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What should I do if my face is skewed on one side, big or small? Causes and effective solutions

The face is skewed on one side, big on the other, small, unbalanced, making the overall face appear rough and less sharp. This has a significant impact on the aesthetics and confidence of many people. So what is the reason why the face is skewed to the big side and the small side? What is the solution? Find out now in the sharing below.

Symptoms of facial deviation: big side, small side

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Symptoms of facial deviation. What should I do with the big side and the small side? How to fix misaligned face at home?

A face that is larger or smaller on one side is when the facial features are uneven, creating imbalance and disharmony. This disparity can appear when one side of the face is larger in size than the other, creating an overall lack of balance.

When this condition occurs, the smile becomes unattractive and lacks confidence, causing difficulty in communicating with others.

Although there are cases where the face may be symmetrical when in a normal state, it shows misalignment when smiling. However, this usually does not create many problems and some people even consider it a unique feature that creates a unique beauty for the face.

However, when the face is skewed to the big side and the small side is common in a normal state, this can affect the person’s appearance and daily life. Therefore, correcting facial balance and performing cosmetic measures may be the solution for people with this problem.

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Does having a large or small facial deviation affect your life?

Does having a large or small facial deviation affect your life? If we talk about facial misalignment, it refers to the condition where one side of the face is larger or smaller than the other side. There are many causes for this condition, including genetics, aging, or other medical problems. Below are the effects that a misaligned face can cause:

  • Mood and Confidence: Some people may feel self-conscious about facial asymmetry, which can affect their mood and confidence.
  • Communication and Social Interaction: A misaligned face can impact how others perceive a person in social situations.
  • Health Issues: In some cases, a misaligned face can be the result of health problems such as neurological disease or underlying injury.
  • Functional Problems: If facial deviation affects functions such as vision, it can create challenges in daily activities.
  • Psychological Impact: People with facial misalignment may face psychological problems such as social anxiety or negative self-image.

Is the big side and the small side dangerous?

Symptoms of facial deviation. What should I do with the big side and the small side? How to fix misaligned face at home?

Is the big side and the small side dangerous? If someone has a difference between the big side and the small side, they may face problems related to appearance, self-confidence and personal psychology. However, from a medical point of view, this is not a dangerous health problem.

In many cases, this disparity can be a natural trait, and some people view it as part of their uniqueness and specialness. However, if the difference is too large, creating a serious imbalance, this can cause psychological pressure and affect the person’s confidence.

Although there are no direct health implications, if the person feels a strong psychological and mental impact, they may want to discuss with a cosmetologist or psychologist to seek appropriate solutions. according to their wishes.

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The reason why the face is skewed to one side is big and the other is small

There are many reasons why the face is skewed to the big side and the small side. Include:

  • Due to complications of cosmetic surgery: a face that is large on one side and small on the other due to failed cosmetic surgery is not a rare case. Because the doctor’s skills are not high enough, there is not enough expertise, and the clinic does not meet standards, it can easily lead to facial misalignment.
  • Due to an accident, strong impact or disease, the face is misaligned due to an accident or collision, causing the face to be misaligned, often causing pain to the sufferer and very difficult to treat with conventional methods.
  • Due to crowded and misaligned teeth: one side of the jaw is big and the other small can be due to teeth growing crookedly, causing the jaw frame to shift to one side.
  • Due to the influence of the habit of chewing on one side: if you see that the face tends to become more and more crooked, it may be due to the influence of the habit of chewing on one side. Over time, this activity will affect the bite, causing the face to deviate from one side to high and one side to low, with one cheek being large and the other small.
  • Due to birth: some people are born with disharmonious faces. The cause may be genetic. When family members have uneven jaw structures, you will also be at risk of having a large and small face.

What should I do with the big side and the small side? How to fix misaligned face at home

Make Up helps hide the big and small sides of the face

What should I do with the big side and the small side? For mild facial misalignments, you can completely hide the misalignment by contouring or choosing a suitable hairstyle. This is a simple and low-cost method, so it is the most widely used method today.

Massage your face properly

Facial massage is a way to not only bring relaxation to the body but also help the face become more balanced and harmonious thanks to proper massage and long-term perseverance. You can do it yourself at home if you have enough knowledge, but to achieve optimal results, you should go to a professional facility.

Improve unhealthy habits

Changing bad habits such as sleeping on one side, using one side of the jaw to chew, etc. will stop putting pressure on the jawbone, thereby not making the deviation worse. At the same time, maintaining chewing evenly on both sides or lying on your back will help significantly improve facial deviation.

Apply the Golki treatment

Golki is similar to massage but more difficult to perform. Because the manipulation of the hands must ensure enough force to put pressure on the jaw bone. Persistently applying the Golki treatment will definitely improve the condition of the face that is large or small on one side and will be more balanced.

Cosmetic treatment effectively cures facial misalignment

For cases of severe facial misalignment due to accidents and misaligned jaw structures, the best treatment method is jaw correction surgery. This method can be painful and costly, but the results will be more satisfactory and faster than the other methods.

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Can braces help correct facial misalignment on one side and the other?

The structure of the teeth can affect the jawbone. Many people with misaligned and crowded teeth often experience facial misalignment, overbite, and underbite, and braces are the most effective method in this case. Braces help straighten misaligned teeth into the correct position.

From there, the facial structure will be changed, more or less depending on whether the tooth misalignment is mild or severe.

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Things to note when one side is big and the other is small

face is skewed
Symptoms of facial deviation. What should I do with the big side and the small side? How to fix misaligned face at home?

In the case of big sides and small sides, there are some things you can consider to create a positive visual experience:

  • Embrace uniqueness: See the difference in size between the large side and the small side as a unique feature, creating a special personalization for your appearance.
  • Use makeup to create balance: Choose smart makeup to make the face more symmetrical and highlight positive features.
  • Seek professional advice: If your confidence is low because of the difference, learn about methods to correct and improve your appearance from a beautician.
  • Experiment with suitable hairstyles and makeup: Discovering the hairstyle and makeup that suits you best can help change the perception of your face’s size.
  • Learn to communicate confidently: Confidence comes not only from your appearance but also from the way you present yourself. Learn to communicate strongly and confidently.
  • Consider cosmetic solutions if you want: If you want a permanent solution and feel more comfortable with your appearance, a discussion with an esthetician may be an option.

Remember, the most important thing is to be confident and happy with yourself, to help you shine and leave a positive impression on others.

For advice and to schedule an examination, contact the dentist at hotline 0934619090 (Hanoi Branch) or 0766008080 (Ho Chi Minh Branch). In addition, you can come directly for examination at BeDental facilities.

Above is all the information about the causes and the most detailed and effective way to fix the difference between big and small faces. Hopefully this article can help you find the right treatment method to improve facial misalignment. Wishing you soon regain a face with harmonious, balanced proportions.

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