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Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

There are a few ancient and powerful stories that nobody knows when or if they actually happened in real life. These stories have been passed down through generations as legends in this world. Among them is the fairy tale of the Tooth Fairy. So, who is the Tooth Fairy? Is the Tooth Fairy real or not?

Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy


Part 1

We have all heard of the Tooth Fairy. Every time a child loses their first baby tooth, the Tooth Fairy comes at night when the child is fast asleep. Have you ever wondered what kind of people these tooth fairies are? This is the story of that fairy, the legendary Tooth Fairy.

This is a tale from a time when there were no stars in the sky. The vast sky only had the sun and the moon. And the story begins in the land of the fairies. We always think that fairies have magical powers and don’t need to make any effort to learn something. But that’s not true at all! Fairies also have to go to school and learn how to use magic. And learning is never easy for them.

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Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

– “Hilda!”

– Oh, I’m so sorry. I apologize, I will clean up this mess.

Hilda feels embarrassed after accidentally spilling the magic potion in the classroom with her fairy friend. At that moment, the fairy queen appears and says:

– Hilda! Come here. Try shaping this small flower.

Hilda takes the small flower from the fairy queen’s hand, awkwardly uses her magic wand, and recites an incantation to shape the flower. But…

– Oh no, no, no! Hilda is flustered and unable to control the magic wand, the flower remains unchanged. The fairy queen speaks up:

– It’s alright, Hilda. You can transform it into anything. Hilda hesitates:

– Um, a diamond, maybe?

– Anything is fine, but not a flower like this.


Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

Hilda once again focuses all her energy, pointing her magic wand at the flower, reciting the incantation under her breath. Suddenly, the flower transforms into a dazzling diamond. Hilda’s fairy classmates are amazed and exclaim:

– Wow, Hilda! No one can transform objects like you can.

– It’s sparkling! It’s radiance. It’s definitely light. No one here can do it like you, Hilda.

– Hilda! The sun just got a bit brighter this morning. Come here and make it shine even more! Teacher Hilda suggested, and Hilda became extremely excited:

– You… you want me to make the sun shine brighter? Yes, I’ll come right away.

After saying that, Hilda spreads her fairy wings and flies straight towards the rising sun in the east. And so, Hilda excels at one thing: making the sun shine and sparkle.

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Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

Finally, graduation day has arrived, and the fairies will be assigned jobs based on their skills. That day, Hilda woke up early with the beautiful sunrise. She was filled with excitement because today she would be given a mission in the human world. She eagerly made her way to the graduation hall, dressed beautifully and soaring through the vast sky. She loved the feeling of flying.

If possible, she would want to fly all over the world and never stop. She could feel the wind blowing on her face and the joy of flapping her wings in the air. Suddenly, she heard a scream:

– Oh no! My child, my little one jumped out of the tree. It doesn’t know how to fly, please help me! The voice of a distressed sparrow came from the tree.

– Let me help you. Hilda spread her fairy wings and swiftly flew to catch the young bird as it was falling towards the ground. The little bird was safely cradled in Hilda’s hands.

– Oh, poor thing, you must have been so scared. Now you’re safe. Let’s go! I’ll take you back to your nest.

– Thank you, fairy… Achoo… The mother bird choked back tears but couldn’t hide her exhaustion. Hilda worriedly asked the mother bird:

– Are you not feeling well?

– It’s just the weather… Achoo… Achoo… I’ll be fine.

– Oh no! That’s not good. Let me go call a fairy to heal you. Don’t worry, she knows how to make you feel better. Everything will be fine.

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Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

After speaking, Hilda immediately held the bird’s nest with the mother bird and the flock of baby birds and took them to the fairy healer’s house. The fairy healer needed a few drops of dew to make medicine, so Hilda quickly flew off and collected a few drops of dew from the sun to bring back for the fairy healer. The fairy healer comforted the mother bird.

– Here is the medicine, drink it and you’ll feel better right away.

– The mother bird expressed gratitude: Oh, thank you!

– The fairy healer praised Hilda without hesitation: Thank you, Hilda, for bringing the mother bird here. You truly are a kind-hearted fairy.

– It’s nothing. Oh, actually, it’s a big problem. I’ll be late for the graduation ceremony. Oh no. Goodbye.

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Part 2

Hilda panicked when she realized she was late for the graduation ceremony. She quickly flew off after sending greetings to the fairy healer and the mother bird. Hilda indeed arrived very late for the graduation ceremony. When she arrived, all the tasks had already been assigned. Hilda felt sad and panicked, she asked the fairy supervisor:

– What? Have all the tasks for the fairies been assigned already? What am I going to do then? The fairy supervisor regretfully told Hilda:

– We will find some task for you, Hilda. Hilda quickly interjected to the fairy supervisor:

– The only thing I’m good at is making an object shine and transforming one object into another. Or maybe I can turn dirt into gold!

Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

Upon hearing Hilda’s suggestion, one fairy exclaimed:

– What? Oh no! We need soil to plant trees and forests, and flowers too. Hilda realized that her suggestion seemed absurd and felt uneasy:

– Oh yes… I’m sorry. How about I make everything shimmer and sparkle instead? Is that okay?

Another fairy chimed in:

– Oh no! It will be too bright in the morning, not good for the eyes. Besides, who can appreciate colors if everything is shining and sparkling?

It seemed like all of Hilda’s suggestions were futile. Poor little Hilda looked sad, and her disappointment was evident on her face. At that moment, the fairy supervisor came to comfort and encourage Hilda:

– Dear Hilda, take a deep breath and calm down! You are the one who can make everything shimmer. There will be something that needs your touch. There will be a more suitable task for you. That task will come soon. Hilda, hearing the fairy supervisor’s words, regained some composure:

– I’m sorry… I was really lacking composure! You’re right, I should have faith that something shimmering awaits me!

It turned out that Hilda couldn’t find anything to do. It turned out that Hilda had no job to do. Some said that now Hilda was free to fly as long as she wanted. But joy is only meaningful when there is a purpose. It was truly sad for Hilda to see other fairies working while she had nothing to do. She was determined to travel the world and find something to do for herself.

One night, when arriving at a castle, Hilda heard a voice:

– Mommy! Mommy, look at this!

– What’s wrong, my child?

– My tooth fell out. What should I do, Mommy? My tooth…hu..hu..hu..

– Oh, how pitiful. Come here, my daughter. Losing a baby tooth means you’re growing up. Do you know that?

– But I look funny. I really liked that tooth.

– But you still look adorable, my dear. When children grow up, they all lose their baby teeth. Soon, you’ll grow many new teeth to replace this old one.

– Really, Mommy?

– Yes, that’s right. The new teeth will be much stronger. It’s a natural way to show that you’re growing up, my beloved daughter!

– Really, Mommy? That’s amazing!

– Hey, my dear, why don’t you leave the tooth under your pillow? Maybe you’ll have a wonderful dream about becoming a strong girl, my dear daughter. Give it a try.

– Yes, I would like that.

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Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

So the princess placed her baby tooth under the pillow and happily went to sleep. Hilda watched all of this and liked the idea of losing baby teeth as a natural part of growing up. But she always wondered, “What happens to the tooth when it falls out?” Suddenly, she came up with an idea: “What if I take the tooth and transform it into… Wow… that would make the sky so beautiful. But wait, I can’t just take the tooth. It doesn’t belong to me.”

Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

Suddenly, Hilda noticed a leaf falling in the garden, and she exclaimed, “That’s it!… That’s it!…” Hilda flew to where the leaf was, transformed it into a gold coin, and flew back to the princess’s bed.

– I will exchange a gold coin for your baby tooth! This will be a gift from me.

Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

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After speaking, Hilda placed the gold coin under the princess’s pillow and took the baby tooth. Then, Hilda did something wonderful with the tooth. She transformed it into a star and hung it in the sky. Oh, the star up there was so beautiful. Hilda had another idea: “What if I exchange all the baby teeth for gold coins and transform them into shimmering objects in the sky?

Hooray! Hooray! There are millions and millions of children in the world. And I will get to fly, I will make the sky sparkle. And I will have my own job. Hooray! Hooray!”

Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

And so, that was her job. Hilda traveled all over the world, collecting baby teeth, exchanging them for gold, and transforming the baby teeth into stars. Hilda did that job for a very long time, so long that she is now known as the Tooth Fairy.

Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy
Fairy tale: The Tooth Fairy

The story of the Tooth Fairy carries a meaningful message that if you are determined to find your place in this world, you will surely find it. By the way, remember to brush your teeth regularly! At least twice a day, because the Tooth Fairy only exchanges for healthy teeth.



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