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What are dimples? How to have dimples?

What are dimples? How to have dimples? BeDental will share through the article below, let’s find out! Dimples are sometimes found on one or both cheeks. Not everyone has dimples, some have them and some don’t. Dimples are considered to be formed based on changes in the muscles and skin on the face.

What are dimples?

What are dimples? Dimples are small indentations located above the mouth. Dimples can be seen on one or both sides of the mouth. Dimples or dimples are also very common, but not everyone has them. Because dimples are formed based on changes in muscle and skin on the face.

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What are dimples? How do dimples form? Do dimples disappear on their own?

Biologically, dimples are often considered to be genetically dominant, although there is debate about this. A study conducted on 2,300 people found that about 37% of adults have dimples. However, the prevalence of this cheek phenotype varies by gender.

How do dimples form?

How do dimples form? Dimples are caused by changes in a facial muscle called the zygomaticus major. The zygomaticus major muscle is associated with facial features. Cheek muscles are responsible for raising the corners of your mouth when you talk.

In people without dimples, the zygomaticus muscle usually starts from a bone in your cheek called the jawbone. Then, the cheek muscles run down and connect with the corners of your mouth.

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What are dimples? How do dimples form? Do dimples disappear on their own?

Meanwhile, in some women with dimples, the cheek muscles are divided into two separate muscle bundles on the way down to the mouth. One bundle connects at the corner of the mouth, but the other bundle lies below the corner of the mouth and is also connected to the skin above the cheekbone.

Physiognomy of people with dimples?

The physiognomy of people with dimples is a feng shui concept. According to feng shui, each person’s face can reflect their personality, destiny and future.

According to feng shui, people with dimples will be considered smart in business and good at making money. They are highly determined and practical and always try to work hard to achieve their goals. However, if your physiognomy is too high, it can cause difficulties or economic instability for that person.

It is important to know that feng shui is also one of many important factors in each person’s life and career. To have a fulfilling and successful life, we need to balance other factors including health, knowledge, skills and opportunities.


The one with the dimples on the right side

A dimple on the right cheek is also considered a sign of beauty and luck in terms of wealth and fame.

According to ancient views, women with dimples on their right hand are often considered gentle, likable, kind and loved by many people.

They are people with positions and authority in society and are respected by many people. Their lives are also very prosperous, have a lot of money and achieve many successes in their careers and brilliant reputations.

For girls, the deeper the dimples on the inside, the more feminine and gentle, graceful and beautiful they look, and are sought after by many boys.

The one with the dimples on the left side

Girls with dimples on the left cheek not only have physical beauty but also skillful behavior and eloquence. They also easily attract the attention and sympathy of many people thanks to their gentle, likable and friendly personalities.

In love, girls like this are always loyal and sincere, so it’s difficult to change their feelings once they get married. They love caresses and affection from their partners. As for boys, the dimple on the left cheek is a point that attracts girls’ attention.

Even if they don’t have a handsome appearance, looking at them is enough to make girls flutter. However, boys like this have more love stories and a richer life than other boys. They may be easily swayed by new “seductions” and lack emotional perseverance.

Dimples on both sides

Women with dimples on both sides are gentle, charming, likable, lovely and filial. They also attracted the attention of many guys and their relationship went smoothly. Their reputation and career also meet with many advantages and successes. A harmonious and peaceful life.

For men with dimples on both sides, according to physiognomy, they will have a prosperous and wealthy life, with many advantages in career and life. Men with dimples on both sides are said to be extremely skillful, intelligent and extremely sharp.

Men’s career path is always stable, successful and has many advantages.

Are dimples genetic?

You have half your genes from your mother and half your genes from your father. Most of these genomes have at least two mutations and are often denoted as alleles. Alleles can be divided into strong alleles and weak alleles.

Distinctive features often tend to “dominate” over other features. If all of your parents have a prominent trait, the risk that you will also share the same trait is quite high.

Researchers also said that this is a beautiful feature of the face. However, currently there have been countless studies conducted on the genes of dimples.

However, according to observations, the woman with dimples gave birth to many children with dimples. This can be understood as another form of inheritance. However, it is not always true that if your parents have dimples, your children will also have dimples.

Additionally, it is a known fact that many women will have dimples their entire lives, but for others it actually changes over the years. Specifically, some women have dimples when they are young but will fade as they get older.

On the contrary, there are also some people who are born without dimples and have developed this characteristic since their childhood.

Because the genetic makeup of dimples is unpredictable, scientists classify them as a genetically irregular trait. This means that although the above situation is often seen as a good characteristic, it is not always true.

Má lúm đồng tiền có thể can thiệp dưới chỉ dẫn của bác sĩ chuyên khoa
What are dimples? How do dimples form? Do dimples disappear on their own?

In addition, the formation of dimples is not as simple as a series of alleles. There may be different genes that affect dimples. Therefore, you need to investigate again to get the correct answer to the above problem.

Is creating dimples considered attractive?

According to some other cultures, it is also associated with charm and sometimes even luck.

A study of many parts of the face has also found that the presence of signs such as dimples will make a person’s ability to communicate or smile more likable than ever.

Do dimples disappear on their own?

Dimples can also appear in areas with excess fat, but this type of dimples do not appear completely. They can go away through proper diet and exercise.

Newborn babies often have dimpled cheeks when drinking milk, this is due to the accumulation of fat in the cheeks. As children get older, the fat layer on the cheeks will disappear and the dimples will also disappear over time. Dimples that appear over time will last longer. However, it can fade with age or with gradual weight loss.

How to create popular dimples today

Create dimples by contracting your facial muscles

Pucker your lips and then suck your cheeks in. To further exercise the muscles in your cheeks, make your face look as if you’re chewing fruit or something delicious. The lips should be slightly closed or wide open and the cheeks should be partly sunken in.

The teeth must not be closed because then the cheeks will not be sucked in, but the lips must be closed.

Note – this is the traditional way. In other words, the above method is not scientifically recognized, it is completely based on folk beliefs and has not been tested. So this method is not sure to work.

The cheeks need to recede naturally and the greatest concavity is between the upper and lower teeth or at the beginning and end of the mouth.

Try tasting something sour if you don’t have that look on your face and the natural reaction to acidity is also what the above lesson is practicing.

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Smiling creates dimples

Smile and adjust finger positions as needed. Slowly tense your facial muscles as if laughing loudly and let the tip of your thumb return to its original position on your face.

You need to smile widely and open the corners of your mouth wider, because dimples will naturally stand out when people smile with their mouth wide open to the corners of the mouth. Now the two fingertips must leave two positions at the two corners of the mouth, and these are the positions of natural dimples.

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What are dimples? How do dimples form? Do dimples disappear on their own?

Shine a light to observe. If your fingertips seem to be out of place, you should correct them.

Use your fingertip or the tip of a pen to emphasize the position where you want the dimples to appear. To get real dimples, release your hands quickly. Take pictures if you want. Note that the dimples will actually disappear as soon as you relax your mouth muscles.

Piercing creates dimples

Go to a professional piercing center. Just like piercing any part of the body, the dimple piercing procedure also has the risk of infection if sterility is not guaranteed.

Do not arbitrarily pierce it at home. Only professional and reputable places – trained people will have the right tools to minimize the risk of infection or complications.

Most professional piercing clinics do not perform dimple piercing on people under 18 years old, even with the permission of a guardian. However, the age to get dimple piercing also depends on the region and each country.

Note that many professional piercers do not recommend dimple piercing for all ages. While the eye piercing and needle penetrate the face and muscles, the dimple piercing penetrates the entire muscle. Therefore, the risk of nerve paralysis and sequelae will increase.

Create dimples with bottle caps

How to make dimples at home with bottle caps does not cost a lot of money, but you need to have enough patience to be able to use it for a long time. You need to prepare any filtered water bottle cap that has been thoroughly washed with diluted salt water.

Put the bottle cap back on your neck and place it in a suitable place when you want to make dimples. Adjust it so that the lid is placed in the intermediate space right between the cheek and mouth.

Squeeze your cheeks in tightly and then leave it in place for 15 minutes. Do this regularly every morning, and you will discover scars on your cheeks similar to pretty little dimples.

Create dimples with makeup

Makeup is a safe way to make dimples at home and does not require surgery. You just need to follow the instructions of the makeup steps below:

  • Step 1: Determine the appropriate area where you want to create dimples and then use two index fingers to gently place them on your cheeks to mark the appropriate position.
  • Step 2: Use a brown eyeliner pencil or eyebrow pencil to draw a simple straight line along the position where you want to create dimples.
  • Step 3: Use a small brush and use your hands to gently apply evenly on the cheeks to create a contour shaped like dimples.

Once completed, you will immediately have a pair of extremely beautiful dimples. The other person probably won’t notice any artificial dimples if they don’t look closely.

Create dimples at the beauty salon

The method of making dimples at the beauty salon is a very simple minor surgery that helps you connect the cheek muscles deep inside the cheek with the outside skin thanks to cosmetic thread. When the minor surgery is completed, just a smile or speaking will cause the muscles to contract and stretch to create beautiful, natural dimples.

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What are dimples? How do dimples form? Do dimples disappear on their own?

What do you need to pay attention to when creating dimples at a beauty salon?

As with other forms of surgery, dimple creation can carry short- and long-term risks. Overall, the risks are relatively small. Most people who have surgery are very pleased with the results.

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What are dimples? How do dimples form? Do dimples disappear on their own?

Before deciding to have this surgery, you need to acknowledge that the results of the surgery are permanent, regardless of whether you like it or not. Surgery seems simple but requires a lot of careful consideration before you decide to do it.

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Create dimpled hurt?

In addition to whether creating dimples is dangerous, many women also wonder whether the procedure is painful or uncomfortable. The surgery is very gentle and the doctor will also give anesthesia before creating the dimples so you will not feel pain during the procedure.

When you get home, the anesthetic has dissolved and may cause a slight feeling of numbness and slight swelling and pain in the cheek area, but at a mild level, it will be tolerable. Doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory or pain medication to help you feel more comfortable. Just apply cold compresses regularly and the pain will be significantly reduced.

The harmful effects of creating dimples as above will occur when you have it done at less reputable facilities, doctors without professional qualifications or with incorrect techniques. In general, this is a simple minor surgery. If you choose to have it done at a reputable facility, it is guaranteed to be safe and will not affect your health much.

Is dimple creation at a beauty salon permanent?

Creating dimples can only last forever if you know how to properly nurture, care for, and treat them or have surgery at a reputable facility. Besides, you should look for a clinic, spa or surgery facility capable of nurturing and maintaining dimples.

More specifically, a healthy and scientific diet will help your dimples last for a long time. So, finally, with the question of whether dimples are permanent, this will depend on how you take care of them and the results.

How to care after creating dimples

To reduce scarring and help your cheeks recover quickly, you need to avoid certain foods and sweets. First, do not drink alcohol or alcohol during surgery because they reduce white blood cells in the blood and increase the possibility of infection.

Dishes from fish, poultry, pickles, and raw vegetables. .. should also be avoided because it can cause allergies and make the surgical wound red and swollen and difficult to recover from.

Hot and spicy foods, fast foods and carbonated soft drinks will have a negative impact on the recovery process and should be limited. Instead, you should eat foods that are liquid, easy to chew, and high in protein such as soup, milk, eggs, lean pork, and fish. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins are both good for the intestines and help boost immunity.

Tips to create dimples for your baby while pregnant

What are dimples
What are dimples? How do dimples form? Do dimples disappear on their own?

Tips to create dimples for children during pregnancy

  • Ask the baby to have dimples: Mothers go to the baby with dimples and tell the baby: “Give me these dimples!”. If the baby nods in agreement, it is guaranteed that the baby in the womb will have the same dimples.
  • Hang two pomegranates in front of the house gate: This needs to be done secretly, discreetly, not for anyone to see and is best done in the dark with the wish that your child will have perfect dimples.
  • Stealing pomegranates: It’s also a pomegranate, but instead of buying it to eat, people whisper and steal two pomegranates from someone’s garden. Then bring it home and secretly eat it. Doing so will help your child have the desired dimples.
  • Caressing the baby’s cheeks with dimples: During pregnancy, pregnant mothers may find a baby with dimples. To be successful, pregnant mothers should wait for a time when no one is paying attention, then gently stroke or touch the baby’s dimples with both hands, then gently touch the baby’s cheeks.




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