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How much does jawbone grafting cost? Latest price list.

How much does jawbone grafting cost? Bone grafting technique is commonly indicated in cases of dental implantation or treatment of periodontal disease with long-standing jawbone resorption. Because it is a complex surgical technique, many patients worry about the cost of bone grafting and whether they can afford both the cost of bone grafting and dental implant.

If you are also concerned about how much bone grafting costs, whether bone grafting is expensive or not, and if you have the necessary conditions to afford the cost of bone grafting and dental implant, do not miss the article below. BeDental will help you find the answers and provide the latest cost table for bone grafting and dental implant.

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting (also known as bone graft) is a surgical technique in medicine to restore lost jawbone due to trauma, cancer, or other issues. This process involves transferring a piece of bone from another location in the body or using artificial bone to reconstruct the lost jawbone.

The process of bone grafting involves several steps such as harvesting a piece of bone from another area of the body, then grafting it onto the necessary area of the jawbone to restore the bone.

If using artificial bone, the doctor will place the artificial bone in the necessary area and wait for the bone fusion process to occur within a certain period of time.

Once the bone has fused and become stable, the doctor will proceed with the process of restoring the patient’s dental arch. Bone grafting can be an effective method to help patients restore their jawbone and regain the function of their teeth.

Common bone grafting materials used for jawbone grafting

There are many types of bone grafting materials used for jawbone grafting, depending on the specific case and the evaluation of the specialist. Here are some common types of materials used for jawbone grafting:

  1. Autograft: This method is often used when large bone blocks need to be grafted. The bone is taken from another location in the patient’s body, such as the rib or thigh bone, and then grafted onto the area of bone loss in the jaw.
  2. Allograft: Allograft bone is often used when small bone blocks need to be grafted or in cases that require cartilage regeneration. Allograft bone is taken from cell donor sources or from deceased individuals.
  3. Synthetic bone: Synthetic bone, made from substances such as hydroxyapatite or tricalcium phosphate, is another option to replace lost bone. They are designed to have a structure similar to real bone, helping the bone heal faster and become stronger.

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When is bone grafting necessary for implant placement?

Bone grafting is a dental method used to restore the jawbone or increase the thickness of the jawbone before implant placement. Typically, when a patient has missing teeth or reduced jawbone due to various reasons, bone grafting is often recommended before implant placement. Here are some specific cases where bone grafting is necessary for implant placement:

  1. Long-standing tooth loss: If a patient has lost one or more teeth for a long period of time, the biting pressure of the dental arch gradually decreases, leading to jawbone resorption. In this case, bone grafting can be performed to restore the jawbone before implant placement.
  2. Tooth extraction or removal due to trauma or cancer: When a tooth is extracted or needs to be removed due to trauma or cancer, the jawbone can partially or completely lose its structure. In this case, bone grafting can be performed to restore the jawbone before implant placement
  3. Jawbone loss due to diseases: Some diseases such as jawbone inflammation, cancer, or bone diseases can lead to jawbone resorption. In this case, bone grafting can be performed to restore the jawbone before implant placement.

In summary, bone grafting is often recommended to restore the jawbone or increase the thickness of the jawbone before implant placement.

Understanding the technique of jawbone grafting

Before learning about the cost of jawbone grafting, you need to understand the nature of this technique to determine if it is really necessary to graft bone before implant placement. Because many unreliable dental clinics take advantage of customers’ limited knowledge and propose unnecessary bone graft surgeries to profit.

It is known that jawbone grafting or tooth socket grafting is a technique only applied to cases of long-standing jawbone resorption that require implant placement. Because the conditions for implant placement are quite strict, especially in the gum area where the abutment is placed, patients with long-standing jawbone resorption may not meet the standards. Therefore, jawbone grafting at this time is the optimal solution.

In addition to patients who need implant placement, jawbone grafting is also performed for those who need to change the structure of the jaw, helping the face become more balanced and preventing adjacent teeth from shifting into the missing tooth space, affecting the bite.

During jawbone grafting, the dentist will perform a flap surgery to expose the bone and then graft the appropriate amount of bone inside. This grafted bone will connect with the existing bone, develop, and generate new bone within 9-12 months.

Jawbone grafting is a complex technique that takes a lot of time and requires a high level of expertise from the dentist. In addition, the long grafting time is why jawbone grafting is expensive, which is understandable.

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How much does jawbone grafting cost
How much does jaw bone grafting cost

Is jawbone grafting expensive?

The cost of jawbone grafting is a common concern for most customers. Because everyone wants to know the exact amount they need to spend on dental treatment or cosmetic restoration. In addition, knowing the specific cost of jawbone grafting will help customers stay proactive, avoiding budget shortages or other financial burdens.

So, is jawbone grafting expensive? The cost of bone grafting is not too expensive as many people may think. With the support of modern technical equipment and the availability of artificial bone, the cost of jawbone grafting has become much cheaper compared to before.

However, you should thoroughly research the dental clinics that offer affordable bone grafting because not all clinics can guarantee a safe and complication-free grafting procedure. In practice, there have been cases where customers had to seek treatment in hospitals for inflammation, swelling, and infection after jawbone grafting. In addition, the risk of rejection and irritation is quite common in low-quality dental facilities.

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Is jawbone grafting expensive

How much does jawbone grafting cost? What factors affect the cost of jawbone grafting?

In order to meet the needs of a large number of customers, many dental clinics have focused on professional training to provide jawbone grafting services. However, each dental clinic may have a different price for jawbone grafting. So why is there this difference? The cost of jawbone grafting depends on several factors.

Here are the factors that determine the cost of jawbone grafting:

The jawbone grafting service offered by each dental clinic:

Each dental clinic that performs bone grafting has its own pricing policies. The factors they consider when determining the price often include the quality of the surgical room, diagnostic and treatment support equipment, and the expertise of the dentist performing the jawbone grafting.

It is evident that reputable dental clinics prioritize the physical facilities. Firstly, the sterile operating room ensures that there are no mistakes or cross-infections during the surgical procedures.

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In addition, diagnostic support tools, surgical instruments, etc., must also be completely sterile. Furthermore, dentists who perform jawbone grafting are usually highly skilled and have many years of experience in handling various situations. Therefore, the cost of jawbone grafting at reputable dental clinics is often higher.

On the other hand, at newly established dental clinics or those that frequently advertise cheap jawbone grafting, they may not meet the above standards. Due to the low service price, the physical facilities may not be well-invested, and there are even cases where the surgical rooms do not meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

The current condition of the teeth and the amount of bone needed for grafting:

The cost of jawbone grafting depends on the amount of bone needed for the grafting procedure. If you have been missing teeth for a long time and have severe bone resorption, the dentist will need to use a significant amount of bone to make up for it. Therefore, the total cost of jawbone grafting will be higher.

Conversely, if the bone resorption is mild, the dentist only needs to add a small amount of bone to promote bone growth and connection. The cost of grafting in these cases will be much lower compared to cases with severe bone resorption.

In addition to the amount of bone needed, the cost of grafting also depends on the surgical technique. In cases of severe jawbone resorption and a large amount of bone grafting, the dentist may not be able to use local anesthesia. Instead, general anesthesia or intravenous sedation may be the optimal options. Therefore, the cost will be significantly higher compared to cases where only local anesthesia is used.

Type of jawbone chosen for grafting

The cost of jawbone grafting depends on the type of bone used. In the past, before the development of science, bone grafting surgery for dental implants used the patient’s own bone from other parts of the body. Nowadays, there are many more diverse sources of bone, which has helped to change the cost of jawbone grafting. Specifically:

Artificial bone grafting is a significant advancement in medical science. The development of this material has helped to significantly reduce the cost of implant bone grafting. Therefore, artificial bone is increasingly being used and preferred by many customers.

In addition, artificial bone has many advantages that other traditional methods do not meet, such as: they are always readily available, cost-effective, do not require multiple surgeries or strict implementation standards.

However, when using artificial bone for grafting, you need to accept some risks such as the success rate is not guaranteed 100% because not everyone is compatible with artificial bone. When rejected, you will need to undergo a re-grafting procedure, which can increase the cost of grafting higher than expected.

Autogenous bone grafting

The use of autogenous bone is a long-standing technique for jawbone grafting. Before the advent of artificial bone, autogenous bone was still used in dental grafting cases. The areas of bone used are the hip bone, cheekbone, jawbone, etc.

The advantage of autogenous bone is that the success rate of grafting is always 100% because the body does not have a mechanism to reject its own bone. However, grafting the jawbone with autogenous bone has a relatively high cost. Customers need to undergo at least 2 surgeries, and the process must be meticulously performed step by step under the high level of expertise of the dentist.

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Allograft bone grafting

In addition to artificial bone and autogenous bone, you can consider allograft bone grafting. Allograft bone can be bone from a deceased donor or bone from an animal.

With this type of allograft bone, the cost of grafting is also quite high, and there is still a risk of rejection due to incompatibility. Therefore, depending on each specific case, the dentist will provide advice on the most suitable type of grafting bone, while optimizing the cost for the customer.

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BeDental – A reputable address for professional jawbone grafting at a reasonable price

Jawbone grafting is a technique that is not simple and requires a dentist with expertise to successfully perform the surgery without any rejection or complications of infection. If you are still unsure about choosing a reputable and reasonably priced dental clinic for jawbone grafting, then consider BeDental.

As one of the trusted and quality dental clinics, BeDental constantly strives to improve itself to provide the best services to customers. The team of dentists is highly skilled and regularly undergoes further education to enhance their skills. Furthermore, BeDental also prioritizes investing in facilities and equipment to ensure that all dental treatments, including jawbone grafting, are carried out under the most favorable conditions.

Additionally, the cost of jawbone grafting at BeDental is considered the most reasonable in the current market. We always provide clear pricing for customers to consider before making a decision. This cost will not have any additional charges, so customers will always have control over their finances.

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BeDental thực hiện cấy ghép xương hàm chuyên nghiệp, giá hợp lý
BeDental thực hiện cấy ghép xương hàm chuyên nghiệp, giá hợp lý

Latest jawbone grafting price list at BeDental

To help alleviate your concerns about the cost of jawbone grafting, BeDental always provides specific and accurate price quotes before the grafting procedure takes place. If you visit BeDental directly, the dentist will examine and determine the amount of bone needed for grafting, then advise on the appropriate type of bone and provide the most accurate price.

If you don’t have time to visit in person, you can refer to the jawbone grafting price list on our website or call our hotline. Below is the latest 2022 jawbone grafting price list at BeDental for your reference:

Giá Cấy Trồng implant - Dentium (Tìm hiểu thêm....)
Dentium Implant from USA (More detail...)
(Mỹ)(1 trụ)21.000.000
Giá Cấy Trồng implant - Dentium Implant
Dentium Implant from Korea (More detail...)
(Hàn quốc)(1 trụ)18.000.000
Giá Cấy Trồng implant - Osstem (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Osstem Implant from Korea (More detail...)
(Hàn quốc)(1 trụ)18.000.000
Giá Cấy Trồng implant - Tekka (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Tekka Implant from France (More detail...)
(Pháp)(1 trụ)25.000.000
Giá Cấy Trồng implant - Humana
Humana Implant
(Đức )(1 trụ)
Giá Ghép xương phục vụ Cấy implant (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Bone Grafting (More detail...)
(1đơn vị)5.000.000
Giá Nâng xoang kín(Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Closed Sinus Lift
(1đơn vị)8.000.000
Giá Nâng xoang hở (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Open sinus lift
(1đơn vị)6.000.000
Ghép màng Xương
periosteum Grafting
(1đơn vị)10.000.000
Màng PRF(1đơn vị)2.000.000

Note to avoid additional costs after jawbone grafting

To ensure the quality of the safe and efficient jawbone grafting process and minimize the risk of complications, please consider the following issues:

  • Only use painkillers and antibiotics as prescribed by the dentist. Do not use any other medication without medical consultation.
  • Avoid wearing dentures for a few weeks to avoid pressure on the newly grafted bone area.
  • Consume soft, non-acidic, non-spicy, and non-hot foods.
  • Do not eat anything until the anesthesia wears off. Anesthesia can disrupt chewing sensations, causing you to accidentally bite into soft tissues in the mouth and cause injury.
  • Avoid eating hard or sharp foods that can damage the newly grafted bone area.
  • Do not use your hands or sharp objects to check the wound.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene to prevent infection.
  • Limit strong forces on the grafted area, such as sneezing, blowing your nose, coughing, etc.

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The article has helped you understand the factors that affect the cost of jaw bone grafting and how much dental implantation costs. If you want to know exactly how much it will cost for your current dental condition, whether bone grafting and implantation are painful, please contact BeDental for immediate support. Through examination, we will provide an accurate price.



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