Implant Osstem and all you need to know

Implant OSSTEM is a line of implant posts manufactured by AIC, an organization that specializes in implant training in Korea. This is the leading post line in the Korean dental implant market, popular in more than 50 countries around the world, the post system has a history of 14 years.

What is Implant Osstem ?

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What is an Implant Osstem ?

OSSTEM dental implant is a Korean type produced by AIC Professional Dental Education Institute. This is also the first line of posts available on the Korean dental implant market, popular in more than 50 countries around the world, the system has a history of 14 years.

Like other types, OSSTEM Implant is also made of pure titanium material, with high biocompatibility, so it is easy to attach to the jawbone quickly and firmly.

Functionally, the OSSTEM implant post is designed to resemble a lost tooth root, this post is stable in the jawbone and supports eating and chewing like real teeth. Therefore, people who lose teeth only need about 3 – 6 months to complete the OSSTEM implants.

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3 considerable benefits of Implant Osstem

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Process of Implant surgery

Implant post system integrates bone quickly with an excellent design

The stability and ability to chew almost like real teeth of Implant teeth depends largely on the biocompatibility of the Implant post. That is also the reason why the OSSTEM Implant post is specially designed with a tapered cylinder body, the groove is located in the position of the cylinder body with a rough surface, so it is easy to integrate firmly with the jawbone.

Especially with this design, implant OSSTEM can enhance strength even in weak bone structure conditions.

20-year warranty

With an almost absolute success rate of implantation, OSSTEM Implant is also considered as one of the types of Implant benign to the body and does not cause irritation. Therefore, anybody who has lost their teeth only needs to perform Implant once to be able to eat and chew almost as well as real teeth.

Moreover, Implant OSSTEM has 20-year warranty and can last for lifetime if take care properly

Chewing function as real teeth with the most optimize price

The Implant Osstem can help people with lost teeth take back the chewing function as real teeth. However, the implant lines on the market today are quite expensive, so not everyone can invest in implementation. For customers who have financial ability, we should learn and choose to come to this method earlier to be able to have a beautiful, shining set of teeth like the original one.

In the top of the line of high quality but affordable Implant cylinders, OSSTEM Implant promises to help you get a new tooth for the second time in your life at the most economical cost. This has helped people with missing teeth around the world have the opportunity to access modern implant methods and improve their ability to chew.

Unsuccessful implant placement not only costs time, effort, and money, but also affects your spirit and confidence in daily communication. To avoid distractions in your life, choosing a reputable dental clinic is the most crucial factor

The Osstem implant system helps customers minimize pain during the implant procedure

Where can you get the service ?

BeDental was established in 2012. After a period of operation, the center quickly became a popular address for providing dental services and a leader of the dentistry field.

With highly trained dental professionals, the latest facilities, and advanced technology, BeDental is going to become the best dentistry center in Vietnam.

Osstem implant at BeDental
Osstem implant at BeDental

BeDental was established with the mission “Sow smile, spread success”, and we believe that everyone deserves to have a charming and confident smile. That’s why we try our best to solve the dental problems or obstacles that hide your stunning smile.

Above all, we believe that healthy teeth are the foundation of a happy life and a beautiful smile is the key to success. BeDental always makes the best attempt to become the leading business in the cosmetic dentistry field, especially in porcelain dental technology.

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Our team and facilities

With the best dental professionals in Vietnam, BeDental brings devotion and dedication to every customer as if we were family. BeDental is a reputable and professional dental system with various branches in city centres, which helps customers travel easily.

In addition, BeDental has the latest imported dental equipment, which is certified for safety by the Ministry of Health. 5-star facilities provide customers with a relaxing atmosphere while experiencing high-class dental services.



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