Implant Tekka and 3 tips to do high-quality implant Tekka

Implant Tekka are very popular in the market. Because Tekka Implants are more effective than normal implants.

What is Implant Tekka ? 

Tekka implant post is a French implant manufactured by Global D Group (Brignas, France). Currently, Tekka Implant is a main product line around the world and is a best seller in the European market.

As an international quality implant line, Implant Tekka gives patient reassurance because it can restore most cases of clinical tooth loss.

Trồng răng implant Tekka - giải pháp dành trồng răng phù hợp cho mọi lứa tuổi
Implant Tekka

In addition, Tekka Implant is made of pure titanium alloy, considered the most reliable material in the implant restorations field, contributing to the best implant results.

Like other high-quality implant posts on the market, Tekka implants will replace lost roots with stability, jawbone integration, durability, biocompatibility and aesthetics.

These day, Global D Group produces and provides 6 types of implant Tekka post for the global dental market: In-Kone Tekka, Kresta Tekka, Monobloc Tekka, Progress Tekka, T-Quest Tekka and TwinKon Tekka.

3 significant advantages of Tekka Implant


Like common implant posts, Tekka implant posts are made of pure titanium, very benign, highly biocompatible, non-allergic, and non-oxidizing, so even they are under the influence of harmful factors in the oral environment, it is still firmly connected inside the jawbone. Titanium is also known for its hardness and bearing capacity, so it can be used as a substitute for real tooth root and still won’t affect chewing function. Once implanted in the jawbone, Tekka Implant will quickly integrate, stimulate growth in the surrounding jawbone and permanently exist in the jawbone.

Once implanted in the jawbone, Tekka Implant will quickly integrate, stimulate growth in the surrounding jawbone and permanently exist in the jawbone.

The success rate of Tekka implants can reach to 99%

Due to its high biocompatibility, Tekka Implant’s post-implantation success rate can reach to 99%. Especially due to its scientific design and properties that promote bone growth, it is also used to implant into the mandibular sinus area without additional bone grafting.

With a tapered cylindrical design with double threads, the implant placement process is faster and more stable, even in cases of instant restorations or short implants. Tekka implant is widely used in cases of placing implant posts after tooth extraction and low jaw bone density. The implant surface after treatment with SA2 technology has an appropriate and accurate roughness to help integrate the jawbone quickly, shortening the time of implantation.

Chewing function 

Tekka is made of TA6V ELI compound, also known as Titanium Eli grade 5, which is very durable compared to the grade 4 titanium of other implants.

3 tips to do high-quality implant Tekka

Nowadays, there are over 100 implant manufacturers that bring many huge benefits to people who have lost teeth. So how to choose a high-quality implant to restore the best chewing function? As a dentist specializing in dental implants for middle-aged Vietnamese, Bedental Dental shares 3 secrets to choosing effective implants:

Prestigious dental implant company 

Long-standing implant companies often have a lot of experience in researching and producing the best implant lines for people with missing teeth. The selection of implant posts has international quality and origin can also ensure the safety of dental implants, minimizing risks. In addition, with a long-standing Implant like Tekka, Nobel will have a higher probability of success because it is trusted by many doctors around the world, its prestige and quality has been verified.

The implant post is suitable for the situation of tooth loss and the ability to integrate with the jaw arch.

Each case of missing tooth is different in terms of tooth loss status, time of tooth loss, quantity and quality of jaw bone. Thus, the choice of implant post line that integrates rapidly jaw bone is suitable for most clinical cases, such as the Tekka implant line. However, you need to visit your dentist to check the condition of your jawbone and will be assigned the most suitable type of implant for your missing tooth.

Choose an implant with a long-term warranty at a reputable and quality dental clinic.

At dental clinics specializing in implant surgery will ensure using meet -the-international-standards implant posts with reasonable price. Therefore, choosing a reputable and professional dental place makes you don’t have to worry about complications of using low-quality posts, they will assure you can do implant surgery in an effective and safe way. In addition, the global warranty makes it easier for you to choose the implant lines of famous brands. Lifetime warranty anytime, anywhere!

BeDental – Dental clinic specialize in Implant Tekka, effective and safe at the same time

BeDental has the latest imported dental equipment which is certified for safety by the Ministry of Health. At BeDental, we always ensure the best things for your oral health, minimize any possible complications

Implant surgery at BeDental
Implant surgery at BeDental



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