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Unveiling 13 Places to Visit near Hanoi!

Embark on a journey of discovery that takes you beyond the bustling streets of Hanoi and into the enchanting realm of its surroundings. Nestled amidst the lush landscapes and cultural treasures of northern Vietnam, there lies a collection of hidden gems that beckon the curious traveler.

In this guide, we unveil 13 captivating places to visit near Hanoi, each offering a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and authentic experiences. From ancient temples to serene lakes, from picturesque villages to majestic mountains, this is your gateway to exploring the diverse tapestry of landscapes and cultures that lie just beyond the city’s embrace. Join us as we venture beyond the city limits, opening the door to a world of adventure and discovery that awaits in the enchanting vicinity of Hanoi.

Bat Trang Pottery Village

  • Location: On the banks of the Red River, in Gia Lam district, more than 10 km from the center of Hanoi

Bat Trang Pottery Village – A unique cultural relic associated with the traditional ceramic craft village of Vietnam, preserving a part of the cultural quintessence over the centuries. Located in the suburbs of Hanoi capital, Bat Trang is not only one of the oldest pottery villages but also considered the heart of traditional ceramics with a variety of product types and designs.

13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

With a history of formation and development from the 14th century, Bat Trang is not only a place of mass production of quality ceramic products, but also a profound cultural treasure. The potters here are not only craftsmen, they are also the ones who inspire, tell stories and traditional values through each painting on exquisite products. Bat Trang Pottery Village is regularly considered an open-air museum, with thousands of works ranging from vases, plates, cups and bowls to sculptures and paintings on ceramics.

Not only famous for the variety of products, Bat Trang also scores with unique and ancient architectural works. Traditional pottery kilns have existed for hundreds of years, creating unique handicrafts.

Besides maintaining and developing traditional ceramics, Bat Trang is also an attractive cultural destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Tourists can visit the traditional pottery kilns, participate in the pottery making process to experience and learn more deeply about the traditional craft of the village. In addition, the annual events, exhibitions and fairs here also create a vibrant cultural exchange space, preserving and developing the beauty of the past.

In short, Bat Trang pottery village is not only a place to produce ceramics, but also a colorful cultural treasure, a film showing the interweaving between tradition and modernity of Vietnamese people.

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VinWonders Hanoi Wave Park và VinWonders Hanoi Water Park

Don’t forget to have fun at two high-class entertainment areas of VinWonders: VinWonders Hanoi Wave Park (Vinhomes Ocean Park 2) and VinWonders Hanoi Water Park (Vinhomes Ocean Park 3). Recharge your energy with a weekend getaway with family, friends and colleagues at 2 super exciting water parks located at the eastern gateway of Hanoi.

13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
  • At VinWonders Hanoi Wave Park, you will be immersed in the largest saltwater lake in Asia, the largest wave pool in the world, 10 clusters of interesting water games and many attractive sea sports, check-in with Atlantis-themed landscape (3 ocean-inspired walking bridges, 30m high Royal Mountain).
  • At VinWonders Hanoi Water Park, you can experience exciting challenges with a large outdoor swimming pool, an indoor four-season swimming pool, endless events and music festivals…

Yen So Park

  • Location: On National Highway 1A, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

Yen So Park – A green paradise in the heart of Hanoi capital, is one of the outstanding tourist destinations near the city center. With a fresh and clean space, this park is an ideal destination for those who seek relaxation, feel nature and enjoy outdoor activities.

13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

With an area of up to 232 hectares, Yen So Park is undoubtedly one of the largest green areas in Hanoi. This allows tourists and locals to have ample space to immerse themselves in nature, enjoy fresh air and create memorable memories.

One of the highlights of the park is the green lake, creating a beautiful and relaxing picture. The view of the lake and the shimmering rays of the sun create a wonderful relaxing space where guests can relax, stroll along the lakeside, and even challenge themselves by camping in the area. designated area.

The park is also famous for protecting and preserving diverse flora. The green trees, fresh flowers and large lawns create a beautiful and harmonious picture of nature, helping visitors to enjoy the green space and release their souls into nature.

Co Loa Citadel

  • Location: In Co Loa commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi

Co Loa citadel is the largest and most unique ancient citadel of scale and structure among the ancient citadel in Vietnam, and is one of 21 national tourist sites recognized. In the Co Loa citadel, there are many relics such as: Thuong Temple, Ngoc Well, Co Loa Communal House… are the relics of the imperial capital of U Lac country from the 3rd century BC (BC) and the state of King Ngo Quyen in the 10th century (AD). ).

13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

Located about 15 km from Hanoi city center, Co Loa Citadel – a unique historical and cultural symbol – awaits you on a journey to learn about the country’s majestic past and historical journeys. important history.

Co Loa Citadel is not only a historical relic but also a unique architectural work. The coin-shaped arc system not only creates an advantage in the military but also is a symbol of the creativity and technology of the ancients. A special feature is located on Loc Ha street, blending between stone and time, taking you through important periods of history.

Co Loa Citadel is not only for history enthusiasts but also an interesting destination for everyone. Join family and friends in learning and relaxing activities. Immerse yourself in the green space, have a picnic, watch the shimmering sunset or explore the unique historical streets.

Tram Mountain

  • Location: In Phung Chau Commune, Chuong My District, Hanoi.

Located not far from the center of Hanoi city, Tram Mountain – also known as Tu Tram Son – is an enchanting tourist destination for those looking for a poetic natural space and worthwhile adventure experiences. miss. With majestic landscape, relaxing space and diverse camping and climbing services, Tram Mountain promises to bring visitors memorable and interesting moments.

13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

Tram Mountain is a beautiful natural picture with green mountains, covered with trees and peaceful space. This is the ideal place for you to escape the noise of urban life, find nature and connect with your soul.

Tram Mountain is a paradise for those who are passionate about camping experiences. You can choose to camp in the shade of trees, enjoy the quiet nights under the moonlight and stars. Experiencing moments of freedom in the natural space, you will feel the sublimation and harmony with the surrounding nature.

With diverse hills, Tram Mountain offers you the opportunity to challenge yourself with exciting climbing trips. The arduous and exhilarating climb will have you excited to explore every corner of this region, from the very top of your mountain to the breathtaking views from the summit.

Get ready to create memorable moments at Nui Tram. Enjoy a beautiful sunset, immerse yourself in a peaceful space, or join friends and family in exciting activities. Whether it’s an adventurous climb or an idyllic walk, Tram Mountain is sure to leave a deep impression on you.

With stunning natural beauty, relaxing space and exciting experience opportunities, Tram Mountain has become an ideal destination for those who love nature and want to learn the appeal of outdoor life.

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Thung Nai Hoa Binh

  • Location: Thung Nai commune, Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province (Da river), 110 km from Hanoi

Thung Nai Hoa Binh was originally a place where the Muong people lived in the past, in the 80s of the 20th century when the Da River hydropower project was deployed, this place became a vast lake with islands (formerly mountains) undulating. With this special event, Thung Nai Hoa Binh accidentally changed the mountain shirt to put on a charming pond that was admired by many people today.

13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

In the yesteryears, Thung Nai resonated with the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Muong community, their traditions deeply intertwined with the lush valleys and verdant hills. However, the wheels of progress turned relentlessly, propelling the Da River hydropower project into fruition and heralding an epochal transformation. The very essence of Thung Nai Hoa Binh underwent a poignant metamorphosis – from a realm where human lives thrived to an enchanting reservoir, where islands emerged as emerald gems in the midst of the water’s embrace.

The aftermath of this monumental endeavor was poetically poignant – a panorama where once-mighty mountains yielded to tranquil waters, painting a picturesque tableau. As if by chance, the very fabric of Thung Nai Hoa Binh underwent a metamorphic wardrobe change – from the rugged attire of mountains to the alluring garb of a beguiling pond, an alteration that has won the admiration of many discerning travelers today.

Embracing the enchanting allure of Thung Nai Hoa Binh today is an odyssey into the heart of nature’s resilience and human ingenuity. As you explore this captivating landscape, you traverse not just its scenic grandeur, but also the layers of history that have shaped it. The tale of Thung Nai Hoa Binh serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate interplay between humanity and the environment, a testament to the adaptability that unites us with nature.

Ha Long Bay

  • Location: belongs to the western part of the Gulf of Tonkin in the Northeastern sea area of Vietnam, including the sea and islands of Ha Long city in Quang Ninh province, 180 km from Hanoi.
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

In the journey of discovery from the South to the North of beautiful Vietnam, we can not ignore Ha Long Bay, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage with the same young water, charming mountains. Coming to Ha Long Bay, you will be able to take a boat ride through the majestic limestone and schist islands. Some outstanding landscapes in Ha Long Bay are Con Coc Islet, Ga Choi Islet, Ti Top Island, Ngoc Vung Island, Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave and Bai Tu Long Bay.

Explore Ha Long Bay at its best when visiting Luon Cave and Ti Top Island with an exciting itinerary from Langmoi: admire the splendid scenery in this island paradise, participate in boating or mountain climbing. Ha Long Bay is truly an impressive experience and you will understand why it was voted as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world.

Bai Dinh Pagoda 

  • Location: West of Hoa Lu ancient capital, on National Highway 38B, 95 km from Hanoi.
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

Located in the complex of Trang An scenic spots, Bai Dinh Ninh Binh pagoda is a large temple known for many records set in Vietnam as well as in Asia. Not only that, this sacred place is also impressed by its massive, magnificent architecture and movie-like beauty scene. Therefore, this is definitely an indispensable destination in the list of places to visit when traveling to the Northern provinces.

In particular, from January to March of the lunar calendar, the weather at Bai Dinh Pagoda in Ninh Binh is very beautiful, with a very cool and fresh climate, so there are many local festivals held during this period. this point.

Mua Caves Ecolodge

  • Location: Khe Dau Ha Hamlet, Ninh Xuan Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

Mua Caves Ecolodge Is a beautiful scene located inside the Hang Mua tourist area, in Tam Coc area, Hoa Lu ancient capital. Here, you can explore the mountain scenery, green trees. Looking down from the top of Mua Mountain, there will be ripe rice fields stretching endlessly. Mua Cave has artifacts like an upside down bell with nearly 500 steps leading to the top of the mountain with many delicate carvings from the Tran Dynasty. Legend has it that, in the past, King Tran visited this place to watch the concubines sing and dance, so the cave was called Hang Mua.

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex

  • Location: In Trang An, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province, 100 km from Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex is an eco-tourism area ranked as a particularly important national relic and a dual world heritage. Therefore, the attraction of Trang An is not only spread in the country but also in Asia and the world.

What makes Trang An different is its gentle, clear, quiet beauty with green mountains, separate from the bustle of the city or the bustling activities in the sea. Trang An place has a harmony between nature and local culture with three adjacent areas: Hoa Lu ancient capital, Tam Coc – Bich Dong scenic area and Hoa Lu – Van Long special-use forest.

Duong Lam ancient village

  • Location: 44 km west of Hanoi city center, in Son Tay town, Hanoi.

If you are looking for a travel experience about the rustic countryside and the temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Duong Lam Ancient Village is a “candidate” worth considering for a trip near Hanoi. . Only 44km from the capital, in Son Tay district, Duong Lam Ancient Village welcomes visitors with the gentle appearance of more than 900 traditional red-tile houses, winding village roads beside a clear lake and banyan trees. shade and the courtyard is quiet every summer afternoon.

13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

Coming to Duong Lam Ancient Village, you can enjoy taking photos of virtual life in places with nostalgic beauty such as Duong Lam Ancient Well, Mong Phu village gate, Mong Phu communal house, Giang Van Minh church, and temples. Phung Hung, Mausoleum and Ngo Quyen temple, etc. After exploring the ruins, don’t forget to fill your hungry stomach with local delicacies such as cane’s chicken, rice cakes, sausages, peanut candies or sesame candies.

Lan Ha Bay

  • Location: belonging to the Cat Ba archipelago, Hai Phong, 140 km from Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

Lan Ha Bay is a name that is not strange to sea and island tourism believers in Vietnam – possessing the same beauty as the famous Ha Long Bay. Lan Ha Bay is located in the south of Ha Long Bay and east of Cat Ba Island, spreading over an area of more than 7,000m2 with diverse terrain, so it is very suitable for tourism development. The ideal time to explore the caves, beaches, limestone mountains… in Lan Ha Bay is from April to the end of June; Meanwhile, from September, the number of tourists coming here to relax began to increase.

In Lan Ha Bay, you can enjoy exploring the local culture in floating markets, Cua Van fishing village, swimming, snorkeling, watching corals, kayaking on Nam Cat Island, enjoying making friends with living species. small animals in Monkey Island or take a basket boat through Luong Cave. Whether traveling alone or in a large group, a full emotional experience is what you get in Lan Ha Bay. Don’t miss it!

Moc Chau

  • Location: A district in Son La province, 190 km from Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi
13 Places to Visit near Hanoi

Moc Chau, a beautiful and brilliant highland with flower fields covering the sky, and green tea hills stretching to the distance, has long become a destination that captivates people’s hearts. With a mild and cool climate all year round, Moc Chau is always wonderfully beautiful in all situations: whether it’s winter or summer, whether it’s a warm sunny day or a white foggy day.

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Coming to Moc Chau, you will admire the beautiful beauty of the landscape flower fields, with the brilliant colors of mustard flowers, buckwheat flowers, plum flowers, peach blossoms and many other flowers. The array of bright colors along with the sweet fragrance of flowers will captivate people, creating romantic moments and harmony with nature.



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