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What is Pod? 4 harmful effects of smoking pods

Tobacco is one of the main causes of cancer and many diseases in the respiratory system. Currently, many people use Pod instead of traditional cigarettes to reduce the risks of disease. But many users still wonder: Is the Pod toxic?

To answer the question of whether smoking a Pod is harmful, please follow Bedental’s article below to find the answer.

What is Pod? Are Pods toxic?

What is Pod? is a device designed to burn liquid in vapor form and the user can suck it into the lungs. Pod is the newest and most modern type of electronic cigarette today. Pod also has the ability to burn and compress air very quickly, conveniently and safely compared to previous e-cigarettes.

The Pod is also very simple and has a similar form to a USB stick or a pen. Users often pour a little essential oil inside the e-cigarette and it will naturally be burned to create incense combined with many other scents depending on that person’s needs.

What is Pod? Is smoking a Pod harmful? Is smoking e-cigarettes addictive? Effective ways to quit e-cigarettes

The internal structure of a Pod will include details such as pipes, essential oil boiling system, battery to use essential oils, essential oil tank, heater and open switch.

All are compactly designed with a pen for ease of holding and moving. Each Pod will cost from about 200 thousand VND to 400 – 500 thousand VND depending on the brand and color.

Essential oils are one of the many essential components of the Pod to inspire e-cigarette use. Unlike regular cigarettes, current electronic cigarette technology has created a series of different flavors to create new and exciting feelings for users. The main ingredients of essential oils in regular e-cigarettes will be:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG).
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG).
  • Artificial or natural flavorings.
  • Nicotine.

Currently, in the electronic cigarette industry, there have been many new types of e-cigarettes produced that no longer contain Nicotine. This is also the reason why many consumers do not know how to use new cigarettes to completely replace traditional cigarettes.

Today, many types of e-cigarettes are only produced for one-time use, but once the essential oils inside have been used, people can buy new Pods to use. Besides, there are also many types of Pods that can be reused many times. Consumers can change to using many other essential oil products if they find something new. The advantage of disposable e-cigarettes is that they are low price, easy to use and store.

Structure of Pod System and operating principle

The Pod System is a compact and convenient vape device developed to provide a similar vaping experience to a larger vape, but in a smaller size and easy to carry with you.

The structure of a Pod System usually consists of two main parts: Pod and Battery. The Pod is a small box containing a liquid tank, electrodes and combustion core, while the Battery is the part that powers the Pod through a rechargeable battery.

The Pod System’s operating principle is quite simple. When the user inhales a breath, the Pod System automatically activates the liquid tank inside the Pod to produce the breath. The breath is created by burning liquid, creating flavors and aromas that the user can enjoy.

The Pod System is designed for use with nicotine and non-nicotine vape juices. It provides a convenient way to enjoy the flavor and aroma of vaping without having to use a large and complicated vape machine. In addition, the Pod System is also designed to be reusable, with the Pod being replaced when the liquid tank is empty.

Is smoking e-cigarettes addictive?

When using e-cigarettes, many people often wonder about the substances inside and how addictive the Pod is. In fact, smoking Pod is not addictive or only mildly addictive, depending on the aromatic properties of e-cigarettes. According to the results of many scientific works, Pod is said to be 95% less toxic than conventional drugs.

Pod liệu có gây hại
What is Pod? Is smoking a Pod harmful? Is smoking e-cigarettes addictive? Effective ways to quit e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes contain a small amount of nicotine, which increases heart rate and blood pressure in the body when used while also blocking the blood vessels of the circulatory system.

Although e-cigarettes are only moderately addictive, smoking e-cigarettes is also quite harmful to the body when used. Smoking Pods increases the risk of cancer and some respiratory diseases.

Comparison between pod smoking and traditional cigarette smoking

There are many differences between pod smoking and traditional cigarette smoking. Below are some key comparisons between these two forms:

  • Chemicals: Pods are often made from a mixture of nicotine, salt, propylene glycol and glycerin, whereas traditional cigarettes contain more than 7,000 toxic chemicals. Pods may be a safer health option than traditional cigarettes.
  • Smoke: When smoking a pod, users will produce less smoke than when smoking traditional cigarettes. Pod smoke usually does not have an unpleasant odor and is not attracted to clothing like traditional cigarette smoke.
  • Health effects: Smoking pods can cause health effects such as increased blood pressure, insomnia, dizziness and difficulty breathing. However, these effects are often milder than those of traditional smoking. Smoking traditional cigarettes can cause more serious health problems such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory problems.
  • Price: Pods are quite expensive compared to traditional cigarettes. However, users can save costs in the long term because the pods are often used longer and do not cause other costs such as cleaning cigarette odors from clothes.
  • Popularity: Pod smoking is becoming a popular trend but is still not as popular as traditional cigarette smoking. Traditional cigarettes are still a popular habit worldwide, however, many countries are applying measures to reduce smoking to protect people’s health.

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Is smoking a Pod harmful?

The harmful effects that e-cigarettes cause to the body are:

  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Using e-cigarettes to replace regular cigarettes will reduce the risk of some cancers. However, compared to people who do not use e-cigarettes, the group of addicts still has a much higher risk of cancer.

E-cigarettes are also associated with the risk of certain cancers including: Lung cancer, Nasopharyngeal cancer, Bladder cancer. Most of the cancers caused by e-cigarettes are related to the lungs. Recent studies have shown that access to e-cigarettes is also associated with a number of health and genetic changes, thereby increasing the risk of lung cancer.

Lung cancer

With lung cancer, e-cigarettes also increase the risk of some other respiratory infections and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Because the aerosol can easily irritate the lungs, nose and throat, e-cigarettes also increase the risk of certain respiratory diseases.

What is Pod? Is smoking a Pod harmful? Is smoking e-cigarettes addictive? Effective ways to quit e-cigarettes

Causes pneumonia

Most people still believe that using e-cigarettes is better than traditional cigarettes. However, there are substances in cigarettes that damage the respiratory system and specifically the lungs.

In e-cigarettes there is a chemical called diacetyl. Diacetyl is approved by the FDA as suitable for ingestion but not for ingestion. The amount of diacetyl will cause more serious lung diseases such as chronic bronchiolitis and pneumonia. The amount of diacetyl in e-cigarette oil is equivalent to a small part of tobacco and will last about 100 years if inhaled, causing damage to the lungs.


Currently, there is no scientific evidence that Pod causes miscarriage. However, information indicates that the oil’s Coumarin is a potential cause of miscarriage. Coumarin is a chemical that increases the artificial fragrance of oils.

As soon as it enters the blood, the substance can affect the female sex hormone Estrogen and the male hormone Testosterone. For men, the above chemicals can also damage semen volume. For women, Coumarin has the risk of causing infertility and even more severe miscarriage.

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Harmful to pregnant women and children

Although e-cigarettes are considered safer than traditional cigarettes, they still have negative effects on pregnant women. Many pregnant women use e-cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes and say that e-cigarettes will reduce the effects on the fetus. However, the nicotine contained in e-cigarettes also has negative effects on the fetus.

To help the fetus grow well and protect health, pregnant women should not use any tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes such as Pod or Vape. They all have the ability to damage health to varying degrees.

Thus, even though e-cigarettes are cheaper than regular cigarettes, the above e-cigarette products also have the potential to harm health. Therefore, you should create a healthy lifestyle for yourself, do not use banned drugs and exercise regularly to improve your health. I hope Bedental has helped you solve the problem of whether using Pod is harmful, helping you stay healthy and when you are worried, don’t forget to read Bedental’s following articles for more updated information.

Can I quit Pod?

It is possible to quit using pods, but the detox process with pods will be different from the detox process with traditional cigarettes. When you stop using the pod, your body will have to adapt to the lack of nicotine and other chemicals in the pod. As a result, pod users may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, weight gain, and nicotine thirst.

What is Pod?
What is Pod? Is smoking a Pod harmful? Is smoking e-cigarettes addictive? Effective ways to quit e-cigarettes

However, if pod users want to quit, they can do so using methods such as:

  • Gradually reduce the amount of nicotine: Pod users can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine in the solution and gradually replace the pods with products with lower nicotine concentrations.
  • Changing habits: Pod users can change their pod smoking habits with other activities such as exercising, reading, listening to music or participating in other recreational activities to reduce stress and minimize the need to use pods. .
  • Expert support: Pod users can seek support from addiction experts for advice and support during the detox process.

Detoxing with pods can be difficult, but it is completely doable and offers many benefits to the user’s health.

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Effective ways to quit e-cigarettes

Quitting e-cigarette addiction is similar to quitting traditional smoking. Here are effective ways to quit e-cigarettes:

  • Gradually reduce the dose of nicotine: E-cigarette users can gradually reduce the dose of nicotine in the smoking solution. Solutions with increasingly lower nicotine concentrations can help reduce toxicity and gradually reduce the body’s need for nicotine.
  • Switch to nicotine-free vaping: Users can switch to nicotine-free vaping or lower nicotine vapes. This helps the body gradually adapt to the nicotine deficiency and reduce the need to smoke.
  • Use alternative methods: Instead of smoking e-cigarettes, users can replace them with other activities such as playing sports, practicing yoga, reading books, listening to music or finding other activities to help reduce stress. and reduce the need to smoke.
  • Use cessation aid products: There are many products designed to aid cessation, including non-nicotine products such as lozenges, gum, mouth sprays or herbal products.
  • Seek professional support: Addiction specialists can provide e-cigarette users with support during the detox process, including counseling and other treatments such as alternative therapies. nicotine.

During the detox process, users need to be persistent and have a strong will to achieve success. The detoxification process is not easy, but it is important for the health of e-cigarette users.

Some important notes when choosing Pod

If you decide to use Pods instead of regular cigarettes, keep the following in mind when choosing a product:

  • Choose a reputable manufacturer: Choose Pods from reputable and trustworthy manufacturers to ensure product quality.
  • Check the ingredients: Check the Pod’s ingredients to ensure that it does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Choose your favorite flavor: Choose a flavor that matches your preferences to ensure enjoyment and continued use of the Pod.
  • Choose the right size: Pods come in many different sizes to suit the user’s needs, choose the size that’s right for you.
  • Learn how to use: Carefully learn how to use the Pod before use, to ensure proper and safe use.
  • Consult your doctor: If you have any health problems, consult your doctor before using the Pod.
  • Ensure safety: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and ensure the safety of yourself and those around you when using the Pod.

If you have never used tobacco, you should not look for electronic cigarettes such as Vape or Pod. For those who have a strong will to quit traditional cigarettes, you can try to quit completely without using any type of tobacco. But if you want to quit slowly and want to use Nicotine instead, Pod is a great choice for you.

Below is the article that BeDental shared. If you have any questions that need answering or advice about your current condition, you can contact the team of doctors for the most detailed and dedicated answers.

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