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Wisdom teeth will disappear in the evolutionary history of the human species.

Wisdom teeth will disappear in the evolutionary history of the human species. According to scientists, as humans continue to evolve and the brain size increases, the jawbone will progressively shrink. Consequently, there will be no space for wisdom teeth to erupt. In the future, wisdom teeth will completely disappear.

Predicting the disappearance of wisdom teeth

According to Finnish scientists, a mathematical formula can predict the complete disappearance of wisdom teeth in the future.

Furthermore, Live Science also mentions that by applying this mathematical formula to analyze the size and structure of teeth, we can also explain other questions related to the evolutionary history of the human species.

In an article published in the journal Nature on February 25th, Professor Jukka Jernvall, a lecturer at the University of Helsinki in Finland, shared: “This mathematical formula can also determine the evolution of all body parts in humans.”

Wisdom teeth will disappear
Predictive formula for the disappearance of wisdom teeth. The developmental history of the jaw and teeth.

To further understand the relationship between teeth and the evolution of the human species, Professor Peter Kjaergaard, the director of the Danish Museum of Natural History, adds: “Most of the information we know about human evolution comes from dental research.”

Teeth are extremely hard objects, even harder than the skull, making them resistant to decay over time. By analyzing the shape of teeth, we can also learn about the survival characteristics of species, even if they have become extinct.

Developmental history of the jaw and teeth

Before delving into the reasons for the conclusion that wisdom teeth will disappear in the developmental history of the human species, we need to explore the developmental history of the jaw and teeth.


Through experiments and research, science has concluded that teeth initially develop from the jawbone, and the development between teeth influences each other. Specifically, when a tooth erupts, it secretes a fluid that inhibits the development of the neighboring tooth.

Similarly, this tooth then secretes an inhibitory substance for the tooth next to it. This cycle repeats until the final tooth erupts.

rang khon co nen nho
Formula predicts the disappearance of wisdom teeth. Developmental history of the jaw and teeth.

This process was also tested on mice in 2007 by Jernvall and colleagues, and the results were similar. Not only mice, but all animals, including humans, exhibit inhibition between these teeth during development.

Wisdom teeth will disappear in the near future.

Typically, each person possesses 12 jaw teeth, equally distributed between the upper and lower jaws, left and right. Each side will have 3 jaw teeth. In dentistry, they are labeled as M1, M2, M3 from outer to inner. Therefore, wisdom teeth are referred to as M3 teeth.

Scientists conclude that wisdom teeth will disappear in the future because, according to the laws of evolution, the brain will continue to grow in size, leading to a narrowing of the jawbone. Consequently, the jawbone will no longer have enough space for the eruption of M3 teeth.

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rang khon
Formula predicts the disappearance of wisdom teeth. Developmental history of the jaw and teeth.

In fact, today, 45% of the Inuit population, living in Canada, Greenland, and Alaska, do not have wisdom teeth (data obtained from Alan Mann’s research at Princeton University, USA).

The future disappearance of wisdom teeth will surely be good news for many people, as we will not have to experience the pain of these poorly erupting teeth anymore, right?

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