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How many types of anti-teeth grinding troughs are there?

How many types of anti-teeth grinding troughs are there? What is an anti-teeth grinding tray? How much does an anti-teeth grinder cost? Where to buy anti teeth grinding troughs? Anti-bruxism trays are the most effective treatment option for teeth grinding, helping to avoid affecting those around you and preventing dangerous complications caused by teeth grinding. So, how many types of anti-teeth grinding troughs are there? Where should you buy? Let’s find out with BeDental below in this article!

What is an anti-teeth grinding tray?

What is an anti-teeth grinding tray? An anti-bruxism mouthguard is a device that prevents teeth from accidentally grinding or rubbing against each other during sleep. Anti-teeth grinding pads are usually made of acrylic plastic and have a low-profile design that fits tightly to the teeth, making it very comfortable for your baby to use.

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What is an anti-teeth grinding tray? How much does an anti-teeth grinder cost? Where to buy anti teeth grinding troughs?

Why should you use an anti-teeth grinding tray while sleeping?

Teeth grinding tools are increasingly being used by many people due to the benefits the product brings, including:

Avoid worn or chipped teeth

Anti-bruxism tools will help keep your teeth from colliding and rubbing against each other. This will minimize wear on tooth enamel and avoid unnecessary breaks or chipped teeth. Patients with severe teeth grinding, after a long time without treatment, leave many dangerous complications.

Including complications of chipped teeth. At that time, the patient needs timely dental intervention, which is very expensive.

Reduce the incidence of temporomandibular arthritis

Grinding your teeth while sleeping often causes your teeth to grind. This puts a lot of pressure on the temporomandibular joint. If the temporomandibular joint is compressed for a long time, it will easily cause temporomandibular joint disorder.

Causes complications such as facial misalignment, headache, temple pain, and worse, articular disc perforation. Having an anti-bruxism device will help reduce pressure on the temporomandibular joint while you sleep. This is also considered a measure to help you prevent dangerous temporomandibular arthritis in the future.

Avoid disturbing other people’s sleep

You usually don’t hear or feel the sound of teeth grinding when you sleep, but when you wake up, the person lying next to you may be very uncomfortable with the sound of their teeth grinding. Anti-teeth grinding trays will help you completely reduce this problem.

From there, improve sleep quality for yourself and those around you. Helps you become more polite in the eyes of those around you.

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Uses of anti-teeth grinding troughs

An anti-bruxism tray, commonly known as an anti-bruxism tray or teeth chewing tray, is a type of medical device used to reduce wear and damage to teeth when grinding, chewing or grinding teeth. Here are some other effects of anti-teeth grinding trays:

  • Protect teeth: Anti-bruxism tray helps protect teeth from impact, abrasion and damage caused by grinding force. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth a lot or have biting teeth, an anti-grinding mouthguard can help reduce pressure on your teeth and prevent damage caused by grinding.
  • Pain relief and jaw muscle relaxation: If you have symptoms including jaw pain, fatigue, and jaw muscle relaxation after stress or injury, an anti-bruxism tray can help reduce these symptoms. It provides a cushion that reduces pressure on the jaw muscles, helping to relieve pain and tension in the jaw muscles.
  • Jaw function correction: Anti-bruxism mouthguards can be used to correct jaw function, including chewing and grinding. If you have problems with your jaw, including an uneven bite, an anti-grinding mouthguard can help correct and balance jaw function.
  • Reduce pain symptoms: Anti-teeth grinding trays can also be used to reduce symptoms of headaches, neck and shoulder pain. If pain symptoms are associated with a jaw injury, an anti-bruxism mouthpiece may help reduce swelling and pain in the tooth area.
  • Protection in sports: Anti-bruxism mouthguards are also used in sports to help protect teeth from injury and bleeding during competition. It can reduce the risk of broken teeth, broken teeth and bleeding gums caused by collisions with sports equipment

Types of anti-teeth grinding troughs

There are many different types of molar trays with different prices. Below are some of the most popular brands, trusted and widely used by many customers in recent years. You can refer to and choose the right product for you.

Japanese anti-teeth grinding trough

Japanese products always win the trust and love of consumers. Among them, the Japanese To-Plan anti-teeth grinding trough is chosen and trusted by many Vietnamese people because of its safety, popularity, and ease of finding on the market today.

The To – Plan anti-teeth grinding tray is made from soft silicon, has good strength, and moderate tightening, so it will feel comfortable and suitable for the majority of users. This is a type of thermal anti-bruxism tray with the advantage of hugging the roots of the teeth, creating a comfortable feeling when worn.

The anti-teeth grinding effectiveness is rated quite high by many customers. The product price is suitable for many people and the product can be easily purchased in the Vietnamese market.

Oral-B anti-teeth grinding tray

Oral-B is one of the oldest oral care brands. One of Oral-B’s oral care products that is highly appreciated by many people is the Oral-B Anti-Tooth Grinding Trough. Oral-B anti-teeth grinding tray is also used by many people because of its convenience.

Grinding discs are made from safe materials and are easy to use. In addition, the thin transparent layer brings a pleasant feeling and high aesthetics.

Dental Duty anti-bruxism device

Dental Duty’s anti-bruxism device is made of BPA-free rubber. This product is packaged in a 4-compartment box. With a delicate and elegant design, in addition to preventing tooth wear while sleeping, this product can also be used as a teeth whitening tray or to protect teeth during exercise.

According to many reviews, making your own anti-crushing machine at home is relatively difficult and complicated. In addition to requiring many different materials, it also requires the worker to have knowledge about taking dental impressions. Unsafe and poor quality raw materials can also affect product quality.

Therefore, instead of spending a lot of time and effort to make your own anti-teeth grinding device, you can easily buy commercially available products. Both ensuring quality, safety and effectiveness. Helps you overcome teeth grinding while sleeping more effectively.

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What is an anti-teeth grinding tray? How much does an anti-teeth grinder cost? Where to buy anti teeth grinding troughs?

Instructions on how to use the anti-teeth grinder

Each type of anti-teeth grinder has different uses. Therefore, when buying an anti-teeth grinding machine, you need to carefully learn what the machine’s components are, and learn more about how to use it from the sales consultant. Here are 2 ways to use the anti-crushing machine corresponding to the 2 devices as follows:

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For thermal anti-bruxism machines

Most anti-teeth grinding devices on the market are manufactured with heat. The product uses the material’s elasticity mechanism to increase its ability to fit tightly to the teeth. Therefore, the product’s anti-crunching effectiveness is very high. How to use a thermal anti-crushing device as follows:

– Step 1: Put the grinder tray in a cup of warm water about 61 – 63 degrees Celsius.

– Step 2: Soak for about 1 minute to soften the tray and take it out.

– Step 3: Place the tray with the word UP on top so that the tray is clamped to the upper jaw and close the mouth.

For other anti-bruxism machines

Besides the thermal form, other products are relatively easier to use. You just need to take the product out and put it on your mouth. Note that when wearing, you need to align the mouthpiece to suit your mouth and bite. Avoid wearing them crookedly as this will affect your teeth and cause jaw fatigue.

How to maintain anti-bruxism equipment

For an anti-bruxism device to last a long time, you need to use it properly.

Here are some notes you need to know when using an anti-teeth grinding tray:

– Before wearing the socket, it is necessary to clean your teeth thoroughly to avoid remaining bacteria from entering the socket and affecting the quality of the socket.

– Avoid biting or chewing anti-bruxism devices unless sleeping.

– After use, rinse with water and store in the included container.

– Store in a dry place, away from heat.

– Do not share anti-bruxism equipment with others.

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Some harmful effects when using anti-teeth grinding trays

Although anti-teeth grinding trays have many advantages, they will also cause some harmful effects when used incorrectly. Below are some potential harmful effects when using anti-teeth grinding trays:

anti-teeth grinding troughs
What is an anti-teeth grinding tray? How much does an anti-teeth grinder cost? Where to buy anti teeth grinding troughs?
  • Increased sensitivity: Anti-bruxism trays will increase tooth sensitivity. Using the tray for a long time will cause irritation and reduce the protective enamel layer on the teeth, increasing the feeling of sensitivity when exposed to hot, cold or sweet foods.
  • Bite disorders: Some people who use anti-bruxism trays may also have problems with bite disorders. This can happen when the mouthguard is not working or is not used properly which can harm the way you grip and bite your teeth together.
  • Increased risk of infection: If not cleaned and adjusted properly, the anti-bruxism tray will become a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and yeast. If not done properly, infection and inflammation in the mouth will occur and cause problems for tooth and gum health.
  • Causes jaw myositis: If the anti-bruxism tray is not cleaned and made properly, it can cause jaw myositis. This can cause muscle spasms, pain, and difficulty opening or closing the mouth.
  • Dependent habit: Using an anti-bruxism tray too much will make you dependent on it. If you don’t use a trough, you will become uncomfortable and find it difficult to eat, drink and communicate

How much does an anti-teeth grinder cost? Where to buy anti teeth grinding troughs?

Where to buy anti-teeth grinding troughs? Pre-designed thermal anti-bruxism machines are quite cheap and you can easily buy them on e-commerce sites.

However, according to advice from experts, you should use an anti-bruxism machine specifically designed for your jaw. This will create a more comfortable feeling when used as well as bring the highest efficiency in treating teeth grinding.

The French anti-crushing chute has been quality tested by senior experts to meet European standards, the price is about 1.2 million/jaw. This price is considered by customers to be suitable for quality and efficiency in long-term use.

How much does an anti-teeth grinder cost? For advice on anti-teeth grinding trays as well as to order products specifically designed for you, you can come to Bedental dentistry.

Here, you will receive a free examination and consultation, and the doctors will specifically design for you a millimeter-standard anti-bruxism tray to help hug each tooth root on your jaw.

BeDental owns a team of doctors and skilled technical staff who understand patient psychology. Along with that, the dental facility always updates advanced dental machinery, equipment and technology in Europe and around the world to better serve customers.

For any oral health problems you are experiencing, come to BeDental immediately for timely free consultation and examination!




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