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What is Alpha Choay? Uses, dosage and notes when using

What is Alpha Choay? Alpha Choay is a yeast-like antibiotic that is mainly used to prevent edema after trauma, surgery, and burns. .. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and the doctor’s instructions to achieve the highest treatment results and reduce the possibility of unwanted complications. what is Alpha Choay? 

What is Alpha Choay?

What is Alpha Choay? According to analysts, Alpha Choay is also a product that belongs to the enzyme anti-inflammatory category. Good for use in acute cases such as inflammation, edema, sprains, and injuries. Especially suitable for all users, regardless of adults or infants.

Thuốc Alpha Choay kháng viêm dạng men và chống phù nề
What is Alpha Choay? Is Alpha Choay a medicine? Side effects of Alpha Choay. How much does Alpha Choay cost?

Origin of production at Sanofi Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company Sanofi – Synthelabo Vietnam. One Alpha Choay tablet has the following ingredients: Alpha Chymotrypsin with a content of 21 microkatals and excipients including: Magnesium Stearate, mint oil, wheat flour and moderate diameter for 1 tablet.

Content and active ingredients of Alpha Choay bruise-dissolving:

Alpha chymotrypsin is an enzyme isolated from chymotrypsinogen of the bovine pancreas, which reduces inflammation and edema, and reduces secretions in the respiratory tract. The active ingredient alpha chymotrypsin acts as an enzyme that hydrolyzes proteins by cutting the connection between aromatic amino acids and peptides.

Thanks to that, Alpha Choay medicine can break down the connections and remove blood clots in the inflammations, helping to reduce the size of the inflammations and thus reduce swelling and edema.


How should you take Alpha Choay?

You should use Alpha Choay anti-inflammatory medication exactly according to the instructions on the label or as directed by your doctor. You should take the medicine with lots of water (240 ml) to increase the amount of yeast. For capsule form, you should swallow without chewing the pill.

The effect of Alpha Choay is highest when the amount of drug in the blood is maintained in an unchanged state. Therefore, you should take Alpha Choay anti-inflammatory medicine at evenly spaced times and at the same time every day.

If you have any doubts about use, you should ask your doctor or pharmacist.

What should you do in case of overdose?

In case of emergency or overdose, you need to immediately call Emergency Switchboard 115 or the nearest local medical station.

In addition, you need to carefully record and attach a list of medications you have used, including both prescription and non-prescription medications.

What should you do if you miss a dose?

Sử dụng thuốc đúng cách để tránh tác dụng không mong muốn với cơ thể
What is Alpha Choay? Is Alpha Choay a medicine? Side effects of Alpha Choay. How much does Alpha Choay cost?

If you forget to take a dose, take it again as soon as possible. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, you should skip the missed dose and take the next dose at your scheduled time. You should not take more than double the prescribed dose.

Side effects of Alpha Choay 

The main ingredient of Alpha Choay is chymotrypsin, this is an extremely safe active ingredient so there are no side effects when using the drug. However, during treatment with Alpha Choay, patients may experience the following symptoms: changes in hair color, weight and urine odor. Some cases may cause digestive disorders.

The above are not all the side effects of Alpha Choay. Therefore, if while using the drug, you encounter any problems with your body, you need to immediately notify your doctor for treatment instructions. Users are not allowed to arbitrarily add or reduce the dosage of the drug to avoid increasing the possibility of experiencing unwanted effects on the body.

Alpha Choay is well absorbed and has no serious side effects, except in some seriously ill patients (See warnings). Many studies at recommended doses show that blood tests show no increase in enzymes after 24-48 hours. Transient side effects that may be seen (but disappear upon discontinuation of treatment or dose reduction) include:

  •   Changes in hair color, weight, odor
  •   Bloating, heavy stomach
  •   Diarrhea
  •   Constipation
  •   Nausea
  •   Severe allergic reaction with red eyes (if high doses are used)

The above symptoms will disappear after stopping treatment or reducing the dose of Alpha Choay. This is not a complete list of side effects and may cause additional side effects. If you have any doubts about side effects you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Before taking Alpha Choay, what should you pay attention to?

The drug is contraindicated for the following people:

  • People who are allergic to proteins or any other ingredients of the drug.
  • People with reduced alpha-1 antitrypsin. If you are or have had diseases such as chronic obstructive pneumonia, low lung air or kidney failure, you are in the group at risk of reduced alpha-1 antitrypsin.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • People with other diseases include congenital blood clotting syndrome due to hemophilia (hemophilia), blood clotting dysfunction and stomach ulcers.
  • People taking anticoagulants and other medications (including prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins and dietary supplements).
  • Things you should pay attention to when using Alpha Choay in special cases (pregnancy, breastfeeding, surgery…)

Alpha Choay anti-inflammatory drug containing chymotrypsin should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. There is not enough scientific evidence to determine the risks of taking this medicine during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Please consult your doctor.

Can Alpha Choay interact with other medications?

Alpha Choay may change the effects of other medications you are taking or increase the severity of side effects. To prevent drug interactions, it is best to make a list of all medications you are taking (including prescription and over-the-counter medications, herbs, and dietary supplements) for your doctor or pharmacist to review. To ensure safety when using medication, do not arbitrarily use medication, stop or change the dosage of the medication without your doctor’s permission.

Chymotrypsin should be used in combination with other enzyme drugs to increase the therapeutic effect. Chymotrypsin should not be used with acetylcysteine – a drug used to thin respiratory mucus. You should also not combine chymotrypsin with anticoagulants to increase the drug’s effects.

Can Alpha Choay interact with other foods and drinks?

A balanced diet or vitamin and mineral fortification is recommended to increase chymotrypsin activity. Some foods, including jojoba soybeans (in North America) and beans, contain a variety of proteins that inhibit chymotrypsin activity. However, these proteins can be inactivated by boiling.

Thuốc Alpha Choay
What is Alpha Choay? Is Alpha Choay a medicine? Side effects of Alpha Choay. How much does Alpha Choay cost?

Food, alcohol, and tobacco can interact with certain antibiotics. Consult your doctor about using drugs in food, alcohol, and tobacco.

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Health conditions that may be affected by Alpha Choay?

Your medical condition may affect the use of this medication. Tell your doctor if you have other medical conditions.

When is it appropriate to use Alpha Choay?

You can use Alpha Choay at any time of the day, including before and after meals because Alpha Choay’s absorption ability is not affected by food. However, if you have diseases related to the stomach and intestines, you should use the medicine in sublingual form and take it after meals to reduce pressure on the ulcer area.

Is Alpha Choay a medicine?

Alpha Choay is an anti-inflammatory drug that reduces edema in the form of inflammation, not a corticosteroid. Many people often confuse this, leading to confusion and fear when using it.

Can Alpha Choay be used by children, pregnant and lactating people?

Children can use Alpha Choay and some yeast medications. However, before using, you should consult your doctor to choose the appropriate dose for your baby’s weight and age.

What is Alpha Choay?
What is Alpha Choay? Is Alpha Choay a medicine? Side effects of Alpha Choay. How much does Alpha Choay cost?

For pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is best not to use Alpha Choay. The reason is because the active ingredient Chymotrypsin in the drug is a digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins and has little effect on the mother’s health.

How much does Alpha Choay cost?

How much does Alpha Choay cost? The suggested retail price is about 70,000 VND/box of 2 blisters x 15 tablets and sold for 2,400 VND/tablet.

Where to buy Alpha Choay?

Currently, Alpha Choay is widely sold at all Oriental medicine pharmacies nationwide. Before purchasing medication, you should seek guidance from a physician or physician regarding dosage and duration of use to get the best treatment results.

Above is detailed information about the drug Alpha Choay, which is also anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling in the treatment of soft tissue inflammation. Note that the medicine is not effective on soft injuries such as cartilage and bone. Hope the article is useful to you!

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