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WHAT IS MINIVIS? HOW MUCH DOES MINIVIS COST? Minivis is a technique that supports the teeth whitening process more effectively and optimally. When is it necessary to install a protective spray gate? Let’s learn about beds below this article.

What is Minivis?

What is Minivis? As we all know, protection is an orthodontic method that helps improve buck teeth, underbites, crooked teeth, drifting, etc. effectively.

During the dental correction process, the doctor needs to use many tools such as brackets, wires, elastics, and minivis (note that not all cases require a minivis). In many cases, using minivis helps teeth achieve better results, controls fascial pulling force, and brings higher orthodontic results.

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What is minivis? When should minivis be used? Why is it necessary to use minivis for braces? How much does it cost to plug in a minivis?

In some cases, the use of minivis can help improve serration efficiency, control balanced traction and provide more effective dental correction. Teeth screws are small in size, about 12-16mm in length and 1.4-1.6mm in diameter.

In the case of a fused installation needle type, a connecting tube support is usually used. The phenomenon of drifting is created which is very difficult in moving positions. Place your foot in the patient’s jaw. The installation mac has the effect of creating traction, bringing optimal efficiency to the adjustment process.

This method is often used with metal braces, and the average number of screws is 4, divided equally between the two jaws. However, the doctor will examine each specific case and then recommend a treatment method, as well as the appropriate number and time of insertion to bring about the highest effectiveness.


The role of minivis in orthodontics

Braces technique uses traction from orthodontic appliances to move teeth and achieve beautiful alignment on the jaw. When using a bracket system (metal or ceramic), the archwire will use the teeth as a fulcrum to create force to move the teeth.

The doctor needs to place the force in the appropriate position for each treatment case, ensuring the tooth movement meets the correct requirements. In cases of severe misaligned bite, using single braces can be time-consuming and may not achieve the desired results.

For cases where it is necessary to adjust several teeth, close gaps or adjust the bite, the use of minivis is necessary. Minivis acts as an anchor to keep teeth straight and reduce gaps in the dental arch.

The location of braces screws can be between the teeth, near the nose or above the chin, with the common location being screws placed in teeth number 5 and tooth number 6. In some cases, minivis can be used on molar teeth. above.

Why is it necessary to use minivis for braces?

Why is it necessary to use minivis for braces? At the same time, it also brings great benefits to customers such as: Screws will create a solid anchor point, move teeth to the correct position on the jaw and alveolar bone, effectively preventing inadequate bite, Better adjustment of bite at the same time.

Helps improve treatment effectiveness, reducing treatment time from 3 months to 9 months.

Provides control and stable traction for misaligned teeth.

In addition to providing quick treatment results, screws also help minimize dangerous complications that may occur.

In particular, the splint screws are made of titanium, which is very safe for your health, does not cause irritation or affect your health. mucosa or surrounding teeth.

When should minivis be used?

When should minivis be used? Inserting braces not only increases the desired orthodontic effectiveness but also helps reduce treatment time. This is considered an indispensable tool for difficult orthodontic cases.

However, not all orthodontic cases require screws when wearing braces. Depending on each case, the doctor will have different instructions. Orthodontics is often applied when:

Teeth grow out, protrude, protruding

At that time, the doctor will prescribe the use of braces with a bracket and wire system that will help pull the teeth to the correct position in the jaw to help teeth become more even and beautiful. However, in some difficult cases such as teeth growing crookedly or protruding too much, it is necessary to install screws to create anchors to create more traction when straightening teeth.

Teeth are exposed

You lose harmony and balance, inserting braces screws will have the effect of straightening the teeth, adjusting the jaws to help the bite return to the correct ratio, helping to improve a gummy smile or protruding long teeth but short body. . In addition, screw insertion during braces is also suitable for cases of misaligned teeth as well as severe deep bites.

what is minivis
What is minivis? When should minivis be used? Why is it necessary to use minivis for braces? How much does it cost to plug in a minivis?

The jaw is too stiff

Why do jaw arches need braces? You can understand that a jaw that is too stiff will make moving and aligning more difficult and time-consuming, leading to more beautiful teeth.

Therefore, threaded braces are the best solution to easily move and fill the tooth extraction area. Thanks to that, wire braces shorten the treatment time and are able to fill the gap between the jaws faster. The orthodontic process has many advantages and effectively improves the situation of messy and misaligned teeth. bite misalignment.

In addition, it also helps restore beautiful teeth and a more perfect smile. more convenient.

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What is minivis? When should minivis be used? Why is it necessary to use minivis for braces? How much does it cost to plug in a minivis?

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In cases where tooth extraction is necessary 4.5

Teeth number 4 and number 5 often have to be extracted during the braces process to have space to pull the teeth back into the correct position. This requires the support of appliances to make moving the teeth more convenient.

In cases where teeth number 4 and number 5 must be removed, the jawbone is too hard and will lead to slow movement. At that time, miniscrews will need to be inserted to fill in the gaps of the extracted teeth.

Thanks to the braces minivis, the ability to fill gaps in the jaw will be accelerated, and the orthodontic process will therefore be shortened to a minimum.

Minivis plugging process

To bring the best results and safety, you should be very careful in choosing a reputable dentist to perform braces.

Just like braces, following the correct procedure will help bring the best results to the patient and minimize pain and other complications. The following is the screw threading process for correction:

  • First, the doctor will examine the jaw bone structure and take an X-ray. Next, anesthetize the mucosa and inject anesthetic.
  • Next, the doctor uses a specialized tool to screw the screw into the jawbone, keeping the screw in the jawbone in the form of a mechanical anchor and biological stability, so the process of grasping and withdrawing the screw is quite simple, and the time it takes to insert the screw. .
  • The time is about 5-10 minutes, because there is no pain during the process of using anesthetic. For hard jaws, it will be very painful when turning the screw. The pain for soft and flabby jaws will be less. After the anesthetic wears off, you will feel uncomfortable for about 1 treatment or the first day.

But, to achieve that, we need to try our best. Follow pain relief measures such as medication, cold compresses, and oral hygiene to help relieve your discomfort.

After getting braces, you need to pay attention to proper hygiene and care to minimize pain, speed up the orthodontic process, and avoid dangerous dental complications. Specifically, you need to note the following:

+ Ice therapy: Ice therapy, if applied regularly, will be an effective way to relieve pain and inflammation. You should apply ice for a few hours, every 15 minutes, then rest for 15 minutes for best results.

+ Take medicine as prescribed by the doctor: after placing the minivis, the doctor will prescribe pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Suitable for each person’s condition so that the wound heals best and supports the braces process more effectively.

However, you should follow the dosage and instructions of your doctor, do not arbitrarily change or buy medicine from a pharmacy. Orthodontic treatment. You should supplement soft foods such as porridge, soup, milk, oatmeal, etc.


How much does it cost to plug in a minivis?

How much does it cost to plug in a minivis? Depending on the treatment regimen of each dentist, the cost of inserting minivis ranges from 2 – 5 million/screw. The cost of screwing braces is included in the incurred costs. The dentist will calculate and estimate the number of minivis needed from the beginning so that you can financially plan for your entire braces case.

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What is minivis? When should minivis be used? Why is it necessary to use minivis for braces? How much does it cost to plug in a minivis?

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