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Experience in purchasing VBI health insurance and VBI insurance claim and compensation process

We will share the experience of buying VBI health insurance and the compensation and claim process for VBI insurance through the article below. Let’s find out!

Health is our most valuable asset. Understanding that, VBI brings you the VBI Care health insurance product package. This is the optimal financial solution, so you and your family can enjoy life with peace of mind.

What is VBI health insurance?

Vietinbank health insurance, also known as VBI Care Vietinbank insurance.

VIB Care is designed with flexible insurance packages for each different customer group. Health insurance users will enjoy many other insurance benefits such as outpatient treatment when sick, including surgery costs, hospital discharge costs, medical examination and treatment costs before and after, hospital allowance, ambulance, …

Bảo hiểm sức khỏe VBI là gì?
Where to buy VBI health insurance? Advantages of Vietinbank health insurance. Conditions for participating in VBI health insurance

VBI Care insurance is deployed for treatment in more than 300 medical facilities nationwide. With the above benefits, owning VBI Care insurance is the best medical service experience. Patients do not need to worry about hospital bills because this will be a wise solution for you to cope with life’s unforeseen situations.


Is VBI health insurance really good?

Vietinbank Insurance was voted as one of the 100 most comprehensive insurance products and services for the health of mothers and children today. With very clear insured benefits according to each contract package, consumers can be completely assured about the quality and reputation of insurance products distributed by Vietinbank.

bảo hiểm sức khỏe VBI
Where to buy VBI health insurance? Advantages of Vietinbank health insurance. Conditions for participating in VBI health insurance

Not only that, Vietinbank Insurance Company is a reputable company in the market so this bank’s insurance is very high quality and suitable for everyone.

Advantages of Vietinbank health insurance

  • Guarantee for hospital fees via Citizen Identification Card/ID card
  • 24/7 hospital fee guarantee service
  • Children under 6 years old can participate in insurance with a parent or alone.
  • Free online compensation for 5 days on My VBI app
  • Maximum processing time when receiving online applications is 15 working days.
  • Consulting on insurance benefits and supporting 24/7 compensation processing.
  • Nearly 300 medical facilities guarantee, including many of the largest hospitals
  • Children under 60 days old are covered.

Conditions for participating in VBI health insurance

  • Age to participate: from 60 days old – 65 years old.
  • Children under 6 years old can join insurance with their parents or join alone if the insurance premium increases by 30%. The child’s program is not allowed to be higher than the parent’s program.

Subjects participating in VBI health insurance

The insured person is a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner living legally in Vietnam from 15 days old to 80 years old (calculated according to the calendar year) at the beginning of the insurance period of the Insurance Contract. and in all cases the above Insurance Policy will apply to the Insured Individual at the end of the insurance period during which the Insured Individual reaches 80 years of age.

VBI does not accept insurance for the following subjects:

  1. People suffering from mental illness, neurological diseases, leprosy;
  2. People with permanent disability exceeding 50%;
  3. People who are being treated for illness or injury.

The insurance buyer can also buy insurance for the following people:

  1. The insurance buyer himself;
  2. Wife, husband or father, mother of the insurance buyer;
  3. Cousin; person responsible for raising and supporting;
  4. Dependents, if the policyholder has insurable interests.


Treatment time

  • 30 days with treatment of illness and unusual diseases (including obstetrics)
  • 90 days with treatment of abnormalities during pregnancy and diseases arising during pregnancy.
  • 90 days with treatment for illness or serious illness
  • 365 days with treatment or death from serious illness, disease/injury included

Insurance contract, term and value of VBI health insurance

Where to buy VBI health insurance? Advantages of Vietinbank health insurance. Conditions for participating in VBI health insurance
Where to buy VBI health insurance? Advantages of Vietinbank health insurance. Conditions for participating in VBI health insurance
  • An insurance contract

An insurance contract is a signing between the insurance buyer and the insurance company, whereby the insurance buyer must pay the insurance premium, and the insurance company must pay the insurance money to the beneficiary when insurance activities take place. .

Insurance contracts must be made in writing. Evidence of signing an insurance contract is an insurance contract, insurance certificate, insurance policy, telegram, telex, fax and any other form prescribed by law.

  • Modify the contract

Is an inseparable content of the Insurance Contract/Certificate of Insurance containing relevant information about changes or additions to the Contract/Certificate of Insurance such as changes in benefits, insurance period and increase/decrease the insured person. .. or any agreement contrary to the Insurance Rules.

Duration of insurance

The insurance period is 1 year, which can be determined according to the agreement of the Contract or calculated from 00:00:01:00 of that day. For insurance contracts that are renewed for many consecutive years, the insurance term date is the contract renewal date.

VBI insurance claim and compensation process

When requesting compensation, the Insured or the beneficiary of insurance benefits must submit it

MSIG original copies of the following documents in Vietnamese or English within one year from the date of the insured event or 60 days from the date the Insured Person is cured, discharged from hospital or dies:

  1. Compensation request form (according to MSIG’s form).
  2. Accident record certified by the hospital, local government or police where the Insured Person had an accident (in case the Insured Person has a serious accident).
  3. Documents related to the treatment process and medical expenses: prescriptions, medical examination papers, hospital transfer papers, treatment notes, test forms, ultrasound cards (except in cases of surgery) and other documents related to medical treatment. Payment documents include checks, receipts, and receipts according to the guidance of the Ministry of Finance.
  4. Birth certificate or Certificate of legal custody (in case of death of the Insured Person).
  5. If the treating doctor refers the Insured Person to another specialist, the Insured Person must bring the doctor’s referral.

Compensation period: MSIG is obliged to pay compensation to the Insured, the authorized person, or the legal representative within 15 days from the date of receipt of valid documents of compensation payment. 

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Where to buy VBI health insurance?

  • Method 1: Buy on VBI’s website

Nowadays, you can buy insurance online easier than buying any of those goods on Tiki or Shopee. The same goes for insurance. You can rest assured, just buy with the right “genuine” insurance company and your rights will be guaranteed.

To buy VBI Care health insurance, go to VBI’s main website, click BUY INSURANCE and enter information according to the instructions, then pay with a bank card (ATM, VISA, Mastercard) or Momo wallet. Okay.

  • Method 2: Buy with BeDental

If you do not dare to buy online and want the support of a consultant, please send Bedental your questions about VBI Care health insurance in the comment section below and Bedental will support you with the necessary information.

The article above is information about Vietinbank insurance packages and explains to you whether this bank’s insurance is really good and reliable or not. Hopefully, with this information, you will know more about the above insurance packages.




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