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Can I get braces after having dental filling? 9 Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Dental Filling

Can I get braces after having dental filling? 9 Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Dental Filling. Nowadays, the trend of cosmetic braces is increasing. However, there are some cases where you have had your teeth filled before due to chipped teeth or tooth decay and you are wondering, “Can I get braces after having dental filling?” Let BeDental answer your questions in the article below.

What is tooth filling?

What is tooth filling? Dental filling (also known as dental filling) is a technique to completely recreate the original shape, size, and color of teeth by using dental filling materials to fill in gaps and parts. Tooth tissue is missing due to chipping or decay.

This method does not affect the structure of the tooth because it does not grind the pulp or cover the tooth. Dental fillings are often used for purposes such as:

Trám răng là gì
Can I get braces after having dental filling?: What are braces? What is tooth filling?
  • Prevent dental diseases, isolate teeth from harmful factors from heat, temperature, acid, food,… with an outer layer of enamel.
  • Makes teeth whiter and shinier, covering up stained and discolored teeth.
  • Restores original tooth shape, color, and size for decayed, broken, and chipped teeth.

Dental fillings are a simple, easy-to-do and quick dental technique. But to be able to keep your dental fillings for a long time, you need to follow proper tooth protection procedures. So can I get braces after having dental filling?

What are braces?

Braces are a method to help move teeth through specialized dental appliances. This is one of the commonly used methods in dentistry today to give you more regular, balanced and beautiful teeth.

Can I get braces after having dental filling?: What are braces? What is tooth filling?
Can I get braces after having dental filling?: What are braces? What is tooth filling?

The benefits of braces include first of all high aesthetics, no need for dentures, overcoming weaknesses in pronunciation or improving difficulties in eating, etc.

So can I get braces after having welded teeth? In what cases can braces not be applied? Let’s find out with Bedental dentistry through the next section.

Find out the cost of braces for spaced and misaligned front teeth here.

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Cases where braces cannot be applied

Due to severe periodontal disease

Periodontitis is a condition in which the gums become red and swollen or recede due to bacteria attacking tooth enamel and penetrating deep into the gums of the teeth. However, once the gums have receded, there will be no place for the gums to attach, so it is very difficult to apply the braces method.

It can be simply understood that when braces are applied, wires and brackets are needed combined with direct force on the teeth, thereby helping the teeth move into the correct position. Therefore, when the teeth are not stable, the appliances cannot be effective, but on the contrary, the condition of the teeth will worsen if too strong a force is applied.

Therefore, when you want to get braces but unfortunately you are suffering from periodontitis, go see a doctor and thoroughly treat the inflammation first, wait for the jaw frame to stabilize before starting braces.

Due to severe physical illness

You may not know that people with diseases such as neurological diseases, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes are not suitable for cosmetic braces.

– People with diabetes or cancer are much less able to fight infection than a normal person. Therefore, when wearing braces, treating teeth can create many wounds that are difficult to heal and can easily cause infection.

– For people with epilepsy, heart disease, etc., it is often easy to feel stressed and uncomfortable when wearing braces, affecting the patient’s spirit, and worst of all, threatening their life.

Teeth covered with porcelain

Currently, porcelain crowns are also a popular dental cosmetic method. So can I get braces after having my teeth covered with porcelain? Depending on each case, porcelain coating can be done with braces, but in most cases this is not possible.

If you have a single porcelain crown and want braces, you need to make sure the porcelain shell hugs the tooth base, which means it meets the standards of porcelain tooth restoration. But this cannot be 100% certain.

Cases where it is absolutely impossible to get braces after porcelain crowns come from the following 2 reasons:

  • One is because porcelain teeth have a certain shine on the surface, so braces cannot stick to the tooth surface to create force for the teeth to move as well as real teeth. So fixing the braces in the correct position is impossible.
  • Second, the real tooth base and the porcelain tooth are not in sync with each other, so when there is traction from braces, the porcelain tooth will easily fall out of the real tooth base or not move as intended by the dentist. Not only that, the real tooth pulp will also be sensitive and painful, causing discomfort for the person with braces.
  • Finally, in the case of full-mouth porcelain crowns, there will be no need for braces anymore because during the porcelain crown process, the doctor has calculated and arranged the teeth evenly and beautifully for you.

Teeth misalignment due to jaw structure

Crooked and uneven teeth are not only due to the teeth growing in the wrong position but can also be due to the structure of the jaw bone. These cases can only be treated with orthognathic surgery and braces will be completely ineffective.

Because braces only help move the teeth and arrange them in the correct position the doctor wants and do not have any impact on the congenital jaw bone. Therefore, after corrective jaw surgery, if the teeth are still misaligned or protruding, cosmetic braces can be applied.

Teeth with implants

Braces technique will not be possible if you have dental implants. The reason is that the teeth have been implanted with fixed posts in the jawbone, so if you stubbornly use braces, not only will they not be effective, but on the contrary, they will also cause the implanted teeth to be rejected and pose a danger. So it’s best if you have implants, you should not have cosmetic braces.

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Can I get braces after having dental filling?: What are braces? What is tooth filling?

Due to weak teeth and jawbone

When wearing braces, the teeth and jawbone must bear the force of the braces. Therefore, if the teeth and jawbone are weak, they cannot meet the requirement of moving under traction and become a burden to them. If you are lucky enough to be able to move, it is very difficult to maintain long-term results. It is possible that the teeth will gradually shift back to their old position during the chewing process.

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When should you get braces?

If your teeth are experiencing one of the following problems, you can see a doctor and ask for advice about braces:

  • Buck teeth, buck teeth: when the upper jaw grows more developed than the other jaw, causing an imbalance in the face.
  • Teeth grow crowded and not in a straight line
  • Underbite teeth: this is also a sign of uneven jaw development, specifically the lower jaw is more developed than the upper jaw. As a result, it makes it difficult for you to chew or bite.
  • Bite defects: deep bite (upper incisors cover the lower incisors too much, causing soft tissue injury), open bite (teeth do not touch each other when biting in the middle), crossbite (due to the upper and lower jaws) no symmetry)
  • Sparse teeth: the cause can come from missing teeth or teeth that are too small so the distance between teeth is quite far apart)

Can I get braces after having dental filling?

Can I have braces after having welded teeth? Is the tooth filling scratched or broken? Those are the concerns of those who have had tooth fillings and now want to get cosmetic braces. In fact, according to experts, after filling your teeth, you only need to meet the following factors to get braces:

– Must have an examination and prescription from a dentist before getting braces

– Use good filling materials: composite, high-quality ceramic,… which are relatively hard materials so they are not affected by the traction of orthodontic appliances.

So you can now answer the question about whether you can get braces after having welded teeth.

What should you keep in mind when getting braces?

The dentist where braces are placed must be reputable

What should you keep in mind when getting braces? To get braces and fillings, it is absolutely necessary to choose a reputable dentist to avoid losing money and suffering. The criteria to evaluate whether dentistry is good or not is first of all the capacity, enthusiasm and dedication of the dentist team. Next is medical equipment.

Dental bonding 6
Can I get braces after having dental filling?: What are braces? What is tooth filling?

These must be modern equipment and new technology to minimize errors and help improve safety during the process of diagnosing and performing braces and fillings. Finally, there is a commitment to quality assurance and responsibility after completion.

In many cases, symptoms or errors by the dental team after braces are finished are unavoidable because everyone’s body is completely different. It is important that dentistry is responsible for supporting treatment and completely restoring customers.

Apply the most suitable braces and filling method

In many cases, if conditions permit, braces can be applied without braces. This is the most optimal method for braces for teeth that have been filled.

Can I have braces after having welded teeth? The answer is yes and the most suitable braces method for you today is using Invisalign braces. This brace tray has the advantage that it can be removed and inserted, so there is no fear of scratches from the braces and it is also very easy to clean your teeth.

Wait a while for the filling to stabilize

If you have just had a tooth filling and intend to get braces, BeDental recommends that you let the filling stabilize before getting braces. Because doing it early can cause peeling, cracking, or chipping of the filling, especially when doing Inlay/Onlay fillings.

If you see unusual symptoms, see your doctor for a follow-up examination

After getting your braces and fillings back, pay attention to monitoring the condition of your teeth, specifically the area where your teeth are regularly filled. Because under the pull of braces and braces, the filling can break or crack, and bacteria can have the opportunity to penetrate inside and damage the teeth.

So if you see any unusual symptoms, you should go to the dentist for an early examination with a doctor.


Regular check-ups

Not only for filled teeth but also normally when wearing braces, regular check-ups according to the dentist’s follow-up appointment are very important to monitor the condition of teeth after braces.

Avoid using substances that stain teeth and apply strong force to teeth

When wearing braces, your oral hygiene will be greatly limited, so using substances that cause yellowing of teeth such as cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee can stain your teeth. At the same time, be careful not to bite or tear. packaging, bones, strong impact… to avoid chipping fillings and brackets coming apart.

Pay attention to how you brush your teeth every day

Daily teeth cleaning will certainly be much more difficult with braces. So you should change your regular toothbrush to a specialized toothbrush for people with braces to use. At the same time, you can use mouthwash, salt water or dental floss to help clean your teeth better.

Have healthy eating habits

After getting braces, you should minimize foods that contain a lot of starch, are too hard or too chewy, etc. Especially when chewing, remember to chew with moderate force and divide it evenly between both jaws. Limit foods that are easy to stick to and difficult to clean such as chocolate, marshmallows, etc. because they will make it difficult to clean your teeth.

BeDental – A reputable and quality address for braces and fillings

Nowadays, it is possible to find a lot of information about where to get braces. But to ensure safety, quality and commitments after braces, you should choose carefully and only go to reputable dentists like BeDental.

With a team of good doctors and many years of experience in the profession, the doctors will give you a general examination of the condition of your teeth and jaw, especially the position of the filling before undergoing braces. Besides, you will also receive detailed advice on the braces process, how to save money while still ensuring quality.

With the support of modern machinery, your braces process will be faster, gentler, and less likely to affect your dental fillings. Finally, BeDental will always care, take care of you and ask about your condition before, during and after braces.

Above are BeDental’s related explanations on the issue “Can I get braces after having teeth welded?” and suggest suitable options for your reference. But to learn more about “dental braces” service packages and routes, please contact BeDental for more detailed information. BeDental is always ready to give enthusiastic and free advice!

Reference price list:

1.Giá Chỉnh nha tháo lắp
Orthodontic Trainer
~ 393$
2.Giá Chỉnh nha cố định
Orthodontic Brace
Giá Chỉnh nha Mắc cài kim loại thường Classic Japan (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Japanese traditional metal brace
(2 hàm)30.000.000
~ 1.179$
Giá Chỉnh nha Mắc cài kim loại 3M USA (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
USD traditional metal brace (More detail...)
(2 hàm)35.000.000
~ 1.375$
Giá Chỉnh nha Mắc cài kim loại tự buộc 3M USA (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Self-ligating metal brace (More detail...)
(2 hàm)39.000.000
~ 1.532$
Giá Chỉnh nha Mắc cài sứ thông thường 3M (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
Traditional ceramic brace (More detail...)
(2 hàm)38.000.000
~ 1.493$
Giá Chỉnh nha Mắc cài sứ thông minh 3M
Self-ligating ceramic brace
(2 hàm)55.000.000
~ 2.161$
Giá Chỉnh nha Mắc cài Sapphire USA
Traditional Sapphire brace
(2 hàm)45.000.000
~ 1.768$
Giá Cấy Minivis: 2.500.000/1 vis (Tìm hiểu thêm...)
~ 98$
3. Chỉnh nha bằng máng trong suốt INVISALIGN (More detail...)
Giá chụp Phim Clincheck10.000.000
~ 393$
Giá Chỉnh nha bằng hệ thống khay niềng INVISALIGN
Invisalign Express Package (trường hợp đơn giản)
1 hàm

2 hàm
~ 1.375$

~ 1.375$
Giá Chỉnh nha bằng hệ thống khay niềng INVISALIGN
Invisalign Lite Package (trường hợp nhẹ)
1 hàm

2 hàm
~ 2.358$

~ 2.947$
Giá Chỉnh nha bằng hệ thống khay niềng INVISALIGN
Invisalign Moderate Package (trường hợp trung bình)
1 hàm

2 hàm
~ 2.947$

~ 4.322$
Giá Chỉnh nha bằng hệ thống khay niềng INVISALIGN
Invisalign Comprehensive - mức độ 1 (Unlimited)
Trọn gói / Package
~ 5.108$
Giá Chỉnh nha bằng hệ thống khay niềng INVISALIGN
Invisalign Comprehensive - mức độ 2 (Unlimited)
Trọn gói / Package
~ 5.894$




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