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How much does a full teeth whitening package cost?

Teeth whitening has become a popular beauty trend in recent years. How much does a full teeth whitening package cost? This is something that customers are concerned about.

The price of teeth whitening will depend on various factors such as the condition of your oral health, the whitening method, or the dental clinic you choose. To achieve the desired whiter teeth after whitening, you need to choose the appropriate method and a reputable dental clinic.

How much does a full teeth whitening package cost?

Although the cost of a whitening combo is higher compared to other methods, it offers many benefits and ensures safety:

  • Gums are protected from the whitening agent with a high-quality rubber dam.
  • The entire process is monitored and controlled by the dentist to ensure effectiveness and safety.
  • The dentist will examine and provide advice, as well as choose the appropriate gel.
  • You will be guided on how to whiten your teeth at home, provided with necessary tools, and receive detailed instructions.
  • A custom-made tray will be provided for home use, ensuring efficient whitening and preventing gel from spilling out.
  • The whitening combo is the most effective method, providing long-lasting brightness for your teeth.

With the teeth whitening combo at BeDental, we guarantee improvement in your dental condition, with a teeth color increase of 4-5 shades, no pain, no side effects, and the use of certified gel (Pola Office gel certified by the FDA in the US). Our dentists have years of experience and thorough training. Additionally, we only charge when there is a noticeable improvement in your teeth. The color of your teeth before and after whitening will be measured using a standard shade guide so you can see the difference.

Full teeth whitening package cost
Full teeth whitening package cost

What is teeth whitening?

Basically, teeth whitening is a method that uses oxidizing agents combined with light energy to create an oxidation reaction that breaks the color molecules in tooth enamel, making the teeth appear whiter than before.

Teeth whitening has met the demand of many people, improving the color of their teeth, making them brighter, and enhancing aesthetics and confidence in communication.

Causes of yellowing teeth

Yellowing teeth can occur due to various reasons, the main ones being:

  • Frequent consumption of dark-colored foods and beverages: coffee, chocolate, tea, etc. are foods that have a very dark color and can easily stick to the teeth. If consumed in large quantities, they can cause teeth to become yellow.
  • Smoking: most long-term smokers have discolored teeth, even severe yellowing, which greatly affects aesthetics.
  • Poor oral hygiene: improper dental hygiene, laziness in brushing teeth after eating. Over time, plaque from leftover food builds up and causes tooth discoloration.
  • Age: over time, as humans age, tooth enamel gradually wears down, creating conditions for pigments from food to adhere and cause yellowing.
  • Genetics: tooth color can be influenced by genetic factors. If the genetic trait carries thin enamel, the inner layer of the tooth will be exposed, causing the teeth to appear yellow. Therefore, if someone in the family has yellow teeth, the risk of you having yellow teeth is high.
  • Excess fluoride: using water with excessively high fluoride content or fluoride-enriched toothpaste can lead to tooth discoloration.
  • Use of Tetracycline antibiotics: when children are young or during pregnancy, exposure to Tetracycline antibiotics can also cause tooth discoloration.

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Is teeth whitening harmful to health?

Currently, there are many ways to change the color of teeth, among which teeth whitening is a widely used method in Vietnam and around the world. Teeth whitening has been proven to be safe for oral health, with no side effects or harm to tooth enamel. However, it is important to follow the correct procedure, choose a reputable dental system, and use genuine whitening products combined with modern whitening lights.

If whitening at home, it is still necessary to have the guidance and monitoring of a dentist, avoiding the use of whitening products with unknown origins, overdosing, which can not only harm the teeth but also affect the gums, causing various oral diseases.

In each individual, the results of teeth whitening may vary depending on the condition of the teeth and the underlying cause of discoloration. The whiteness of teeth will also gradually decrease over time, but it will definitely be whiter than before.

Although it is a safe method, there are still some cases where dentists advise against teeth whitening:

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers, as the active ingredients in whitening products can affect the development of infants in the future.
  • Children under 16 years old, as whitening agents can cause pulp stimulation and make teeth more sensitive.
  • People who are allergic or sensitive to the components of whitening products.
  • People with gum diseases, cavities, exposed tooth roots, or worn tooth enamel.

In reality, many people experience tooth sensitivity after whitening. However, this is a normal reaction and not dangerous. Approximately 60% of cases experience this sensation after teeth whitening.

Since teeth have many sensory nerves, when they are stimulated from the outside, it can cause a mild sensitivity for a few days. This phenomenon is nothing to be concerned about.

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How much does a teeth whitening package cost?

There are three options for teeth whitening that you can choose from:

  • Laser teeth whitening.
  • At-home teeth whitening.
  • Combo of laser teeth whitening and at-home teeth whitening.

Although there are three methods, Bedental advises you to choose the combo option for quick and long-lasting teeth whitening results.

Bedental will explain why you should choose the combo teeth whitening.

Combo teeth whitening is a combination of two methods: teeth whitening at the dental clinic and at-home teeth whitening after cleaning the tooth surface. This combination provides the highest effectiveness in teeth whitening and ensures long-lasting whiteness.

The steps for a complete teeth whitening package are as follows:

Step 1: Tooth polishing and tartar removal

To clean the plaque and buildup from food and saliva, it is necessary to use the ultrasonic tartar removal method. Only this method can remove the buildup that regular brushing cannot solve.

Tartar removal helps treat gum inflammation, bleeding gums, prevent bad breath, and prevent oral diseases. Moreover, cleaning the teeth and polishing them will allow the whitening agent to penetrate deeper and ensure an effective whitening process.

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Step 2: Laser teeth whitening at the dental clinic

The use of laser for teeth whitening is a very popular method nowadays, used by most dentists who have received specialized training in teeth whitening.

When using this method, dentists will use a whitening gel (FDA-approved) to remove the stubborn yellow stains on the teeth, making them brighter.

At Bedental, the concentration of the whitening gel is higher compared to whitening kits purchased from cosmetic shops and spas. This means that teeth whitening at Bedental will provide better results.

Before performing the whitening procedure, dentists will isolate and protect the gum area, then apply the whitening gel to the teeth. After evenly applying it to the tooth surface, the dentist will use laser or LED light to speed up the whitening process, allowing the whitening agent to penetrate faster and achieve quicker and more effective results.

This method provides immediate whitening results. However, individuals undergoing teeth whitening should also use a lower-concentration whitening kit at home to enhance and maintain the long-lasting whiteness of the teeth, as well as to ensure the best post-whitening care.

Cleaning and removing plaque above the gum line.

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The steps for a complete teeth whitening package:

Step 3: At-home teeth whitening for the next 10 days

To be able to perform professional at-home teeth whitening, you will need a high-quality kit provided by a dentist.

The kit includes genuine teeth whitening gel and personalized plastic trays made to fit each individual’s teeth. Teeth whitening gel provided by reputable dental clinics will be better than gels from cosmetic shops and spas.

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The steps for a complete teeth whitening package:

Additionally, you will receive careful measurements and dental impressions from the dentists to create personalized whitening trays, ensuring a snug fit with your teeth to evenly distribute the gel and prevent it from falling off.

The dentists at BeDental will also provide you with thorough instructions on how to use the at-home teeth whitening kit, guiding you on the proper dosage of gel. It is important not to use too much gel as it may leak out of the tray if applied excessively.

The duration of gel application on the teeth varies for each individual, depending on the dosage of gel selected by the dentist. The application time can range from 30 to 60 minutes or even up to 8 hours. Typically, dentists will recommend using night-time gels so that individuals can conveniently use them while sleeping.

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How much does a complete teeth whitening package cost?

Teeth whitening at home not only helps enhance the tone after undergoing dental treatment but also ensures better adherence to dietary restrictions, resulting in high effectiveness and long-lasting results.

Through the previous article, BeDental hopes to provide you with valuable knowledge about teeth whitening, helping you understand the causes, risks, and treatment methods for discolored teeth.

If you have any further questions about teeth whitening, such as “how much does teeth whitening cost?” or other dental issues like “how much does dental veneer cost?” or “does braces hurt?”, please contact BeDental for free consultation.

With well-invested facilities, modern equipment, and a team of experienced, highly-trained doctors, BeDental promises to provide you with an unforgettable experience in oral healthcare.

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How much does a complete teeth whitening package cost?

You can refer to this price list:

Giá Tẩy trắng (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Teeth Whitening (More detail...)
Giá Tẩy trắng răng nhanh BEYOND, USA
In-Office Whitening (More detail...)
~ 118$
Giá Tẩy trắng chậm BEYOND, USA
Take-home Whitening kit with tray (More detail...)
~ 79$



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