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RECOGNIZE OVAL FACES AND CHOOSE A SUITABLE HAIR STYLE. Until now, many people, especially girls, have always wanted to have an oval or oval face because it is considered one of the most beautiful face shapes in physiognomy.

So what do you know about oval faces? What is an oval face? If you still don’t know how to distinguish an oval face, please refer to the article below with BeDental.

What is an oval face?

What is an oval face? Each person has a different bone structure and facial muscles that create different facial shapes. The shape of the face is mainly determined by the jawbone.

People with oval faces have a balanced jawline and a slim jawline, not too long or too sharp. The jawbone and chin form an ellipse shaped like an oval, so they are called left-faced. 

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What is the difference between V-line and oval faces? What hairstyle should women with oval faces have? How to recognize oval faces?

How to recognize oval faces

You can identify an oval face through visible characteristics such as:

– Cheekbones are usually not high, chin angle is slim

– Chin is slim, not pointed, square or too long

– The parts on the face are harmonious and balanced, creating a delicate and gentle feeling.

Distinguish oval face from round, long, vline face

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What is the difference between V-line and oval faces? What hairstyle should women with oval faces have? How to recognize oval faces?

Despite its characteristics, oval faces are often confused with other face types such as long, round, and V-line. Read on to learn how to differentiate these face types!

How is a round face different from an oval face?

These two face shapes are often confused the most because they both have round, plump chins. However, round faces also have very unique characteristics such as short length, cheekbones that are not high and round, so round faces create a lovely chubby feeling.

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What is the difference between V-line and oval faces? What hairstyle should women with oval faces have? How to recognize oval faces?

What are the distinctive characteristics of a long face?

Distinguishing the long side is relatively easy because it is nearly twice as long as it is wide, almost like a rectangle. For an oval face, this ratio is not large, the length and width are not much different. A long face also has high cheekbones, a high and wide forehead, and a pointed or square chin.

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What is the difference between V-line and oval faces? What hairstyle should women with oval faces have? How to recognize oval faces?

What is the difference between V-line and oval faces?

The chin on an oval face is usually slim but not pointed, still full. Unlike an oval face, the V-line chin is small and quite pointed, looking almost like the letter V, hence the name V-line. This creates the feeling of a thin, slender and personality-like face.

V-line faces are often more difficult to get sympathy than Oval faces because the angular face creates a sharp, fastidious feeling.

According to horoscope, what does the oval face mean?

According to physiognomy, an oval face helps you easily impress or receive sympathy from the other person. Not only that, you will get the help of people around you.

For women

For women with oval faces, they should feel lucky because they are often considered intelligent and well-behaved. Therefore, there are always many people around them to help and support them in their work.

Not only that, they are also considered by everyone to have a decisive personality and always think clearly, so their colleagues always respect and appreciate them. Day by day their career will become more prosperous and blooming.

Girls with oval faces often have extremely smooth love lives and are pursued by many guys because they create a gentle, loving and gentle feeling for the men around them.

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What is the difference between V-line and oval faces? What hairstyle should women with oval faces have? How to recognize oval faces?

For men

For men with Oval faces, they are often considered intelligent, agile and humble. In addition, they always understand life’s problems. Because of those characteristics, they have good relationships in society.

However, unlike women, their success often comes quite late, it is not until the age of 30 that their work is smooth, their career is successful, the road is open and they achieve many successes. achievement.

Because of their good communication skills, successful careers, and stable emotions, they are popular with the women around them. Therefore, they are said to be flirtatious, causing insecurity to their partners. However, as time goes on, family happiness becomes more complete, with many children and grandchildren.

What hairstyle should you choose for an oval face?

What hairstyle should you choose for an oval face? When you have an oval face, what hairstyle you wear and what glasses you wear is no longer an issue worth worrying about. Because the oval face suits most hairstyles and accessories.

What hairstyle should women with oval faces have?

What hairstyle should women with oval faces have? Which hairstyle you choose depends entirely on your preferences and personality. You can freely choose the hairstyle you want. We have some hairstyle suggestions below:

– Straight, long hair: if your style is a gentle girl who doesn’t want to stand out, this is the right hairstyle for you. This hairstyle makes you more gentle and loving in the eyes of others.

– Shoulder-length hair: If you choose a modern style, you should cut your hair short, which is less cumbersome than long hair but also enhances your modern beauty. It also helps you express your personality to people around you.

– Lob hair: this is a short, straight hairstyle with the ends curled inwards to frame the face. Because it creates a feeling of youthfulness, personality and dynamism, this hairstyle is very popular with young people.

– Long wavy hair: this is a hairstyle suitable for gentle, sweet girls. With this hairstyle, you will captivate the hearts of others because of your beauty.

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What hairstyle should men with oval faces have?

For men with oval faces, choosing a hairstyle is even simpler. Please refer to some hairstyles below!

– Layered hair: This is a gentle, romantic, somewhat cute hairstyle, very suitable for boys with a cute style. This hairstyle is also very popular with male Kpop singers and has captivated the hearts of millions of female fans.

– Undercut: This hairstyle is suitable for men with a strong, mature style with the highlight that the hair will be slicked back to the top of the head and cut short on both sides of the ears, revealing a high and wide forehead.

What is the difference between V-line and oval faces?
What is the difference between V-line and oval faces? What hairstyle should women with oval faces have? How to recognize oval faces?

– Puffed hair: This hairstyle is quite similar to Undercut but the difference is that you do not need to cut the sides neatly, the bangs are swept back and tangled to create elegance for the face. However, this hairstyle is quite time-consuming to create, so you need to be careful.

Which glasses are suitable for people with oval faces?

Like hairstyle, choosing glasses is also quite easy. Any type of glasses is suitable for oval faces, so you can freely choose.

If you want your face to stand out, you should choose glasses that contrast with your face. You can use all kinds of glasses such as square glasses, round glasses, etc. as long as you like.

Cosmetic surgery to create an oval face

If you don’t have an oval face, you can use makeup and choose a hairstyle to conceal your flaws.

However, these methods are only to deceive the eyes, the face only feels slimmer, in fact this method is not a long-term way to have an oval face, high cheekbones and square jaw. You just have to put on makeup to create it.

Therefore, the best method to improve the face is cosmetic surgery to remove the chin. This helps you shape your jawline as desired, giving you a naturally beautiful face without the need for makeup.

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To achieve high efficiency and avoid complications affecting your health, you should choose reputable cosmetic facilities to have the procedure performed.

Above is BeDental’s article, hopefully it has given you more useful information about oval faces, how to distinguish them as well as suitable hairstyles for them.

In addition to having an oval face, if you have a beautiful, radiant and confident smile, you can completely impress the other person. BeDental is always ready to assist if you want to have the beautiful smile you desire.

From braces, porcelain crowns, dental implants,… we can do everything professionally and methodically, with investment in extremely modern equipment combined with a team of professionally trained dentists. Deep, dedicated and experienced.

We are committed to giving you strong teeth and a confident smile without any other complications. If you have any questions about your teeth like “Do braces hurt?” How much does porcelain crown cost?…” then please quickly contact us for a completely free consultation.

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Methods to create a natural oval face

Creating a natural oval face is one of the goals of many people, as it can create perfect beauty and attract everyone’s eyes. Here are some methods to help you create a natural oval face:

  • Exercise: Regular and adequate exercise will help you reduce excess fat on your face, reduce dark spots and strengthen muscles, helping your face become youthful, healthy and have more delicate lines.
  • Use makeup: Use makeup like highlighter or bronzer to contour your oval face. You can learn more about how to use makeup to create a natural oval face on the internet or learn how to apply makeup from a makeup artist.
  • Facial massage: Facial massage helps stimulate blood circulation, minimize wrinkles, and help the face become firmer and slimmer. You can learn facial massage techniques to create a natural oval face on the internet or consult with cosmetic experts.
  • Healthy eating and living: Healthy eating and living helps you lose excess fat, reduce the accumulation of fat under the skin, and increase your body’s health and resistance. This also helps you have a natural oval face.
  • Using beauty products: Using beauty products such as lotions, skin lightening essences, exfoliants, etc. helps you care for and regenerate your skin, helping your face become youthful and bright. and has more refined lines.

However, you also need to note that an oval face is a natural feature of each person, and not everyone can create a perfect oval face. It is important that you accept and love yourself, because each face has its own beauty and uniqueness.

If you still want to create a natural oval face, follow the above methods and also consider cosmetic methods such as filler injections or cosmetic surgery to change the shape of your face.

However, before deciding to use these methods, you should learn carefully about them and consult with experts to avoid unnecessary risks.

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