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Dental Practice Franchising and 3 Tips for Buying a Dental Practice Franchise You Should Know

Dental practice franchising has become a popular business trend, promising sustainable profits and minimizing significant risks for investors. However, many people still have concerns about whether this dental cooperation model truly has potential as advertised.

This article by BeDental will delve deeper into the dental franchise business model and reveal reputable dental brands that offer attractive benefits for investors.

Understanding dental Practice franchising before making an investment decision

Dental franchise is currently a common and popular business trend for many years. Similar to other fields, dental franchise is a form of dental business where after years of building a strong reputation and brand, dental enterprises allow other entities, organizations, or individuals to join their business system.

When implementing a franchise business, there will be an agreement between the parties with certain terms:

  • The franchisor will provide conditions, procedures for opening a dental clinic, and requirements for the other party to comply with.
  • The franchisee will enjoy the benefits of the brand, technology transfer, etc. that the franchisor has built.
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Should you buy a dental franchise? What should you consider when running a dental franchise business? Dental Practice Franchising

Why should you collaborate in the dental business under a franchise model?

It is not by chance that the dental business model: dental franchise is widely applied. Experts have analyzed that collaborating under a franchise model will provide investors with numerous benefits such as the best support for facilities, saving time on brand promotion, and maximizing cost savings.

Furthermore, opening a dental clinic under a franchise model brings many advantages, including:

  • Minimizing business risks: You will inherit the entire value of a reputable dental brand, thereby minimizing risks compared to building a new brand.
  • Having a ready pool of potential customers right after the opening: With the long-established reputation of the dental brand, you will have a constant stream of customers without incurring advertising costs.
  • Fast return on investment: Enjoying the benefits of a reputable dental brand, such as support for facilities, grand opening advertising, potential customers, etc., will make your business process more favorable and help you quickly recoup your investment.
  • Supply of standard and quality machinery and equipment: To ensure quality services and meet safety standards, dental brands will provide support in supplying affordable and quality machinery and equipment. Additionally, they may assist in designing a dental clinic that meets the standards.

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Should you buy a dental franchise? What should you consider when running a dental franchise business? Dental Practice Franchising

Should you buy a dental franchise?

It is not by chance that dental franchises have gained trust and are widely adopted by many investors. This business model offers investors the opportunity for stable and sustainable profitability.

Firstly, when choosing a franchise, you will receive the best support in every aspect, from preparation to cost calculations, with detailed guidance. Additionally, a dental franchise allows you to start your business immediately after the opening, with an existing customer base from the previous dental brand.

Furthermore, opting for a dental franchise is a way to ensure stable profits. The return on investment is quicker and less risky compared to starting your own dental brand from scratch.

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Should you buy a dental franchise? What should you consider when running a dental franchise business?

3 experiences of buying a dental clinic franchise that you should know

Not everyone can succeed in collaborating to open a dental clinic franchise. Therefore, do not miss these 3 experiences of buying a dental clinic franchise shared by BeDental:

Carefully consider the terms in the franchise agreement

The first experience of buying a dental clinic franchise is to carefully consider the terms in the agreement. The agreement will usually include many terms for you to review and evaluate. Read each item carefully, to avoid losing future rights before signing.

Carefully reading the dental franchise terms will help reduce risks, deficiencies, or unnecessary disputes. Pay special attention to the following items: Content and scope of the franchise, contract termination period, rights and obligations of both parties, force majeure events, …

The reputation of the franchise brand

Currently, there are many dental brands that allow franchise opportunities. However, you should thoroughly research and choose only reputable brands. This is also a way to ensure stable profitability in the future when starting a dental franchise business.

However, choosing a brand that is too big will come with high costs and strict conditions. But a franchise brand that is too small will not attract many customers, leading to a long recovery period.

Therefore, you need to choose a reputable dental franchise brand that is also suitable for your budget. There are many medium-sized dental brands with a good reputation thanks to professional services for you to consider.

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Consider the benefits of collaborating in opening a dental clinic

One crucial experience of buying a dental clinic franchise is the benefits received from the collaboration with the brand. For example: borrowing images, reputation for business, receiving technical dental training, training dental clinic management staff, …

Therefore, you need to ensure that you will receive all of these benefits when agreeing to sign the dental franchise agreement. Make sure by agreeing on the benefits through a clear and explicit contract.

Dental Practice Franchising
Should you buy a dental franchise? 

What should you consider when running a dental franchise business?

Should you buy a dental franchise? Many investors have found success in running dental clinics through the franchise model. However, there are also many who have faced failure and losses in this business approach.

Therefore, to receive a dental franchise, you need to pay attention to the experiences of buying a dental clinic franchise to ensure a strong and confident path to success

  • Consult the dental brand owner about the franchise fees, investment costs for equipment and facilities, as well as human resources.
  • Prepare your finances well before accepting the brand franchise.
  • Choose dental brands with a large scale and high reputation. It is best to prioritize brands that have a strong position in the aesthetic dental market. To make the most informed decision, visit the locations, conduct surveys, and seek reviews and evaluations of the brand through various media channels.
  • When signing the franchise agreement, clarify all terms to ensure the best possible benefits. Additionally, negotiate new ideas to help the brand develop sustainability.
  • Recruit an experienced team to ensure good service quality and facilitate smooth operations.
  • Spend time closely monitoring all business activities in the early years, and propose adjustments to achieve desired profits.

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Should you buy a dental franchise? What should you consider when running a dental franchise business?

BeDental – A reputable and high-quality dental franchise brand

BeDental is one of the leading reputable dental clinics in Vietnam. With professional oral health care technology and dedicated consulting services, BeDental has established a strong presence in the aesthetic dental market and has gained the trust of thousands of customers.

So, does BeDental offer franchise opportunities? The answer is YES. With the desire to expand its scale and serve all Vietnamese people across the country, BeDental is implementing the franchise model and seeking potential partners and investors to build a stronger BeDental dental aesthetic system.

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Should you buy a dental franchise? What should you consider when running a dental franchise business?

5 reasons to choose a dental franchise at BeDental

Low franchise fees

With BeDental’s dental franchise, investors only need to pay a low cost for significant benefits. The franchise fee at BeDental is lower than the market average because we aim to expand our scale and provide confident smiles and affordable professional oral health care to everyone in Vietnam.

Support in setting up a dental clinic franchise from A to Z

BeDental has a team of experts with years of experience in developing franchise chains. Therefore, when you choose BeDental, you will receive support and advice on setup, equipment investment, professional training, business plans, etc., to ensure stable and effective development of your dental clinic.

Comprehensive professional training and development

To ensure long-term business operations with a reputable brand, BeDental places great emphasis on the professional training of our doctors and dentists. Specialized doctors and dental assistants are continuously trained to improve their skills and ensure consistency.

In addition, BeDental’s doctors regularly receive the latest technology and advanced techniques from international partners. This is accompanied by long-term development strategies and investment in a CAD/CAM 3D dental lab, providing high-quality dental prosthetics for the entire BeDental system.

Therefore, when running a dental franchise, BeDental will provide you with comprehensive skills training to serve customers at the highest level.

Close monitoring and proactive business strategy consulting

BeDental is always there to support you throughout the operation. Through close monitoring of the actual business situation, BeDental experts will provide suitable business strategies to ensure a larger potential customer base and improve service quality and staff management efficiency.

Fast return on investment

With years of experience in the dental aesthetic field, BeDental has gained a strong position in the hearts of customers. Therefore, when you open a dental franchise with BeDental, you will inherit a potential customer base, allowing you to start operations immediately after opening.

In addition, BeDental has a professional online and offline marketing team. Communication activities are always given priority investment, ensuring high profitability and the potential to recoup your investment within 3-6 months.

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Should you buy a dental franchise? What should you consider when running a dental franchise business?

We hope the useful information in the article has given you a general overview of dental franchising. If you are looking to enter this field and want to ensure an effective business process while minimizing risks, please contact BeDental for support.



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