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What is frontal bossing? 5 ways to fix a frontal bossing for you

What is frontal bossing? 5 ways to fix a frontal bossing for you. A protruding forehead often has a raised forehead bone and the surrounding skin is bulging. People with the above characteristics are said to be strong, have unique styles and are extremely intelligent. However, the high and protruding forehead and above characteristics also make the face unbalanced.

If you are looking for a way to fix this problem, you can immediately follow today’s article from BeDental.

What is frontal bossing?

What is frontal bossing? The characteristic of frontal bossing is that it is easy to identify, the distance from the edge of the hair to the part between the eyebrows is relatively wide, accounting for about 1 1/2 lengths of the face. At the same time, the forehead bone will protrude high, making the face lack balance and softness.

How to identify frontal bossing
How to identify frontal bossing

But in return, people with such foreheads are also extremely intelligent, agile and have unique styles.

How to identify frontal bossing

A protruding forehead is a condition where a person’s forehead is larger than normal, often associated with people with high IQs. However, a prominent forehead is not an accurate indicator of intelligence, and not everyone with a prominent forehead is smarter.

The way to recognize a protruding forehead is:

  • Check forehead size: A prominent forehead is often larger than average. To check, you can measure the size from the highest point of the forehead to the person’s nose.
  • Check the distance between the eyes and forehead: This distance is often larger than average in people with prominent foreheads.
  • Consider the shape of the forehead: A protruding forehead often has a protruding shape, meaning the shape of the forehead is convex upward.

However, identifying a prominent forehead is only a fairly general indicator and not 100% accurate. To evaluate a person’s intelligence, many other factors need to be considered such as learning ability, general intelligence, problem solving ability, creative thinking, etc.

How to distinguish between a high forehead and a protruding forehead

In fact, high foreheads and protruding foreheads are quite similar, so people often equate these two concepts. However, distinguishing between a high forehead and a protruding forehead is not too difficult. Specifically, the frontal bone of a high forehead does not protrude the head as much as a protruding forehead.

On the other hand, for people with a large forehead, the distance between the eyebrows and the hairline is about 1 1/2 face length. This distance for people with high foreheads is about 1 ⁄ 3. The faces of people with high foreheads are also harmonious, not too tense and unbalanced. The face of a person with a protruding forehead is easily deformed and unbalanced because the forehead is quite large and excessively high.

Đàn ông trán cao là trụ cột trong gia đình
How to identify frontal bossing

What kind of fate does a person with a forehead have?

Bad or good forehead? From the point of view of physiognomy, people with big foreheads, whether male or female, have very good destiny. We will present a detailed explanation below:

Men have protruding foreheads

What happens to men with protruding foreheads? People with protruding and wide foreheads are very sharp, intelligent and have unusual ability to make predictions. Such people often hold important roles in a team or organization. Specifically:

  • Character

Men with this forehead are often calm and vice versa. Before talking or doing anything, think carefully to limit unnecessary mistakes. Such people are very decisive and strong in work and life.

Người sở hữu vầng trán cao và rộng là biểu hiện của thông minh
How to identify frontal bossing

People with large and prominent foreheads are a symbol of knowledge, so they are often more curious. Such people always follow materialism, so the events that take place are clearly scientific and logical, but rarely believe in things that the naked eye cannot see. In addition, their personality is also quite approachable and loved by everyone.

The biggest disadvantage of men with a prominent forehead is that they are a bit stiff. Although they are not conservative, they are often stubborn and pursue their own opinions until the end. Unless someone else presents a detailed and clear argument, it cannot be understood.

  • Career

Men with big foreheads are strong-willed, strong and decisive, so in their career they seize opportunities very quickly. These people also work hard and their careers advance extremely quickly.

Colleagues also especially like working with this employee because they are sharp, learn quickly and practice extremely well. Because of these factors, superiors always trust and entrust employees with important positions.

  • Family religion

Men with big foreheads are often gentle, kind and have a purpose in life. Therefore, they will become the breadwinners in the house, providing support for their wives and children. These people, when in love, are always sincere and behave wisely, which will help their relationships go faster and last longer.

Gương mặt của người trán cao hài hòa và tự nhiên
How to identify frontal bossing

According to physiognomy, men with prominent, tall and broad foreheads will have a happy life. Career is favorable and develops quickly after having a family and from the age of 30 or older.

Women with prominent foreheads

What happens to women with big foreheads? This person is said to have intelligence and talent, so he is quite attractive. Their personality combines intelligence and emotion, so these are interesting women who attract men around them.

  • Character

What kind of person is a girl with a big forehead? Women with prominent foreheads have gentle personalities but are also extremely tough. They attract others because of their sincerity, kindness, and straightforwardness. Such people are also quite honest and sincere, so they are loved by others.

In addition, they are also kind people, helping and caring for many others. That’s why this type of woman attracts a large number of people of the opposite sex. However, girls with big foreheads are very stubborn and easily angry. But they are not people who remember for a long time and the anger will pass quite quickly.

  • Career

Do girls with big foreheads have intelligence? Girls with big foreheads often study hard and progress quickly, so they handle work quite effectively. These people are always active and quite quick-witted, so they are often entrusted by their superiors to do big jobs.

In particular, this person knows how to promote his or her abilities in front of everyone around him and can easily become a department or department head. Therefore, work advances quickly and there are admirable achievements.

Phụ nữ trán dô là người chu đáo và khá tinh tế
How to identify frontal bossing
  • Family religion

As mentioned above, women with big foreheads are always kind and take care of those around them, so they get the attention of guys. For a lover or husband, they will try to do the best things in order to maintain a long-term relationship.

Many physiognomists share that women with large foreheads will have a long life and a harmonious family. Good communication skills combined with soft hands are essential factors for women to solve domestic problems from husband and children to both grandparents.

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The most commonly used ways to fix a prominent forehead

Through the information above, you will see that people with prominent foreheads have quite good appearances. However, if the forehead bone is high, it will make the face unbalanced and harmonious.

Therefore, both men and women with high foreheads should find ways to help them hide unnecessary forehead deviations such as styling their hair; dye; Use appropriate wig accessories; low frontal osteotomy; wearing sunglasses, …

Among the above remedies, choosing to change your hairstyle is one of the best ways. Below is specific information:

What hairstyles are suitable for women with large foreheads?

Women can easily have many hairstyles to help hide their high forehead. The simplest and most suitable hairstyles for your face include shoulder-length bob combined with flat bangs, layered hair with high bangs, curly hair with thin bangs and even side-swept bangs.

Shoulder-length Bob hair combined with flat bangs

Tóc Bob chấm vai kết hợp cùng mái bằng đẹp và trẻ trung
How to identify frontal bossing. What hairstyles are suitable for women with large foreheads?

Shoulder-length Bob hair is quite easy to style and suitable for busy women. This hairstyle, when combined with thin bangs, will cleverly hide your high forehead. Not only that, this is an extremely age-hacking hairstyle and women over 30 are encouraged to wear this style.

Long layered hair combined with bangs

For girls with thin hair who want to hide their high forehead, it is best to get a layered haircut combined with bangs. Layered hair will make your hair softer and smoother. The bangs will gently hug the face, not only hiding the blemishes on the forehead but also making the face delicate and neat.

Tóc tỉa layer kết hợp cùng mái bay cho gương mặt thanh tú
How to identify frontal bossing. What hairstyles are suitable for women with large foreheads?

Layered hairstyles are more suitable for girls with short or thin hair. However, you need to pay attention that if your hair is thin, it should not be trimmed too much, it can be shoulder-length or longer than your ears.

Wavy hair combined with thin bangs

This wavy hairstyle will be even more beautiful if it comes with thin bangs. The bangs will help hide high cheekbones so you don’t need to worry about this defect.

Tóc uốn sóng để mái thưa giúp che đi khuyết điểm phần trán
What hairstyles are suitable for women with large foreheads?

You can choose to gently wavy the ends of your hair or wave your entire hair to create a unique charm for yourself. If you’re worried about curly hair making you look old, you can dye it with darker colors like dark blue, reddish brown, dark brown,…

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Cross bangs

Girls who like short hairstyles should try diagonal bangs to hide a high and thin forehead. If you want to stand out and have more personality, you should highlight or ombre dye like blue, ash gray, dark brown, light pink,…

Tóc mái lệch nhuộm màu nâu hạt dẻ
What hairstyles are suitable for women with large foreheads?

What hairstyles are suitable for men with large foreheads?

Men often prioritize simple and comfortable hairstyles, so they can choose a few models such as 7/3 hair combined with bangs, undercut with bangs, fringe hair or 3-inch hair combined with bangs to cover a protruding forehead. Here are suggestions for the most suitable beautiful hairstyles for men.

7/3 hair combined with bangs

The 7/3 hairstyle with bangs has become quite popular in recent years thanks to creating a dynamic and healthy look for men. To create this style, the hairdresser will divide the bangs into 2 parts (one with a lot of hair and one with a little hair).

Kiểu tóc 7/3 kết hợp cùng mái đã trở nên rất hot những năm gần đây
What hairstyles are suitable for men with large foreheads?

Most of the hair will be styled to fall straight past the ears. Long hair will also be trimmed short and neat. The long hair will help men hide their forehead and create more charm.

Curly undercut hairstyle combined with bangs

One of the other hairstyles that can also cover flaws on the forehead that you should try is a curly undercut with bangs. The hair on both sides will be cut across the head, while the hair in the middle will be puffed and released straight to cover the protruding forehead. The height of the hair will also touch the forehead depending on your individual style.

Bed hairstyle

This hairstyle is popular with many Korean and Chinese celebrities. That’s why the above hairstyle has become a trend recently.

Tóc undercut xoăn để mái tăng phần năng động và trẻ trung
What hairstyles are suitable for men with large foreheads?

Layered hair that extends past the eyebrows will also help men effectively cover the high forehead on the face. If your job requires you to constantly attend events, you should choose hot colors like smoky blue, platinum, pink, blue, etc. ..

3 inch hair with bangs

The next hairstyle for people with large foreheads is 3-inch hair with bangs. To have such a hairstyle, you need to cut the hair on both sideburns and the entire back of the neck. The hair in the middle and bangs will be cut to a length of exactly 3cm to hide the protruding forehead on the face.

Kiểu tóc bổ luống thời thượng được nhiều người nổi tiếng Hàn Quốc và Trung Quốc sử dụng
What hairstyles are suitable for men with large foreheads?

Mohican hairstyle for men with large foreheads

For men with large foreheads, the Mohican hairstyle is an option not to be missed. The hairstyle will be neatly layered on both sides of the sideburns to give you more personality. The hair will be neatly layered to help cover the protruding forehead. This is also one of the hairstyles that Vietnamese and Chinese stars have used frequently in recent years.

Tóc 3 phân để mái mang lại sự nam tính cho người sở hữu
What hairstyles are suitable for men with large foreheads?

Curly hair

Messy hair is also one of the most beautiful hairstyles for men with personality. This hairstyle is quite long and curls the hair strands so it will create volume for naturally smooth hair. The bangs will cover your eyebrows so you can 100% hide the flaws on your forehead.

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Straight hair for men with large foreheads

This hairstyle makes young people more handsome and attractive. The hair hanging low on the head will cleverly hide the blemishes on the forehead. This is also the hairstyle that older Chinese male actors prefer.

Tóc ép thẳng đem tới vẻ đẹp thư sinh cho các chàng trai
What hairstyles are suitable for men with large foreheads?

Make up

Makeup is one of the methods that many people use to hide facial flaws. For a prominent forehead, you can also apply this method. The key point of this method is that it will fool the other person’s eyes into feeling that your forehead is not too protruding.

Accordingly, you should apply a few make-up tricks such as wearing dark lipstick, high ear piercings, highlighting volume at the hairline, horizontal eyebrows, low eye shadow, etc… You need to note that in addition to lipstick color, you should also use light-colored eyeshadow or blush or the same tone as your hair color.

Nên lựa chọn tone màu tối cho phấn trang điểm
How to identify frontal bossing

Hair transplants

If your forehead is protruding, it means you are lacking hair. Then the best solution is hair transplant. This transplant is not too complicated, especially if you are bald. Not only that, hair transplant will have a long-term effect, helping you completely overcome the problem of a protruding forehead without having to worry too much every time you step out.

Use a wig

Using a wig is a method that many people choose when they need to change their image. You can choose to buy a whole wig or just a few similar accessories with a ponytail, doll nape, etc… then attach it to real hair. This method not only helps you easily solve the problem of a protruding forehead, but also allows you to freely change your hairstyle more.

Tóc giả giúp bạn thay đổi hình ảnh khi ra ngoài
How to identify frontal bossing

Wear glasses

A pair of glasses is also a way to hide your protruding forehead, not only that it is an embellishment that helps your face look more “intellectual”. Depending on each person’s face, different types of glasses will suit you.

 Đeo mắt kiếng là một cách giúp gương mặt bạn có thêm điểm nhấn
How to identify frontal bossing

However, you should note that you should not choose glasses with square frames because it will make your forehead appear even more clearly.

Forehead bone surgery

Forehead bone surgery is the most effective method to remove your protruding forehead. The principle of the above method is to remove the bones and forehead tissue so that it is not too redundant, to return your face to standard proportions.

Phẫu thuật gọt xương hàm là cách xử lý trán dô triệt để nhưng đòi hỏi nhiều yêu cầu
How to identify frontal bossing

This method has the advantage of thoroughly treating the problem of a protruding forehead without simply deceiving the eye with the above measures. However, because it is a complex surgical method, it requires skilled doctors to minimize costs.

It can be said that people with big foreheads are very wise, quick-witted and have a lot of luck in life. Hopefully Bedental’s sharing above will help you take more measures to care for this forehead area to help your face become more harmonious and elegant.

Below is the article that BeDental shared. If you have any questions that need answering or advice about your current condition, you can contact the team of doctors for the most detailed and dedicated answers.

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