 – 1.5 times. If the above number is lower than 0.7, the mouth tends not to be wide, but if it is more than 1.5, it will be underbite.
  • Correlation with the overall face: The ratio of the lips to the face is 1/13 – 1/12. If the lips are thick but not proportional to the face, that is also a significant minus point.
  • Thus, if a person’s lips are too thick, the upper and lower lip lines are uneven, the relationship between the upper and lower lips is not harmonious and the ratio with the face is not up to standard, then that is not a pair of lips. Pretty.

How to smile beautifully with thick lips?

How to smile beautifully with thick lips? If you have thick lips, you should smile with your lips or show your teeth to limit the thickness on your lips. On the other hand, smiling like above also helps make an impression on people around you.

Another trick to increase the sexiness of smiling is to occasionally try putting your lips in your mouth.

In addition, if you feel embarrassed about your smile, don’t forget to create a habit of covering your mouth every time you laugh out loud. That will help you score points with others with your beauty.

Habits that make thick lips worse

  • Habits that make thick lips worse: Even if you have thick, attractive, plump lips, if you regularly have the following bad habits, your lips will become worse and worse and lose points. 
  • Remove makeup with tissue: No matter what type of expensive tissue you are using, absolutely do not use them to remove makeup from your lips or face. Because the paper surface will be rough, plus the force from the hand will damage the blood vessels under the lips. In the long run, the lips will become dull.
  • Frequently biting your lips: Biting your lips will make you look more attractive, but if you bite too much and continuously, it can cause damage to your lips.
  • Not using sunscreen on the face: Most people often skip this part when using sunscreen. But that also accidentally makes your thick lips drier than ever.
  • Frequently licking your lips: If you lick your lips often, you will quickly discover that after a while, your lips will become drier and even more severely chapped. Enzymes in saliva also contribute to stomatitis and genital warts.
  • Using old lipstick: Any product has an expiration date. Using old, expired lipstick will cause your lips to become dry, allergic, and acne-prone. ..
  • Not drinking enough water: Not drinking enough water every day will be one of the reasons why your lips become chapped and become more ugly than ever.

What does thick lips mean in physiognomy?

In physiognomy, each lip shape has different meanings. Moreover, the same thick lips have different meanings in men and women.

But in general, people with thick lips are easily attracted to others, sometimes considered “lady killers” or “nice people”. They love to take care of others, have a gentle, friendly personality and are always ready to help those in difficulty.

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Meaning of thick lips

Depending on each face and lip ratio, people with thick lips will have the following meaning:

  • Thick lips with corners of the mouth curved downward: People with stubborn personalities, who do not like to listen to other people’s advice, or think and act emotionally, have bad lips.
  • Thick lips and straight mouth: People with thick lips and straight mouth will have an unstable life and little chance of success in their career.
  • Thick, round lips: Your career is relatively smooth and you often achieve success thanks to your ability to grasp the psychology of people around you.
  • Thick lips and round mouth: An introverted person, quite calm, always knows how to seize opportunities and has the will to move forward in his career. Therefore, they are also people with a rich destiny.
  • Not dark upper lip: This is a sign of bad lips, usually a person with a complex, narrow-minded mind, prone to jealousy and worse, greedy, or trying to harm others.
  • Upper lip thicker than lower lip: People with upper lip thicker than lower lip are mostly honest and good-natured people.
  • Thick upper and lower lips: This is a person with high self-esteem, but they also have very clear life goals and always try their best to achieve them.

Is it good for women to have thick lips?

Women with thick lips have a very open and sociable personality, although sometimes they cannot control their emotions.

They are able to withstand high pressure, adapt well and are loved by everyone even though they are sometimes blinded by material things.

However, depending on each characteristic, thick lips in women also have many different meanings.

the nao la moi day moi day dep hay xau 2

  • Full, even lips: This is a good sign according to physiognomy because women with thick lips are often strong, independent and decisive in everything.
  • Thick upper lip, thin lower lip: They have many ambitions, high desires and are easily tempted by material things. It is difficult for them to have good friends and others also need to be wary of them because of their personality.
  • Dark and dark lips: Have a conservative personality, always looking for ways to win for themselves, so they are not popular with many people
  • Thick lips with the corner of the mouth facing down: Often sees all problems in life in a negative way, love also faces many difficulties and difficulties.

Men with thick lips are bad or good

Men with thick lips are also sensitive, easily moved and think a lot. They are talented in speaking, but work mainly on emotions and have an “elephant head and mouse tail” style.

In married life, men with thick lips are considered responsible husbands and fathers. They know how to listen, share and care for friends, always living wholeheartedly for the people they love.

moi day chon son gi

The personality of a man with thick lips is often assertive and cold. They are brave people, have great ambitions, desire to succeed and are very determined with their set goals.

Effective ways to fix thick lips

To overcome this ugly thick lip condition, you can refer to 3 ways: filler injection, surgery and braces (for cases of thick lips due to protruding teeth).

Can thick lips be injected with filler?

In cases of full lips, many people can still perform filler injections as usual.

This is a method of thickening the lips by injecting a filler substance to create a plump and plump lip shape as desired.

Of course, the above method is only used for cases where people have full lips but the ratio between the two lips is disproportionate. For example, thick upper lips and lower lips are very beautiful and vice versa.

Filler injections to help improve the condition of thick lips are increasingly popular with women because the implementation time is short and the cost is also very reasonable.

Surgery to make thick lips into thin lips

Thick lip surgery to thin lips, also known as reduction surgery, is actually just a simple minor surgery.

After measuring and determining the size of the lips, the cosmetic surgeon will dissect the oral mucosa to reduce the thick lips. The rate of collection depends on each person’s medical condition.

tham my dang moi day dep hay

Using the above method, customers can be completely assured that there will be no scars, quick healing time and long-lasting results.

Braces for people with thick lips and buck teeth

For cases of thin lips due to crooked teeth, braces are the most effective solution.

When performing the procedure, the orthodontist will carefully examine the customer’s specific condition and then have the most appropriate treatment plan.

During the braces process, the doctor will use accessories such as keychains, braces fixed on the tooth crown or transparent braces that are easily removable to bring each tooth back to the correct position on the jaw.

The average orthodontic period will take about 1.5 – 2 years to improve teeth defects as well as bite and show you a more aesthetically pleasing lips.

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How to smile beautifully for women with thick lips

Smiling is a great way to show off your smile, energy, and confidence. If you are a woman with thick lips and want a beautiful smile, here are some tips to help you smile naturally and beautifully.

  • Practice breathing correctly: Breathing correctly can help you reduce stress, increase concentration and improve blood circulation. Breathe from deep in your belly and exhale from thin lips to breathe properly and can help you feel more comfortable and confident when smiling.
  • Dental care: To have a beautiful smile, you need to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Brush your teeth at least twice daily, use dental floss to clean between teeth, and have regular dental checkups to keep your teeth healthy.
  • Limit the use of tobacco and alcoholic beverages: Tobacco and alcoholic beverages can harm your teeth and reduce confidence when smiling. Limiting their use will help you get a more beautiful smile.
  • Learn to smile naturally: Find the most natural and comfortable way to smile for yourself. Smile from the heart and make sure that everyone around you also feels happy and comfortable when they are with you.
  • Adjust lipstick color: Using lipstick color that matches your skin tone is also one of the ways to help your smile become more beautiful. Choose a lipstick color that matches your skin tone to accentuate your thick lips and brighten your smile.

How to make thick lips into thin lips at home

In addition to the above methods, you can also make thick lips into thin lips right at home with some familiar ingredients such as toothpaste, honey, coconut oil and oats combined with eggs.

However, certainly the effectiveness of the above methods will not be as good as filler injections or surgery or braces that we have mentioned.

Make lips thin with toothpaste

How to make thin lips with toothpaste is also widely shared by many people.

Toothpaste contains high levels of fluoride, which will remove dead skin cells on the lips.

Làm môi mỏng với kem đánh răng
Effective ways to fix thick lips. How to make thick lips into thin lips at home. Meaning of thick lips

Thanks to that, thick lips after removing dead skin cells will become thinner. At the same time, the above method also helps promote new skin regeneration, making lips softer and improving dark lips.

  • Step 1: Dry your lips with a bleaching solution or lip balm.
  • Step 2: Take a sufficient amount of toothpaste and apply evenly on lips.
  • Step 3: Use a soft-bristled brush or use 2 index fingers to massage gently on the lips.
  • Step 4: Keep the toothpaste on your lips for about 5-7 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

Note: Doing this regularly every 2 days will soon get the expected results.

Thin your lips with pure honey

Honey is an ingredient that has many health benefits and is used for many different purposes. In particular, in nature they also have the ability to slim lips extremely effectively.

Normally, pure honey contains vitamins and natural sugars, with fructose and glucose content up to 80%. Thanks to the above ingredients, honey will help exfoliate and nourish the lips even more.

How to make pink with pure honey is also extremely simple, before going to bed you just need to apply honey on your face, keep it overnight, and wash it off with warm water the next morning.

In addition to the above method, you should use pure honey to massage your lips for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with warm water and you’re done.

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Thin lips with coconut oil

Coconut oil is also considered a “miracle drug” in beauty, with the ability to moisturize and brighten the skin extremely effectively.

moi day 5
Effective ways to fix thick lips. How to make thick lips into thin lips at home. Meaning of thick lips

Furthermore, coconut oil also contains a lot of vitamins A and D that can speed up the aging process as well as make lips become slim, pink and white.

  • Step 1: Prepare 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.
  • Step 2: Moisten your lips in hot water or exfoliate with salt.
  • Step 3: Apply olive oil to your lips and gently massage with your hands for 5-7 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse with warm water.

Thin your lips with oatmeal combined with yogurt

Oats combined with yogurt is one of the ways to make your lips naturally beautiful and attractive.

Effective ways to fix thick lips. How to make thick lips into thin lips at home. Meaning of thick lips
Effective ways to fix thick lips. How to make thick lips into thin lips at home. Meaning of thick lips

Oats have a lot of vitamin D, nutrients and minerals, and yogurt has many beneficial bacteria. Combining the two will make thinner lips become fuller and sexy.

  •   Step 1: Mix honey with oatmeal well to obtain a liquid mixture.
  •   Step 2: Use the above mixture to gently apply evenly on your face.
  •   Step 3: Keep the mixture there for 15 – 20 minutes.
  •   Step 4: Wash your lips with clean water and then gently dry.

Thick lips or thin lips both have different good and bad conditions and most importantly, they must be in harmony with your face. Of course, if you are not lucky enough to have such thick lips, you also have many other solutions.




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