Implant Dentium and its procedure

What is Dentium implant? Nowadays, dental treatments have become popular because the demand for beauty is increasing. Among them, American Implant Dentium Superline is trending in Vietnam and is the top choice of many clients because of its outstanding advantages. Let’s find out more information about this treatment.

American Implant Dentium Superline

As a solution for tooth loss, there are various different methods of restoring teeth, such as dentures, porcelain teeth, etc. However, dental implants are still the first choice of customers because of their outstanding advantages.

Besides Korean post, American post is also highly recommended by professionals for its quality and durability.

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Structure of American Implant Dentium

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Structure of American Implant Dentium

100% made from titanium with a compact, elongated diameter structure, etc. The abutments between implant posts are firmly linked.

The connection between the abutment and the post is made up of 10 conical spirals to create a perfect fit and keep it stable in water and on the jaw.

Implant posts have a large surface area, making them suitable for conditions requiring maxillary sinus augmentation.

Patients can shorten the treatment from 2 to 3 months and can chew normally thanks to the dual-groove system designed on the implant body.

Outstanding advantages of American Implant Dentium

  • Firmness, durability, and good bearing
  • High aesthetics help gain more confidence in communication.
  • Light, stable, and anti-oxide in mouth
  • Avoid to jaw resorption due to tooth loss
  • Lessen the implantation period
  • Food sensors as natural teeth
  • Long lifespan and properly lifetime

American Implant Dentium Procedure

Process of American implant Dentinum
Process of American implant Dentium

Step 1:Have a comprehensive exam and X-ray to determine the sufficient conditions to perform the implant. Consulting and answering questions.

Step 2: Plan and choose the appropriate implant that is affordable and suitable for the patient’s budget and their requirement. The doctor advises putting extra bones before implanting in some cases.

Step 3: Local anesthetic to insert the post into gum, the patient will be anesthetized during the procedure, so there is no pain. In addition, there are tools to support minor errors.

Step 4: After implanting the post, wait for the post to fit with the jaw for 2 to 4 months depending on each case, the doctor will restore the tooth shape.

Step 5: Re-examination your dentist regularly to check the condition and the recovery process of your teeth.

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Is American implant Dentium safe ?

With the currently advanced American dental implant technique, customers can be completely assured of the quality and safety of dentium implants. Because if the customer is performed by a highly skilled and professional doctor, along with modern equipment and facilities, a plan for proper dental care and hygiene, following the instructions of the doctor,then implant can be used permanently

Who can use American implant Dentium ?

American dental implants can be used for all ages and genders to fix the loss of incisors and molars.

American implant Dentium cost ?

This is the most common type of dental implant today. According to statistics over the years, this type of Implant is always in the top of the best dental implants in the world, trusted by many customers. The price of this type usually includes the cost of the post and attached porcelain teeth, ranging from 16.000.000 to 18.000.000 vnd depending on each dental clinic.

Clients use American implant Dentium at BeDental
Clients use American implant Dentium at BeDental
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Clients use American implant Dentium at BeDental

At dental clinics specializing in implant surgery will ensure using meet -the-international-standards implant posts with reasonable price. Therefore, choosing a reputable and professional dental place makes you don’t have to worry about complications of using low-quality posts, they will assure you can do implant surgery in an effective and safe way. In addition, the global warranty makes it easier for you to choose the implant lines of famous brands. Lifetime warranty anytime, anywhere!



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