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What are double eyelids? Some of the best tips to make double eyelids

What are double eyelids? Some of the best tips to make double eyelids. Surely all of us have dreamed of having big, round, sparkling and extremely beautiful double eyelids. So what are double eyelids and how can we improve single eyelids to become more sparkling and beautiful than double eyelids? Bedental will help you find answers to the above questions.

What are double eyelids?

What are double eyelids? People often talk about beautiful double eyelids, but many people still cannot clearly understand the characteristics of these eyes. Let’s find out what double eyelids are like?

Mắt 2 mí có các mí gấp rõ ràng và đôi mắt to tròn, long lanh
What are double eyelids? Physiological meaning of double eyelids. Distinguish between double eyelids and single eyelids

Double eyelids are eyes with very distinct eyelid folds, evenly on both sides, making the eyes larger, rounder and more youthful. The eyelid crease will be clearly visible right between the eyelid and the eyebrow. Not only does it create big, round eyes, double eyelids also make the mouth and eye corners fuller, creating sharper, more harmonious eyes than other eyes.

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Distinguish between double eyelids and single eyelids

To distinguish between double eyelids and single eyelids, please refer to the basic comparison of single eyelids and double eyelids as follows:

  • Single eyelids are natural eyes with no wrinkles on the eyelids. Many of you have wrinkles but they are blurred and not clearly visible on your face. Unlike single eyelids, double eyelids often have large, clear and easily noticeable wrinkles.
  • Normally, the corner of a monolid will be very narrow, the eyeball will be small and look disproportionate. However, double eyelids are completely opposite, the corners of the eyes are extremely wide, the eyeballs are large and the eyes match the face, looking very harmonious.

Double eyelids are big, round, sparkling eyes that can easily attract the other person’s attention

Surely by now you have figured out and can easily distinguish what double eyelids are. At the same time, double eyelids also bring extremely interesting physiognomic meanings that you should learn about in the next content.

Physiological meaning of double eyelids

Physiological meaning of double eyelids? According to social concepts, double eyelids clearly show that a woman is intelligent, has a harmonious face and can easily create sympathy for the other person. More specifically, double eyelids also leave behind meanings in physiognomy such as:

Mắt 2 mí đều có những ý nghĩa về nhân tướng học cả nam và nữ
What are double eyelids? Physiological meaning of double eyelids. Distinguish between double eyelids and single eyelids

For women

Women with double eyelids are especially respected because they were considered by the ancients to have a good relationship, to be emotional and very intelligent. Besides, the love life and career of girls with double eyelids are also extremely good, especially easy to advance at work.

One of the physiognomic meanings of women with double eyelids is love and marriage. Girls with double eyelids will always be loved and pampered, and they are also very loyal to the man they choose and responsible to their family.

Nữ giới mắt 2 mí sẽ luôn được yêu thương, có cuộc sống hạnh phúc và biết vun vén cho gia đình
What are double eyelids? Physiological meaning of double eyelids. Distinguish between double eyelids and single eyelids

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For men

Normally, men with double eyelids will be very confident, friendly and open to everyone around them. At the same time, men with double eyelids also develop good careers and have good luck in many relationships. Therefore, they are also people who always find ways to create love and make the other person feel happy.

Regarding family, men with double eyelids always know how to love their wives and children and are extremely thoughtful. Therefore, when men with double eyelids get married, they will be very happy and know how to preserve the family fire.

What are double eyelids? Physiological meaning of double eyelids. Distinguish between double eyelids and single eyelids
What are double eyelids? Physiological meaning of double eyelids. Distinguish between double eyelids and single eyelids

Ways to help have double eyelids at home

After understanding what double eyelids are and the interesting meanings of these eyes, please refer to the extremely simple ways to get double eyelids at home below.

Use a double eyelid stimulator

One of the ways for you to easily get big, round, sparkling and perfect double eyelids is eyelid surgery. Currently, you can safely choose eyelid enhancement products including eyelid enhancement glue, eyelid enhancement stickers or some other eyelid enhancement tools.

This will help your eyes become bigger and more attractive than ever. At the same time, these are also extremely easy to use and extremely effective eyelid enhancement tools.

Eyelid patches can also be used


  • First, use the separate eyelid stimulator from the blister pack.
  • Then, use a specialized pen to gently apply the eyelid enhancer.
  • Once the glue has dried, you can place the eyelid lift on the fold.
  • Finally, align your eyelids evenly to make your eyes look sharper and more sparkling.

Although this is an effective, time-saving and very safe beauty method, using eyelid stimulator incorrectly will cause your eyes to get stuck in the glue. Your eyelid margin will also experience swelling, pain and itching. Therefore, you should be very careful when watching videos about eyelid surgery on the internet.

Makeup transforms simple double eyelids

If you are wondering what double eyelids are or how to get double eyelids, you should refer to the makeup method. Makeup is also a way to help you quickly “transform” into delicate, big, round and beautiful double eyelids.

With this method, you will quickly improve the condition of sunken eyelids, drooping eyelids, etc… You can apply this tip through the steps below.

Makeup will help you have simple, pretty and impressive double eyelids


  • First, you need to apply eyeliner on both the lower and upper eyelids.
  • As a final step, you should apply eye color that matches your entire eyes. You should also gently spread the powder evenly to the corners of your eyes.
  • As a final step, you should apply mascara to make your eyes look even more attractive.

You should use eyeshadows that are friendly to your skin and have the right color tone to make your face more balanced.

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Use double eyelids to create simple double eyelids

ou can also improve your single eyelid condition by using eyelid surgery glasses. Eyelid-enhancing glasses have long been very famous and appear commonly in many large countries such as Korea and Japan. Currently, this product also appears and is sold a lot in Vietnam.

Normally, eyelid enhancing glasses will have the effect of lifting your eyelids from 1 to 2. You should use eyelid enhancing glasses as follows:

Eyelid enhancing glasses are chosen by many people to quickly own double eyelids


  • First, choose sunglasses that fit your face.
  • After that, you can wear glasses on your eyes and place the eyeglass frames in the position to create eyelid creases.
  • You should wait about 15 – 30 minutes for your eyelids to be seen more clearly.

However, if during the process of using eyelid enhancing glasses you feel uncomfortable, you can stop and try other methods of creating double eyelids.

Although the above methods of double eyelid surgery at home are very easy and cost-effective, it is difficult to achieve high, long-term results.

Therefore, if you want to improve the condition of single eyelids, use the eyelid surgery methods performed with modern machinery and technology below.

Methods to help have permanent double eyelids

Currently, many spas and cosmetic establishments use many new and extremely effective eyelid surgery methods. Specifically:

Eyelid surgery method

If you don’t know what double eyelids are or are struggling to choose a method for double eyelids, you can apply the eyelid lift method. The characteristic of this method is to create connections between the muscles on the eyelids to form wrinkles.

This method also does not use scissors or surgery to cut the eyelids like conventional methods. Therefore, you can feel completely secure when using the above method.

Eyelid surgery for permanent, clear, highly effective double eyelids

Normally, technicians or dentists will perform eyelid surgery in about 15 – 20 minutes. After the above period of time, your eyelids will form clearly and naturally, in harmony with your face.


Natural eyelid surgery method

One of the methods that most people choose today to help have beautiful and natural eyes is double eyelid surgery. Unlike regular eyelid surgery and eyelid surgery, this method will have a longer lifespan.

It will take you about 45 – 60 minutes to get double eyelids. Although it has an impact on skin structure, this eyelid surgery method does not cause pain and recovery time is quick.

Eyelid surgery will make the eyelids appear natural and the face balanced and harmonious

However, to have successful, permanent double eyelids, you need to find a reputable, quality beauty salon.

At the same time, you should also choose a team of highly qualified and specialized medical doctors who can perform the measures effectively and without causing complications.

Through the information above, hopefully you have got the answer about what is the problem of double eyelids? To have double eyelids, you should use tips at home or choose eyelid surgery and eyelid tape methods at reputable spas and beauty facilities.

However, no matter which method you choose, you should research carefully to avoid causing risks!



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