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TIPS FOR WOMEN’S EYE SHAPES TO GUESS YOUR FORTUNE ACCURATELY. The eyes are the windows to each person’s soul and by looking at a woman’s eyes, you can know some of that person’s inner thoughts, personality, career, love, and destiny. Women’s eye shapes are divided into 10 types with other forms such as phoenix eyes, lion eyes, cross-needle eyes, tam white eyes, etc. Let’s find out with BeDental through the article below!

What do women’s eye shapes often show?

What do women’s eye shapes often show? According to physiognomy, eyes often show personality, inner life, health, love and career.

Inner life

Each person’s inner life is often hidden deep beneath their outward appearance, however, the more we try to hide it, the more clearly those thoughts will be expressed on our faces, especially through our eyes. Therefore, just by looking at a woman’s eyes, you can guess about their inner life.

  • Charismatic eyes: most women with soulful eyes are intelligent, energetic and willing to try to assert themselves.
  • Lifeless eyes: women with lifeless eyes often lack positivity and have no spirit of improvement at work, so it is difficult to gain the love and support of those around them.
  • Wandering eyes: this is the most hated eye shape because women with this look are often considered dishonest and are also said to take advantage of others. Therefore, they rarely receive the trust of those around them.


Eye shape not only shows the inner life but also partly shows the ability and intelligence of a woman. Most women with big, sharp eyes are intelligent, put in great effort at work, and have the ability to lead and lead others at work.

Tướng mắt phụ nữ thường thể hiện điều gì?
What do women’s eye shapes often show? How to read women’s eyes for the fate? 10 common eye shapes in women

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In addition to the above, eyes also clearly show a woman’s health status. Sad, tired eyes can come from stress, insomnia, or dull, lifeless eyes can be caused by neurological diseases.

Status and career

A woman’s career and wealth can also be inferred from her eyes. For example, people with phoenix eyes and lion eyes often achieve early success in their careers, have people around to help, and work smoothly and smoothly.

As for people with slanted eyes and single eyelids, it will be difficult for them to succeed. They have to really put in a lot of effort to achieve success.

Tướng mắt phụ nữ thường thể hiện điều gì?
What do women’s eye shapes often show? How to read women’s eyes for the fate? 10 common eye shapes in women


Like career status, phoenix eyes or lion eyes easily attract the attention of others and gain sympathy from them, especially people of the opposite sex. People with slanted eyes or single eyelids will have a difficult love life and find it difficult to find happiness.

How to read women’s eyes for the fate

By location

The ancients observed the physiognomy of women’s eyes in positions such as:

  • Dien Trach Palace

This is the part between the eyebrows and eyes. Dien Trach characteristics that are considered good usually have plump and delicate upper eyelids. They are often people who value their spiritual life because they have a complete material life and have inherited their ancestors’ property.

On the contrary, bad zodiac signs will be people with deeply concave or narrow upper eyelids. They often do not inherit their ancestors’ property, and they do not have the will to strive for advancement, so life is difficult.

  • Palace of Death:

The flesh located right under the eyes is called the uterus. Full, rosy eye bags mean a woman is successful at work and has many children. On the contrary, if a mole appears in the uterus, it is likely to cause infertility.

According to characteristics

Eye appearance can be divided into 10 types, including: phoenix eyes, crossed needle eyes, slanted eyes, lion eyes, single eyelid eyes, potato leaf eyes, dragon eyes, lower eyes,…

People who possess good eye shapes such as phoenix eyes, lion eyes, etc. often have a prosperous, wealthy life and achieve many successes in life.

women's eye shapes
What do women’s eye shapes often show? How to read women’s eyes for the fate? 10 common eye shapes in women

On the contrary, women with bad eyes such as snake eyes, tam white eyes… are often not lucky and happy.

According to the pupil

In addition to the two ways above, a woman’s eye appearance is also expressed through her pupils. Women with large, round pupils often have good energy and good luck. On the contrary, women with small, cloudy pupils often struggle and lack luck in life.

10 common eye shapes in women

The most common types of women’s eyes include phoenix eyes, slanted eyes, cross-needle eyes, potato leaf eyes, tam white eyes,…

Female form with phoenix eyes

Phoenix eyes are eyes that are narrow in width, long and have sharp corners. According to physiognomy, women with phoenix eyes are often closed people. They are considered skillful, intelligent, and good at dealing with people. Thanks to that, they have successful careers and open career paths.

As for love, women with phoenix eyes are often loved by many people around them, especially people of the opposite sex. Thanks to their intelligence and ingenuity, they have a fulfilling and happy married life.

women's eye shapes
What do women’s eye shapes often show? How to read women’s eyes for the fate? 10 common eye shapes in women

Female appearance with slanted eyes

Slanted eyes are a type of eye characterized by the corner of the eye being upturned and the corner of the eye being relatively narrow. Slanted eyes in women create a feeling of unapproachability to those around them.

However, unlike their appearance, they are very emotional and easily excitable people. Slanted-eyed women often lack the will to overcome difficulties and are afraid of hardship, so it is difficult for them to succeed in life.

Regarding love, women with slanted eyes should avoid men with similar eye shapes because both of them have personalities that like to control and command others.

The appearance of a woman with cross-eyed eyes

Metal cross-eyes are mild cross-eyes, difficult to recognize if they look straight, the irises are less misaligned. However, crossed eyes are often accompanied by single eyelids, short eyelids, etc., causing unsightliness for the patient.

Crossed eyes often appear in people who are petty, jealous, or jealous of others, so it is difficult to gain sympathy from those around them. Their life, career or love life is quite difficult, facing many difficulties and obstacles.

The appearance of a woman with potato leaf eyes

As the name suggests, this eye type has a shape similar to a potato, the end of the eye is slightly slanted towards the eyebrows. A woman with potato leaves is considered strong, independent and sharp.

Therefore, they have a lot of success at work and are loved and admired by many people. However, they are judged as unfaithful, easily changeable, and not family women.

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The appearance of a woman with three white eyes

This type of eye has an uneven ratio of black and white, the white is more and often lies open below, the black is above. This is said to be a bad eye according to physiognomy.

Women with white eyes are petty and selfish, they are calculating and put their own interests first. Therefore, they live alone, with few friends. In return, they are smart, talented and know how to seize opportunities.

Women with white eyes attach great importance to money, so love encounters many difficulties

Pigeon-eyed female appearance – common female eye appearance

This is a beautiful, very popular eye shape, with two eyelids, the upper eyelid is clearer than the lower eyelid and the eyeball is quite round. Dove-eyed women are gentle and gentle, always creating a feeling of comfort for the other person.

They are often lucky, so their lives are quite favorable and their careers advance. In addition, they are also the model of family women, wholeheartedly taking care of their husbands and children, so their married life is perfect.

The appearance of a woman with narrow eyes

Women’s appearance with squinty eyes: The most recognizable feature of squinty eyes is the small eye size and usually only 1 eyelid. When viewed directly, it looks like it is squinting. Women with narrow eyes often cheat and have difficulty building people’s trust, so relationships around them are difficult to develop. Due to dishonesty, selfishness, and stubbornness, narrow-eyed women cannot be happy in love or marriage.

The appearance of a woman with lattice-leaf eyes

Lattice eyes are quite similar to single eyelid eyes but the tail is longer and sharper. Although not highly appreciated for aesthetics, this is a pretty good eye shape for women. Resourceful, diligent, caring personality, smooth career, advancement. In love, they always give their best without any calculation.


Lion-eyed female form

This eye shape is classified as a noble general, the lion’s eyes are large in size, the lower eyelids are short, and there are small rays near the irises. His eyes exude majesty and charisma that makes others fear him. They are open, straightforward, know how to seize opportunities and have good leadership abilities and qualities.

The appearance of women with single eyelids – the common eye appearance of women

This eye shape is characterized by a rather narrow width, often not revealing the entire pupil. Women with single eyelids are often introverted and secretive. They are good at hiding their emotions, making them feel difficult to approach. Their path to fame and love was not very smooth and faced many obstacles.

Thus, through the article above, BeDental has brought you information about women’s eye appearance. Hopefully you have received useful information and have been able to distinguish and recognize the types of women’s eyes as well as their fortunes. In addition to the eyes, the smile is also a very important part of determining wealth and facial appearance.

women's eye shapes
What do women’s eye shapes often show? How to read women’s eyes for the fate? 10 common eye shapes in women

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