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20+ trendy and hot trending smoky hair colors

Girls are in love with this smoky hair color but still don’t have a style that suits them? Then take a look at the 20 most attractive and stylish smoky hair colors you can’t miss below.

Smoky hair dye has dominated for a long time thanks to the combination of delicate colors that exudes the charm of the hair. If black hair has become monotonous, why not experiment with changes with the 20 new hair colors below? Let’s consult BeDental!

What is a “hot trend” hair color?

“Hot trend hair colors” are usually popular and popular hair colors this season. Popular hair color trends often depend on the season, culture, fashion trends and even technological developments in the beauty industry.

20+ hot trending smoky hair colors

Purple smoky brown hair

Looking at this smoky hair color has made many young and beautiful girls fascinated. When dyeing purple-smoky brown hair, short and long hair are both beautiful and will make your face look much fresher and more radiant.

However, this color is a cool color so it will be suitable for those with bright white skin tones.

Light smoky pink purple hair

There is a smoky hair color that makes you look extremely seductive with a cool pink-purple color like sweet, enchanting honey. This hair color will make your face bright and radiant. You can curl it gently or straighten it to look attractive.

Màu tóc khói

If you have a medium to white skin tone, please “swing” along.

Smokey ash brown hair

This is a very interesting color for girls with dark skin. This smoky color is especially suitable for girls with quite “bold” figures, helping them not only become sexy but also extremely stylish.

Màu tóc khói

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Smokey moss brown hair

This hair color is a perfect blend of classic moss and trendy smoky brown, very suitable for those who don’t like to be unconventional but want something unique.

Màu tóc khói

This color will be more suitable for short shoulder-length bob hairstyles. This hair color can vary flexibly from ombre to scalp or highlights, all with highlights.

Smokey chocolate brown hair

Extremely familiar and suitable for most skin tones, but that doesn’t mean that smoky chocolate brown is inferior to other prominent smoky hair colors. Mixing a bit of gentle chocolate brown with a vibrant smoky color will help you transform your boring hair into an unexpected personality.

Màu tóc khói

Smokey reddish brown hair

Both seductive and gentle are the characteristics of smoky reddish brown. This color will help your lips become brighter and more radiant than ever. If you have long curly hair, you should immediately dye it this brown color, you definitely won’t regret it.

Màu tóc khói

Smoky brown hair

This color is a mixture of brown, gray and yellow tones. When it’s bright, your hair will shine with a beautiful, sparkling golden light. This color is suitable for all skin tones, so everyone can try it out.

Màu tóc khói

Silver-blue smokey hair color

A very interesting hair color for girls with a cool style, when the blue fades, the hair still has beautiful smoky gray and metallic silver tones. But girls with dark skin and thin hair shouldn’t try it because the blue color needs to be tested 2-3 times to get a good color.

Màu tóc khói

Smoky moss green hair

Adding a hair color that is quite picky about skin is also really worth a try. This color only needs to be used about once, so girls who are planning to change their hairstyle a bit should try it.

Màu tóc khói
What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors

Smoky highlight hair

If you are still hesitant to completely cut your hair, you can refer to the smoky highlight style. Being able to adorn your hair without damaging your skin, why don’t you try it?

10 Toc Highlight khoi
What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors

Smokey ombre hair

You should combine this style with many different colors to create strange and beautiful hair. Those with layered straight hair will suit this style very well.

toc ombre 21
What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors

Cool-toned smokey blonde hair

Cool yellow tone (also known as ash blond) when combined with gray, black, white and light yellow. This type of dyeing requires bleaching your hair to be able to color it, but for girls who are unique and like to be “rebellious”, try it and you will be extremely beautiful.


12 Toc vang khoi tong lanh
What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors


Balayage smoked hair

This is a type of dyeing where the technician will cut each section of hair and then apply the dye in different places, then mix it skillfully to get an even color change. With this style, you should combine many different colors to help refresh your hair with both personality and quality.

13 Toc khoi Balayage
What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors

Purple smoky hair

Women with white skin tone should choose purple smoke tones like this, it will look extremely mysterious but is easy to combine with shoulder-length, gently curly, or wavy hairstyles.

14 Toc khoi mau tim
What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors

Milk tea gray hair

White is also suitable for those with a gentle and comfortable personality. It’s just right to flatter your skin and flatter your face, so anyone with slightly darker skin can consider it.

Lead gray smoky hair

Lead gray smoke has an ash black tone as the main color mixed with a bit of natural light silver gray smoke color that looks very impressive. This color will suit shoulder-length or mid-back hairstyles, try it and it won’t disappoint you.

16 Toc khoi xam chi
What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors

Orange-pink smoky hair

A very stylish hair color but not lacking in youthful tenderness. Mixed with a bit of classic brown tone is a pink color that makes the face brighter and more radiant than ever. This color is best if you have white skin and can dye it.

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Natural smoky hair

The advantage of this natural smokey hair color is that it is quite flattering and easy to coordinate with different hairstyles and face shapes.

17 Toc khoi cam hong
What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors

Smoky gray hair

Smokey hair color has been very hot in the past few years with the advantage of “flattering” the face to make it youthful and fresh. This gray face shape and hairstyle are “balanced” enough.

18 Toc mau khoi tu nhien
What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors

Smoky black hair

The last one on this list is black mixed with smoke, extremely suitable for office girls. I guarantee that when she dyes it black, she won’t be worried if her baby’s hair gets longer because the color is very similar to her real hair color.

What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors: Smoky black hair
What is a hot trend hair color? 20+ hot trending smoky hair colors: Smoky black hair

Smoky black hair not only helps push your beauty a few steps further but is also a way for you to assert your personality. Please refer to the most outstanding and fashionable new hair colors to F5 for your own hair.

Below is the article that BeDental shared. If you have any questions that need answering or advice about your current condition, you can contact the team of doctors for the most detailed and dedicated answers.

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