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What is a high forehead? Horoscopes and hairstyles for people with high foreheads

What is a high forehead? Horoscopes and hairstyles for people with high foreheads. A high forehead is often considered a forehead that brings wealth and prosperity to the owner. In particular, people with high foreheads in both men and women are often considered to have high intelligence and creativity, so they often maintain social status.

So what exactly is a high forehead? Is it possible to have forehead implants to “improve your fate” or not? All will be revealed by Bedental in this article.

I – What is a high forehead? How to recognize high forehead

What is a high forehead? Since ancient times, the forehead has been considered the central point on the entire face. This is not only the part that attracts the attention of others but is also the place to express the owner’s personality and fortune.

The forehead is also the upper point, measured from the hairline to the tip of the eyebrows. When looking at the forehead, you need to pay attention to two points: height and width to evaluate a person’s ability and personality.

Trán cao là gì?
What is a high forehead? How to recognize high forehead? Who is suitable for high forehead surgery?

Each individual’s forehead shape is different, in which a high forehead is often considered the ideal forehead and brings the most good things to health and intelligence. So how to recognize a high forehead?

What is a high forehead? High forehead (English name high forehead) is a forehead with a large distance from the head to the chin. Specifically, a forehead is considered high when the height of the forehead is equal to 1/3 of the face length from the edge of the hair to the chin. Most people with high foreheads appear intelligent, talented and have very good judgment.

In particular, some people say that people with high and beautiful foreheads often have rich destiny and social status. If you look closely, most people with this forehead are politicians, writers, etc…

Basically, whether a high forehead is beautiful or ugly will depend on the overall structure of the face. However, most people with foreheads like this are considered beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. This is also the forehead that many people dream of having.

II – High forehead physiognomy predicts personality and destiny

Reading the forehead will reveal many secrets about a person’s personality and destiny. So what kind of person is a person with a high forehead? Below is a collection of important information about the personality and destiny of men and women with this high forehead trait:

What kind of person are men with high foreheads?

If low foreheads are not highly appreciated in terms of memory, thinking ability and even educational level, men with high foreheads are often evaluated better in appearance and physiognomy.

Nam trán cao có tính cách điềm đạm, thông minh
What is a high forehead? How to recognize high forehead? Who is suitable for high forehead surgery?

✥ Psychologically

Men with high foreheads always have a calm attitude and think carefully before deciding or expressing any opinion. Along with that, men with faces like this also have great observation abilities and are eager to learn, which is very admirable.

✥ About intelligence – career

A tall man’s appearance is also a sign of talented and knowledgeable people. They are considered people with the potential to succeed in any field.

In fact, most men with the above forehead features are famous and mentioned billionaires and politicians.

✥ About marriage – career

With a calm, mature and intelligent personality, men with this forehead have a relatively satisfactory married life.

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Look at a woman’s appearance with a high and wide forehead

Men with high foreheads are ranked high, is there a change in women?

Phụ nữ có trán cao đầy đặn là người tài cao, thông min
What is a high forehead? How to recognize high forehead? Who is suitable for high forehead surgery?

✥ About temperament

In contrast to stubborn low foreheads, girls with high foreheads have a slightly quieter, gentler personality. They have a thoughtful and careful personality, so they are loved by many people.

Along with that, a high forehead is also considered a person with the blessing of longevity and good health.

✥ About money – fame

According to horoscopes, women with high foreheads are often talented and intellectual. Thanks to that, they often succeed in their careers, are respected and have high status.

Many people believe that women with foreheads like this often have smooth sailing and are supported by nobles. Therefore, the career path is bright and without obstacles.

✥ About marriage – family

Women with this forehead shape often marry into influential families. This also comes from an intelligent mind and aesthetic sense as well as good diplomatic ability.

It can be seen that both men and women with high foreheads often rank high in intelligence. However, it should be remembered that each position above must have the same general structure of the entire face.

III – What hairstyle is most suitable for a high forehead?

What hairstyle is most suitable for a high forehead? Possessing a high, wide forehead sometimes makes many people not know how to style their hair to show their sophistication as well as balance the overall face. Below is a summary of some suggested hairstyles for high and wide foreheads for both men and women.

Popular high forehead hairstyles for men

If you don’t know what type of head style suits men with high foreheads, the styles below will help men’s faces become more elegant and harmonious than ever. Along with contributing to revealing more personalities.

  • Cross bang hairstyle for men

This bangs hairstyle will be a great suggestion for men with high foreheads who don’t know what hairstyle to wear. In fact, this part of the hair will help “hide” the guys’ square and high bald foreheads.

Kiểu tóc cho nam trán cao
What is a high forehead? How to recognize high forehead? Who is suitable for high forehead surgery?

In particular, the upper bangs style is also very suitable for guys with round, square foreheads. Thanks to this, the overall face will be much more balanced and harmonious.


  • Men’s hair in bed

This is a hairstyle that idols and models in Korea especially love. And recently this hairstyle has also been used quite effectively by Vietnamese men.

The fringe will help hide the low forehead and enhance the beauty of the high forehead extremely effectively.

  • Beautiful hairstyle Undercut high forehead for men

Undercut Messy is one of the men’s hairstyles that is extremely suitable for guys with high foreheads and protruding foreheads. The characteristic of this hairstyle is freedom and comfort to stand out on the face.

Suitable hairstyles for women are popular

If you don’t know how to choose the right hairstyle, below are some extremely useful suggestions.

  • Bob hairstyle with slightly loose bangs for women with high foreheads and round faces

This will be the hairstyle on the list of “saviors” for women with slightly high foreheads and chubby faces. Wearing bangs will help girls easily hide this weakness and become more confident and attractive than ever.

  • Wavy shoulder-length hairstyle for women with high forehead and long face

If you want to create flat bangs with slightly curly shoulder-length hair, it will be the optimal choice. The wavy part will help create a soft, balanced face and not make your face look longer.

  • Hairstyle with thin bangs for women with high foreheads and thin hair
tran cao 4
What is a high forehead? How to recognize high forehead? Who is suitable for high forehead surgery?

Thin bangs do not confuse many people when combined with almost any hairstyle. You should keep your bangs crossed in half or cut short in the middle, plus combining them with wavy or parted curly hair is also not a bad suggestion. With this type of bangs, you will enhance the elegance and charm of your “rich” forehead, attracting all eyes.

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IV – The fastest way to have a high forehead and “improve your fortune”.

Forehead augmentation surgery – a cosmetic solution to completely improve low, crooked nose distortion … for a wide, high, elegant forehead and a more youthful face.

This is a safe and simple cosmetic solution, so customers don’t have to spend time resting and recover faster.

độn trán giúp gương mặt trở nên hài hòa hơn
What is a high forehead? How to recognize high forehead? Who is suitable for high forehead surgery?

Customer results after forehead augmentation surgery

Many customers have forehead implants to change their appearance and “improve their fortune”. The forehead’s many defects have been completely overcome with a high, balanced forehead, rejuvenating the face compared to its real age.

Who is suitable for high forehead surgery?

All male and female customers above who wish to have a high, balanced and harmonious forehead can also undergo forehead lift surgery. In particular, this is also an effective measure for those who suffer from forehead defects such as:

  • Forehead is low and haggard
  • Forehead is wide and convex
  • The forehead is high and ugly, losing buoyancy with the water surface
  • The high forehead is ugly because it is curved and hollow
  • The forehead is high and low, …

Procedure for performing forehead augmentation at BeDental

The entire forehead augmentation surgery process at Bedental always meets quality standards and has been licensed by the Ministry of Health. Each customer undergoing forehead cosmetic surgery will always follow each step including:

  • Step 1: Check and treat
  • Step 2: Check your physical condition and some related tests
  • Step 3: Conduct a clinical examination, find the pre-determined dermal filler location before surgery
  • Step 4: Perform forehead surgery: drill, strip the surface, cut the cavity and then install a new one
  • Step 5: End of forehead surgery, help customers take care of their health after surgery.


Advantages of high forehead surgery

Up to now, BeDental has received and successfully performed face lifts for more than thousands of customers.

The entire forehead lift process is performed by a team of doctors with over 10 years of experience in maxillofacial plastic surgery.

With a modern aesthetic eye, high skills, combined with advanced forehead lift technology, … customers will immediately own a perfect, beautiful forehead after just 1 use.

Toàn bộ quy trình phẫu thuật đảm bảo an toàn tối đa
What is a high forehead? How to recognize high forehead? Who is suitable for high forehead surgery?

✥ Ensure absolute neurological safety

The technique of forehead filling is very simple, the doctor will anesthetize the outermost skin tissue without affecting the nerve cells in the forehead. Therefore, the probability of causing death is less than 1%.

✥ Shorten recovery time

Compared to old forehead lift methods, Bedental’s technology helps shorten treatment time. After surgery, you will not need to abstain.

✥ Thin cushion material, limiting interference

Rhinoplasty techniques will use special equipment to move cushioning material deep into the areas to be sealed. Therefore, intervention and risks to the patient are minimized.

In particular, BeDental uses the most advanced silicone gasket material produced right in Korea. Thanks to that, quality is guaranteed and long-term effects are achieved.

✥ Improve facial contours

This method will help eliminate all the disadvantages of thin forehead, uneven high forehead, low sagging cheekbones, etc. .. makes your face more balanced and youthful with just 1 application.

In particular, with this filling mechanism, the facial skin will be pumped with moisture to remove wrinkles. This is also an outstanding advantage that old methods do not have.

Above are some pictures of customers after forehead augmentation surgery

Thiet ke chua co ten 32
What is a high forehead? How to recognize high forehead? Who is suitable for high forehead surgery?
What is a high forehead
What is a high forehead? How to recognize high forehead? Who is suitable for high forehead surgery?

Above is all the information about people with high foreheads as well as how to have a high forehead to improve their physiognomy. If you have any concerns, please leave a comment for the fastest response.



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