What are Venus porcelain dental crowns ?

Originated in Germany, Venus has high durability and natural color like real teeth. With outstanding features of zirconia crowns, Venus has been chosen by many clients

Răng sứ Venus xuất sứ từ Đức
Venus teeth – Venus porcelain dental crowns from Germany

Manufactured through the modern CAD/CAM technology, Venus porcelain teeth were produced precisely about tooth shape. High-quality Porcelain workpieces are imported directly from Germany and heated to 1200 celsius to reach the hardness which is harder than metal crowns. Only 0.3mm to 0.5mm thickness but you can assure about chewing function and durability and don’t have to worry about chipped teeth or dropped crowns

Venus is also a safe porcelain teeth line and compatible with the human body. Venus porcelain dental crowns with antimicrobial high levels, you don’t have to worry about infection, gingivitis, gradual discoloration or darkened gum line,…

How much for a Venus porcelain tooth ?

Beside guaranteed quality, Venus is a mid-end porcelain teeth line, meeting the demand of many clients. At BeDental, a Venus porcelain tooth costs 3.500.000 vnd. There are many clients trusted Venus line and chose us because of this reasonable price

nieng rang 12
Venus teeth

However, Venus porcelain teeth lines aren’t popular as it was due to the fact that there are more and more new lines on the market, fixing all disadvantages of Venus such as hardness, aesthetics, and endurability. Normally, Venus teeth have 400 Mpa hardness, harder than real teeth 2,3 times. Nevertheless, compared to new porcelain teeth generations, which are can reach to 1400Mpa, Venus’s strength cannot consider ideal

The reflective ability of Venus porcelain is not too good, so Venus porcelain teeth are white, but they do not have the glazed and natural color like the new porcelain lines. Regarding the durability of porcelain teeth, on average, Venus porcelain teeth have an endurability of about 15-20 years, while many other high-end porcelain lines can be maintained for a lifetime if cared for properly.

Who can use Venus porcelain dental crowns ?

  • People who have teeth discoloration, tetracycline teeth

  • People who have chipped or broken teeth

  • People who have to do root canal treatment

  • People who have slight underbite, overbite, uneven tooth

  • People who have gap-toothed

  • People who make a bridge for teeth or make dental implant

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Clients’s feedback

Khách hàng lựa chọn răng sứ Venus tại nha khoa Bedental
Clients who chose Venus porcelain teeth at BeDental
Khách hàng lựa chọn răng sứ Venus tại nha khoa Bedental
Clients who chose Venus porcelain teeth at BeDental
Khách hàng lựa chọn răng sứ Venus tại nha khoa Bedental
Clients who chose Venus porcelain teeth at BeDental
venus porcelain dental crowns
Clients who chose Venus porcelain dental crowns at BeDental

Where can you get the service ?

On the market, there are myriad dental clinics that supply Venus porcelain dental crowns. However, there are also many places that supply low quality ones. You should consider prestigious dental clinics to have porcelain teeth to avoid complications such as gingivitis, inflammation,…

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BeDental is one of the most reputable clinic in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh city with advantages:

    • Free X-ray and consulting for clients
    • Qualified doctors with many years experience, specialize in the dental field.
    • Clear and reasonable fee,having contract between patient and doctors
    • Well-equipped clinic, sterilization rooms meet the Ministry of Health’s standards
    • Modern dental equipment which is imported from foreign countries, certified for safety by the Ministry of Health.
    • Venus porcelain teeth imported directly from German
    • Warranty card for different porcelain teeth


Contact us via Hotline 0934.61.9090 so we can answer your questions

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