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Top 10 reputable Pharmacies in Hanoi : Find the most suitable Pharmacy for you

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, boasts a vibrant pharmacy scene that caters to the health and wellness needs of its residents and visitors. From traditional establishments with a rich history to modern chains embracing technology, Hanoi offers a diverse range of pharmacies, each with unique features and services. 

In this article, we explore the pharmacies of Hanoi, highlighting their commitment to quality, convenience, and professional care. Join us on this journey to uncover the gems that contribute to Hanoi’s thriving healthcare landscape.

Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi – FPT Long Chau Pharmacy 

 Fpt Long chau - One of the best pharmacies in Hanoi
Reputable pharmacy in Hanoi – Long Chau pharmacy

FPT Long Chau Pharmacy, a member of the FPT Corporation, is a leading and reputable retail pharmaceutical chain in Vietnam with 20 years of experience in the industry. With a network of pharmacies spanning across all 63 provinces and cities, FPT Long Chau Pharmacy takes pride in its dedicated team of knowledgeable staff who are committed to providing customers with the best healthcare services. They offer expert advice on the proper and effective use of medicines, ensuring safety and delivering high-quality products.

With a mission to provide the best healthcare for the community, FPT Long Chau Pharmacy understands that a strong brand is the foundation for development and the basis of trust for individual choices.

Therefore, they strive tirelessly to create unique value and bring customer satisfaction through a range of services. These services include providing a complete range of cancer medications prescribed by hospitals, leading in hospital-prescribed medicines, supplying a variety of prescription and non-prescription drugs, functional foods, medical equipment, pharmaceutical cosmetics, and healthcare products.

Adhering to the principle of “4 Rights” consultation – the right medicine, the right dosage, the right administration, and the right price – FPT Long Chau Pharmacy continues to modernize and optimize conditions for consumers by offering online ordering and delivery services through the Long Chau – Medicine Expert mobile application.

Putting themselves in the shoes of their customers, FPT Long Chau Pharmacy deeply understands and caters to their psychological and healthcare needs, continuously adjusting and improving their products and services to meet the highest customer requirements.



  • 637 – 639 Hoang Hoa Tham, Vinh Phuc, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • 161 Mai Hac De, Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
  • 130 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Phung Town, Dan Phuong District, Hanoi
  • Khu 7 Quoc Lo 32, Tram Troi Town, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi
  • 128 Tinh Lo 419, Lien Quan Town, Thach That District, Hanoi
  • 44 Tran Thai Tong, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • 62 To 3 Pho Xom, Phu Lam Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
  • 93 Hang Ma, Hang Ma Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • 232 Ngo Gia Tu, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi
  • 9 An Duong, Yen Phu Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Khu tai dinh cu 182 Le Loi, Le Loi Ward, Son Tay Town, Hanoi
  • Thon Co Dien, Hai Boi Commune, Dong Anh District, Hanoi
  • Xom Ho, Thon Yen Nhan, Tien Phong Commune, Me Linh District, Hanoi
  • 230 Phan Trong Tue, Ta Thanh Oai Commune, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi
  • 354 Xuan Dinh, Xuan Dinh Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Hotline: 1800 6928

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Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi – Pharmacity Pharmacy

Reputable pharmacy in Hanoi – Pharmacity

Established in November 2011, Pharmacity is one of the first modern retail pharmacy chains in the Vietnamese market, dedicated to enhancing the quality of healthcare for each customer. This vision was initially conceived by Mr. Chris Blank, the founder of the company and an American pharmacist who had worked in Vietnam for many years. With his passion and creativity, Mr. Chris Blank established Pharmacity, aiming to provide the best experiences for customers.

Currently, Pharmacity has a widespread network of stores throughout Vietnam, including 90 stores in Hanoi. Pharmacity aims to achieve 1,000 retail stores for western medicine and functional foods in Ho Chi Minh City by 2023. Furthermore, in the future, Pharmacity plans to expand its system nationwide, aiming to become a modern retail pharmacy that offers optimal experiences for customers.

At Pharmacity’s stores, customers can find a wide range of medicines, including both western and traditional medicine. In addition, Pharmacity provides products for the healthcare and beauty needs of their beloved family members.

When visiting any Pharmacity store, customers can experience and purchase high-quality, reputable products in the healthcare market. Each customer receives dedicated support and heartfelt advice, serving as a guiding principle for Pharmacity’s business operations: “Saving more – Living healthier.”



288 Hoang Cong Chat Street, Phu Dien Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

173 Vinh Hung Street, Vinh Hung Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

Hotline: 1800 6821

Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi – Pharmart is a part of BPPharma Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, which is a member of the diversified BPGroup conglomerate. takes pride in being one of the leading healthcare providers in Vietnam. confidently serves as a One Stop Shop for customers seeking a wide range of therapeutic and healthcare products such as medicines, dietary supplements, beauty care products, and products for mothers and babies, with the following commitments:

– 100% genuine products approved by the Ministry of Health, with clear origins and carefully selected from reputable domestic and international pharmaceutical companies.

– Dedicated pharmacists and medical professionals providing attentive consultations.

– 30-day return and exchange support.

In addition to integrating advanced technology platforms for easy online shopping experiences, also operates offline pharmacy locations in central city areas to cater to all customer needs. To date, has proudly served thousands of patients annually across different regions of the country.

With the increasing demand for healthcare services, continuously strives to enhance the knowledge of its team of doctors and pharmacists, improve care consultation processes, and collaborate with reputable partners. The goal is to better serve customers and provide patients with access to high-quality healthcare products and modern medical devices at the best prices.



– Hanoi Pharmacy: 22 Khâm Thiên, Khâm Thiên, Đống Đa, Hanoi.

– Ho Chi Minh City Pharmacy: 212 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật, Ward 3, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hotline: 1900 6505

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Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi – Long Tam Pharmacy 

Nha thuoc Long tam 1
Reputable pharmacy in Hanoi – GPP pharmacy

The Long Tam Pharmacy is strategically located in the Hai Ba Trung District of Hanoi. With a highly experienced team of pharmacists and staff members who are passionate about their work, the Long Tam Pharmacy Network has established itself as one of the most reputable pharmacies in Hanoi and across the country.

The Long Tam Pharmacy Network offers a wide range of product categories, including:

– Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

– Vitamins and dietary supplements

– Personal care cosmetics

– Food and beverages

– Products for mothers and babies

– Products for men

– Imported medicines, and more.

Long Tam Pharmacy specializes in retailing new-generation medicines, ensuring clear origins and guaranteed quality. The pharmacy is managed by a team of experienced doctors and pharmacists who provide professional guidance and advice on the proper and optimal use of medications.

The Long Tam Pharmacy regularly organizes health screening and consultation programs, demonstrating its special commitment to community health. Some of these programs include:

– Cancer screening for three specific indices:

  – Hepatocellular carcinoma (AFP)

  – Colorectal cancer (CEA)

  – Breast cancer (CA 15-3)

– Osteoporosis screening and consultation for adults

– Bone density measurements and height diagnosis for children

For more information, you can contact the hotline 



– 197 – 199 Giải Phóng, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

– 127 Giải Phóng, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

Phone: 0981 810 282

Opening hours: 07:00 – 22:00

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Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi – 365 Pharmacy

Nha thuoc 365

365 Pharmacy specializes in providing a wide range of Western medicine products from renowned brands at the most competitive prices. At 365 Pharmacy, customers can freely choose from thousands of different products, including medical devices, therapeutic medicines, dietary supplements, as well as beauty and body care products. Our mission at 365 Pharmacy is to maximize the benefits for our customers in healthcare by offering the best products and services.

Currently, 365 Pharmacy has demonstrated strong growth with a team of dynamic and enthusiastic staff, including doctors, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical professionals. We not only provide customers with the best products but also listen, support, and provide advice on any concerns or questions regarding product usage and healthcare. 365 Pharmacy continuously strives and makes efforts to bring the best products and services to our customers.

365 Pharmacy currently offers thousands of healthcare products, and this number continues to increase. We make every effort to listen and understand the needs of consumers, gradually becoming a reliable companion in every family’s healthcare. 365 Pharmacy satisfies the need for quick, efficient, cost-effective, and safe shopping. We provide optimal, high-quality products at competitive prices that are suitable for each customer.


Address: 365 – 113 Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Hotline: 1800 6284 & 0987 960 404

Opening hours: 08:00 – 20:00

Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi – Phuong Chinh Pharmacy

Nha thuoc Phuong Chinh
Reputable pharmacy in Hanoi – Phuong Chinh pharmacy

Phuong Chinh Pharmacy is a Western pharmacy network established on May 10, 1988. With over 33 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, it is the most reputable and long-standing pharmacy in Hanoi. Phuong Chinh Pharmacy is trusted by numerous patients who come to purchase medicines, and it has been honored by various newspapers and magazines as one of the most reputable pharmacies in Hanoi.

With years of experience in healthcare and beauty care, our team of highly knowledgeable pharmacists is professionally trained and continuously invited renowned professors from Hanoi Medical University to provide additional education during our operations. This ensures that we deliver the most accurate advice on health and the best quality products to our customers.

We offer a wide range of products with a rich portfolio of over 10,000 items, including unique products that are not available in every pharmacy. We prioritize providing the best prices to ensure that customers receive the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Phuong Chinh Pharmacy adheres to a policy of rejecting smuggled goods, low-quality products, and items with unknown origins. Therefore, every customer who purchases from Phuong Chinh Pharmacy can feel assured that they are buying genuine, high-quality products.



– 169 Mai Hac De, Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

– 38 Mai Hac De, Nguyen Du, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

– 29 Bach Mai, Cau Den, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Hotline: 1900 6822 & 1800 6666 & 024 7300 3333

Opening hours: 7:00 – 22:00

Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi – Friendly Pharmacy

Nha thuoc than thien
Reputable pharmacy in Hanoi – friendly pharmacy

In order to meet the needs of caring for and protecting the health of the people, and understanding the importance of choosing the right dosage, medicine names, and reputable quality to take care of the health of the Vietnamese people, Friendly Pharmacy was established with the aim of providing customers with high-quality products, competitive prices, and a wide range of choices. Friendly Pharmacy meets the Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) standards set by the Drug Administration Department, Ministry of Health, and always prioritizes top quality.

Friendly Pharmacy specializes in retailing finished medicines. The quality of the medicines is guaranteed with reputable brands. Customers receive medicines with intact labels and long expiration dates. Despite offering a wide range of products, the prices of medicines at Friendly Pharmacy are very reasonable.

At Friendly Pharmacy, each pharmacist not only possesses high professional competence but also receives training and education to excellently fulfill their assigned missions. This helps Friendly Pharmacy maintain the trust of its customers and be worthy of pride for Vietnam.

Moreover, keeping up with the trend of technology 4.0, Friendly Pharmacy has embraced selling medicines on its Fanpage and website. Customers can refer to various medicine products there. Additionally, they can place orders and have the medicines delivered to their specified addresses by the pharmacy’s delivery team. For prescription medicines, patients can send their prescriptions to the pharmacy, and then Friendly Pharmacy will deliver the medicines directly to their homes.


Address: No. 10, Alley 68/39, Cau Giay Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

Phone: 0916 893 886

Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi – Viet Pharmacy Supermarket Chain

Sieu thi thuoc viet
Reputable pharmacy in Hanoi – Thuoc Viet Supermarket

Viet Pharmacy Supermarket Chain is a favored pharmaceutical distribution system for medical supplies and food products in Hanoi. The Viet Pharmacy Supermarket Chain is currently expanding to become the largest distribution system in Vietnam.

Why choose to buy medicines at Viet Pharmacy Supermarket Chain locations?

– Medicines at Viet Pharmacy Supermarket Chain are 100% genuine.

– Proper usage advice reduces costs and improves effectiveness.

– No counterfeit, fake, or low-quality products are sold at Viet Pharmacy Supermarket Chain.

– Prices are accurate and always the lowest in the market.

– The system has well-maintained facilities and pharmacies that meet the highest standards for medication storage.

– Viet Pharmacy Supermarket Chain always satisfies even the most demanding customers.

– It is the largest pharmacy chain in Hanoi.

– Customers looking for addresses to purchase quality medicines at affordable prices with excellent service can rely on the Viet Pharmacy Supermarket Chain and be assured they will not be disappointed.



– 31a Lang Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi – 024 6675 7119 & 0386 333 888

– 112a Ton That Tung, Dong Da, Hanoi – 0865 393 699

Hotline: 1900 866 818

Opening hours: 07:30 – 20:30

Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi – Tâm Việt Pharmacy

Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi
Reputable pharmacy in Hanoi – Tam Viet

Tâm Việt Pharmacy is a pharmacy chain specializing in distributing nutritional products and supplements that guarantee quality. With the principle of working with the Heart of the Vietnamese people.

To meet the needs of busy individuals who are always occupied with work and understand the importance of choosing reputable and quality products to take care of the health of the Vietnamese people, Vietnamese Pharmacy Network was established with the aim of providing customers with products of good quality, competitive prices, and a wide range of choices.

Tâm việt Pharmacy helps you always have peace of mind regarding health issues so that you can be dedicated to your work and successful in life. Tâm Việt pharmacy Network specializes in distributing Western medicines, nutritional products, and supplements that guarantee quality. With the principle of working with the Heart of the Vietnamese people, it ensures good quality at the most reasonable prices for customers.


Address: No. 4/152 Hao Nam, Cho Dua, Dong Da, Hanoi

Phone: 0878 734 730 & 0355 142 578

Top 10 reputable pharmacies in hanoi – Sao Thai Duong Pharmacy

Sao Thai Duong Pharmacy is not just a Western pharmacy with all the medications and functions of a regular pharmacy, but it is also a pharmacy built on its own desires and dedication.

Sao Thai Duong Pharmacy has university-educated pharmacists providing consultations at the pharmacy. All staff at the pharmacy must meet the standards of understanding diseases, consulting methods, and selecting the most suitable medications for patients. The product range includes various types of modern medications, medications derived from herbal ingredients, functional foods, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. With the top priority of medication quality, it rejects counterfeit and low-quality products at the best prices.



– 344 Xa Dan, Dong Da, Hanoi – 0965 583 334

– 84 Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi – 0965 572 220

Opening hours: 07:00 – 21:30




CS1: 7B Thi Sách, Ngô Thì Nhậm, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội - 0934.61.9090
CS2: Tòa nhà CC2, Nguyễn Hữu Thọ, Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội (Bên trong Truehope) - 0934.61.9090


CS1: 53 -55 -57 Phó Đức Chính, Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, Tp.Hồ Chí Minh - 0766.00.8080
CS2 :Số 25, đường số 7 khu đô thị Cityland Gò Vấp (Ngõ 672A Phan Văn Trị), Gò Vấp, TP Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam -  093 181 0680


CS1: 39A Đ. Lê Hồng Phong, Hưng Bình, Thành phố Vinh, Nghệ An - 0934.61.9090


09h00 – 21h00. Tất cả các ngày trong tuần



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