If your face is tilted to the left or right, which side should you lie on? How to know which side the face is facing? Perhaps these are questions that make many people wonder, without answers. No matter which side it is off, it makes the overall face unaesthetic, causing beauty to “drop in rank”. However, this shortcoming can be improved by changing bad habits. Let’s find out with Bedental in the article below.

How to know which side the face is skewed?

Deviated face: is a condition in which one side of the face will deviate to one side, the left or right side is wider, the higher side and the lower side due to the habit of lying on one side. This leads to the overall face losing its inherent balance and harmony.

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Causes of facial deviation. Consequences of a deviated face. Can braces treat a deviated face?

To know if the face is skewed to the left or right, we just need to take the axis in the middle of the face, then slowly compare the two sides, at this point we will know which direction the face is skewed towards. Besides, many people have relatively harmonious facial features, but when they smile, their faces appear to be clearly skewed to the right or left.

Causes of facial deviation to the left and right

Many different causes lead to deviated face to the left or right, specifically:

Advanced age can lead to a misaligned face

As you get older, facial asymmetry will become more apparent, which is a normal sign of aging.

Even though your bones start growing during puberty, your bones are still growing as you age. This means your chin and nose bridge grow and change as you get older which can cause asymmetry.

Deviated face due to post-plastic surgery sequelae

Today there are too many fake cosmetic spas, impersonating specialists to beautify customers. Those cosmetic doctors are very poorly qualified and have little experience, but still perform surgery on patients, causing serious complications.

repairing deviated septum
Causes of facial deviation. Consequences of a deviated face. Can braces treat a deviated face?

If you are planning to have cosmetic surgery, you should consult reputable cosmetic institutes and doctors with degrees and high professional qualifications. Cosmetic surgery without skilled doctors will lead to many consequences such as edema, stinging, and even facial deformation.

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Due to pathology, the face is misaligned

Currently, there are many diseases that negatively affect the facial nervous system, causing the facial muscles to gradually shrink and shift completely to one side. The above condition also occurs often in people with weakened health, the elderly or people who have had a stroke.

Deviated face due to the habit of chewing on one side

In some cases, when you were young, you had tooth decay and could only chew on one side. Then you created a bad habit for a long time. When you look in the mirror, you discover that your face is crooked.

Continuously chewing on one side not only makes your jaw muscles tired, but over time will cause your entire face to lack symmetry. Chewing food on one side can cause misalignments in the muscle and bone structure of the face, specifically the jawbone.

The habit of chewing on one side is also harmful to the facial musculature because one side of the jaw needs to move to chew and bite food while the other side does not have to move much.

After a while, the muscles on the face will develop unevenly between the two sides and the bite will also deviate, making eating and chewing more complicated.

Deviated face due to wrong living habits

Because of an inappropriate lifestyle, late bathing can easily cause facial misalignment because the blood vessels on the face shrink or dilate when directly affected by cold or hot temperatures.

Therefore, if you do not like to suffer from the above phenomenon, you should limit bathing too late. It is not uncommon to have a misshapen face due to the habit of bathing and washing your hair late at night, more than 11 o’clock.

This time is the end of a tiring day of work, people are not healthy and often get “windstruck”. If not diagnosed and treated early, the disease can lead to a stroke or even sudden death.

Deviated face due to habit of bathing late at night

A common reason why people have distorted mouths or facial paralysis is due to insufficient body heat during the harsh cold days of the season. Some people lying in air-conditioned rooms with very low body temperatures, including children, can easily cause nerve number 7 to be paralyzed and the tongue to be misaligned. That leads to the face deviating to the left or right.

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Causes of facial deviation. Consequences of a deviated face. Can braces treat a deviated face?

In addition, many cases of accidents involving the jaw bone cause facial misalignment, due to the structure of the bone being deformed and misaligned. In severe situations, doctors are forced to cut off a piece of bone or muscle on the face to ensure the patient’s life safety, resulting in the face becoming skewed and unbalanced.

Therefore, to protect your health, you absolutely should not bathe. Especially when the body is tired. Body temperature exposure to abnormal heat and cold will lead to extremely serious consequences.

Consequences of a deviated face

Facial misalignment, often described as misalignment of the jaw, can cause a series of consequences for both physical appearance and health. Main consequences include:

  • Teeth and jaw: A misaligned face can lead to problems with the teeth and jaw, such as misalignment of the teeth, uneven growth of the lower or upper jaw, or difficulty chewing. This can limit your ability to eat and talk, and sometimes even cause pain or inflammation.
  • Problems when speaking: Facial misalignment affects speaking and pronunciation, especially if the problem affects the jaw and tongue.
  • Aesthetics: A misaligned face will lead to asymmetry on both sides of the face, causing patients to feel embarrassed because of their physical defects. This can affect their lack of confidence.
  • Respiratory problems: A misaligned face can cause breathing problems, especially when the lower jaw grows too much. It can lead to poor breathing and interfere with the swallowing process, causing breath holding while snoring.

To correct the consequences of facial misalignment, patients may require examination and treatment by specialists including dentists, orthopedic surgeons or maxillofacial surgery specialists. In some situations, surgery is required to correct jaw and facial structure to ensure aesthetics and health.

If the face is skewed, which side should it lie on?

Which side should the face be tilted? If you tend to lie to one side as a child or over a certain period of time, your risk of facial deviation is higher. For example, if your face tilts to the left, you can improve it by lying down. shift to the right to fix the problem.

Similarly, if you regularly use your right hand to support your chin, the right side of your face will become smaller. Therefore, if you lean to the right side, the left-hand side will slowly become even more beautiful.

Once you have a balanced face, you can lie on your back to maintain balance and minimize pressure on each part of your face. However, how to handle a deviated face, in addition to answering the question of an externally deviated face, whichever side is deviated, you should also get advice from a specialist to come up with the most suitable solution.

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Does lying on your side have any effects?

With the question, does lying on your side have any effect? The answer is yes. Long-term habit of lying on one side will contribute to the increase in facial misalignment. Depending on the severity of the deviation, there is a certain level of impact. Specifically, a skewed face can make you lose confidence and miss many opportunities in life. In particular, a misaligned face also makes it difficult for you to eat and drink because of a misaligned bite. Worse, it can cause jaw pain.

mặt lệch bên trái
Causes of facial deviation. Consequences of a deviated face. Can braces treat a deviated face?

You need to change this habit to regain a more harmonious and symmetrical face by lying on your back and lying on your other side.

Specifically, if your face is tilted to the left, which side should you lie on? Initially, you will have to try to adjust your lying position to the right side to make the right side of your face smaller and smaller. After that, maintain the supine position to maintain and also help reduce pressure on the organs in the body, giving you better sleep.

How to make your face balanced you should know

Different causes will have different ways to balance the face. In addition to learning which side you should lie on, you can apply some of the methods below to achieve the best results.

Massage with correct technique

Massage not only helps support blood circulation and relaxes the body, but applying movements flexibly and persistently will help restore balance to your face extremely effectively.

Practice mewing to improve facial deviation

Mewing is also a way to make the face more balanced without surgery. The exercise not only corrects a skewed face but is also especially effective for people with the right side of the face being larger than the left, and the cheekbones being high and the cheekbones being low.

Wear a facial shaping belt

With a design that hugs the face, causing upward pressure, the shaping belt helps regain a more harmonious and natural facial structure. Note that the belt tightening force must be moderate, not too tight to avoid clogging.

Treat facial misalignment with acupuncture and acupressure

Causes of facial deviation. Consequences of a deviated face. Can braces treat a deviated face?
Causes of facial deviation. Consequences of a deviated face. Can braces treat a deviated face?

In cases of facial misalignment due to asymmetrical muscles, not the jawbone, you can refer to acupuncture. This method is often used by patients with colds and convulsions that cause distortion of the mouth and facial muscles. Note that you should find a doctor with high skills and techniques to avoid more serious consequences and damage to your health.

Correct facial misalignment with orthodontic treatment

One of the methods of treating misaligned faces can be orthodontics or braces. Orthodontics is how the doctor will use dental tools to bring teeth back to the correct jaw position, bite, and bring teeth to be even, straight, and not misaligned.

At that time, the face will become harmoniously balanced, bringing aesthetic features to the face. When you choose any method to improve facial aesthetics, you must go to reputable cosmetic facilities with a doctor. The specialist will proceed directly.

Can braces treat a deviated face?

Can braces treat a deviated face? Braces are mainly used to adjust the position of teeth, bones and jaws to create beautiful, even teeth.

Braces cannot fix severe facial misalignment and require the help of maxillofacial surgery. Maxillofacial surgery is a method of adjusting the position of the upper and lower jaw bones to change the shape of the face and the effect will be extremely spectacular.

If you are worried about your misaligned face, you should also see and consult with a dental specialist or a maxillofacial surgeon for diagnosis and advice on the best treatment methods for the condition. your suit.

Braces can help adjust the position of teeth on the jaw to create symmetry and harmony of the face. However, whether braces can cure facial misalignment depends on the condition and cause of facial misalignment. 

The above methods of improving facial misalignment are low cost but require perseverance to bring high performance. Therefore, braces are a method of correcting facial misalignment that is less painful, economical but still brings the highest efficiency.

Braces will help move the teeth into the correct bite position, thereby changing your jawbone. Completion time depends on each person’s condition but is commonly about 12-18 months

BeDental – High-end braces address, giving you a symmetrical and harmonious face

If you are still wondering in the process of choosing a quality dental address for braces, Bedental is a reputable address, worth your consideration. Bedental is known as a reputable and quality braces dentistry at the forefront of the dental field.

mặt lệch bên trái
Causes of facial deviation. Consequences of a deviated face. Can braces treat a deviated face?

To achieve the current success BeDental has continuously developed every day from improving modern equipment to training a team of skilled and experienced doctors to bring customers the best experience. supreme satisfaction.

Moreover, coming to BeDental, you will receive a general examination and consultation completely free of charge from the doctor. Cosmetic costs will depend on the severity of each condition. Customers can apply many attractive incentive programs to help save maximum costs.

In addition to paying attention to which side of your face is skewed left or right, which side should you lie on to correct facial misalignment, you should consider applying other methods to improve an unbalanced face as quickly as possible. With the above sharing, we hope you will quickly regain your sharp features and have the elegant face you desire.


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