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What should I eat after wisdom tooth extraction? What to abstain from?

After wisdom tooth extraction, there will definitely be an incision left in the jawbone and tooth socket. And whether the wound is large or small will depend on the wisdom tooth extraction technique of the dentist.

However, whether the wound heals quickly or not depends on how you take care of your tooth wound.

Recently, Bedental has received a lot of questions from customers, mainly questions like “What should I eat after wisdom tooth extraction?”, “What should I eat after wisdom tooth extraction to heal my heart quickly?” , “What to avoid eating after wisdom tooth extraction?”, “How to eat scientifically after wisdom tooth extraction”.

Knowing and understanding customers’ questions, we wrote this article to answer customers’ questions about dental problems. So that customers know what to eat after tooth extraction as well as take care of their oral health more safely and effectively.

Join BeDental to learn the information below to better understand a scientific diet after wisdom tooth extraction!

Do you know about wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as teeth number 8, are usually located in the last position in the jaw. They are called wisdom teeth because they grow in between the ages of 18 and 15, which is the age of adulthood.

For some people, wisdom teeth grow normally and do not affect oral health at all.

However, there are also many cases of headaches due to wisdom teeth growing in the wrong position, growing crookedly, growing underground under the gums or growing into tooth number 7,… causing complications for patients such as pain, inflammation, and tooth decay. Misaligned teeth…

Tìm hiểu về răng khôn
What should you avoid eating after wisdom tooth extraction? What to eat when wisdom teeth are removed to heal quickly? What should I eat after wisdom tooth extraction?

In addition, wisdom teeth that are damaged or grow in the wrong position lead to significant consequences on the chewing function of the teeth, affecting pronunciation, voice, nerves, and maxillary sinus problems. When we encounter these cases, we need to have our wisdom teeth removed to avoid unnecessary complications.

What should I eat after wisdom tooth extraction?

What should I eat after wisdom tooth extraction? After wisdom tooth extraction, your jawbone will have a small space filled with blood clots, so you need to eat and drink soft foods to avoid damaging the blood clot area.

Each wound will have a different healing time. Depending on each person’s physical condition, the wound heals quickly or slowly, but on average, wisdom tooth extraction will heal in about 1 – 2 weeks. And diet is also one of the important factors that determine the speed of wound healing after wisdom tooth extraction.


Food is soft and thin

During the 24 hours after wisdom tooth extraction, you should eat foods that are soft, easy to swallow, and do not require much chewing, such as porridge, vermicelli, etc. You can also add yogurt and coconut water. Absolutely do not touch foods that are too hot, hard to chew, such as chicken wings, tough beef, or pork bones.

When eating, avoid chewing in the newly extracted wisdom tooth area as this will cause blood clots to wash away and damage the soft tissue in this location.

Once the first 24 hours have passed after tooth extraction, you can start to switch to liquid, slightly thick foods such as soft noodles, cakes, puddings, other semi-liquid snacks, etc. but you should not eat bread.

Note that you should eat soft and thin foods in the first days after wisdom tooth extraction, do not chew on the swollen and painful side, do not drink alcohol and smoke in the first period of time.

Cold food cools the body

Patients can eat cool foods 2 – 4 hours after completing minor surgery. Cold foods can help stop bleeding and reduce swelling or pain after wisdom tooth extraction.

You can eat cold foods like ice cream, but you should be careful not to eat ice cream with seeds because it will easily get stuck in the newly operated wound, causing blood clots in the wound to wash away. At the same time, you should only eat soft ice cream, not too sweet and eat it in moderate amounts.

In addition, add many fruit drinks containing vitamin C such as water to help wounds heal faster.


Nutritious foods are good for the jawbone

About 2-3 days after wisdom tooth extraction, the wound will show signs of reduced pain and swelling and will almost completely heal. At this point, you can return to eating normally, but you still have to pay attention to getting enough nutrients in each meal so that your jaw bone becomes stronger and stronger.

Note that you should still not chew food on the side of your wisdom tooth extraction to avoid causing food to stick to or accumulate in the wound. Because if food accumulates over time, the wound becomes infected, causing dangerous complications such as inflammation, pain, swelling, etc.

If food accidentally falls into the wound area, you should not use a toothpick or other sharp, unsterilized iron tool before sticking your mouth into the wisdom tooth extraction area, causing bleeding or infection of the wound, but contact the doctor immediately. Contact your doctor directly for timely support.

What should you avoid eating after wisdom tooth extraction?

What should you avoid eating after wisdom tooth extraction? In addition to making sure to provide your body with healthy foods after tooth extraction, you need to avoid foods that have a high risk of damaging the wound, avoiding possible negative complications. if you don’t know how to eat and drink safely.

Chewy, crunchy, hard food

For foods that have not been thoroughly processed, are too chewy or hard, this causes the jawbone to chew vigorously. If you eat these foods, you will have to use a lot of force from your jaw bone, causing more jaw tension and pain.

As for fast foods such as cookies, deep-fried foods, and fried foods, you absolutely should not try them during this period. Because at this time the wisdom tooth incision is not completely closed, causing debris from cookies and fried foods to fall into the wisdom tooth socket that has been extracted over time, which will gradually lead to serious surgical wound infection. .

Hot spicy food

After wisdom teeth are extracted, an incision will form in the oral cavity. That’s why when you eat, be careful not to eat foods that are too hot or spicy. You should eat light, soft foods that don’t irritate the damaged area.

The reason you should not eat hot and spicy foods is because it will most likely dilate blood vessels, causing blood clots in the wound to dissolve, causing blood to flow continuously at the wisdom tooth extraction site. Makes you feel sore, and the risk of infection is very high.

Food tastes sour and too sweet

Foods such as candy and soft drinks because the refined sugar in candy will cause prolonged inflammation

Do not eat foods that contain a lot of acid such as grapefruit, tamarind, lemon, etc.

Nhổ răng khôn nên kiêng ăn thức ăn cứng và dai
What should you avoid eating after wisdom tooth extraction? What to eat when wisdom teeth are removed to heal quickly? What should I eat after wisdom tooth extraction?

Don’t drink alcohol

During the period after wisdom tooth surgery, the wound has not yet completely healed, you should abstain from drinking alcohol and smoking for 5-7 days. Because you are currently taking antibiotics, drinking alcohol at this time is completely unhealthy.

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Need to pay attention after wisdom tooth extraction

Rest properly, do not exercise vigorously

During the first 1-2 days after wisdom tooth extraction, you should avoid strong movements to avoid disturbing the wound. But you can still go to work normally but don’t work too hard, because your body is weak at this time and needs time to recover.

When you have a holiday, you should put your pillow higher than usual, and prepare a towel underneath in case blood leaks out.

Limit smoking habits after wisdom tooth extraction

You should abstain from smoking for 5-7 days after wisdom tooth extraction, because cigarettes contain toxic ingredients such as nicotine, carbon oxide, etc., which cause external vascular spasms and neutrophil cell disorders. This causes the oxygen concentration in the body to decrease and the immune system to decrease, leading to wounds healing more slowly than normal.

Avoid excessive bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction

After wisdom tooth extraction, doctors will usually let you bite a piece of gauze in your mouth, and will change another piece of gauze after 30 minutes, and rest in the clinic for 15 – 30 minutes before going home to monitor your condition. Health status after extraction.

After the first 24 hours of tooth extraction, there will be bleeding at the tooth extraction site. At this time, you need to follow the doctor’s instructions and bite the gauze tightly to help stop the bleeding.

In case blood continues to flow on the gauze pad and shows no signs of clotting, you need to immediately contact your doctor for timely assistance in stopping the bleeding.

Note: Do not use mouthwash or salt water in the first 24 hours after tooth extraction, because it will cause the blood clot to wash away.

Oral hygiene after wisdom tooth extraction

During the first 24 hours you do not need to rinse your mouth with antiseptic water or salt water. And wait 1 day to start cleaning your teeth by rinsing your mouth with physiological saline or bacterial water (note, do not use homemade salt water because of the high salt concentration).

On the second day you can brush your teeth normally again, but you should only brush your teeth gently, do not rub the wound or tear the stitches or stitches.

You can gargle 4-5 times a day, and you should only gargle after you have completely finished holding it.

What to eat when wisdom teeth are removed to heal quickly

Here are some suggestions for eating after tooth extraction, providing enough necessary nutrients during the tooth extraction period:

  • Porridge, soup (choose a type of soup that you love so you don’t get bored of eating it)
  • Minced fruit, oatmeal
  • Egg
  • Soft ice cream
  • Pudding
  • French fries (remember, only eat after the potatoes have cooled and fried without oil)
  • Yogurt (provides good immune system for teeth)
  • Fruit smoothie (provides vitamin C to help wounds heal quickly)
  • Soft noodles, vermicelli, vermicelli

Some frequently asked questions after wisdom tooth extraction

Below we will answer questions about diet after wisdom tooth extraction, refer to the answers below:

Can you eat chicken if you have wisdom teeth removed?

Many people believe that after wisdom teeth extraction, you should not eat chicken because the chicken skin contains content that can easily cause pus in the wound, especially the gums. Not only that, chicken meat is tough and affects the wound.

However, in reality, eating chicken for people who have just had their wisdom teeth removed is completely normal, and chicken meat actually does not secrete substances that cause pus in the wound. So you don’t need to worry too much about eating chicken, the wound will take longer to heal or become more serious.

But note that while eating, you should tear the chicken into small pieces or cut it into small pieces. Do not use your teeth to tear the chicken, causing blood to flow out of the tooth socket, causing swelling and pain.

Can you eat beef after wisdom tooth extraction?

Beef is a delicious dish, composed mainly of protein, vitamins, minerals,… and many other nutrients such as iron, zinc, magnesium,…

What should you avoid eating after wisdom tooth extraction?
What should you avoid eating after wisdom tooth extraction? What to eat when wisdom teeth are removed to heal quickly? What should I eat after wisdom tooth extraction?

Eating beef after wisdom tooth extraction is extremely good, because beef provides a large amount of red blood cells, helping to replenish blood in the body, especially for people who have just had their wisdom teeth extracted.

But you should be careful when preparing beef to eat, it is more necessary to puree the meat or slice it into thin slices to make it easier to eat and not use too much force to chew, this will help not affect your gums. 

Can I eat shrimp after wisdom tooth extraction?

Shrimp is a soft food and you can completely eat it after wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom tooth doctors even recommend that patients eat shrimp because shrimp contains many nutrients, helping to nourish the body and speed up the recovery process.

Can you eat seafood if you have wisdom teeth removed?

Seafood contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc which are very good for oral health. In fact, after wisdom tooth extraction, you do not need to abstain from seafood.

In addition, you should ensure that the jaw bone is not overactive when you have just had a tooth extracted. You should pay attention to how you prepare seafood to avoid eating tough seafood that is not good for people who have just had a tooth extracted and need recovery. restore health.

Can I drink orange juice after wisdom tooth extraction?

After wisdom tooth extraction, you are not allowed to drink carbonated drinks, alcohol, beer, ice and foods derived from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, tangerines, and grapefruit during the first period of tooth extraction. You should only drink orange juice to provide vitamin C and nutrition to the body 5-6 days after wisdom tooth extraction.

What porridge should you eat if you have wisdom teeth removed?

Porridge can be said to be the number 1 choice for people who have just had their wisdom teeth extracted. Most people choose this dish as a cooked food in the first days of tooth extraction. Porridge is easy to eat and easy to swallow, without wasting jaw muscle strength. You can add eggs, minced meat, fish, other vegetables and fruits to make the dish more nutritious and much less boring.

How many days after wisdom tooth extraction can I eat rice?

After 3-5 days you can return to eating normally with soft foods. The same goes for eating rice, you need to cook rice until it is soft to avoid strong impacts and dissolve blood clots in the tooth socket.

Currently in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City there are many different dental locations. BeDental has been developing day by day, applying many of the most modern technological techniques today, and is highly appreciated for its technical quality and expertise.

Hopefully, the information about what to eat without having a tooth extracted from BeDental will help you better understand how to eat after wisdom tooth extraction.

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