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What are high cheekbones and high cheekbones in physiognomy 2024?

What are high cheekbones? High cheekbones in physiognomy will be shared by BeDental below.

Thế nào là gò má cao?

What are high cheekbones? 

What are high cheekbones? High cheekbones are a type of cheekbone structure that clearly stands out on the face, the cheekbone arch is close to the lower eyelid. When you touch your hand, you will feel that the bony mound is harder and more prominent than other parts of your face.

Besides, when you smile, your cheekbones will become more prominent and directly affect your face. In addition, most people believe that people with high cheekbones often have deep-set eyes and a receding chin.

The main cause is congenital or genetic, in addition it can be due to inadequate nutrition or the aging process causing a lack of fatty tissue on the cheeks.

And to evaluate high or low cheekbones, physiognomists will rely on a cross-section of your nose. When you do not smile or speak but your cheekbones are higher than the center of your nose as well as your forehead and chin, it will be classified as high cheekbones.

Thế nào là gò má cao?

How to recognize high cheekbones at home?

Some people have difficulty determining the position of the cheekbones. The following steps will help you identify high cheekbones that you can do at home:

Step 1: After removing makeup, stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit area of the house.

Step 2:

–First, place your thumb on the top of your ear.

– Next, place your index finger at the tip of your nose.

– And then bring 2 fingers in a straight line to each other, the line drawn by 2 fingers is the exact position of the cheekbones on your face. You will see a raised point under the skin, which is the cheekbone.

Step 3: Once you have identified your cheekbones, it will be easier to see the highest point. Look in the mirror, evaluate whether that point is right near the eye socket or slanted outward from the nose.

Step 4: If the point where the two hands touch (the highest point of the cheekbones) is close to the eyes and on the outside of the nose, then this is the highest point of the cheekbones. On the contrary, if your cheekbones are located close to the tip of your nose, you have low cheekbones.

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What kind of person has high cheekbones? High cheekbones in physiognomy

About a girl with high cheekbones, in physiognomy it is said: Women with high cheekbones are often close to their husbands. That means the woman’s husband will not live long, and the two of them will rarely be able to spend the rest of their lives together.

gò má cao trong nhân tướng học

In physiognomy, people come to the same conclusion. That story is in physiognomy. Above is the physiognomy’s concept that women with high cheekbones will be close to their husbands.

However, in reality, there is no science or technology that can prove and verify the correctness of this issue, so you absolutely should not worry too much. In addition, as society becomes more and more developed, old concepts will often be ignored and taken more lightly.

Along with the concept of women with high cheekbones in Asia, in Europe, this is extremely important. Normally, women with high cheekbones will easily advance in their jobs.

At the same time, the charisma of women with high cheekbones is highly appreciated and extremely popular, especially in beauty contests.

Is a woman’s high cheekbones a trait that kills her husband?

It is not necessary that high cheekbones are considered “evil”. Must see the correlation with many other parts of the face. Because the close-to-husband appearance is also combined with other characteristics such as gait, eyes, voice, moles, nose, etc., a conclusion can be drawn.

gò má cao

Women with dual powers are tall, wide, have a dignified face, bright eyes, neat eyebrows, warm voice, calm gestures, etc. are good-natured people, manage family and property with propriety. They often possess prestige and voice in society. If they are not born into the upper class, their career will have good luck in the future.

Women’s biceps gradually increase towards the ears and sideburns. The face in general looks plump, with rosy skin, high forehead, bright eyes, etc. This is a person who belongs to the category of “jade luong cot khoi” or “phung tail cot khoi”. These people are often long-lived, prosperous husbands and children, belonging to the prosperous generals.

Women’s two fists hang high, even reaching the corners of their eyes, called “fighting fists”. This person is hasty, stubborn, has children late, lacks the will to progress in many areas that challenge themselves or lacks determination when encountering difficulties.

Women who are tall but have flesh, are gradually taller and combine towards the bridge of the nose,… are people who are conservative, narrow-minded but have a strong will to progress, a stubborn personality, and are often critical or gossip about others. But if your body has a round back, a wide butt, and plump legs and arms, then it is a blessing.

The woman is tall, has a bony face, and a skinny body. This is the type of person who belongs to the “dry legs, veins and face”. According to physiognomy, this is the appearance of loneliness. These people have difficulty giving birth and are prone to infertility.

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Is it true that high cheekbones in men are considered wife-killing?

In contrast to career, men with high cheekbones bring unfavorable love life to their owners. Due to their hot-tempered, irritable nature and especially high ego, conflicts can easily arise with their other half. The love relationship also did not last long due to many disagreements.

Gò má cao trong nhân tướng học

For example, men with high, plump cheekbones are ambitious, like to command others, have high self-esteem, and have a high will to progress. Besides, they also have good and skillful communication, so their married life is very harmonious.

Men with high cheekbones, horizontally protruding cheekbones, not full, and deeply concave eye corners are often prone to violence, easily causing harm to their wives. When these people get married early, they are likely to divorce quickly. Or a person with high, rough cheekbones and a broken nose is a trait of being a wife-killer and worrying about family matters.

Just checking the man’s cheekbones to see if he is close to his wife or not is not enough. Please observe more about the coordination of the five senses on the face to have the most accurate assessment.

Is having high cheekbones bad?

Whether high cheekbones are beautiful or ugly depends on each person’s personal feelings. For some people, having high cheekbones is a flaw that makes them feel self-conscious and want to find ways to overcome it. Especially in ancient times, women with this trait often had difficulty getting married.

Even if they get married, they are not respected by their in-laws or their husbands. They live in bitter words and are always considered the “bad luck” of the whole family. Therefore, the love life of a girl with high cheekbones is very professional. They may marry extremely late or have their marriage broken up many times.

Gò má cao trong nhân tướng học
What kind of person has high cheekbones? How to choose glasses for high cheekbones

Nowadays, the problems of physiognomy are no longer as harsh as before. In particular, when women become more equal and have more status in this society, the concept of “high cheekbones close to the husband” will no longer affect life.

Contrary to the physiognomy observations of Eastern people, European and American countries love girls with high cheekbones. Women here with outstanding biceps are often considered fashionable. These girls are determined and always try their best at work. They are predicted to be successful and achieve great results in their careers.

In particular, Westerners are very impressed with the beautiful beauty and eye-catching charisma of tall bi-functional girls. If you are interested, you will see that in beauty contests or top beauty rankings in the world, beauties possessing bright beauty with outstanding breasts are often very popular.

How to choose glasses for high cheekbones

When choosing glasses for high cheekbones, you should pay attention to the following:

audit pic 47
What kind of person has high cheekbones? How to choose glasses for high cheekbones
  • Glass shape: Glasses need to have a shape that fits your face to ensure symmetry and harmony. With high cheekbones, you should choose square or rectangular frame glasses to ensure harmony.
  • Glasses size: Glasses must fit the area of your face. If the glasses are smaller, they won’t be enough to cover your high cheekbones. On the contrary, if the glasses are larger, it will make your face bigger.
  • Color: Choose glasses that match your style. If you want European style, choose black or brown glasses. If you want European style, choose gray or green glasses.
  • Glass material: Choose the type of glass that suits your skin. If you use glasses to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays, you should choose polarized glasses. If you use glasses when using the computer regularly, you should choose glasses that block ultraviolet rays.
  • Glass brand: Choosing a reputable glass brand will ensure high quality and good after-sales service.

In addition, you should test different types of glasses before choosing to buy to find the model that best suits your high cheekbones.

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Makeup for people with high cheekbones

If you have high cheekbones, you can apply makeup techniques that will help create the effect of reducing the height of your cheekbones and creating softness and coolness on your face. Here are a few suggestions:

What kind of person has high cheekbones?
What kind of person has high cheekbones? How to choose glasses for high cheekbones
  • Use makeup primer: Makeup primer will help your makeup adhere firmly and create smoothness on your face.
  • Choose foundation with high adhesion: Powder with high adhesion will help create a cool makeup layer on the skin, prevent clumping and help reduce skin dryness.
  • Apply contouring technique: Contouring is a makeup technique to create contours on the face to create an eye effect, reduce the height of the cheekbones and to highlight the natural features of the face. You can use powder, foundation or multi-purpose cosmetics to use on everyone.
  • Use blush: Blush helps create a bright and gentle effect on the face. If you have high cheekbones, apply blush below the cheekbones, which will help create balance with your face.
  • Use light lipstick: Using brightly colored lipstick will help create a fresh effect on the face and create balance with high cheekbones.

Combined with a beautiful hairstyle: In addition to makeup, you should choose a suitable hairstyle to help create balance with your face and cheekbones. Curly hairstyle or fishtail hairstyle is a good choice to help create balance on the face.

Massage tips for high cheekbones for men and women

For those with high cheekbones, the main solution is cheekbone reduction surgery. However, when the mind is not ready and the budget is not enough to do a maxillofacial surgery, massaging the cheekbones will help improve the face, creating the effect of lower cheekbones.

Massage is a method to help the face slim, firm and adjust the contours to be more balanced and harmonious. In case of high cheekbones, don’t skip the following 6 movements to lower the cheekbones and create the desired facial contour.

  • Step 1: Place 4 fingertips on the outer cheeks, close to the cheekbones, then gently stroke from bottom to top. Do this on both cheeks 5 – 10 times per set.
  • Step 2: Bend your index fingers and place them at the tip of each cheekbone. Gently pull from the side of the nose to the tip of the ear. Apply 5 – 10 times on both sides.
  • Step 3: Use the left thumb to place on the cheek, excluding the tip of the right cheekbone, then gently stroke from the bottom diagonally up to the hairline near the ear. Do it about 5 – 10 times, then change hands and do it on the other cheek.
  • Step 4: Grasp your hands tightly and press them against your cheeks. Press gently while lowering your head with each stroke. Do this on both cheeks 5 – 10 times each turn.
  • Step 5: Use 2 index fingers and thumb and gently pinch along the cheekbones. Pinch from bottom to top gently. Continue applying 5 – 10 times for each cheek.
  • Step 6: Use the inside of your palm to gently press on the cheek area just below the cheekbone. Continue to gently stroke from bottom to ear. With each movement, slightly lower your head. Perform 5 – 10 times for each set.

Tip: For the most effective massage, you should apply it regularly 1-2 times a day. During the procedure, use lotion to soften the skin and increase the effectiveness of firming facial muscles.

Conclusion for high cheekbones

Through the article shared by Bedental dentistry, surely you have answered your questions about high cheekbones, right? Hopefully this information will help you overcome the shortcomings of high cheekbones and make your face more harmonious!

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