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Sunken Temples and 5 Ways to Fix It

Concave temples are the main reason for the pale and disproportionate face. Sunken temples are the skin of the forehead that is cut deeply from the inside when fat is reduced and the body is aging or new injuries occur. What is the cause of sunken temples? Let’s find out with BeDental through the article below!

Introduction to the phenomenon of sunken temples

Sunken temples are a condition in which one or all of the temples of the face are sunken down, causing the face to become unbalanced and imbalanced. It often occurs because the temple area has less fat, thinner tissue, and is affected by aging or other injuries.

Sunken temples can occur in both men and women of all ages. However, in thin people, dimples in the temples are more noticeable, making the face look older and more tired than it actually is. This condition seriously affects the appearance and aesthetics of people with sunken temples.

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Causes of sunken temples

There are many reasons for sunken temples, including 7 causes of sunken temples:

  • Congenital: Common in everyone. They feel that the above phenomenon is not necessarily affected by other people or living habits because it is a genetic inheritance. At birth, the concave temple will be associated with the phenomenon of high and clearly prominent eye socket bones.
  • Lose weight quickly: If weight loss is not done properly, the process will slowly occur, leading to fat cells shrinking and flabby. Damages the collagen and elastin connective layers, turning these two triangular areas ugly.
  • Aging: Common in women over the age of 30. Skin aging reduces collagen production, causing loss of elasticity under the skin and creating sunken temples.
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Symptoms of sunken temples. What effects does sunken temples cause? Methods to overcome sunken temples
  • Jaw braces: Causes serious changes in part of the facial bone structure and adversely affects the forehead area.
  • Frontal bone structure: The phenomenon of concave temples is common in groups of people with angular facial bone structure.
  • Skinny body: This group of people will have pale faces, not ensuring the necessary amount of fat to fill areas such as the temples and forehead…
  • Heavy work: Pressure, fatigue. .. often leads to the face becoming less sharp and pale, especially the forehead, cheeks and eye sockets.

Symptoms of sunken temples

Mild symptoms of sunken temples may include:

  • The temples look thinner, less full.
  • The temple skin becomes chapped, less elastic and dry.
  • The face appears tired, lifeless and unbalanced.

It is difficult to apply makeup because makeup products cannot cover sunken temples.

Wrinkles and crow’s feet on the face appear more clearly. Patients may feel self-conscious, lack confidence and feel uncomfortable in daily life.

If you notice these symptoms, you should seek professional help and treatment to prevent your dimples from getting worse.


What effects does sunken temples cause?


According to genetics, the above condition causes the face to have unbalanced lines, appear old and austere, making the face even more fierce and ugly. When the temples are concave, the facial muscles also sag and sag towards the cheekbones.

If the temples sink further inwards, the face will become distorted, unbalanced, fierce and unsightly.


According to physiognomy, people with concave temples will not have a smooth career.

Regarding love and career, it is also not favorable. People with concave foreheads are unstable, easily disappointed and bored in life. Therefore, the above group of people will have difficulty developing in the future and cannot advance in their career.

Regarding love and marriage, concave temples indicate a difficult relationship, many obstacles and not many favorable conditions. If you are a man, it will be difficult to find a good wife, but for women, it will be difficult to find a husband you like. Family life also has contradictions and conflicts, sometimes leading to separation between husband and wife.

In addition, my health is also very weak, I often suffer from heart-related diseases and headaches. These people should not go too far because not only will they not have much success, but they will also have many difficulties and obstacles.

Methods to overcome sunken temples

There are many methods to overcome sunken temples such as: Massage, acupressure… However, the above methods require a lot of effort and patience over a long period of time, so they are not very effective.

The temples are mainly made up of fat cells, so if you want to completely solve the above problem, surgical intervention is needed to get the best results.

Currently on the market there are many remedies to overcome the condition of sunken forehead. For example, temporal implants, filler injections, and autologous fat injections. .. However, over time, many people have more and more knowledge in this field. As well as having higher requirements and aiming for more safety in beauty.

Temporal padding

The temple is the entire contact area of the hair roots on the face and the orbital bone area. Full sun will make each person’s face more harmonious, healthy and balanced.

However, due to a number of reasons such as aging or congenital temporal defects, the face becomes asymmetrical and pear-shaped.

Forehead implants are a way to solve high scars by injecting specialized silicone and filler materials. The filler material is a friendly and safe flexible substance and has excellent environmental adaptability.

They have different shapes, sizes, and widths depending on the level of tension and are arranged to fit each individual’s head while ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Chin augmentation is a minor surgery, the patient only needs to make a thin incision on the forehead, then peel it off and inject silicon inside. The wound after surgery will have to be patched with cosmetic stitches. Because the hair is covered, the scar will not be exposed and the sutures will help erase the traces of surgery until it heals.

Immediately after surgery, you should go home immediately to take prescribed medication and undergo thorough medical treatment to prevent complications or effects of forehead implants.

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Autologous fat grafting

Fat grafting is a method used by many women to help plump the temples.

This method is considered by experts to be quite safe because it uses the body’s own fat to implant into the temple area. With this fat grafting method, doctors will take fat from the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks, then extract it to remove stem cells and transplant the temple area.

Symptoms of sunken temples
Symptoms of sunken temples. What effects does sunken temples cause? Methods to overcome sunken temples

Although it is safe, the maintenance effect is not long-lasting, only about 1.5 years and should be reapplied 2-3 times to maintain the necessary amount of fat.

Inject filler essence

With this method, the doctor will inject fillers directly under the skin at the temples to fill in concave areas. Therefore, the temples will become fuller, helping the face become more harmonious, balanced, and more youthful.

With this method, you won’t have to waste time resting. However, the effect of injecting filler essence can only last for a maximum of 2 years and filler must be constantly reapplied to maintain effectiveness.

To ensure safety, it is necessary to choose a location for the procedure, filling essence that meets the standards of the Ministry of Health, and skilled doctors to prevent unnecessary complications.

Is temporal implant dangerous?

Currently, some of you are still wondering whether forehead implants are harmful? In fact, different from conventional methods of filling the temples such as filler injections or autologous fat injections, creating a forehead from materials will give you elasticity similar to real skin on your face for a permanent and extremely long lasting effect. effective period.

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Symptoms of sunken temples. What effects does sunken temples cause? Methods to overcome sunken temples

The above technique is performed at a low level, leaving the tissues and blood vessels so it will not cause much harm to your body.

Forehead augmentation is the most common technique applied to cases such as:

  • Sunken temples due to aging;
  • The temple has a congenital defect;
  • People with pomegranate shaped faces need improvement;
  • The skin on the forehead is dry and wrinkled.

In addition, some women who have undergone breast augmentation also need to use other fillers to create an even more perfect forehead.

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Notes after temple augmentation

Find out information to choose a reputable medical facility and highly qualified doctor.

  • After surgery, you need to follow your doctor’s prescriptions and instructions and take care of your wound according to instructions.
  • During the first few days, heat and cooling can help reduce swelling/pain.
  • For 5-7 days after surgery you need to avoid touching the wound.
  • Avoid strenuous activities that affect this area during the first 3 weeks of surgery.
  • The diet requires abstaining from certain foods such as raw vegetables, pork, poultry eggs, fish, and sticky rice. .. to avoid creating dark scars and bumps.
  • Examination and thread removal according to doctor’s appointment.
  • When you have unusual symptoms, you should contact your doctor for quick examination and treatment.

Instead of spending a few tens or hundreds of millions more on treatment and setting aside a small budget for overall health care, are you ready?



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